Saskia Charlotte Junker

How i came to know about the existence of clones...

The clone factpry of the vatican amd the fascists genetical experiments.

It will be only a few extracts here...

the Chip they injected into my neck is a chip they usually inject into clones...
whatever they inject and program works according thr wua tum laws seen it is a bionic quantum chip..
recap chapter 
Albert Einsteins discovery "ungleichzeitige gleichzeitigkeit"

If they program the bionic chip for someone from the past all people who had access to the persons from the past are connected to the person in the predent being convinced the person would be their former acquaintance
While they had created clones of me based on photos they stole and whom they presented in various occasions pretending I wouls be the clone...
In every place and every time they thought someone would "finally" have killes me or put me into psychiatry they did release a clone..
Every time someone wanted to compensate me or so.eone wanted to receive a "neutral" negative impression..they presented a clone...
Originally those clones or doubles... Umanoids were created to protect presidents or queens and kings to prevent assassinations or to be able to semd them to minor i.portant events where thry would not want to pull the entire security program...

The knowledge of production of clones is older than clonesheep dolly..the knowledge of it dates back to the time of the SUMERER who were thr first with knowledge on it for as far my research revealed.

There is an issue with clones...
For details and why after clonesheep dolly similar experime ts were stopped you better ask the scientists in scotland.
however one aspect I can share with you...
Clones dont have a soul...
They are given a consciousness respectively an order receiver to which they obey u less they manage to develope an own consciousness or receive one from universe to give them indipendence...


At the war tribunal of 1947 most peobably noone was wxecuted but their clones.
similar counts for those of whom.they thought they would have died or committed suicide.


After I came across that more stories rhan
not in the world are parabels than we knew
so far..
(Momo und die garuen Maenner by michael
ende not for nothing uses sicily as a
place of where everything happens and
where from a warm culture suddenly la cia
destroys everything)..

Did you ever wonder whether Pinocchio
whixh is a famous italian tale is based on
the existence of clones?
Clones that never will be a real person
unless a miracle happens and until then
tell only what others tell them to say not
being real?
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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