Tanja Longoria

Surprising Love


She was exhausted, her body was aching, her muscles hurt and she knew that she would get many new bruises. Today she had to fight harder than she had to in a long time. She had to prove herself to everyone but most of all to herself. She was so used to everyone knowing that she could kick ass and do what needed to be done. After her move from Seattle she had to start all over again and  convince everyone she was a badass. Being a girl in a boys' world felt like a constant battle, a never ending fight and every time you thought you reached the top of the mountain, there was more to climb. Quitting was a no brainer because failure was not an option for her. She took her sweaty clothes off, her thigh and knee pads were sticking to her body. It hurt pulling her undershirt over her head, the sports bra was even worse. She untied her hair, grabbed a towel and walked to the showers. She always took the shower furthest in the corner, so she could not be spotted right away if someone walked it. For a while she just stood there letting the hot water soothe her body. She just watched the dirty water run down her body and down the drain. Slowly but surely the water became clearer and clearer. 

“Alexandra?” it was the voice she hated the most, coming from the person who hated her the most. Alex was the only one she ever knew who used her full name. But he refused to call her Alex, because Alex was ‘his’ name. Not only that but he was the only one who refused to see past the fact that she was a girl. How dare she as a girl play football and be good at it. Have dare she, a girl, be better than all the other WR on the team. After the coaches announced she would be starting today, he seemed ready to punch her in the face. “If you don't answer I will come in there assuming you passes out and drawing under the shower”

“Go away, Alexandro!” She refused to use her name on him too. 

“Are you ok? You have been in there for quite some time”

“And why would you care?” 

“Because you got beat up pretty bad out there”

“Shouldn't you be happy about that, the more I get hurt the higher the chance I quit. Isn't that what you want?” Why wouldn’t he leave. She just wanted to be alone with her pains and sorrows. She grabbed the soap and started washing herself down.

“No” he had taken a while to answer,  in which she had hoped he had left. 

“Alexandro, walk away.” 

“You should stop calling me like that” Something changed in his voice but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Why? You gonna punch me”

“No..” his voice seemed closer now “..it turns me on” was that arousal in his voice. That could not be, a shiver ran down her back. “Everytime you call me like that I want you more and more” She turned around and there he was standing in the doorway to the changing room. He was grabbing his shirt and pulled it over his head, dropping it on the dry floor by his bare feet. Then he continued opening his jeans and letting them fall to the ground. 

“What are you doing!” She could not help herself but staring at his god-like body, her heart started racing, and her breathing was heavy. Another shiver went through her body.

“Well if you don't have anything on it just seems fitting I do the same” he smirked at her while dropping his underwear.

“What..” for a second she was couldn’t think clearly, but then she remembered she was nacket “..Oh” her face turned red. 

He walked over to her, and her eyes glazed over his whole body, she couldn’t stop herself, especially not after she noticed how hard he was. 

“Told you, it turned me on”

“Ale…” her voice broke off. Now he stood right in front of her, the hot water falling down on him. The water drops looked like diamonds running down his perfect body. She just wanted to touch his broad shoulders, and muscular chest. But her body would not move, she was still in shock and denial, this coil not happening. 

“Say it, say my name” 

“Alexandro” he sighed and came closer pressing his body against her pushing  her back until her body was pinned between him and the wall. He grabbed her hair and gently pulled it forcing her to look up and exposing her neck. He leaned forward, starting kissing her neck, how did he know that it would turn her on, even more than feeling his hard cock pressing against her body. His hands were on her hips pulling her even closer. She got on her tiptoes and moved her hips so his cock could slide between her legs and rub her in the right spot. “Alex…” his voice was shaking. She moved her hips back and furth “Oh don’t stop!” Her hips moved faster, causing him to groan. She wrapped her arms around him, grabbing his shoulders from behind and clawing his back. “Fuuuck..” His eyes were closed and his hands had her hips in a tight hold trying to slow her down. 

“Stop or I’ll cum” he begged her. 


“Yes” and with that he dropped to his knees. He pressed open her legs and licked her cliterus and penetrated her with a finger. She let out a scream. The circling motions of his tongue adjusted to the faster going rhythm of his finger. She laid her hands on his head and pulled him closer into her crotch. Now two and then three fingers. With each new finger penetrating her lust intensified. His fingers moved faster, but they weren't enough. She wanted his cock inside of her so she grabbed his hair and gently pulled him on his feet. “I want you inside of me” her voice was no more than a whisper

“Then turn around” without hesitation she followed his instructions. He pulled her hips close to his. His hard cock finally penetrated her and he did not hold back. He went fast and hard, making her squeal with each pound. He grabbed her neck and gave her three good, hard penetrations before cuming inside of her.



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