Qayid Aljaysh Juyub

Recenseo de clericorum hypocritæ

It happened at the time when the bigoted cretinism ruled the country that the flexible cleric Limus Panegyrikus even had racist thoughts about the 'Magi', because sycophancy belonging to the state is a pleasure for the powerful and has always been an attribute of benevolent churchmen. In his brilliant work 'The Three Nazis from the Orient', the servant of God, who is supported by all kinds of state benefits, devotes himself to the absolutely disgusting racist image that is spread at Christmas by unsophisticated believers with regard to the so-called 'Three Wise Men'. The author is particularly taken with the colorful depiction of the three gift-distributing underdogs in Christmas nativity scenes, which elevates the 'woken' servant of higher powers to a solitary pinnacle of professional outrage and consternation. The mere presence of a colored man in a cattle pen with two old white men camouflaged as Oriental magicians out of diabolical malice, the pious Limus notes, represents a beacon of imagined discrimination.
A detailed representation of all kinds of politically incorrect nativity scenes follows, with the author focusing in particular on the anatomical details of the pitiful, black figure. This is made either with misshapen, skinny or well-proportioned stature from -a huge affront!!!- somehow colored wood and expresses alone with it all the racist prejudices of narrow-minded, white nativity scene lovers.
In the last part of his obedient work the preacher in the spiritual desert dedicates himself extensively to those shameful young fascists who are commonly called carol singers. In particular the 'Blackfacing' of the donations collecting 'Nazi children' is thereby condemned in the strongest way, since this would be totally racist independently of the actual intention according to opinion of pharisaic masters of the bigotry. Furthermore, the author points in this context to obviously paramilitary traditions of the dubious choirboys, since, as is well known, one also dyes one's face black in the army for alleged 'camouflage reasons'. In the connection follows in Ur-Christian tradition under use of all kinds of circular reasoning the proof that the actual roots of the Sternsinger would lie in the fascist youth, since these would have probably also somehow sung and collected funds. Already the faithful grandfather of the author would have noticed this, when he blessed bombs and tanks in his function as auxiliary bishop during all kinds of wars.
To crown it all, the state-owned pastor, in his function as a 'Christian shepherd', warns his 'dear little sheep heads' of the dangers of independent thinking, since this is certainly of the devil. So may the true believer dutifully pay church tax and humbly bear the imaginary guilt assigned to him for the good of the authorities and Holy Mother Church.
Actually, the only question that remains is whether Jesus would not have kicked the author and his comrades in spirit out of the Jerusalem temple if only they had been there.

© 2020 Q.A. Juyub

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