Jennifer Rawlings

The story of my life, Part 5 of 8

The next week went well for Jenny; she had started to coax Eve back down to eat with her. Four out of the seven days wasn't bad, she told herself, and on each of these days, Eve and Jenny both stuffed themselves to the max. But Jenny was always forced to go that little bit further, leaving herself well and truly stuffed after their binges. On the last day of the week, after one very large binge, Eve looked down at her belly and found it was at its maximum again. She had gained back all the weight she had lost. She told herself she needed to get out of the house and leave Jenny at home to leave her wallowing in her own self pity and get even fatter. She planned on laving home in September, nine weeks away as she was heading off to Oxford University. As she had already been accepted, Eve decided to beef up her CV and maybe do some voluntary work somewhere. This would make her look better at Oxford, gain some work experience and get away from the fatty food temptations bought on by Jenny and her constant binges.

One week later, Eve had found a job at the large computer shop in town. It made sense as she was going to study computers as her major at Oxford. She was going to work the next day, so Jenny had organised one last binge with her sister and Eve accepted. At this point, Eve weighed 183 lbs and reached a new time high, but felt no fatter then before - which was something Jenny couldn't say as she had swelled up to 249 lbs of pure fat. Her thighs had broadened and spread outwards when she sat so much that her legs were forced apart. She could no longer cross her legs due to their diameter, but she hadn't really tried in a long time, anyway. Her hips swelled outwards, meaning she took up more of the sofa and her rut was growing daily. Jenny's tits had now expanded up to a D cup, which meant she swelled out of her bras and her back fat was being sliced up by the tight straps. Her face grew rounder and an extra chin grew, making her look a lot fatter.

Jenny's ass shot outward, growing a lot from her weight gain as she was spending most of her time on it. All of her arse and thighs were covered with deep cellulite, which Jenny now had stores of in abundance. Jenny's belly hadn't failed to grow as her roll cascaded outwards in all directions and her two large rolls formed one massive roll of fat surrounding her middle. With her weight gain, Jenny found her clothes once again didn't fit her. She was now only wearing her sweats again, and they, as usual, didn't fit around her biggest asset, her titanic gut. It was constantly hanging out and causing her discomfort.

“Jenny, do you have anything else to wear?” asked her mom, spotting her daughter trying to find room in her sweats for her belly after a very big breakfast.

“I don't think so, mom. My sweats are my biggest outfit; they feel the best on me,” said Jenny, still rubbing her belly.

“Well, that's not strictly true,” said Eve, who too was stuffing herself on a big breakfast as part of her last day with Jenny.

“What do you mean, Eve?” asked Jenny, looking very quizzical.

“Well. I bought you a bikini when I last shopped. But they didn't have your size so I got you one two sizes bigger. I thought we could go swimming, but you said you didn't want to,” said Eve evilly as her plan came to form.

Jenny stared back and bit into a last slice of toast. “Really. Thanks, Eve, that's great. Can you fetch it for me?” she asked her mom.

Her mom came back shortly with a black bikini, which could have fitted Eve, Jenny and their mom all together before any weight was gained. Jenny then was helped up and went to change. She felt good to be out of her sweats as her body popped back out. She rubbed the marks her clothes left before putting on her bikini. The top felt good and held her new D cups. Next were the bottoms; they went up her blubbery thighs, making her whole fat body wobble. Jenny found to her joy they went up easier then her sweats and reached her hips with relative ease. They were not the best fit ever but a vast improvement from her sweats. She then went out to face her family in the lounge. She waddled in and saw the shock on their faces as her body wobbled for a few more seconds after she stopped. Her fat, saggy flesh spewed out forming folds and rolls all over the place. She was covered with stretch marks, dimples and cellulite

“Oh, my God,” said her mom.

Eve burst out laughing, and her dad turned his face away from his daughter. Jenny felt so embarrassed and ran off upstairs, wobbling even more then Eve imagined possible.

“Oh, my God, I feel bad for saying that.”

“Leave it to me,” said Eve.

“Okay, Eve, just be nice,” said their mom as both punters left off for work

Eve didn't console her sister; she just shouted that everybody was going out so she could come out of her room. Eve got some cash and headed out. She went off on her own to the cinema; she wanted to see a few films and decided to go on a movie marathon. On the way to the bus stop, she decided to skip it and walked off to town as it would be some exercise and it would leave Jenny on her own for even longer.

Jenny soon came out of her room and checked everybody had gone. She was still in her bikini, but now she was alone so it was okay. She went and watched some TV then before she knew it she had commenced the binge she had lined for her sister and herself. She wandered to the kitchen and sat down in front of the fridge. She decided to start eating but got some things before she started. She pulled out ice cream from the freezer and half of the contents of the cupboards and piled them all around her. She grabbed a cushion from the couch and sat on it as she began eating her food fortress from the inside out.

The hours rolled on, and Jenny consumed what seemed to be her own body weight in food. The empty pile grew when she threw empty food packaging behind her, out of the way of her binge. All sorts of food passed her lips and, using just one big spoon, she managed to eat everything. She mainly used her hands, but for such things like ice cream the spoon was used. As it turned to night time and nobody was back, Jenny's only source light was from the fridge as it still remained open to shine on her fat or and create shadows in all of the folds that covered her body. As it hit 9:30, Jenny was truly stuffed. The fridge was too big for her stomach, so after eating for hours on end she now gave up and lay back on the pile of empties, which gave her some support while she lay there, rubbing her stomach and recovering from her binge. Her bikini couldn't be seen as it had disappeared into her soft hips, making even more folds. Her belly stretched the bottoms, and she felt an all-too-familiar tight pain across her vast stomach.

An hour later, she decided she had better get up before he was spotted. She rolled over to her side and hauled her vast body up with great difficulty. She then turned on the kitchen light and cleaned up all her empties, which turned out to fill an entire black bin bag to the top and then some. She put it with the others and headed up to her room to hide herself from her family. Within five minutes of getting under her covers and removing her bikini bottom, her sister came home after watching four whole movies at the cinema, one right after the other. She'd only indulged in a few snacks - the equivalence of food Jenny ate in about 10 minutes - over the whole marathon.

She came in and looked for a little something to eat and saw how empty the fridge looked, Eve smiled when she saw the extra full bin bag in the corner and knew what had gone on. She decided to turn in as it was work tomorrow, and she had to be in for 9 am. Eve changed and was about to go to bed when she heard snores and couldn't resist. She grabbed four bars of lard and crept into Jenny's room. Since her weight gain Jenny had grew more slothful and was harder to wake, which was good for Eve as she popped the lard into Jenny's fat mouth. Thirty minutes later, it was all gone inside Jenny, and Eve went to bed, even happier about her sister's binge.

Eve woke up nice and early for work. She got into her new uniform and felt a little down about having such a big uniform but then felt great again when she heard Jenny's snores from her room. Eve made a small, simple breakfast and headed off before Jenny had even woken.

Both parents left again before Jenny came out of her room, and, when she got up at 10:00 am, she was glad to be on her own as she could go around in her bikini, her largest outfit. Jenny walked around the house a little, wanting to delay the inevitable breakfast, which would last a very long time. She spotted the curtains were open and closed the ones at the front of the house to hide herself away from the world. Jenny had grown more secluded with her weight gain and now almost feared the company of strangers who would judge her on her present form as apposed to her old, slim form. Jenny went to the back of the house and saw the sun was streaming through the blinds. It was now summer, which used to be Jenny's favourite season of the year, as the warm weather was an excuse to wear revealing clothing all the time while out with her friends. Now she had lost her friends and the will to go out and show herself off. Jenny decided to go outside for a while as she was getting cabin fever and needed some change in environment. The garden was the best she would get.

She slid out of the back door still in her bikini and looked for any nearby neighbours who could see her. When she couldn't hear or see any, she came fully out and closed the door behind her. Jenny then walked up her garden as she came out of the shadow of a tree and into the sun. Its warmth on her exposed body felt good and familiar from the old days as her once tanned skin now looked pale and pasty. Jenny decided to do a little sunbathing and plopped herself onto a sun lounger. As she carefully lowered her weight, she heard the wooden hinges groan and creek, but after her arse was properly on, she rested her whole body. The lounger remained up, although it was buckling in the middle and her fat hung off the edges of the single bed by several inches on each side. She hung off so much Jenny couldn't move an inch on the bed and felt rather uncomfortable. The cushioning didn't do much for her 250 lbs body, which was resting fully on the wooden frame. Jenny decided to make some alterations and got up to sort things out.

She pulled another lounger next to her original one and took all the so-called padding off the other three loungers and placed it all on the ones she was laying on. Jenny lowered herself onto the loungers. They creaked less, to her delight, and she didn't hang off the edges. Jenny sat there for a few hours before she got too hot. Her blubber insulated her body, and she reached her max very quickly; she also grew hungry as she hadn't eaten for over 12 hours, and her stomach was making some very loud sounds. She got up, looked down at her bright red body and guessed that gaining weight made you burn easier. Jenny walked over to the back door and couldn't open it. She tried a few times before putting her weight into it, but under her weight the doorframe made a cracking noise so Jenny decided not to do that again. She guessed that the door must have a new lock and couldn't think of a way to get in, as she didn't have keys in her bikini. She saw all the windows were closed, then she spotted the small basement window was cracked open. She reached down and opened it fully and saw an 80 cm by 30 cm window into her house. The only other option was going to the front of the house and getting the key from under the mat and going in.

She lay on her back and wiggled toward the window. Her calves slid in nicely, then it grew tighter around her thighs. Jenny's belly rested on her thighs, and she knew there was no way she could possibly get herself through the tight window, which she used to use frequently as a means to sneak in late at night. She heaved herself to her feet and prepared to go around the front. Her gate was a total distance of 20 metres from the front door. Jenny thought about whether the key was still under the mat and got ready to go. She peered through the gate and saw a few kids playing on the lawn over the road so she waited for a few minutes. Jenny pulled herself together, burst though the gate and ran out sending a huge wave of fat over her body, which gyrated dramatically as she wobbled to the door.

It took what seemed like hours and actually took a lot logger then a normal person running, as their thighs don't make them waddle like Jenny had to. When she got there, she bent right down and could hear people's reactions from their lawns and passersby, as it appeared more people were in view of the door then the gate. She finally found the key and forced it into the lock and turned it but found it wouldn't budge. It appeared the family had bought new locks for the whole house; at this point, Jenny remembered a few weeks ago during a binge her mom giving her a new key and putting it on the TV, but she hadn't had the need to use it.

She stood there in view of everybody, and all she could hear was her stomach as she hadn't eaten for a very long time. Jenny retreated back to the garden and rested on the floor with her back against the house wall. She was really embarrassed as lots of the neighbours saw her and clearly recognised her. Jenny looked for another way back in. The garage was locked, and Jenny had no real options. She started sweating from all the running and the strong heat. When added to the rolls of blubber and the stress from not eating, you were left with one hot, fat girl. Jenny took refuge under the tree, but the midday sun beamed through the few leaves of the tree and didn't make much difference.

By 3 pm Jenny was bright red, sweating profusely and gasping for a drink or any kind of food. She could no longer think clearly. It was now slightly cooler, but there was no shade under the tree as the sun was around the back of the house. The only real shade was around the front, but she couldn't go into the public eye, could she?

After another hour, Jenny was almost passing out. She was sweating gobs, and her eyes ran with the heat and hunger. Jenny heaved herself up and went around the front; she didn't care about the people and lay down on the cool grass in the shade of her house. Jenny felt much better and drifted off as passersby stared and neighbours watched, disgusted at the girl who used to be so thin. She lay on the grass and cooled down until 5 pm. Jenny then headed around to the back again as she was cooler and felt she could wait there for someone to get home.

Eve finished work at 5:00 and arrived at home at 5:30. She walked in and felt tired after a hard day at work. She looked for Jenny but couldn't find her, so looked in the kitchen and saw no food had been eaten. She got a little curious and walked about the house, calling for Jenny. Jenny in the garden heard the calls and banged on the back door. Eve heard the bangs and let Jenny in. She thanked her and wobbled to the kitchen. Eve followed, a little curious as Jenny stood in front of the fridge, her body sunburned and her stomach growling very loudly. Jenny pulled out two pints of whole milk and stood there and downed it all in 15 seconds. She then pulled out a bottle of Coke and downed that before getting another Coke and taking three big chugs.

“That's better,” said Jenny, letting out a huge belch.

“Why were you outside and why are you all burnt?”

“Well, I went out to do a little sunbathing, but, when I tried to get in, the door was locked, so I went around the front and it was locked, too. I had to wait in the garden for somebody to come home.”

“You went out the front in your bikini?”

“I had no choice. I was burning. Do we have any more milk?” asked Jenny, looking for something else to quench her thirst

“I think there is some in the back of the fridge,” said Eve, watching her sister go for more drinks.

She pulled her head out with another carton and opened it up and started drinking at a more normal pace. Jenny then pulled out loads of food, all of the fridge and more.

“I am starving; I haven't eaten all day.” said Jenny, hauling her food to the lounge.

Jenny dropped off the food and waddled upstairs. She went to the bathroom and jumped into a cold shower. She stayed under the soothing cold water for 10 minutes before she had cooled right down again and had started to shiver. She again put on her bikini and dried herself off and started eating. She sat on the couch with a serious look on her face. Jenny didn't offer any food to Eve and even took food off her as she tried to snack because she too was hungry from not eating much at work. Jenny ate as fast as possible and she soon finished off all the food.

“God, I'm still hungry,” she said after gulping down the last of the Coke.

“How about I go to the chippy?”

“Yeah, that will be great. Just get me more then usual to make up for what I missed out on today,” requested Jenny.

Eve jumped in Jenny's car and went off to the chip shop and bought seven large bags of chips, five sausages, eight pies, five fish and three bottles of Coke. She bought all the food back and plated it all out, filling the table, couch and floor next to Jenny. Eve took the other chair and watched Jenny start and complete eating all the food without taking her eyes off the TV once. Jenny slowly inflated as she consumed all of the greasy food. Eve could see Jenny was really enjoying it all and laughed as she burped to finish off her meal.

“Oh, my God, I feel better now. Eve, get me some ice cream. I haven't had dessert yet,” said Jenny, rubbing her belly at the thought of more food. Eve happily complied and bought out four gallons of ice cream, which was all that was left as Jenny hadn't raided much from the freezer. Eve dropped off the food and handed Jenny a big spoon and went upstairs to change out of her uniform and relax little before work again. The idea of not having any homework or anything was great, and she soon dozed of fairly early, feeling quite hungry after no dinner because Jenny had eaten it all. Jenny soon finished the ice cream and rested her hands on her tummy and went to sleep on the sofa again.

Her mom waked Jenny in the morning.

“Are you okay, Jenny? You are sunburned.”

“Well, yeah, I spent too long outside.”

“I know. Eve told me all about it. I think you might need some cream for that.”

“I know; I feel really hot. Oh, yeah, mom, we could do with some more food, too.”

“And you need some new clothes to cover yourself up,” said her mom, making Jenny feel the size of a house.

“Yeah, right, can I go out shopping? I need some other things, too. My hair is really long and I could do with a pedicure,” said Jenny as her old pampered body had become neglected over the months of bingeing. The least she could do to look pretty was getting her hair fixed.

“Right, sounds like you need a day for yourself. But I can't take you because I have a big meeting and Eve and your father are both working, too. I have plenty of money, but you will have to go and buy food, clothes and a haircut on your own.”

“Well, I don't have much to wear, you see,” said Jenny, gesturing toward her tight bikini.

“Oh yeah, Jenny, I forgot to tell you. I picked you up another sweat suit the other day,” said Eve. “I thought you could do with some more clothes. I just forgot to tell you,” said Eve, wanting Jenny to leave the house and go out into the public and let them see her new girth. Eve had bought it in the same size as her bikini, thinking Jenny would have to go out in about a week or so, but she would have to wear it now.

Jenny lifted her bright pink body off the sofa and headed to her room. “Thanks, sis, I'll put it on - and, mom, sort out the cash, okay?”

“It's in my wardrobe,” shouted Eve, watching Jenny's fat arse wobble up the stairs. “God, she is fat, isn't she mom?” said Eve while Jenny was well out of hearing range

“I know, and I think she will just get fatter and fatter while she spends all her time into the house. She needs to get out like a job or something.”

“Jenny won't agree to that until it is at least September so she gets her summer holidays. But, yeah, when it's September you can rope her into it,” agreed Eve as she wanted Jenny to go out to a world of work even fatter then ever before.

Meanwhile, Jenny was upstairs getting dressed; she removed her bikini and her fat sprung forward as it was tight. It turned out the sweat suit fitted really well on her as long as she was willing to leave a bit of belly exposed. She smiled while she applied her makeup and brushed her hair. Jenny then grabbed her purse and shoes, which matched her outfit as much as possible and down to get the cash.

“Okay, Jenny, I don't have that sort of cash on me so here is my gold card and just buy all you want, and don't be ashamed to go into new shops. Your clothes size is bigger then it once was, you know.”

“Yeah, I know, mom. I saw the size on theses sweats; they don't even have numbers, just an S, and I am only a small in a fat persons shop,” said Jenny, very depressed as she took the card off her mom and grabbed her keys. “See you later on then,” said Jenny, walking out the house while her belly started rumbling. She hadn't had any breakfast and planned to get a bit before shopping. She drove to a café nearby and treated herself to five fry-ups to tide her over while she shopped. Jenny then headed out for her beauty treatments because people were staring at her from her booth. She went into the salon and paid for her hair to be done first. She sat down, ready for the obviously gay hairdresser behind her to start, but Jenny found the chair really tight around her hips. She wiggled around with a look of absolute embarrassment on her red face until her ass fitted properly in the seat. It was painfully tight, but Jenny enjoyed the banter and felt relieved that her long, split end ridden, greasy hair was bought back to its previous beauty. She missed talking to people other then her family and was sad when her hair was all done. She, with help of her hairdresser hauled herself free of her seat and then into another to get her nails done.

Once all the treatment was done, Jenny paid with the credit card and walked out feeling better about her appearance but still got a few weird looks. Jenny knew she had to do more for her look and went clothes shopping; she walked past all old designer shops she loved and went into a fat women's shop. She went up and down the isles and found some things to wear; she also picked up lots of underwear. Eve just got her granny pants and no thongs so she put a change to that. Then she grabbed some sweats and a few other bits and bobs before going to pay for the lot in a small size. This really did make her feel better, and she left wearing a red skirt and a black vest top, showing a few inches of midriff intentionally. She felt like her old self, except from being sluggish and very hungry.

Jenny now received less attention and took her new gear to her car. Jenny then went into her favourite discount store and went through isles with two trolleys, filling them with the food she desired, which was more then usual as she was so hungry and therefore bought more food. Jenny happily and quickly filled the trolleys to the very top and pulled out her card to pay. Jenny loaded them all into the car and headed back for another two trolleys, and then one more to fill up the rest of the car. In the shop Jenny had found some cream for her burn, so she took two bottles, as she was twice her original size.

Now that all the food shopping was done Jenny thought about heading home but chose to go and get something to eat because she didn't want to get rid of all she had bought. She pulled into an all-you-can-eat place just outside town and pulled out her mom's card and said “I'm hungry” to the man behind the register as she ordered the all-you-can-eat meal three times.

“Miss, this means you will have three waiters serving you, each giving you a plate of food every few minutes.”

“That's just what I hopped for,” said Jenny, walking to a very big booth and feeling relieved that the place catered for bigger framed people. The first course was bought out, and Jenny ate it quickly - and had time to spare before the next was bought over. Jenny went on and on like this, and soon time faded away to nothing. She unfastened her skirt and sat up in her seat and carried on eating as she went for pace, no staying power, and found after her 12 rounds - bringing her to 36 - that she wanted some dessert. So three large cakes were bought out. She enjoyed every bite of all three chocolate cakes before leaving. She then struggled to her feet and waddled out, holding her great belly. The waiters began the clean-up operation from all of the plates and all of the extra food that didn't make it into Jenny's mouth due to her fast eating. It totalled up to be enough to fill the old Jenny up, but she wasn't like the old Jenny when eating was concerned.

Jenny got into her car and found it drove really low as the suspension was pushed down from Jenny and all of her shopping. She drove off home as fast as she could go, which wasn't very fast, and arrived at the door at 3:30. She began to bring everything in, first food, which she left in the bags on the counter, then her clothes, which she took up to her room and hung it all up in her wardrobe. She sorted the food shopping, putting it all in its rightful place. She quickly filled the kitchen and had far too much left over. She knew what would follow so only took a few things into the lounge to prevent another binge.

But Jenny couldn't stop herself and before Eve got home she was eating seriously. Eve came in and saw the food stocks were higher then ever and she knew where it would all go. Eve grabbed a small dinner to keep herself topped off, as she really didn't want to indulge like her sister and tried all she could not to overeat. Jenny didn't sleep on the couch that night and actually managed to get off the sofa and up the stairs and to bed; she wore her new pyjamas and happily went off to sleep, forgetting to set her alarm for Eve. Sadly for Jenny, Eve set her alarm and crept into Jenny's room for her lard feeding, pumping seven bars of fat into her fat stomach.

The next eight weeks bough them to September, and a lot of things had changed over summer. Eve had been hard at work and made herself some good cash after receiving her pay cheque. She had also worked hard not to indulge, and she had lost weight and was now down to 169 lbs. She was still chubby by most people's tenders, but felt really thin and had lots of energy from her weight loss. She was wearing a smaller uniform for her job and feeling anxious to be off to Oxford in a few days. She was really excited about it as she wanted to leave home and be more independent when living in the student halls. She had most of her things packed up and her room was already sorted in the dorms, and had loads of cash from her parents to get her started along with the money she had been earning. She could live on it for about a year in college standards, but she planned to get a part-time job as she liked working and wanted more cash.

Jenny hadn't had such a productive summer; she hadn't started any kind of work or even looked. Her days were spent in the house, apart from getting larger clothes and more food. Jenny had tried to not gain much weight, but she couldn't stop, eating and, by September, she clocked in at 293 lbs of fat. Her cheeks swelled up even more; her double chin swelled downward; her arms thickened and fat hung and wobbled from them. Her tits didn't grow too much and were still Ds; her hips widened even more and her arse shot out and down her thighs even more then before. Her thighs themselves thickened and began to hang over her knees. Jenny's lower half was covered in thick layers of cellulite, which made her wobble more then ever. Then came her belly, which flopped out more then before and hung to her thighs when she stood, and when she sat even more so as it rested on her fat lap.

Jenny was now finding it harder to get up from the deep sofa and got tired from just going back and forth from the kitchen to get more food. At this point, she had outgrown her clothes so she spent her days on the couch filling it up, usually wearing just her robe, which covered her chest and that's about it. In the middle of the evening, Jenny was happily munching on some chocolate bars when her mom walked in.

“Jenny, I have been thinking. It's now September and you would be going back to school now, wouldn't you?”

“Umm, yeah, yum, these are nice, mom. Get more of these.”

“I will. Anyway, I was thinking you should maybe get a job as you aren't going to college.”

“What, well, um, I haven't thought about it!” said Jenny in shock.

“Well, your summer holiday is over, and you need to earn your keep, and if you'er not going to college, you have to get a job.”

“But I haven't been looking. I can't get a job with my GCSEs; I only passed food tech,” said Jenny trying make an excuse.

“That's why I got you a job with me at my work. It's just an office job: typing, faxing, E-mailing, answering phones that sort of thing.”

“But I am not exactly your average office girl though,” said Jenny, pointing to her belly.

“I know. That's why you have a job there because people you deal with can't see you over the phone or over a fax machine, can they? The only people who will see you are the other people in the office. Five girls in total; they are very nice.”

“Well, when am I starting this job?”

“In the next few days.”

“How many hours am I working?”

“Nine 'til five.”

“What's the pay?”

“Well, £5 an hour.”

“That's, umm,” said Jenny, trying to work it out.

“£200 a week. I know it's not much, but you will get more pay when you move up in the company.”

“£200 won't cover my food bills, let alone rent!”

“Don't worry about that. You don't have to pay to live here; I will pay for your food like before and your wages are your own. All you have to do is go to work to live here, Jen.”

“Well, it doesn't look like I have a choice, does it?”

“No, it doesn't. You will be needing some new gear for the office, and so I picked you up this sweat suit in a medium. It should get you to town to sort yourself out. Here is a little cash for your clothes shopping and a little for some snacks until your first wage pack comes in,” said her mom, handing Jenny a huge wad of cash. Jenny smiled at the money but wasn't looking forward to the job.

“God, I will have to buy a whole new office wardrobe and some casual stuff, too, and maybe sort out my hair for the office,” hinted Jenny after more cash. Her mom went along with it, as she knew it would be hard for Jenny and came back with even more money. “Thanks, mom, I will go tomorrow,” said Jenny, opening up a new chocolate bar. Her mom smiled and left Jenny alone to eat.

The next morning Jenny showered and dressed and came down to see Eve busy packing and making calls. Jenny didn't say much and headed right for breakfast to tide herself over while shopping: four boxes of cereal, two loaves of bread, a bar of butter and three litres of orange juice later, Jenny got up to leave, Eve watched her eat it all and smiled widely as her sister's wide arse swayed from side to side when she went off through the door to her car. Jenny climbed in and felt the wheel against her gut; she couldn't do much about it and set off to the beauty parlour to get the works done. Pedicure, manicure, hair, makeup and a body massage – luckily, they didn't charge her extra for her extra flesh.

Jenny was now feeling a lot better as she went on to the fat people's shop as slyly as possible. She bought office things like blouses, skirts and a few other smart outfits and some casual out-of-work stuff, which included underwear. Jenny paid for her super-sized clothes and took them right back to the car. She then drove off to the supermarket and did her usual thing, filling up several trolleys with junk food and filling her car to the breaking point. After that was done, she found she had loads of cash left, she went around town a little more and got a few things like new shoes, three ice creams, bags, five burgers, sunglasses, six hotdogs, makeup and more. Jenny found room for the stuff in the car and then went for a meal, as she was hungry from all the walking, carrying and shopping. She drove home first and dropped off the food; it took a while, but the car drove a lot higher after it was all out.

She decided to go around for fast-food: first KFC, five buckets with fries and dessert on the side; then McDonald's and eight super-sized Big Mac meals; then the fish and chip shop with five large bags of chips with three fish, pies and sausage and, finally, she stopped in at Chinese place and got seven portions of egg fried rice, chips times five, three lots of Peking duck and large bottle of Coke. After all this, she was really stuffed and laid her seat back to rest and give her belly some room. After an hour's rest, she drove home very slowly as she could hardly steer. When she was back, she got all her clothes out of the boot and took them to her room and replaced them with her really old gear, as there wasn't much room in her wardrobe. As she threw her old stuff out, she held each of them against her huge body and tried hard to imagine herself in them again.

Jenny then came down in her new khakis and a vest top to see Eve by the fridge. She hid and watched what she pulled out, and, sadly, it was only a piece of cheese

“Hi, Eve, what do you think?” she asked her sister, modelling her new clothes.

“Very nice, I am surprised they make those in your size,” said Eve right back with a smile.

“Yeah, well, how is your packing going? I'm going to miss you when your are gone. You should be careful of that freshman 15.”

“I know. I think I will blow up with all the juke food around me, but I seem to be doing a good job right now, managing to lose weight over the last few months with all of this junk food around me,” said Eve, gesturing to the contents of the rammed full fridge.

“With all your studying, though, it can be easy to slip.”

“I know, I don't want do that like…some people,” said Eve looking at the two-inch gap between Jenny's waistband and top.

“It's meant to be like that, and I have had a lot to eat,” said Jenny pulling down the top.

“Well, what's new there? I am just glad you have the guts to show off your belly like that. I know if I were your size I wouldn't. Well, I have got a lot to do. I might just miss dinner. I think you can have it for the both of us,” said Eve, patting Jenny's belly as she passed her out the doorway; she had to go sideways to get past. “God, are these door ways getting smaller or is it something else?” she said as she left.

“THAT BITCH!!!” Jenny said as Eve went to her room. Jenny went to the fridge for something to snack on and sat down in front of the TV, wishing Eve was fat and she was thin.

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Und weil ich begriff wie lang und wie kurz der Weg zwischen beiden ist, nahm ich ihn auch wahr und so ist mir heute jeder Schritt es wert eingehalten zu werden, weil hinter jedem Ereignis sich ein anderes verbirgt und sichtbar wird.

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