Saskia Charlotte Junker

They think they own me

They think they own me

Ohhhh… yeahhh…
They think they know me
Because they hagged
Into all mails,
They think I am naive,
Because I never brought them to jail.
They think they ungrow me
By insults
Through people,
They made me met.
And their interpretation
Just like inflation:
Poor and lacking
Intelligence or any regret…
Oh yeahhh…
University degrees and acknowledged job
In society.
Their presentation seems sophisticated,
The “perfect ” CV.
But sincerity they never learned,
Having backbone a foreign word
Sincerity and respect
Once upon a time
They stupidly burned.
Tiny minds,
Money & power
They’re after,
Annoyed that their secrets
Could be shown.
They keep spreading lies On a “lost” “crazy” me
As if they would just be worried about.
While they wish everything
Apart from Me speaking up loud, Living free.
Fuck off Stalkers!!!!
Fuck off!!!! Stalkers!

(written 25th of July 2019)

This song and lyrics refer to one of the absurd fact of that those persecutors, stalkers and abusers seemed to ahve developed a sort of entitelment as if they would have propertyrights upon me, as if I was a thing they would own because they had managed to infiltrate and sabotage my life so much.

During the years of persecution ever since 2007 but noted and documented detailed ever since 2012 some of the most annoying things was, that those people even thought I would not be aware of their persecution, when they mimicked behaviour faking empathy (as being trained in management sell courses to mirror to subconsciously manipulate and fake sympathy) or when they talked about things that they knew from corrupted emails and their previous surveillers and persecutors believing that if they pretend they would like things that I like I would trust them. Many of them had a society repeated background, carriers, money in their bank accounts, professions that so-called would be a good background but they were false as hell. Many of them connected to the roman catholic church and similar hypocrite institutions. But even worse, they seemed to have developed a feeling of property in regards to me because they had access to al my emails, my places, they even managed to infiltrate into friendships in the beginning. But nonetheless the fact that they had accesss to everything they did not understand even one words. Or they were only focused anyway on decontestualizing everything to put it on purpose into a different interpretation. Probably a combination of it. From 2012 onwards I started to take as well photos and voicerecprdings of some of the persecutors since they evidently did wit me ever since 1998. There had been people quoting literally things that I had been writing or saying to someone in 1998 but in an entirely decontextualised context. Were they born such stupid and or evil? Or did they sell their soul, their conscious, their integrity in return for they society accepted carreers and money throwing it into the fire the moment they became corrupted.

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