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„Planned,cleverly disguised murder?Baldwin shoots camerawoman “ von Harry Schloßmacher

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While I appreciate the observation skill, clearly formulated elaboration, and the attention to detail:

Actors and actresses did a lot of crap to do, what nowadays is called fame-phishing. For their profession such needs no narcissism, it is literally needed to get paid and get paid more.

In the Western societes police does often have the `right aka legal privilege´ to exclude information from what is given to the media. Supposedly, so culprits get overconfident, or make mistakes allowing to arrest them later.

Media are about headlines. Not trustworthy journalism.

But, deviance from screenplay or choreography (2 shots fired) still make Alec Baldwin the prime suspect, if you are true.

Harry Schloßmacher (01.03.2023):
Thank you for your interesting, comprehensive comment and Your note "one! I would be very happy if you also comment on other stories of mine, such as "Narcissistic creator cooperates with cosmos fans__PART--1 and 2". Wish you a nice day or evening. Regards, Harry

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