Tanja Longoria

Love on the Beach

"Not just any girl"

She was walking down the beach, she had never been on the beach it was her first time. The full moon was throwing a sparkly shine on the ocean and the waves made a wonderful relaxing sound. She sat down on one of the beach chairs and stared out onto the water. A tiny little spot caught her eye. It was jumping up and down over the water and ass it came closer and closer, she realized it was a face. It looked very familiar. Bryan slowly walked out of the water, his long, dark, curly, wet hair framed his striking face. As he came closer she couldn't help but stare at him, he was tall, muscular and he had beautiful dark skin. The dripping water reflected the moonshine and it looked like he was covered in diamends. He was not just good-looking but every part of him was amazingly attraktive. He walked over the beach and sat right next to her.

“What are you doing out, being a rebel and breaking the rules?” his lips formed a very seductive smile and his brown chocolate eyes stared glowing.

“Denise and Jessica invited there soon to be boyfriends over and I'd rather not be a part of that”

He laughed and his face lit up “No why not? I am sure they are having lots of fun.”

She couldn't stop looking at him. His body was still wet from his swim and water drops run down his shoulders, over his six-pack to the hem of his trunks. Her eyes slid even further down and she was wondering if he was really that good in bed as she had heard. He was a girls magnet and he knew it. She was sure he had gone out with most girls in school. And probably everyone had a crush on him or at least thought he was attractive.

“You know you could come to my room?” He had a smirk on his face as he said that. It seemed he knew what she was thinking about.

She raised her eyebrow, “So I can be another girl on your list?”

“Not just any girl”

“I am sure that’s what you told all of them”

“Most of them didn't even think that they would be on a list”

She never really had a conversation with him, she used to admire him from afar and that was it. “So how many are on the list? Or were it so many you couldn't keep track anymore?” Why was she just so spiteful towards him, she knew he would give her what she wanted and please her for the night. But did she really want to be another girl on his list.

“I stopped counting a while ago”, he saw her face and said, “but you wouldn't be one of those, you would be the one I want to remember”

“That's a good one, I am sure a few fell for it”, even though she knew it was just one of those things he would say to win her over, it felt good to hear it. It had been a while since someone even looked at her.

“You are the only one I told it, no one would be worth remembering” hearing this felt even better, even though she knew it was a lie. Why would he go for all the others if they were not worth remembering. But she didn't want to ask him, she didn't want to hear more lies but on the other hand she was afraid she would fall for it. He just laid there on his beach chair only wearing his trunks. His hair was still wet but a nice warm breeze was playing with it. Is dark skin was shining in the moonlight.

He sat up and looked at her “Ever kissed someone before?”

Of course she had it was years ago but she didn’t want to talk about it, not with him. But at the same time she wanted him to kiss her and make her forget about her first kiss. She stood up “I should go back”.

He jumped up and grabbed her wrist before she could leave, “don’t go” he pulled her close to his body, his hand let go of her wrist and gently touched her arm as it wanders up to her neck and stroke her hair out of her face. She leaned into it. The wall of ice she had trying to keep up, melten away with his touch. His hand felt so good and made her want more. She closed her eyes and enjoyed every second of his touch.

“So have you kissed someone before?” his voice was warm but more raucous than before. He held her face with one hand and gently touched her cheek while the other was holding her neck.

She opened her eyes and looked into his chocolate eyes. “Yes” her voice was barely a whisper.

“Good”, he leaned forward and kissed her. His warm lips were irresistible for her and she couldn't help herself but lean into it and kiss him back. Time had stopped and she was not sure how long they stood there kissing each other but it was surely not long enough when he pulledback. His hand wandered back down to her wrist and pulled her into the beach chair with him. She sat on top of him while he was laying under her with his hands on her hips. She traced the water drops that ran down is neck on his chest.

“Why did you want to know if I had kiss someone before? Would you have not kissed me if you were my first?”

“I would want your first kiss to be with someone you would not regret” she didn't know what to say to that “I am not that kind of guy you would want your first anything with”

“Because you are a player and hop from girl to girl?”

He nodded. But he didn’t seem happy about what she said. Maybe because he was not used to someone telling him the truth.

“Well I had all my first already, so don't worry about that” She slid off him and laid next to him putting her head on his muscular chest and
started listening to his heart beat.

“All of them?” He laughed as he started playing with her hair, “I am sure I can show you a few more”.

“Yeah never mind I am sure you could” and secretly she wanted him to do exactly that.

“Do you regret them?”

She did not answer straight away, plainly because she didn't know what to say. Did she really wanna talk about it, especially with him? “Yes…and no? If that makes sense.”

“What do you regret about it?”

“That I did not wait longer and the person I did it with”

He had not stopped playing with her hair, and she enjoyed the physical contact with him far too much. His skin was nice and smooth, as she ran her fingers across his chest. "Did he hurt you?” His voice seemed colder than before. Was it possible that he was upset that someone could have hurt her. He did not seem like that kind of person.“He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and my” she paused “well my first everything. And just like most girls my first time was not without pain. I think I just regret that I did it with him. He had asked over and over again if we could do it. He was older than me, you know, and after a while I gave in and said yes. And I never really enjoyed it with him.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Have you enjoyed it with other?” She sat up “I don't wanna talk about the other I want you” and kissed him. His lips felt warm and inviting, he pulled her closer and his hand slipped under her shirt and touched her skin. She wanted more and dug her hand into his hair to pull him even closer. Their tongues met and both his hands were on her hips, lifted her up and pulled her back on top of him. She was burning up inside and started moving her hips. She felt him growing underneath her and started rubbing her hips more on him.
All of a sudden she heard screaming and laughing coming towards her and it brought her back to reality. She saw her roommates and they saw her.


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