Saskia Charlotte Junker

" Nightmare"at Christmas 1992 &2020

1992 Everything began very father and me had left from the drama the predivorce terror of him from his wife was
taking place and we were gibmven the opportunity to be at christmas in our vacation flat at lake garda.
At the munuch christkidl market we even stole a little christmastree after everyone had been gone and no possibikity to
buy one..ut was all closed down already.
He had in munich an appointment at the knoll studio where i had to wait outside.then we left to malcesine.
It was beautyful.everything looked like summer seen the evergreen olivetrees and the oilheating caused same room
temperatures as in summer.
I received a big book of astrid lindgren as a christmaspresent "immer dieser michel" and i enjoyed reading tge entire book
within 1 day while being on the couch...
All seemed perfect. No family drama, no jealous persons distutbing my bookreading.
It could have been the best christmas ever..
But then weird things started to happen...
I had a nightmare with people coming i to the flat..then an old man kneed next to me taking my hand in his after saying i
should come to him..
I felt uncomfortable.shortly after I woke up...
I dont remember a lot of what happened at the rest of the day but i remeber that we left the appartment and moved to a was cold there and i did not understand why we had left but i guess my father had realized something wrong being
happening and that it was no nightmare when the door of the apartment had been closed as if so.eone would have entered
during the night....
I had a flashback of that situation in 2020..
The pervert i adressed in many poetries regards abuse  had mimicked the entire happenings..
even stealing a Christmas
item from a christmastree exhibited in the centro commrrciale affi..and on the same days around christmas at some
point he said in a weird voice that sounded a bit different to me i should come near him while he had been kneeling to the
size of the height i had back then in 1992 as a child...

I started to realize that this pervert had persecuted me my entire life and had been responsabile for all abuse nightmares and
was the one the people who lived as well in the building had let enter each and every time when they had managed to
narcoticize the air or to drug my food with sedatives..

.before they had i filtrated him into the fb group lago di garda in 2020
to let play the fake saviour after i had seeked help against the nightly abuse by strangers who came into my flat and who
violated even a san valentine night I did spent with my exboyfriend in 2018 in the villa 40, domigliara.

It was horrible.i knew that if i was not careful i would be dead the next day. So i waited 2 days before i threw him out of my

I knew i was not able to call the local police because he had his contacts and had already earlier threatened me with his co
tact to even state police and psychistry st catherine...

Suddenly everything became even more obvious..he lived in a side building that was not even recognizable as an own
property in the former bar of the via osteria vecchia between affi and rivoli where with grafitti was written on it "vendesi".. Localita Osteria Vecchia 5 Ricoli/Affi, Province of Verona.
I came to know in my research that this street was part of the former ratlines from Njremberg to Rome around the 40s and not to far away from there were former Austrian military hideouts.20 minutes by car away.

What did he sell and buy? Children?

I was surprised about myself how calm i remained despite of this shocking discoveries..
I had made sure the entire days to let him see that i was constantly writing with contacts and as well male friends One of them Matteo Tressi who works for the comune of Malcesine. i knew him seen I had a short acquaintance with his brother in 2016 after a good disconight as can happen when people above 30 go to the disco.
i remember tbat i pracrically went back with the entire bus some people from malcesine had rented to go to the disconwirhout risking their lifes needing to drive back later.
seen I did not want to be recognjzed I remember still I had the entire time my orange jacket wrapped around me once in the bus. And it was quite funny seen all those other people wondered the entire time who that woman could be that went home with the brother of Mattel tress.
unfortunately there was a weird situation the second time i did meet him that sounded as if he was told to make some weird comments.
anyways.he probably did not know what he was co tributing to.
However. From there I k ew as well his brother Matteo who works for the comune of Malcesine.
I seeked out foe help in January to him trying to ask whether he would have time for a walk one day that would have given thr opportunity to tell him what had been happening in december 2020 but he eventually tjought ibwouls seek somwthing else than a friendship and we never went for a walk after all and in the office I could not approach him evidently seen the corruption of the entire town administration of Malcesine. One by the way relative of enrico saglia and the other relative to alma Bommartini.

However it was the most hprrible christmas I ever had had.. And the oy time i really was scared..
I evem had to fake towards the pervert whp had threatemed me earlier that ibwould applogize to an argument to make him believe i would mot have become aware of it.
nack then o was not aware of the degtee of the neurosurveillance of that pervert.
he knew i was lieing and made it then even worse.
He exploited my fear and askes me the next moening whether he for a few minjtes wouls be alllwed to lie next to me in my very own bed..

I stood up as soon as he laid was disgusting..

That serial killer is the one whonis corruptong everyone and who did let issue the false sick certificate at st catherine and who is boyfriend of silvia the REAL terrprist.
he knows orietta saglia tobaldini amd andrea dorigoni amd mariuccia zeni for decades and is the only man I ever saw orietta tobaldini talking to (except the proest and her son Enrico and Antonio romagnoli and her died husband Giuseppe saglia, who died on his birthdayb6thjanjary 2017 of a very weird and rare kidney "tumour."

Seen as well the weird vomme ts recently "if she does not receive and accept a marriage proposta fueing christmas days 2022 everyrhing comes to the surface."

So I may guess that 1992 was NOT a nightmare and they sold me in 1992 to a disgusting old man???

For all who did not conclude themselves ..

These were not nightmares but it happened literally like

Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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