David Olusanya

An Awful Past

Alade took his eyes off the journal as two fierce looking man barged in on him in his room. He squirmed in his seat under their stern gazes. He needed no one to tell him something was amiss. He opened his mouth to talk but his lips only quivered.

One of the two fierce looking men yanked Alade to his feet. The journal in his hand slipped away. He winced as the man's fingernail tore into his flesh. He gripped him too tight and Alade tried to wriggle free.

"Let me go! Who are you!?" He screamed in fright.

The other guy muted him with a hard smack on the face, "If that won't stop you then this will" he said bringing out a pistol.

Alade was totally scared. He immediately decided to succumb to whatever they were going to do to him. They dragged him out into the taxi they brought. The driver started the car and they drove off.

The reckless driver pulled up at the front of an uncompleted building in a light forest. The two men with Alade at the backseat pulled him out after alighting the car and with him, they walked into the building, leaving the cabby by the car.

On entering into one of rooms in the building, Alade rested his gaze on a good looking man with an athletic build. He was sure he had never came across the man before. The two men let go of him.

"Go on your knees" The man they met in the room said and Alade immediately went on his knees, "do you know who I am?" He asked with a mischievous smile.

Alade shook his head, "No sir. I...I don't...don't know you sir" He spluttered.

"Do you by any chance know a girl with the name Evelyn?"

He tried to talk but only hiccupped.

"That shocked you? Alade don't be shocked. Well, my name is Yemi and I am Evelyn's only living sibling"

That shocked Alade more, "Sib... Sib.."

"Yes, sibling. Accepted that my sister cheapened herself by giving her body to you when you were only dating. You impregnated my sister and still killed her!" He yelled, his veins in clear view.

That shocked Alade more, "Sib... Sib.."

"Yes, sibling. Accepted that my sister cheapened herself by giving her body to you when you were only dating. You impregnated my sister and still killed her!" He yelled, his veins in clear view.

"No, no, no, I didn't kill her. She only took pills"

"Pills, yes pills but she died!"

"I didn't know she'd die"

"You killed her and even went the whole way to dump her body on the dumping ground. You felt your secret had been covered. You thought my sister hadn't disclose your secret relationship to me!?"

"I didn't want to do that to her. I loved her, even in death I do. It was my brother that advised me to do that"

"And do you know who killed that brother of yours?" Yemi asked and Alade shook his head in objection, "I did!"

That was another piece of shocker for Alade and the tears that had circulated in his eyes dropped in rolls.

"You're the next!" Yemi disclosed

"No, no, please Yemi. I'm sorry!"

Yemi brought out a gun from his trouser's back pocket and pointed it at Alade, "You thought you can do that and go scot free? My mum had four of us, two died from illness. Evelyn's death caused my mum's death. She died while running to the dumping ground to see her daughter's corpse!"

"I'm sorry Yemi. I and my late brother are the only children of our parents, I'm the only one left. They're aged, please pity them" Alade said in penitence.

"Did you pity mine?"

"I loved Evelyn! It was a mistake"

"Even if it's with my last breath, I've sworn on my mother's grave to avenge their death"

"Please" Alade drawled ruefully

Yemi wiped the beads of perspiration mixed with tears on his face, "You turned me to a murderer!"

"I'm sorry"

"Guy, there's no time for delay" One of the other men said.

Yemi placed his finger on the trigger, "Goodbye"

Gun shot came from the entrance and it got Yemi on his arm.

"Aargh!" Yemi groaned in pain. He fell in a heap to the floor. 

Police officers filed in and immediately apprehended the two men. Before the policemen got to Yemi, he used his other hand to hold the gun and shot Alade. The bullet got Alade on the neck and he held his neck as he fell silently to the floor. One of the policemen quickly shot Yemi on the other arm. The gun slipped off his hand on its own accord.

The officers yanked Yemi to his feet. He and the other men were handcuffed and dragged out of the building. On stepping outside, they found the cabby lying dead in the taxi with blood splattered all over the windows and the front doors opened.

            THE END

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