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Excerpts from the whole book part 2..

"Nightmare at Christmas.
1992 Everything began very father and me had left from the drama the predivorce terror of him from his
wife was taking place and we were gibmven the opportunity to be at christmas in our vacation flat at lake garda.
At the Munich christkindl market we even stole a little christmastree after everyone had been gone and no
possibility to buy was all closed down already.
He had in Munich an appointment at the knoll studio where i had to wait outside. Then we left to Malcesine.
It was beautyful. Everything looked like summer seen the evergreen olivetrees and the oilheating caused same
room temperatures as in summer. And as always within a few hours my atomic excema calmed down.

I received a big book of astrid lindgren as a christmaspresent "immer dieser michel" and i enjoyed reading the
entire book within 1 day while being on the couch...
All seemed perfect. No family drama, no jealous persons disturbing my bookreading.

It could have been the best christmas ever..

If not...
weird things started to happen...

I had a nightmare with people coming into the flat..then an old man with disgusting face kneeled next to me taking my hand in his.
I felt uncomfortable.
Shortly after I woke up...
I dont remember a lot of what happened at the rest of the day but i remember that we left the apartment and
moved to a hotel.
It was cold there and i did not understand why we had left but i guess my father had realized
something wrong being happening and that it was no nightmare when the door of the apartment had been closed
as if someone would have entered during the night....

I had a flashback of that situation that stroke me like an electrical shock.
The pervert i adressed many poetries regards abuse to had mimicked the entire happenings..was the was not a weird dream..

He even wantes me to remember it...even stealing a
Christmas item from a chrustmastree exhubited in the centro commrrciale affi..and on the same days around
christmas at some point he said in a weird voice that sounded a bit different to me i should come near him while
he had been kneeling to the size of the height i had back then in 1992 as a child...

I started to realize that this pervert had persecuted me my entire life and had been responsible for all abuse
nightmares as if inception from the movie inception did exist for real..everything feeling real when happening as well in daylife and that it was the one the people who lived as well in the building had let enter each and every time when
they had managed to narcoticize the air or to drug my food with sedatives...from 2016 onwards..
before they had infiltrated him even into the
fb group lago di garda in 2020 to let play the fake saviour after i had seeked help against the nightly abuse by
strangers who came into my flat.

..and who violated even a san Valentine night I did spent with my exboyfriend in
2018 in the villa 40, domigliara.

It was horrible.i was already aware of how dangerous he is due to his threats with his contacts to psychiatries and to state police and that noone would have ever survived it who filed reports against him publicly...he started to threaten me when he realized that i had become aware that he was a fake and part of a lot of things that had been happening previously..but i had not understtod yet the entire dimenion..just k ew that i had to get away very carefully..


I knew that if I did one wrong tiptoeing i would be dead the next day. Once i even prete ded that my tears that i had shed when i realized a lot would have been tears shed for him and the previous discussion..
When I became aware dueing the christmasdays I waited 2 more days before i threw him
out of my flat..
I knew i was not able to call the local police because he had his contacts..

And anyway..they did not help me in orevious situations where i had filed report in 2016 already...
And in 2017 i had eavedropped that a stranger had pretended to be my mkther to them and had let declared me for crazy inclusive corruption.. This was told to a policestation in a different province who fortunately did not follow instructions from in itaky wellknown for its fascist practices province of verona...
"Well.this is yiur problem" he said to his colleauge at the phone."this woman in front of me is healthy in all senses and i wont say differently." They had even observes me through an observation mirror for 20to30minutes before they talkes to me.seems to be common practice in italy before they talk someone.

He had already earlier threatened me
with his contact to even state police and psychiatries with the name st catherine...and the people who live in the same building just had been waiting for the possibility to make fake testimony

...after all he seemed to communicate wirh them xonstantly in a to me at that point unknown way.. "We cannot fool her anymkre.what shall we do?"


Suddenly everything became even more obvious..he lived in a side building tgat was not even recognizable as an
own property in the former bar of the via osteria vecchia between affi and rivoli..the old route of the various military refuges..


where with grafitti was written on the like a sidebuilding looking hut
i"vendesi" in red letters..
What did he sell and buy? Children? Women?

In 1992 I had been just 7 years old.

Inception does exist. I was shocked to find out.

The technical term for it is "induced dreams"
thoughts". The FC Donders Institute Nijmegen is doing
research on that.

They as well do research on induced memories.

Due to that it goes through the neuronal pathways it
feels equally if it would happen physiologically
with the huge difference that the pereon to whom it is
happening to does not know (yet?) how to prevent it or
to fight the perein jf things happen such as abuse or
It is a horrible experience and people who do that should
go into prison because it is the same.

The even more pervert thing in this context is that they
are capable tonlet appear someone else would be doing
what they are doing pretensing someone else would be
the criminal.

In my case Instill was capable to identify the person
because i recognized the frequency and was able to
compare it with the NON "inception" experience.

(Thanks to my energy shiatsu therapeutical advanced
training I learned to identify and to differentiate different
frequencies and everyone has an own frequency and
fake and emotions and attitudes have as well a specific

During our energywork training we train to perceive and
to identify..

Thanks to my training and skills in traumaproceessing
and energywoek and traumaprocessing where inwork
successfully wirh now for 10years since i followed a
6week intense specialisation in treating trauma with
shiatsu I fortunately eversince 2012 have been able to
self apply which makes part as well of that training to
process all shocks and traumatic events whenever
something happened to me.

The only thing i seem not able to do is to get those
people who stoel evwrything from me into prison to have
my legit rights and property back and to orevent that
those criminals co ti ue with their harm where they try to
murder everyone who could say that I am Saskia
Charlotte and not the person they have passed for me
instead and who lives somewhere at lake garda or in
another european country.. While i live in a tent these
days illegal in a country I dont even want to be sen they
have cia and nsa and santa croce and all those
disgusting experimenting and neuroabusing criminals
as well here.)

Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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