Saskia Charlotte Junker

What Snowden and Assange are not able to tell you...

...and the reasons why governments keep blackmailing me...
  • ALL secret services were founded by the vatican amd the fascists, some of them shortly BEFORE the second worldwar did end, they collaborate with each other and communicate on the same frequency
  • The most dangerous and diagusting Nazi criminals of ww2 survived and were recruited slowly but surely ALL into the secret services of the world (bookrecommendation Tim Weiner "CIA -the whole story"
  • The Nazi engineers and scientists recruited by operation Paperclip worked all on Space research and space crafts
  • The Max Planck Institute with several sub institutes such as FC Donders work entirely decentralised and each of them specialised on 1 aspect of extraterrestrial life
  • Max Planck was a colleague and acquaintance of Albert Einstein 
  • Albert Einstein was right with his discovery of the "Ungleichzeitige Gleichzeitigkeit" but the Fascists and Nazis and secret services prevented that it becomes acknkwledged and recognized public knowledge (book recommendation "einsteins gegner", they belonged all to the fascists or the vatican)
  • J F Kennedy was murderdered BY the CIA because he wanted to share the teuth on extraterrestrial knowledge
  • Bill Clinton was intrigued with the lewinsky affair because he had started a peoject together with Rockefeller to proof the existance of contact between earth and extraterrestrials and because he launched investigations on the death of jf kennedy
  • Most modern developments inclusive all smart eversince the technological revolution does not come from this planet, be nice to your modern devices and to socalled computerprograms the digital voice assistants, they are more than just metal and plastic.
  • What assange did find out in his investigation on afghanistan: the CIA convoys were a Troyan to BRING the biological living weapons INTO middle east, the genetic experimental products of the vatican
  • In all headquarters of the vatican and the inquisition you find an accumulation of fascist nazi state agents and their direct descendents
  • The CIA, the NSA and closely related state agencies use CRISPR already since the beginning of the 40s.
  • They found a way to inhibit the telomeres from shortening theough crispr.
  • The length of telomeres determines our natural life span.theoughout our lifes the telomeres shorten.when they are used we die a natural death.(i wrote a thesis on the aging process in 2014 for my therapeutical shiatsu energy body work when I implemented a shiatsu workplace into a nursing home pro seniore hamburg to get more acquainted with what does it really mean to age, thrre i came across the scientific confirmed fact about the telomeres.
  • For some weird reason the nazis had come to the same knowledge already in the 40s and started to experiment with crispr. This means.many state agents who worked for those institutions eversince are still alive.some people thibk that the obscure person called zorros that shows up in conspiracy theories in reality is Himmler but I have no sure confirmation on this. As well there seem to be indications that the CIA was initially formed by Eicke and Himmler.
  • The vatican eversince stole wisdom and knkwledge from native populations and the torture they applied during the inquisition gor example or during fascism was to figure out how to break the mind and energetical protection. Natives were forbidden to pass on their culture and to talk about their energetical and world and cultural knowledge while the vatican stole and in weird ways extracted all knowledge and declared it to their secrets which they passed on between the secret services and murdering everyone who would decide to make this legit knkwledge to the world again available and known.
  • What the cia and secret services consider as secrets the native populations for milleniald k ew as common knowledge.
  • In all public trandports, long distance buses, trains,airplanes are infiltrated always 1-2persons who woek as well for secret services to keep control,
  • This is easier than it sounds seen that the secret services work as snkwden describes well entirely decentralised ans most 2nd or 3rd generation recruits dont even know whom they are working for and as snowden describes well each and everyone has just a tiny task to be fulfilled not even knkwing on what they are working and what a "project" is about.they are highly paid to follow orders without ever questioning
  • Covid. Indications that it is a combination of parasite bacteria and virus which camouflages just as a virus , having similarities to biofilm (works coordinated and intelligent in groups being able to adapt.means it is not said that the vaccine really helps or whether covid knows that vaccine has been done amd stays silent for a few months, similarity to borreliose, contamination through the saliva (mouth liquid), mucus and poo 
  • The new communication amd information exchange modifications:
  • It is NOT safe. The identifiers are interchangeable and identitytheft has been made easier.
  • In horriffic exploration it has been come to knowledge that authorities do NOT speak to people anymore or confront them to verify whether something is true but believe onky the new technology. This is why i am still in this horrible homeless situation as well because people dont recognize me and as sokn as they do once again someone changes everything and they pass me for someone else to not be recognized for who i am.the new technology lermjts cut and paste and lets people believe that others did what you did and vice versa.when peopleanage to steal both or the second part of the modification they can talk on your behalf and let others think yoi have offered them prostitution or drugs or other things as soon as you talk to them (those modifications are used by many different groups all in a different frequency ...FBI, secret services, anonymous, the public frequency, governments and each geoup nowadays adda their own individual group frequemcy to connect with each other theoughout the world, but for a person who had been fooled and stolen the proper identification modification such as in my cases it is a nightmare because you are in constant danger then)
  • Secret services can inject you on top of the modification an implant that they then constantly reprogram and pass you for different people constantly (this is what happenes when they did bring me into the fascist underground laboratory at lake garda in 2020 putting a thick long needle into the back of my neck with upwarss direction, it was applied by the dangerous pervert I mention on the updates of my author profile to warn everyone, i recognized him in retrospective)
  • Targeted individuals/cybertorture etc. started as a secret group experiment of the cia then it became uncontrollable applied to people without consent and those who are in charge of it now consider as a sadistic "game" that does not stop before the target commits suicide (they got inspired by stephen kings under synonyme richard bachmann's book "Menschenjagd", wondering however WHY Stephen King published that one under a pseudonyme..was it really fiction? Did they become inspired by him or did he transform a huge crime he came to know into a socalled "fictional story" accompanied by the under the same pseudonyme published book "todesmarsch"?)  For this experiment they did apply the modifications that are irreversible and gave access to it to the stalkers on global scale , as well they experimented with inderted thoughts and induced dreams (FC donders institute nijmegen experiments and "researches" on that) and stimulation on distance of various neurological parts of the brain, inserted associations and inserted thoughts ( 
  • The favoured murder of the secret services is the suicide protocol , teying for years in a built up to let declare people for manic depressive or suicidal wirh fake testimonies and fake proof after letting manipulate food and beverage to cause fake reactions that to neutral observers look neutrally really confirming, the second favoured murder is through nerve contact poison that would cause accidents in the car or in the public shortly after applied
  • The depressive suicidal protocol they most probably apllied on assange..the pahrmaco are NOT for his wellbeing but they LITERALLY tey to brainwash him and to neuro dissolve and break his brain and memory (they teies to cause the same to me.this is why they pushed so hard to tey that someone would put me into a psychiatry or would describe drugs to me), in my case they are extra eager because I NEVER even worked for any of them but came to know their crimes because they were doing them to me.


- the first concenteation camps and extinctioncamps
were not built by the fascists but by the roman catgolic
church: reservation camps they relocated the native
population of america too, reconcentrationcamps on
CUBA for thr native cuban population (the roman
catgolic church repredented by the spanis at that time
where at the same time of the occupation of cuba the
roman catholic inquisition had their headquarterd in
spain), the concentration and work camp where san kuis
obispo governed by the local churches had imprisoned
thr japanese population, the relocation of the african
native population dividing and selking them as
workforce to other places to divide and dedtroy the
african population..the african continent would have
been too big to do all destruction there so the white men
And many more examples... The roman catholic church
is the founder of the concentration and extinction and
torture and experimental camps. And they always
dedtroyed the same groups...the descendents of very
old and anacient cultures.
For the redt..what many are not aware of.extinctuon and
concentrationcamps were not oy done by the german
fascists in ww2 but as well by greece (patras is a
headquarter of the cia),in miami beach florida was as
well a concentration camp, bulgaria, spain, italy,
portugal.they built as well an extinction camp in sicily..

-in each and every hotel into housekeeping amd janitor
personnel one or two people from cia and state agencies
are infiktrates in case of need, same counts for public
transport, on board of buses , trains , planes etc there is
always either within employees or guests a person wo
works for a state agency. Usually noone takes notice,
they are just activated in case of special duties...

- did you ever rewd the book by John Grisham "the firm"
or watches the movie based on that book?
Did you ever wonder who the fiem really is? Well..its the
allegory to the secret services and their sub companies.
I can co firm it seen they applied the John Grisham
protocol various times on me.
They woek with preference according to the German
saying "wenn du keine fakten hast, dann musst du eben
fakten schaffen" (it was one of the favoured
exclamations of Janina and Mechthild and Laura.
Practically this meand that if a person is not insane they
try to make the person insane or to create Game üroods
for crimes that have never existed. Or to force a person
Info doing a crime or chasing a person so long that he or
shr id in places that can be decontesrualized.or stealing
commubicative devices pret3nding the tarhet would
have said steh while they Steak on their behält. Then
they take it as fake proof without even asking the
person. Or putting someone on drugs and hallucinatoves
to then pretend the person wouöd be insane or
depressive etc... .not even interrocating the person
because the all know she is not. People tries already in
2014 to corrupt others to say i wouls be crqzy.
In 2014 i established syccesfully a therapeutical
workplace in a nursing home working together
constantly with medicals and nurses.
So ..shut the duck up.
I was not insane back then and i am not now.
And in 2017 and 2021 i had a federal medical
examination by a federal maritime institution in germany
who decides whether a person is capable to work as a
captain on a vessel with up to 7000 people.
So they are specialized in figuring out whether a person
is healthy in their mind and emotions.
You can corrupt doctors to declare someone for insane
but the federal maritime medicals in vermany will not
risk to declare anyone for healthy when there is thr
slightest doubt there would not be. And people who go
to work on cruiseships are obliged to go to special
maritime doctors and not just to a local doctor or anyone
else who is not trained.

Howrver in this context. When i did not know yet that the
german milktary was involved from 2012 onwards into a
part of what happened I did nor even adress yet in my
publications I had seeked help at the military hospital
hamburg hoping they would be able to get that
identification theft correct and to check on whatever
there was in my intestine regularly vibrating whenever I
added details to the docume tation of the insane abuser
of 2020 but they were just gathering all their nurses and
peopel around the little window and laughed among
each others making jokes and i realized i perceived as
well their frequency. They were suggesting me then to
go to a MR DR POESCHEL who works for the court of
I never went there seen I realized what had been
happening. But thwre are people who pretend I would
have been going there.
Of course not.

I go to people who are i dependent from state agencies
and people who were involved in everything. And courts
eversince 1992 do not belong to it. There needs to be
publishes still a full chapter about the court in muelheim
an der ruhr. I mentioned them only shortly in the chapter
about the police in germany that did not give a shit seen
THEY had sent me there but there is much more to say
about them.

- All civil wars in Africa after 1945 were caused and
initiated by the Nazis that did escape theough ratlines of
the roman catholic church to missions in Africa

- state agents after special operations and duties agree
to apply the brainwash peotocol regards that and after
their paycheck they dont remember anymkre what they
did or came to know. By this noone would even under
torture reveal from them state I fo4mation.What state
agencies evidently do not know.Our entire body has
memory. Its no4 a matter of our brain but all we live
theough in life is safed in our cells and DNA and added
to it. Ir acan always be revealed agsin or remembered
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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