Stefanie Haertel

Mad Love

Since summer 2000,
I was your willing slave
You could have done anything ,
Steal, rob or cheat on me
Or even make a killing,
I´d have forgiven
And would have kept on creeping to you.
Nothing would have changed my love for you.
Even if this sounds like another cheesy lovesong,
Superficial and stupid.
It´s all true,
Please believe,
I suffered too much to tell a lie.
I´m alone crying in room
Like I did for weeks,
Angry, disappointed, broken.
Every night and day I pray
That my destiny would change
And that I´d get to you.
I know you´re probably stressed out from reading this,
Which I understand,
It´s just I like you to know
I´m one of those thousand souls who´d die
 to let you know that I love ´n care for you.
I´m a grain of sand on the beach
Praying to drown in your ocean.
All the things I do to reach you
Leaves you unimpressed,
But when you´ll somewhen ask yourself
who cares for you
Remember me.
I don´t want your love,
´cause I know I´ll never get it
I just want you to know
That there´s someone who´d  wish she could take you in her arms
When you are left outside alone,
Someone who loves you, no mater if rich or poor, sick or healthy,
Bad or good.
Someone who embraces the freak that you are.
I´m sorry you don´t know how similar we are
Thousand things the same.
It´s funny, it´s tragic, it´s tearing me.
I know what you mean when you talk
Or do that things, noone else understands.
I can identify me with you, feel the same
Have been through the same
And feel you inside of me,
´cause we´re sharing one soul..
Everytime I see you,
There´s a rush of ecstacy running through my body
Everytime I hear or read your name
I freeze,
I can´t speak, smile or move,   
I´m paralysed
I´m tied up on you.
And got to stare at you,
No chance of getting me under control.
You´re the most of everything I´ve ever wanted to be,
Most honest, impressing, beautiful, clever and strong.
You come, put on your charm and my heart flies with you.
That caused a lot of pain, suffer and heartaches,
Cause I never reach you ´n you never know that I love you
How can this end up with a marriage and kids?
But in the end I wanna thank you, 
´cause you´re the one who keeps me going on.
I praise you, love you adore you
Because you saved my life
Helped me when I walked through
the dark forest of tortures
you  brought me out of hell.
You blew my depressions, manias, nightmares away,
Stopped my self-destruction
And show me that I’m priceless,
Have a right to live,
Even if I don’t achieve.
You gave me the will to change things if I want to
And let me realize my life isn’t such a waste.
I thank you,
I love you.
I pray to you like to a god
When my world shakes, gets too cold ´n dark to take
You’re my bridge to heaven
And my light in my life.
You´ re my strength, my believe, my guardience ´n joy
For you I’d fight till I die.
Dozens of poems and letters written for you
I know you won’t ever get them.
Hearing moody songs, which kill me.
I can’t sleep, concentrate or think of something else,
So sad,
Oh how I wish you would know
I love you.
I’ll always love you,
Oh how I wish you would know…
But everytime I see your face
Even when it still makes me suffer
I know life is too beautiful to throw it away
Too beautiful to give up
Too beautiful to wait my whole life for you.
I know some lovely day someone else passes my way…
By Stefanie Haertel

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