Saskia Charlotte Junker

AXJ. Who the fucknis AXJ.


If you google AXJ or put AXJ into facebook You gonna find a news information network that pretends to be journalism for justice.
they pretend to be very powerful wirh networks around thr world and repkrting about real crimes pretending to help victims of crimes.

I came to know about AXJ in 2019. I had started my research on the phenomene of the targeted individuals and tries to find out whether it was real or conspiracy and had made my way to a Facebook group that pretended to be connected to Interpol and I asked my simple quwstion whether that wqs real or not.
a pereon who prese ted himself as one of thr founders of AXJ (founded in 1998) answered me yes and that they would surveille their site 24/7.
I wrote q private message and tries to get more information and he answrres.join axj amd we gonna chase all of them. I found this very weird and started ro observe the publications on the axj pages until 2020.
in 2020 when the situation became once again extremely life threatening and I was trappes in Italy I reqches out to them again and he encourages me to buy glassbottled water and to install a water filter seen i realized that all the food that arrived at my house or that i bought turned out to be substituted later by wirh drugs modified food and the waterboiler had been manipulated in a way that 15minutes after my morningshower I would have emotional aggressive outbursts.
I I order3d the water at the local beverage company , a water called valsubio , the only glassnottled watet that was possible to buy in bigger amounts came from the village camela zeni came from but I did not think about it too much.
it turned out that the sealed waterbttles had the same effect as when I had showered.
I wrote with ask amd the person whonpretended to be thr founder od them was telling me I should do research and investigate about the persons and what would be going on and start publishing it amd sendinf it to the ask pages and axj emailadresses.
in addition he offered me something like ask VP or ask un and started to make me moderator of several ask well giving me a ask energetic bodywork (where you can reqd about healing disciplines that i admined entirely and axj secrets). They said they would have possibilities to 
But they did nor follow up on anything i had send them.
as well when I was by that disgustinf danferous criminal in 2020 or when I informed them about him and everything in 2021 they did not interfere .they did do nothing.although they said theybwould have connextions amd influence towards all fovernments of the world and wouls pracrically control them.this they mentioned in 2019 whixh was one of thr reasons I did not reply to them already back then.
they just put me into DANGER because they said I should publish whatever I came to know and they would take care of it.

I did a few researches as well on them.
but thr result was telling nothing. They ask for money donations on the main homepage and claim to be a news network.

Who the fuxk is ask for real. I stopped writing thrm after i left italy seen their false of the seemed to be as well in CIA groups.
i have nothing to donwirh journalism and was never interedt to write or research.
I only had contacted them because they pretended to be an investigatove news magazin and they oretended to help against the CIA and agaunst thr fascists.
after all it turned out that they were working FOR the fascists and part of the entire set up.

At least the page AXJ energetic bodywork is a beautyful
I published about my therapeutical work that I usually do
whrn no bullshit is happening in my lifr and whixh I
successfully do and as well did constantly until fried
heinz theodor junker ruined my life from 2013 onwards.

So the probably obly real page which is good id AXJ
energetic bodywork.

I republished a lot of thr thibgs that I had already started
to publish and gather on My page Shiatsu Multilingual
Infopage .

AXJ was part of thr observation feom 1998
onwards.they said even they knew already in 1998 I one
day would contact them.
Well.. Because they chased me into that or what?
Did they decide in 1998 to force me in indirect ways to
become either a state agent like them or to destroy my
They even once mentioned they would have invested
bilkions on me throughout the years after 1998 when I
told them my clear opinion about them.

I guess axj is the anonymous version of the fascists.
Pretending to be anonymous but in reality supporting
and rebuilding fascism.

And indeed..

I am NOT doing investigation or journalismmm..

I am a BOOKauthor and publish work these days on my
biography seen so many things happen.

Once I have my rights and property and money and titles
back thatvwere stolen from me by abusers serial killers
and fascists I will fi alky xoncemtrate on my life and
competences and rights and different books.

There are 3 other books I work on for quite a while that
have nothing to do with the disgusting things that
happen3s and happen to me...
But seen people prevent that I will have my kife and
rights and peoperties and money..

Instead of writing positively about management, healing
disciplines and authenticity I am forced to dedicate my
entire energy on those bastards who destroyed and stole
my life and now even pretend that I would have all
misunderstood and they would have helpes me.

They considered it as help? That persecution and abuse
and violence on all levels?
Maybe someone should help them.

AXJ even pretenderen niet would have contacted me in
person and helped me on my birthday 2021.

Dell..if this is heus.i dont know whom they talked to or
whom the gave money and primeert but it was not me...

Some say the would have confuses me as Dell witte
Samantha throughout nu entire life and wanted to
supoort Samantha the nasi descendent of whom the had
heard from 1985 onwards so many things.

Well.. The food things they heard about were never
samanta nazi bitch but in 1985 I have been born and an
insane person had corrupted the Bethesda hospital
Duisburg to pass me for that girl while passing someone
else for me.
And then they swapped constantly between samnata
and janina and silvia and other people while someone
else was prepared from birth on to pretend to be me.

For a fee month they really seemed to want to help but
they after all did not do anything.
They supported only all those people around the

And to axj.. I never refused my rights that i have as
saskia charlotte born on the 7th of march 1985 in thr
bethesdahospital of duisburg.
I never "sacrificed" me.

I know very well Who I am and someone else has stolen
all my rights and property.

I am NOT a journalist. I am NOT an investigator.

I am an author, an artist, e photographer of nature, a
therapist and teacher and I AM in contact
with some of my real anscestors ...and even more..

It would have been YOUR responsibility to find and to
arrest that dangerous EVERYWHERE known criminal
who abused me murdered many and persecuted me
theoughout my entire life and humilated me even with a
testicle of his genetic material wirh crispr.. He lived in
2020 in localitaosteria vecchia 5 between ricoli and
affi.but you did let that all happen. He is dangerous
disgusting and chases me throughout the entire world. I
am HOMELESS E., you helped to make me homeless and
you did not do anything to compensate co trary
you said i should make a video telling eho i am and then
axj lawyers would help me to get my rights and heritage
and compensation....
But well you said at least 1 true thing. You said once that
governme ts just tey to cover everyrhing up they did
towards me , Saskia Charlotte theoughout my life...
They passed me for 10 different persons in the
meanwhile..whenever someone recognkzed me for who
i am and gave me a real identification wothin an hour it
was stolen and given to someone else..and there are at
least 10 devices that were as well fiven to other people
who pretend to be me..and others who oretend i would
have offered prostitution or drugs whenever i talked.
But instead you cherished evidently the you
work for him adter
all? Because if you cooperate with the vatican where you
have your closest connections to as you even said to me
one time..well..then you probably want to help to destroy
everythinf and everyone from where I come from.

So WHO is AXJ????

Or dis they became FOOLED and made believe someone
else is Saskia Charlotte ?

And then they gave evwrything to another pereon, most
probabmy a relative or friend of saglia dorigoni or maria

Or did someone else show up and they pretended that I
would not be interested? And then they gave everyrhing
to that person?
What about the person they would have sent in that
case? Did malcesine murder him?

Well..i on 7th of march 2021 have been the entire day in
garda and bardolino where i went for a walk and foe a
pizza and breakfast with my ex boyfriend from 2018
seen he is the only friens left i had and have.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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