Heinz Werner

Buchvorstellung: Stream of thoughts: Stories and Memories – for contemplating and for pensive moments (english)


  Do we know what home is, what does this term mean for modern nomads and cosmopolitans? Where and what exactly is home?
Haven't we all overlooked or misinterpreted signs before? Are we able to let ourselves go during hectic times, do we interpret faces correctly? Presumably, even today we still smile about certain encounters during our travels, somewhere in the world, or we are still dealing with them. Not only is travveling educating, but each travel also shapes our character, opens up our view for other people, cultures and their very unique challenges.
Streams of thoughts describes those very moments - sometimes longer, sometimes only for a short time - that are forcing us to think and letting us backpedal. It is about contemplative moments and situations that we all know.

A collection of essays, some of them are socio-critical, mostly entertaining and informative, originating from the countless travells of the author and shaped by the authors' very own personal points of view and and visions of the world.

The third revised edition of the German version is at the same time the first bilingual one, the book includes the German as well as the English version, which was translated from German by Elisa Carow. Hardcover, turn-around-book, bilingual edition



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Heinz Werner - Stream of thoughts: Stories and Memories – for contemplating and for pensive moments (english)

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