Alfred Hermanni

The hunt forThomas B.

    by Alfred Hermanni 15. 03. 2014 All rights reserved     Not far in the future...maybe tomorrow   A hand grabbed me at my shoulder and shook me. „Hello, wake up!“, I heard a voice coming out of fog. „We want to help you, wake up.“ But the fog still enveloped my spirit. And then the voice slowly became clearer and the fog vanished. An old married couple looked down to me. I was laying on the ground and had pain, huge pain. Not far away I could see a damaged motorbike and my memory came back. „You have to leave, quickly“, I croaked. „Slowly, young man. We'll wait until the ambulance and the police will arrive “, the old man said while his wife got down on her knees, helping me to put off the helmet. Carefully I tried to get up, but with great pain. I touched my body and realized that I didn't have any fractures. „Do you have a vehicle?“, I asked. „Yes, the camper over there“, the old lady answered and smiled. With pain I stood up and took thankfully the man’s hand. With a dizzy feeling I carried myself to the camper. „Please trust me“, I said, „We have to disappear from here soon. It's dangerous to stay here any longer. Now you will be a target, too. They don't tolerate any witnesses. Please drive away“, I claimed. I saw the question- mark above the head of the old man, but his wife said spontaneously, tolerating no contradiction: „Come on, Martin, start the engine. I'll believe this young man.“ Young man, she said. Does it mean, that I'm looking younger that I am? I laid down on the seat and tried to ignore the aches. I suffered a lot from contusions and overstretched extremities which I felt with much pain. The old man started the engine and off we went. A few miles away I felt more secure and looked out of the window. We crossed a small village. A shop, a post office, an internet- cafe I could see as we passed by. „Please stop the car“, I said because of an inspiration which suddenly came. „Did you call the police and ambulance?“ „Yes, of course“, the lady answered. „How, I mean, with the mobile-phone or from a call- box?“ „A call- box? I didn't see call boxes since years. Of course with my mobile phone“, the lady told me. „Please, listen carefully. Do you have the new version of the identity card? That one with the integrated microchip.“ „Of course, this one is so convenient. I can go shopping and pay with it and...“, the lady said as I interrupted her. „Now it's very important that you do what I tell you. Go to the post- office and send the mobile and the identity card to your address. But first, take out the accumulator and wrap the identity card with aluminium foil.“ „Why shall we do so?“, the old man asked. „Very simple. Because we can be located by them. At first with the mobile and secondly with the microchip inside the identity card. Without accumulator the mobile is dead. And the aluminium foil depresses the signal and makes it unclear. So it's difficult for them to find us. Furthermore we have to find a place to hide. Your car isn't safe, either. We need another vehicle.“ „Young man, you're requiring a lot and we don't even know a single thing what happened. Who are you and why shall we are in danger?“, the lady wanted to know. „I will tell you all, if you follow my instructions. It is a long story. But now, please do what I said. Hurry up. The others don't sleep.“ „Who are...the others?“ „I'll tell you everything when we found a place to hide.“ „All right, but then we want to know the complete story“, the old man comes round. Ten minutes later he returned from the post- office and entered the car. „I sent all to our address, what shall happen now?“, he asked me. „We need a safe lodging and we have to dispose the car“, I answered. „Are you mad? Our car was really not cheap, we were saving our money for a long time till we could afford it“, the old lady replied. „Do you have any friends where we could stay overnight?“, I asked them. „I don't believe so, but we have a cottage where we spend our weekends“, the man told me. „Do the authorities know about it?“, I wanted to know. „No, I built it alone. It's made of wood. Water and power we have there, too. I never got a permission, but I didn’t mind because no one can find it in the forest ...“ „Sounds really good“, I interrupted him. „We will park the car nearby the train station, we will take a taxi and drive near to the cottage. The remaining way we go on foot. Let's take some victuals with us and only things we really need.“ „Young man, you are making me gradual frightened. Are we fugitives now?“ „Well, you are fugitives from the moment you found and took care of me. We all are in danger, please believe me.“     *     The way to the cottage was a torture for me. But fortunately the aches abated and so I limped behind the old couple. Like the old man mentioned, the cottage was in the forest and no one could see it from the street. Pretty good. After we entered the house, I sat down and breathed heavily in and out. „Are you so kind to give me something to drink, and yeah, I'm also very hungry“, I said tired from walking. „Of course, young man. What is your name actually?“, the lady asked me. „My name is Thomas Becker“, I answered. „My name is Veronica and this is my husband Martin. Martin and Veronica Fischer. My husband is, oh no, he was a cop. He has been a policeman for forty years. But he is a pensioner now, since one year. And we want to enjoy the rest of our life. I hope you don't prevent it. Are we criminals now? Did we render ourselves liable to persecution? Do we help a criminal on his escape? Is the police searching for you?“, the old lady asked several questions simultaneous. „I'm not a criminal and you didn’t expose yourselves to penalties. It's not alone the police which is searching for me, but...“ I interrupted myself, because the old lady gave me a glass of orange juice and a sandwich. „Thank you, that's very kind. I'll soon tell you everything“, thankfully I took my meal. „That was really good, thanks a lot“, I said. The lady looked at me and smiled. „Welcome, but now, please tell us your story.“       * A fatal meeting   „Hello Tommy“, my nephew welcomed me as I opened the door. It was his twentieth birthday, the day before yesterday. Yesterday in the evening he called me and asked, if I could drive him to an interview for a new job. Since he don’t have a car, I was ready to do so. „Hello Manni, come in and take a seat. I just want to drink my coffee. Then we can go. Do you want a coffee, too?“, I asked him while I put secretly 50.- € into his jacket, a late present for his birthday. „No, thank you. I'm a little bit excited. If I drink a coffee now, I'll become completely nervous.“ „Chill out, boy. Always be cool and calmed. Tell me, don’t you think it is better to wear a suit for the interview?“ „Easy to say, but I don't have any.“ „What kind of job are you applying for?“ „They told me at the telephone, that they need a driver to supply different products to their customers.“ „And about what kind of products are they talking?“, I asked, suspiciously as I was when I hear about such offers. „I don't know. They didn't go into detail. I shall only come for an interview and then I can do the first run with another employee. That's all.“ My suspicion didn't stop. One year ago I had made a similar experience. „Is it accidental a company named >Elektrofux „How do you know that?“, he answered astonished. „I don't want to destroy any hope, but I think they will offer you a job to sell vacuum cleaners. I applied there, nearly one year ago. We've been more than one hour away from Dortmund, somewhere in a small village in the Sauerland, as the agent told me what kind of job it was. The whole day I spent with this idiot and watched him selling vacuum cleaners. He sold one to an old married couple for more than 1000.- €. 25 years guarantee, but this couple was more than 80 years old. This agent was so obstinate and callous that they signed only in the hope that we leave them soon. And this guy was the salesman of the month in this fucking company. Not a job for my father’s son.“ „Oh shit, shall I go there at all? I don't want to become an agent for vacuum cleaner. Maybe they only pay a provision if I sell one or more. And if I don't sell anything, I don't get any money.“ „This is exactly how it works“, I said. „Fuck, what shall I do now?“ „I have an idea. Go for that interview and afterward, show them your middle- finger and tell them, that you don't want to become a fucking agent for vacuum cleaners and wish them a nice day.“ „Sounds good. I'll do it as you told me. They can kiss my ass!“     *   I waited in a cafe, ate a sandwich and drank one more coffee. After a while Manni came back and took place. „How was it?“, I asked. „Cool. I let him speak, bla, bla, bla and so on. He really burned my ear.Told me about their service, sure customers and all the rubbish. But not one word about vacuum cleaners. At the end I looked straight in the eyes of the supervisor and told him, that he can push his fucking vacuum cleaner into his fucking ass. I'll never forget his stupid face, as I showed him my fucking middle- finger.“ „Good job, Manni“, I praised his doing. „Do you have any time or do you want to go back home?“ Manni asked. „Why?“ „I need something to eat and a beer would be a good idea, too.“ „No problem. Do you want to eat here?“ „No, but not far away I know a small restaurant where they serve delicious spare ribs.“ „Sounds pretty good, let's go.“ „But before I have to go to the restroom.“ „All right, but please, don't make any noise.“ „Ha, ha, but the time for the midday rest is over now.“ And so Manni went off. I called the waitress and paid the bill. A few minutes later Manni came back, looking nervous and excited. „Come on. Come on“, he whispered with fear in his voice. „Why? What's going on?“, I asked him. „Hurry up. We have to leave. Immediately. I'll tell you later.“ Good that I already paid the bill, so I stood up and we left the cafe. Because I was too slow, Manni ran to the door and held it open. „We have to be quick“, he called up and started to run again. Fortunately the car wasn't far away and we reached it soon. I entered the car and started the engine. As I looked into the mirror, I saw three black cars coming quickly around the corner. One SUV and two BMW stopped at the cafe and some men jumped out of the cars, entering the cafe speedily. They all were dressed in black suits. „I believe that there is something you have to explain“, I said and looked to Manni. „Yeah, I'll tell you, but now, drive!“, he rushed. After we left this location Manni started to talk. „I don't know exactly what happened. I've been in the restroom as I heard some strange noises coming out of a cabin. It sounded like someone has problems with breathing. I offered my help but then the noise became quiet. So I climbed over the door of the cabin, and there a man laid and looked...dead, I would say.“ „And... was he dead?“, I asked. „I don't know, I believe...yes, he didn't breathe. I climbed down to him and found something in his hand. But suddenly he opened his eyes and croaked: „Take this, run away and make it public. If they find you, they kill you.“ Manni was really scared and further he told: „And then...I saw a gun, with a silencer. Believe me, I was terrible frightened, but I did what he said and took this thing.“ Manni pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a mobile but much bigger and with an aerial. „What is that?“, I wanted to know. „No idea. Turn left around the corner. We are there.“     *   We sat down in the small restaurant and ordered spare ribs. I examined the mobile intensively and saw a keyboard with suspect more signs and keys than a common mobile has. A very large display on the upper side, on the top a small hollow, like a funnel, with a very small hole in the middle, where a thin tack came out. On the right side of the top was an aerial. „What do you think what this is?“, I asked my nephew. He took the „mobile“ and pushed a key on the board. A quiet beep came out of it and the display flashed up. Manni pushed another key, found the menu and chose a function. „Oh shit. That's ridiculous. I go crazy. Impossible. What is it?“, he mumbled. „Come on. Tell me, what is it?“, I also wanted to know. „Wait, wait a second. Man, oh man, what kind of mobile can this be?“ „Manni, please tell me...“ „Wait. Wait. Soon I'll know.“ A minute later Manni asked me: „Do you see the lady at the counter?“ „Yes, of course.“ „Now you have her address, all telephone numbers, number of her account, number of her credit card and social insurance, driving license, employer, e- mail account and all data you want to know.“ „I don't believe that. Really?“ „Yeah, and even more, the woman is going to her car now. I can follow and locate her.“ „How works something like that?“ Manni looked straight in my eyes. „Tommy, I only say: Identity card with integrated microchip. Bingo?“ I couldn't believe that. With this mobile everyone could be located, observed and checked. The transparent citizen in perfection. And another question was, who or which institution uses this strange mobile. Police, state departments or secret service? Or all of them? „Manni, is it possible to manipulate the data?“ A few minutes later I had the answer. Definitively yes! That means, everyone could be eliminated by manipulated data with this mobile. Men and companies could be ruined. Competitors in economy or policy could be eliminated. This is power, totally economic and political power. Whoever owns such a mobile, is mighty, really mighty. Next question: Who was the dead man in the cafe? Next question: For whom he was working? Next question: Is this mobile unique? Questions upon questions. Then I remembered the three cars and the black suited guys. In Hollywood they always are from the FBI or CIA. But here in Germany they are …? Well, who? I didn't know. The waitress served our meal and interrupted my thoughts. I paid the bill immediately and gave her a tip. We ate in silence and I began to think again. Wouldn’t it be better to call help for the unknown man? Why did he have a gun with a silencer? Why did he give Manni this thing? The black suited guys came in my mind again. And then I saw clearly the only logical conclusion. The man in the cafe was an outsider. Why did the men in black arrive at the cafe so quickly? He was haunted from his own people. He wanted to make it public, but he got a heart attack. He said to Manni: away and make it public. But how did the the guys know where he was? The only answer is... they are able to locate the mobile. And that means, we have a very urgent problem. „Manni“, I said, chewing the spare ribs. „Manni, com on, hurry up. We have to leave! Now!“ „Why? I wanna drink my beer.“ „Take it with you. We must disappear. And don't forget this...thing.“ I had a very unwell feeling, like rats in my stomach which took a walk inside. Impatiently I waited till Manni stood up. Then we ran to the car and drove away. And then they came around the corner. Three black cars. „Manni, if this thing has accumulators, try to get them out. Hurry!“ I saw that he tried to do so, but unfortunately without success. „Damned! I can't open it!“ „What is with the menu?“ „Yes, there is a function...oh no. It has a back up battery. There is always power. It's useless to put out the accumulator.“ The bad feeling changed from walking rats to biting rats, which began to maltreat my stomach...from inside. I pushed the gas- pedal down to the bottom. The idea to throw this thing out of the window occurred, of course. But a vague feeling in me said that we will need this mobile sometimes urgently. „Hey, something I have“, Manni told me. „What!“ „They are following us. I can see it on the display. They have located us and they are coming quickly, very quickly. Hurry up, Tommy, hurry up!“ „I do my best. But this is a Toyota Corolla, more than ten years old. We are not fast enough. We need another plan.“ But we didn't have any time. Soon the black cars came nearer and nearer. We raced through the streets as fast as possible. We flew over a cross- road, ignored a stop- light and all other traffic- rules. I got flashed and knew that I'll get a really heavy penalty. Maybe I would lose my driving- license. We drove outside the town on a highway, as the three black cars were right behind us. One of the BMW tried to overtake us, as I saw that Manni broke down. The backside of his skull was bloody. They shot him down. I screamed and roared out my despaired rage. I drove into the BMW and crashed into the side, as I saw the SUV in the mirror. Out of the window from the SUV I saw a hand with a gun and silencer. Now my time has come to be killed by shooting. I evaded to the right side and pushed the brakes powerfully. The SUV rushed away and again I pushed the gas- pedal to the bottom. Then I saw the bridge over the river Ruhr. I drove fast to the right side, crossed a meadow and an acre and raced to the banks of the river. I was too fast. A few seconds later I lifted off and my car flew ten yards or more, before it dived into the water. With a loud bang the airbag opened and protected me. Fortunately I had fastened the seat- belt. But not Manni, his lifeless body crashed through the wind- screen. I heard breaking his bones and then he sank noiselessly to the bottom of the river. And the car sank down too. For Manni I couldn't do anything more, this damned murder has killed him and now they were hunting me. I put off the seat- belt and took this fatal mobile. Then I dived to the surface, breathed in and dived again. I repeated this procedure several times, and floated with the stream. As the distance was far enough from the car, I left the water and took shelter in some bushes. I saw the bridge, approximately a mile away from me. The water dripped out of my clothes and also out of this fucking mobile. I hoped that it didn't work any longer and that I could escape from my followers. Deeply I breathed in and sank down on my knees. I couldn't hold back the tears and began to cry. Manni is dead. Shot down. Laying on the bottom of a river. How can I tell that to his mother? I wiped away my tears and started to think. In fact, it was a warm summer day, but to dry my clothes would need too much time. In the shelter of the bushes I couldn't stay. Maybe the killers would search along the banks to find me. Not maybe. They did. One of these guys tried to look into my hiding place. I picked up a handsome stone, ready to throw, as I saw that the killer lifted his hand, holding a pistol and took aim to shoot me. In this moment the stone hit his face. The weapon fell on the ground and the killer behind, rolling down towards me. We both dived into the river. And now a tough fight began. We struggled in the water. I crashed my head on his face and cracked his nose. I knocked with my fists on his face and chest. But the killer took my arm and turned it. I followed this movement and a second later I laid on him. With my elbow I pressed his neck, but he could release himself and pushed me away. I fell on my backside and the guy jumped on me. In the very last moment I could move away. I turned back, and again I laid on him. It was not easy to press him under the water, but with all my power it worked. And then I pressed him down until his lifeless body didn't move any longer. He was dead. He drifted away and sank down to the bottom of the river. I jumped out of the water. My whole body trembled. Full excited I looked around and felt my heart beating. Clearly I noticed the rising level of adrenaline in my body. I killed him, I realized. Yes, I did it. The fury and the death of Manni gave me the power and the will to do it. In my thoughts I told myself, that this guy was the man who shot Manni down, but anyway, if I didn't kill him, the next dead man would have been me. Again I saw the bridge, which I had to reach as soon as possible. I started to run and a few minutes later I arrived. Thanks to my good condition, and also thanks for the adrenaline, because I reached the bridge without being breathless. So I stood hitch hiking on the bridge as a delivery- van came in my direction. „Did you fall into the river?“, the driver asked and avoided long explanations. „In the loading- area you can change your clothes. Take the overall over there. Where do you wanna go?“ „To the next town, please. I have to make a phone- call. And thank you.“ „Welcome, my name is Werner, hello“, he introduced himself. „Hello. My name is Thomas. Thomas...Berger.“ Maybe I didn't trust him without reason but it happened too much. Manni killed, I sent a man directly into hell and now, an unknown person was here, at the right place and the right time and ready to help me. So I decided to be careful. „You can use my mobile, here it is“, Werner said. „Great, thank you very much, Werner.“ I dialed the number of a friend. In one hour my friend would be ready to pick me up. In the next village I left the lorry and wished Werner a good day. „No reason, it was my pleasure. Good bye, Thomas“, he said and his van faded away in the distance. I took my wet clothes and went further on foot. Like in every village, I found a church in the middle and waited there for my friend. Less than an hour later, I sat in my friend’s car and was finally on my way back home.   *   In cover   We entered the street to my place as I saw the black BMW, parking nearby. Two people sat inside, smoking a cigarette. „Don't stop, pass by“, I said to my friend. „Why? Are you in trouble? Is the police searching for you?“, my friend Dieter asked me. I knew him for a very long time. „Can I help you? You know that I have many contacts and good connections“, he said. Oh yes, I knew it definitive. Dieter was a man who stood to his word. His word was a guarantee. He would never leave a friend, who is in trouble. He was really a tough guy. As I met him the first time, he was the leader of a biker- gang. ​Martial art specialist in different kinds. Wing- tsun, Taekwondo and self-defense he ruled in perfection.  He sat in prison for more than three years, because he injured five policemen. The cops killed his brother at a police-station, they beat him till he died. And Dieter had to watch it. Of course all the cops were „innocent“, Dieters brother just fell down a stairway, the cops claimed. No one believed Dieter, and so the judge sent him into prison. After the imprisonment Dieter met the beautiful lady Marion and married her. A son was born and Dieter became a wonderful father. Now his son lives in another town, studying to become a lawyer. „I don't believe that these guys are cops, but I don't know from which club they really are“, I answered. „Do you want to tell me more?“, Dieter asked. I hesitated, if Dieter will be involved, maybe they kill him too. But now he was the only one who could help and he had really good contacts. On the other side, Marion shouldn't become a widow. But then it came out of me. „Manni is dead. They shot him down because of this...thing.“ I had to hold back the tears as I showed Dieter the fatal mobile. It was still offline. Because of the water, I supposed. „What is it?“, my friend wanted to know. „At the beginning we didn't know it, either. But Manni found out, what is possible with this fucking thing.“ And so I told Dieter the whole story. „That's really heavy. I never believed that something like this ...thing exists. But on the other side it's only a question of time, when the total surveillancewould become real“, Dieter commented my explanations. „But at first we drive to my workshop, there you can change your clothes. Then I call a friend, he is a computer specialist, a really freak in his matter. If someone can help us, then he.“ Twenty minutes later we arrived at his workshop. It was a tuning-shop. Dieter grafted bikes, mainly Kawasaki, his favorite brand. But also other, besides Honda. „They will be melted immediately by me“, was his favorite phrase if someone talks about Honda. We went to his office. I sat down, and put the mobile on a small table. „Do you want a coffee or something else?“, Dieter asked. „I think I need a drink“, I answered. „Cognac, Whiskey?“ „Whiskey, please.“ Dieter opened the cupboard and gave me a glass. Then he took a bottle ofsixteen years old Glenfarclas single malt scotch Whiskey and served it to me. „Cheers, Tommy.“ „Thank you, Dieter. You're a real friend.“ „Welcome, but now enjoy your drink.“ I filled up my glass and drank the Whiskey. I filled the glass again, but didn’t drink. A pleasant warm feeling spread around my body and calmed the biting rats in my intestines. „I'll make the phone- call. In the cupboard over there, you'll find some clothes. I guess, we have the same size“, Dieter said and went to the telephone. I took jeans and T- shirt, changed the wet shoes and borrowed also a black leather jacket. In the meantime Dieter finished the call. „My friend will be here in thirty minutes. Do you want a cigarette or a joint?“ „No, thank you. I stopped smoking, with both. It's really better.“ „Me too, but I always have some dope here. For friends or good clients.“ Suddenly we heard a beep. The mobile was online and the display flashed up. „Oh shit!“, I cried as Dieter put the mobile in a vase with flowers with a quick movement. It sank down with a splash. „I hope the time was short enough, so that they can’t locate us“, said Dieter and took the flowers out of the vase. Then he hold the mobile near under the surface and we could see, that the display was dark. The mobile was offline again. Scared and nervous I kept attention to every noise which came from outside. Dieter left the office, as he came back he was holding a weapon in his hand. „This I have for bad clients“, he mentioned as he noticed the question- sign in my face. „This is a Magnum 44. The hardest gun ever, Clint Eastwood said. Everyone should have respect for this weapon. I never used it before, but believe me, if the men in black come over here, I'm ready to use it. I liked Manni too, he was a nice guy“, Dieter said and I saw the cold expression in his eyes, he always had before a fight began. From outside I heard the noise of an engine. Frightened I looked to Dieter, but he said: „Don't panic, that's Holger. I know the sound of his bike. I've tuned that one, it's a Kawasaki Z1000SX. Now it's faster than a helicopter. With more than 200 miles per hour, he is faster than every cop.“ Dieters pal entered the office and we shook our hands. Because of the fear I took my glass, drank the Whiskey and began to tell my story. „In the internet some rumors are published concerning this mobile.This is pure Hi- Tec. It's connected with all servers of all state departments.And I say: All. Don't ask me how. With this thing you know all what is wherever saved about a person. Whatever you apply, name, address or number of a car, soon you have all data. If someone owns the new identity card, you only aim to the person and you will get all data. If you want to know where a person is, you just put in what you know and soon you have the exact coordinates where the last data of this person have been saved. And with the new identity card, you will know where to find the person wherever it is. And the best, wherever on the whole world. And if you have your mobile- phone in your pocket, they can hear what you are speaking. Even when it is offline. They activate only the phones. George Orwell's 1984 is nothing compared with this thing, children birthday, baking cookies or what else. This is the total surveillance. And it is getting worse. The USA are planing to implant a microchip in every new born child. And what will happen then, you can think about“, Holger finished his depressing report. What Holger told us, was really scary. For the organization behind this mobile, every citizen must be suspicious, a potential enemy or even a terrorist. Well, but which organization is responsible? State departments, secret service, maybe the CIA? Did I, did we have finally a chance to escape? Questions upon questions. I guess I have no chance, because they know my name. Fortunately I had the old version of the identity card, without microchip. Otherwise I would be dead now. My private mobile was in my car on the bottom of the river. „Can we open this mobile to manipulate it?“, I asked. „You said, it would activated two hours after laying in the water. That means, it didn't have a short circuit. I suppose that it has only to dry for self activation. All right. Dieter, please take this thing out of the water.“ Holger placed his small case on the table and opened it. He took out some of his special tools. „Let's have a look, what we can do now“, he mumbled. Accurately he investigated the mobile and fumbled here and there. With a loud sigh he looked at me. „That will be difficult. They saved it very well“, he said and smiled. „But not well enough. Maybe if I try here, it could work.“ He worked at this fucking mobile in a concentrated manner. „What did I say. It works. Clever I must admit, but not clever enough. Look, I have to remove this small hollow and the aerial and now... it's open.“ Proudly he presented the inside of the mobile. I saw just only microchips and things I have no idea about. I could only trust Holger, that he exactly knows what he does. „I take off the accumulator and now I'm looking for the back up battery...yes, there it is. Now I guess, we are safe. They shouldn't be able to locate us anymore.“ Immediately I felt more secure than before. „And now we will figure out what’s inside“, Holger said and took a magnifying glass out of the case and looked inside this fucking mobile. „Oh, oh, until now all from America. Okay, also this one. And the switches too. Very interesting. Everything comes from the US. I guess, we've stolen a treasure from the CIA. They will be very angry, almost furious, I guess.“ The CIA has killed Manni. Shit, I'm already dead too. What chance do I have against this mighty organization? Should I contact the police or even the CIA? Do German state departments tolerate CIA activities here in Germany? If yes, it would be a scandal if someone would discover this. Somebody from high above would lose his head. From very high above. But maybe, I'll find my only chance in these facts, against all odds. Dieter exactly had the same opinion, because he said: „ The only one who could help, Tommy, are the media. If we can publish this, somebody from high above will lose his head. His mighty head. That also means, that we have to be careful, very careful.” „Shall I reconstruct this mobile?“, Holger asked. „Of course not. But you can show me how to do“, I answered. And so he did. „I've seen nothing. I don't know anything. You don't know me and I don't know you. I never was here and you never met me. My name is Roger Rabbit and I disappear from here and dig a big hole for me. Bye Tommy, bye Dieter.“ Holger took all his tools back in his case and closed the door from outside. He started his Kawasaki and with a loud roaring he disappeared. „And now?“, I asked and looked at my friend. „Tonight you can stay here in my office and tomorrow I contact a reporter from Der Spiegel which I know very well.  And I have some good connections to German television too. You know, I was an actor in the ARD series Tatort. Maybe they can help us, too. And I call my friends from the gang. Now!“ *   Guardian angels   Two hours later the area around Dieters workshop was completely full with motorbikes and caravans. Almost forty men and women, all of them like me and Dieter, more than fifty years old, had come, because their old leader asked for it. Most of them were dressed in leather and some of them with their old cowls. And all of them were very glad to be together again. One time they were a conspiratorial community and faithful in their friendship. Everybody helped each other. As they heard the story, they all assured their help without hesitation. From that moment, I felt more safe. One of Dieters friends made a phone- call and one hour later a car arrived. Dieter opened the garage and the car drove in. The driver opened the trunk and I was really surprised as I saw what was inside. After a while everyone had a weapon. Revolvers, pistols and also sub-machine- guns.  Shall the guys from the CIA come around, they would earn a lot of bullets. Now I felt much more secure than before.   In the evening Dieter came to me. „Hey, now you are a sought-after murderer. I just saw it in the news.They pulled your car out of the river and found you guilty of killing Manni.“ „I have expected this. It's ruled from high above“, I answered with resignation. „Be cool, old friend. We'll change our strategy. Now we go on the offensive“, he said. But I thought he only wanted to give me courage and confidence. To be honest, it didn't work. He left the office and I filled my glass with Whiskey and drank it. Then I went to the former and resurrected biker- gang. Encouraging words, some claps on my shoulder showed me, that they all stood at my side. I enjoyed it anyhow, some of them talked with me and I began to feel better with all these tough guys. My sorrows disappeared the more Whiskey I drank. After a while Dieter called us together. „Hey folks, listen to me. At first thanks to all to be at my and my friends side in this fucking situation. Thanks a lot. Tomorrow in the morning the journalists from Der Spiegel will come and a team from the ARD television, you know them from Tatort.” All the people applauded, because they knew the team from ARD and were looking forward to seeing them again. „The journalists will interview Tommy, and he can declare his innocence in regard of Manni's killing. At the same time the television team will additionally take the scene in order to publish it in the internet for the case, that the broadcasting station is not ready to send it. So we have an ace up our sleeve“, Dieter declares patiently. With a loud applause they all agreed. I also thought that it is a good idea and felt much better. Maybe I’ll have a good chance.   *   Early in the morning Dieter woke me up. „Wake up, Tommy, in one hour the teams will arrive. And take a shower, I can smell the Whiskey hitherto. Then let us have breakfast.“ I yawned and went slowly to the toilet. Afterward the breakfast began. Dieters friends got up earlier than me and bought more than 150 rolls, several toast and bread, pounds of sausages, cheese and spreads. Buckets of coffee and tea were prepared and smelled good in my nose. I will never forget this breakfast. In the night more friends of Dieter arrived and more than fifty tough guys shared the breakfast with me. We ate, we drank, we laughed. And for a while I even forgot my fucking bad situation. Then the cars from the journalists and the film teams arrived nearly at the same time. „Hey friends, put away your bikes and cars and give way to the teams“, Dieter called. Half an hour later the team from the German television had placed their equipment. The film team took its cameras to different places inside and outside the workshop. Even on the roof they placed small cameras. Now my time for the interview had come. Dieter led me to a table in front of the entrance and I sat down. A young reporter from the journal Der Spiegel introduced me and himself and asked me to tell my story. I was a little bit nervous because of the cameras. And then he asked me about the fatal mobile. I pulled it out of my pocket and put it on the table. Another person, an IT- engineer was introduced and asked me to reassemble the mobile. I was a little bit afraid, but Dieter told me that it is a part of his plan. With trembling hands I reassembled the mobile and we all heard the beep. A cold shiver ran down my back. How long does it take till the mysterious organization has located us and arrives here? Then the engineer took the mobile in his hands and soon he had all functions under control. He aimed with the mobile to different members of the gang, to the reporter and the film team and always he had so much data, that everyone was really astonished and almost scared. And all that was recorded by the cameras. I stood up and went to Dieter. „Hey, do you see the motorbike over there, with the helmet on the seat?“, he asked me. „Yes, of course.“ „It's a Yamaha XJ 6. I tuned it from 78 up to 130 HP, it's really fast now. Here you have the keys. For all cases. But now let's go to the film team, I haven't greeted them until now. Come on, old boy.“ Together we went to a white van and entered. Dieter introduced me and shook the hands of his old friends. We talked a while about the recorded material as I heard a voice saying: „ Shit, shit, not good, not good. They are marching in! They are on the way!“ I looked to the monitor and saw the black cars in double performance. Four BMW and two SUV, all black. The doors opened, twelve black suited guys jumped out and went to the journalists, which still reported about the fucking mobile. „Strike your hands, stay quiet and give back our property. You stole it from our agent, during he had a heart- attack. Instead to call the ambulance, you left and let him die an unworthy death in a restroom, without any chance. Come on, give us this... mobile, anyway it is not yours“, the leader commanded with a clear American accent. He was chewing a gum and looked around. While he was speaking the other guys took their weapons and aimed at my helpers. Suddenly their eyes became wide open. As a secret command, my protectors pulled their weapons with lightning speed and aimed to the men in black. They didn't expect this and looked helplessly to their leader. But he also was confused, he didn't await such an offensive power. So they put down their weapons and the leader began to speak: „With this you'll never come through. You will pay for that, we give you only one chance. Please, give us our mobile and we will disappear.“ But Dieters friends were not impressed at all. They only lifted shortly their weapons and the black suits gave up and put their weapons away. „Okay, who is your leader? Let us talk like rational men“, the black suited leader claimed and looked around again. „Oh shit, shit. Not good“, I heard the same voice. „They get support.“ On another monitor appeared six blue Mercedes- Benz and also one truck. All with flashlight. Without any doubts they were from the German police and SEK- special forces. Equipped with guns and shields they came out of the truck. Other guys went out of the cars, all dressed in blue suits, their leader was a bald headed man with a black beard. „I know him“, the voice declared. I looked to the voice and saw a young man with glasses. He looked straight to me and said: „ This is Dieckmann, a substitute from the Secretary of interior. His right hand.“ „As I said, Tommy, someone from high above will lose his head“, Dieter said and looked in my eyes. In the meantime Dieckmann went to the black suited men and talked to them. Then he turned and said: „ Hey, old men. You all want to play the hero? We're not in Hollywood. Lay down the weapons and drive back to your families. If not, I arrest you because of building a criminal association, no, shit, I'm on a bad trip today, I arrest you for building a terrorist association.And I'm serious, believe me.“ In the same moment the special forces lifted their weapons and showed that their boss meant what he said. My protectors had no chance and I hoped that they don't make a mistake. But they recognized their hopeless situation and laid down their weapons. Obviously satisfied Dieckmann turned to the journalists and commanded: „I require all material and I want this mobile, immediately! It's the property of the state!“ He looked around, to the one side, to the other … and above and saw the cameras on the roof. Clearly I could read from his lips the word: „Fuck!“ as, with a movement of his hands, he gave his guys a sign. Immediately, two of them moved in our direction. „Come on, Tommy, get out. Fast. Take the bike and run away! Quick!“, Dieter called. Then I heard the young man with the glasses saying: „Take this, all what we've recorded is saved on this USB- stick. Take it and get off. I don't know anything, we are only making a movie.“ I took the stick, opened the door and sneaked away to the bike. I hided between two cars and peered the situation. No one saw me and soon I reached the motorbike.     On the run   I took the helmet from the seat and inserted the key into the lock and without ignition the bike rolled down the street. They didn't notice me, I thought and started the engine. With a loud roaring it started. Immediately I switched a gear, accelerated and felt, that there was a lot of power under my ass. But in fact they chased me, because I saw flashlights in the mirror. Soon they were right behind me and I saw one Mercedes- Benz and one BMW. With full speed I went off. But soon they came nearer again. I drove fast, as fast as I could. But soon I realized that I lost too much speed in the turns. My former ability to handle a bike was not on hand. It's too long ago. I couldn't slope enough in the turns as it's necessary to get more speed. Soon I saw the flashlights again in the mirror. I flew with unbelievablespeed through the streets, chased from American and German secret services. And all this in the smooth and lovely landscape of the southern Ruhrgebiet, in the heart of Germany. I raced to a cross-road and saw the red traffic- lights. But I crossed it with maximum risk, heard the sounds of the horns from the other cars. In this moment a van crashed with high speed into the side of the black BMW. The black car turned over. Whilst it was turning a heavy truck hit it again and teared the black BMW in two parts. I guessed that the men inside didn't have any chance. They must be dead. Rest in peace, but in hell. But the chase went on. The Mercedes- Benz was still behind me and I sawthe flashlight coming nearer and nearer. I saw the next cross- road and again the traffic- lights were red, literately blood- red and almost I was hit by other cars. In the last moment I could brake and wind through the cars. Soon my followers came nearer, the fucking flashlights made me furious and so I opened the throttle. I had to escape, however. A few hundred yards away was the next cross- road. I drove through the streets like a bloody maniac. Now my followers were fifty yards behind and I reached the cross- road sooner than I wanted to. A tram was on the way to cross, as I cut its way in the very last moment. So I got some more seconds. But not for long. Now I saw the flashlight as a small blinking, but quickly they came nearer. And then I had to brake. A big truck blocked the way, because the driver wanted to turn. A few seconds later my followers were right behind me and I saw one guy opening the door. Then I saw a small gap between the truck and a wall and drove through. Again I gained a few seconds, important seconds. But soon my hunter was behind me. Without any doubts he was good drilled in high speed chasing, because a moment later his flashlight filled the mirror completely. He switched on all his lights to dazzle me. In front of me, I saw a Y- junction to a highway, I took the right way and realized that the road ran straight on for around one mile. With highest speed I drove and saw that the flashlight becoming smaller. I reached a turn and recognized that I was too fast. The turn was strait, too strait. I knew, that I never come around it. Then I saw nothing, only darkness.   *   The last stand   „So, this is your story“, Veronica fixed me. „Interesting. Very interesting, don’t you think so, too, Martin?“ „Yes, really interesting. But is it true?“, Martin asked me. „Yes, it's the truth. It's not a lie“, I insured. „Do you have the USB- stick? Please, here is a glass with orange- juice, do you want to drink it?“, Veronica asked and put a glass on the table. „Do you still have the stick?“, Martin asked me too. Now I became suspicious. Why do they want to know that? „Please tell, do you still have it?“ Somehow this question was more urgent than before. „Yes, ...I do“, I answered hesitatingly. „Please, would you show it to me?“ Why do they want to see it? „Please, drink the juice“, Veronica said with a smile. „No, thank you, I'm not thirsty“, I answered also with a smile. „Show us the stick and drink! Immediately!“, Martin commanded and suddenly he had a weapon in his hand. „What's going on...why? Who you are you?“, I asked and felt awful. „Can't you think? Do you really believe that other people helped you like we did, in spite you are obviously searched? No. Not short after your accident, they blocked the street and searched the USB- stick, but they couldn't find it. Fortunately you've been unconscious long enough, that we could arrive and win your trust. At least you could hide the stick somewhere. And of course, we didn't send our mobile and identity- cards from the post- station. The others exactly know where we are now. Now give us the stick!“. Threatened Martin and held his pistol in front of my face. I had lost, game over. Desperate I looked to the ground. Then I took the stick out of my underwear, obviously someone didn't dare to touch my best piece. „And now drink the juice!“, Veronica said and kept on her smiling. „I don't want this juice“, I refused. „Drink the orange- juice, if not, I shoot your knee!“, Martin commanded. Reluctantly I drank the juice and found that it tasted hideous. „In one hour everything is fine. You will wake up and everything is forgotten. Do you understand, what we...“, was the last what I heard, then there was only darkness.   *   As I opened my eyes I laid on the ground and felt that something wasn't right. The smell. It smelled like...gas. My hands were tied behind my back. The gas irritated my bronchial- tubes and I began to cough. I must get out here, urgently. I pulled my knees to my chest and tried to release me. One leg through my tied hands, then the other. I stood up and saw a clock, which was counting backwards. Less than three minutes time left to escape out of the cottage. On the table I saw a can with chili con carne, and a pocket knife. I threw the can through the window and cracked the glass. Then I saw a bottle with, brrr, orange- juice. I took the pocket knife and the bottle. With the bottle I split the shades in the window- frame and stepped back. Then I started and jumped with my head first through the window, ran to the forest and found shelter behind a big tree. I felt that I cut my back with broken glass. One second later all hell broke loose. The explosion was so heavy that it cut the cottage into pieces. The shock wave deafened my ears. Something bounced again the tree which protected me. A few yards beside me a young tree was halved from a heavy beam. Splinters, shades and ruins from the cottage fell down further, but soon it ceased. Only the crackle from the fire I heard. Then I saw what hit the tree behind me. A spade stuck with its blade a few inches in it. My face became pale as I imagined what would have happened, if the spade hit me. Slowly the rest of the cottage burned down and I would have been inside, grilled like a steak, or roasted chicken, maybe both. I took the pocket knife, cut the tie and threw it into the fire. Now I had to leave.   *   I wondered how far away it will be to the village, where I came through. Not far, I guessed and went in this direction. Offside the street I took a smallway and soon I discovered a house with a garden. On a clothes- line I saw different shirts, trousers and so on. I stole a T- shirt, a towel and a large shirt. In the shelter of some bushes I used the towel to wipe away the blood from my back. I dressed me with the new shirt and the T- shirt under it. The evening twilight came as I reached the village. And there was, what I intended to find. In big letters I read Manni's Internetcafe, and smiled. Perfect. Match. The revenge is yours, Manni, I thought. I opened my right shoe, undressed the sock and took out the other USB- stick which stuck between my toes. I was happy that I didn't talk about it. With the stick in my hand I entered the cafe.     *   Good evening, dear audience. Here are the late news. After a gas explosion in the south of Dortmund, the cremated body of Thomas Becker was found in a burned cottage. Thomas Becker was searched for the murder of Manfred D.,his nephew. Not far away, the owners of the cottage, the married couple Martin and Veronica Fischer, were found dead in their camper. Both died by a head shot. Very strange in this regard is the fact, that in the evening a documentation was published in the internet, which witnesses the innocence of Thomas Becker. Now the details are following ...     The End    

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Durch Träume und Visionen wurde ich zu einer ganz besonderen und geheimnisvollen Art des Schreibens hingeführt: Dem Inspirierten Schreiben! Eine „innere Stimme“ diktierte, was meine Hand aufschrieb, ohne eine einzige Silbe zu verändern! Nie wusste ich vorher, welches Thema an der Reihe sein würde.
Das Buch "Komm, ich zeige dir den Weg!" gibt ungewöhnliche Antworten auf die ewig uralten und doch immer wieder neuen Fragen der Menschen nach ihrem Woher und Wohin, nach dem Sinn des Lebens und seiner zu Grunde liegenden Wahrheit.
Was inspiriertes Schreiben ist und wie mein persönlicher Weg dorthin voller spiritueller Erfahrungen ausgesehen hat, beschreibe ich ausführlich im Vorwort als "Chronik meines Weges".

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