Martin Hünemöller

Zain Elogaa's Diary (star wars story)

My name is Zain Elogaa, when you read these lines I am probably already dead, the empire wraps itself like a snake around the galaxy. Finding a place to hide is getting harder as well as trusting someone in these times. Why I hide is easy to explain, I was once a Jedi Master. Im writing this to get my mind free, maybe one day someone will find it.

First of all, I was born on Alderaan, whose residents are known for their pacifism and reject any form of violence or war. But I was completely different, as a child I had already a strong sense of justice and was ready to defending the weak even with weapons out of sticks I have made. That all changed when robed people landed on Alderaan, the Jedi's. They recognized my potential very quickly and took me with them to train me to become a Jedi Knight, who fights for freedom and justice in the galaxy. Exactly what I have always dreamed of, helping people.

The time as a Padawan flew by and before I knew it I was a Jedi. On my first missions I got to know the most diverse planets and beings. As I am very inquisitive, I have also tried to learn other fighting methods, which my master did not always liked. Whether the use of various guns or even tricks that I learned from bounty hunters. I tried to teach myself everything that seems useful to me.

The years passed by and I had reached the rank of an master, which means I was finally able to pass on my ways to the next generation. Of course, only a few in the Jedi Council liked my methods, especially because I also used techniques from the Dark Side of the Force but in the end I was able to train two padawans. So, the reason why I left the republic and the council is easy to explain. Over the years I have been repeatedly told by masters how important it is to adhere to the code and that we are not soldiers rather peacekeepers, diplomacy should always be the first way. But then the Clone Wars started, I was suspicious of these clones from the start and in the end I was right about them. When the war between the republic and the separatists was getting bigger, many Jedi become generals on the battlefield. It doesn't matter how old or experiences there were, everyone was fighting and many died. When my last padawan I trained was send on a risky mission without consultation, I realized that I could not longer trusted the councel.

I prepared everything for my departure to Tatooin, informed my padawan's about my plans and in the same night I escaped from the republic with my starfighter but left behind a Holo message which should explains everything.

On Tatooine I withdrew to the edge of Mos Eisley and tried my luck as a smuggler, after a while I was known in the Underground and was recruited even by Jabba the Hutt. At some point I done even bounty hunter jobs, so you can say I have completely separated myself from my old existence.Through conversations I heard about the fall of the jedi's and the rise of the Empire.

Although I should be happy that I was right about everything, although so many People called my Worries nonsense,

I fellt pain in my heart as if a part of me died....


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