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Some little Excerpts from.the full book part 1...

It seemed to be the saving solution and a gift in the right moment to come to me wirhin a year where one terrible experience had dollowed the rest.
2015 had been filled with only few good experiences.For the rest it was hard to believe what had happened. Did they really try to murder me? But what for? And what was that weird place in the Harz Germany about where I had had to escape to never return?

In 2014 I was manipulated to quit my well respected therapeutical woekplace that I had implemented into the nursing home Pro Seniore Hamburg. A good place and the contract workplace still exists.
Shiatsu treatments for nurses for elderlies and thr management ebhancing health within the entire place.

But a manipulative person forces me to leave that place to go to Bad Harzburg and add a physiotherapy exam.he did not consider my therapy and healing acknkwledgement as valuable enough and starting to make weird gestures knownnfrom masonic and state agent folks. I still dont know how he had been capable to make me leave an employment i had worked hard for and where I received economical autonomy with chances to implement that workplace as well in the other locations of the company on longterm.

I doubt I will ever forgive it to the bastard who did it.

It should turn out that it was all of a longterm plan that person was part of seen shortly after I arrives in Bad Harzburg weird things started to occur one by one.

I rmbecame aware of people that violated my privacy that compromised phones and emails and knew the next day always about each and everything I would had said or written or where I had been.

A mobbing commando and all weird things.
at some point I realized that people had ecven touched a vitamines of mine which I evidently afterwardd threw away.but i was not safe in my own flat anymore.
I was threatened and shouted at and the socalled personnelnof that socall school turned out to give a damn shit.worse they started to make comments on things only a personnwhonwould have been at the walk through the forest could have known.

And in addition the bastarf whonhad manipulated me to leave my independence started as well to show his real face.if he was not allowed to call me day and night to talk about whatever he wanted it would have consequemces while at the same time ignoring all therapeutical suggestions i gave him from knowledge that I had studied and applied succesfully.

At some point it became enough.I approached a medical from Braunschweig and as soon as he heard the name of that socalled school he did not hesitate a single instant.He wrote me an attest for the next weeks.

I should not know until 2021 that this institution in reality was one of the fascist experimental institutions founded by Carl Loges who was directly connected to Hitler.
5 more institutions still exist in Germany.One of them a damce studio in Nuremberg. Reading theough their homepage I was left without words.They emphasized that they still had the same philosophies of the founding years in the 40s and that they would be proud to have some of the founding members still among the living active persons...

Another horrific discovery I made not before later.Bad Harzburg had had an underground extinction camp where shortly before the end of war they organized a walk into death..horrible discovery...and the roman catholic inquisition had done their own misery their as well. Was all this horror now conti ued by the mason loge and the loges school? 

Once I had done a walk in the evening and similar to Venice it seems not to be a place tonwalk by night..a person startrd to take note of me whonwas dressed in a weird odd manner..a greyblack cloak with weird old glasses watching me. Was he a relikt of the Stasi time? Or what?

It became more and more obscure...

I realized that nomatter where I would go people were informed about that I would be there starting to make weird comments or insults or taking their phones to tell someone that I would have arrived.
in one night shortly after I thought to have found a refuge I heard the barking of search dogs in the surrounding and it shrieked me up out of my sleep.
I never had been afraid of dogs but those were did sound evil.


I had come to a point I did not trust at all and talked to noone .I was scared tondeath and with full reasons to be.
After I came back to my hotelroom and tried to charge my phone I realized just in the last moment that the cable had been sliced open and I was about to grip intonthe electricity current of the electeicity hub.
When I tried tontake a blabla car a usually reliable way of carsharing with reference system in europe I never was capable to get a normal driver.they manipuladed and i filtrated and corrupted and it was from.2015 onwards always set ups related tonstate agencies.
after one right when they dropped me at the hotel it was extra of the codrivers pretended to be with a strong headache taking a pill. I dont know why this was so odd but it caught my attention as well because they made weirs comments among each other that did not make sense.I was dropped off at a hotel in basel but due to thei weirdness i decided tonwalk to a different one.
not that it had made a difference..
In the night i had weird nightmares of people entering my room..i woke up with a heqdache..on the door was the imprint of a full hand in the dust that was if someone wpuld have leaned against the door tonprevent someone going in or out...
happenings like that dis repeqt theoughout entire 2015.


Lac Montreux..Switzerland in november..

I had traveled to that lake to take a break and to reflect from.that weird authoe who had approqches me at the hsp congress she organkzed eqch year and where she had recruited me after shiatsu treatments pretending she wouls like to have me as assistance due to my reqlity she only wantes a gratis secratary and banysitter..or was that really all? No..i realized that food had been drugged and that she received emailnotice whenever i came back from a mornibg i woke up with onesided nosebleed..another day after having been offered contact lenses i reqlized it had been impossible to remove one of them but it seemed impossible to have lost it...

So an excursuon to lac montreux was a good timing to reflect.I walked along the lungolago towards the youthhostel when I realized a black pickup that was driving the street as if looking for someone..I did hide behind a tree and with beating heart i waited 10 minutes after it was gone...then I walked to the hostel.
at the reception the next qeirdness.
as soon as the person on duty saw my name his face took a terrorized expression and he looked towards the back office. Then he assigned me room 4.
i walked to my room.and a girl was already inside.
she looked at me curiously amd we exchanged some.worda of politeness. But then it became weird.she said she wouls be feom Japan but did not know the freeting Genki desu ka which means Hiw are you doing.
She then statted to tell a weird story she wouls be visiting a relative who had cancer in germany and was observing me carefully of my reaction to it.

I did not know what the heck she was wanting from me.
During the night it became even more awkward. I woke up because she was having aomwthing like a phonecall in the middle of the night mumbling weirs things.
i did not want to fall back to sleep but I did..

The next morning after I came back from.breakfast she was like "oh? You are back already?" And seemed not happy about that. I checked out of the hostel and a few hours later I understood the readon to her unsatisfaction..the sole of one of my shoes was entirely loose...
and when i used my phone i realized that just another phone had been compromised...

Back at the author the situation became even more obscure... She had prepared a special dinner with red wine and salmon and candles and then she looked at me in a very weird way and prosted that she wouls be celebrating a success and she wouls want to thank me that I wouls have co tributes to it..her eyes had a weird gleaming while she said it...
i startes to eat and had a look at this seldom good meal and then I saw it.there was a piece of fine broken glass in the salmon..just small enough it wouls not stick out entirely but big enough that it would have caused injury wirh inner bleedings... I was shocked..she reakized it and said..oh.i did not cook it myself but a catering brought it...(...)...

A few days later I was back to Basel.I had hoped to find shelter at shiatsu colleauges that I had got to know earlier that year and thought it wouls be safe there.but the next day i eavedropped them.."if she stays here sooner or later her entire family will show up" they did never approqch me about it .the evening before it was stramge enough as well because they recommended me a spa where theybrecommended me to relax after all the stress but as soon as I got there I started to feel numb and as if knocked out..and it was almost an hours drive from their home..while i was waiting for the pick up afterwards I realized it was next to a psychiatry..what the heck was gling on here?

I followed the invite to Copenhagen to spend Christmas was just in time because I had receives notice that someone had died in November just during the days I had been in Montreux and I had not even been informed about it...
it was lovely christmas days and a relieve to have some real.shiatsu people around me..but the day of departure was weird..the woman was ha ding me a little dose woth powder and insisted i should take it against the cold i had been well they recommended me a special waiting bistro before i would take the bus..
There I realized some people observing me when Inwalked towards the direction..I decided to go somewhere else to wait for the bus..the powder I never took...

The good in the bad was that Inwas told I would have been inherited the flat at malcesine..the lawyer of Munich had told me so and had encouraged me to go there..Traumblick Gardasee was ir called .and the view indeed is stunning..lakeview from all balconies ..the cablecar directly mext to it and frontview on the beautyful castle of malcesine...

I thought it would be a safe place to go... Afterall I had finally an own property I could call home with noone been able or allowed to enter...did I thought...

But what had seemed to be safe and a relief after 12 months of pure horror should tuen out as following years wirh even worse things to happen....


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