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Zombieanimals of the Vatican ..

Once you start reading and doing research about the CIA you come across more and more incredible things..
duri g thei mkultra program they experime ted as well wirh aninals..furnishing them with special technology to use thrm as spies...

I would have had trouble to believe that it is true still a few years ago..if I had not come across one of those zombieaninals myself...

CIA spy animals of the vatican...
It was 2016 when Injust moves into my dreamappartme t and I always wanted to have again a cat.
I still misseds sometimes my chilshood cat Morle and Julchen but never had had an own home I inte ded to stay for long
to have again a cat...
Now I thought to have a home...
And made a BIG mistake...
Instead of taking a cat baby I listened to the neighbour whom I later should have to accuse for participation in many things
and considered to adopt a cat from the cat shelter.
A friend or a person I thought she was who as well knew that neighbour even offered to go to the in Riva existing cat
shelter.She had herself cats and said she wouls know where it is.
Then she got some point she looked at her phone and suddenly she remembered again the road.
We arrives at the shelter and without even giving me a chance a woman with a big white cat who just arrived there begged
me to adoot that cat because she could not keep it anymore and I was so stupid to want to safe an adult cat from a cat
shelter experience...
The name of the cat was weird. Its name was teodorino. But i did not think anout it too much.
I took the cat to its new home and the drama began..
It would at 4 in the morning start to demand food and theow everyrhing from tables and banks until i would wake up.
It would eat rather several kilograms per day of catfood instead of a normal portion.
And it would start to make more ruination of things as soon as someone in front of the house would clap with her hands
several clap signals..
One day i was so annoyed that I gave him.the middle finger..the rewction was even more weird. It jumped backwards as if it
had received an electrical shock by an electrical injected implant...
A gew months later I brought him back tonthr cat shelter.
Whatever it was not a cat...
And seen it was even oresent during some of the abuse situations and it was suggested to be bought by the church
catechism guy and the cat seemed to KNOW him and as well it seemed to know the person i in 2010 had been friends with
and whom * had helped a lot in a for her difficukt time and all that weird behaviour of hers during going there...
Here was sth terrible wrong..
While i had been in bavaria to confront a person who turnwd out tonwork foe nsa or cia she was more concerned abiut that
cat being now alone for a few days than about me trying tonfigure out what all the crap and abuse and persecution and
experiments were about...
A few months later it went back to the catshelter where it came from.i was evidently NOT the owner of the cat and the cat
evidently was still in contact wit it and regularly as well entering my flat during my absence.
One year ago I found out that thr CIA had been doing experime ts wirh cats furnishing them with surveillance technology to
use them as living small spies and breaking their free spirit and soul a cat has to then abuse and use and instrumentalize them..

I was shocked...they break the soul of animals and use their body like a robot...who does things like that?
evidently the vatican...


This happened in 2016.
To reqs what happened in 2017 I recommend thr
chapters scappata per austria 1 and 2. They are in
itakian but most browsers have a translation function.

And seen some people dis wonder..
MORLE and JULCHEN were my childhood cats..
Mkrle died feom most probably a foodpoisening for how
far my research turned out to be true after a jealous
child asked me where I would store the catfood and I
naively had answered honestly although I had a weird
feeling when she asked that quwation.there was an
insisting tone when she asked that question.

The person who suggested to get a cat was ENRICO
SAGLIA, the person who forgot the way to the adres
despite of havi g 2 cats herself was CARLA ROSA
CONSOLATI, the woman mkre concerned about the CIA
vatican mo ster than a person co fro ti g her about what
happeened in the previous years and having been
abused and persecuted was mechthild.

I had reached out now and then to Laura because she
studied law her gusband is statelawyer she and works
by now as a judge at a tribunal in munich germany...

But at least the times i reached out to her in 2016 and
2020 she did not believe me and referred me to local
police of italy or to a medical person to evaluate my
state of health and she wouls be concerned because a
friend of her would study medicine and saying it sounds
like paranoia or a lack of hormones.

She might have a good degree in law but unfortunately
they did not teach her at lawschool about the issues of
corruption amd about the history of fascist germany and
fascist bavaria.
So i stopped to reach out to her.
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