Saskia Charlotte Junker

Lawyers State agents and their integrity and sense for ethics

I got to know individuals from the family Haiges for the first time in 1998.


I remember that Michael told me to join him after school at one of our favouriete families restaurants Waldschlösschen where he had had a  businessmeeting with Mr Haiges senior. The father of I go Haiges.


Mr Haiges was a counselor of thr Heinrich Kempchen Stiftung and Michael and the Kempchen&Co GmbH before it had merged with the Klinger company.


A the doundation was founded by Heinrich Kempchen to guarantee that all his descendents would always be with enough money and opportunities but he was not able to foresee that from the very beginning assholes would infiltrate who then caused the opposite than anything he had in his mind with that noble ideam


Heinrich Kempchen had founded the gasket co pany Kempchen in 1884. He and his 9 brothwrs were all wellknown emtrepreneurs. One of him moving to Portugal and opening a succesful trade within the cork industry for example.


So Michael had always inportant meetings with the other people from the foundation and their and his lawyers.


From my opinion all kindergarden and saebelrassel intrigue schleimbeutel wasting money and time.


One of them (hans peter wilke) even once wastes money while participating in unethical alimentary speculations, betting on food growth is like betting on the life of your child because it is betting on lifes of other people.


As well he was constantly intriguing here and there and there and here. I met hans peter wilke and hisnwife susan peling wilke for the first time at the age of 8 at their beuatyful home with their 3 luxury cars mext to the river Ruhr in muelheim when Michael once had to meet him to exchange some business and foundarion knowledge. I remember me exchanging smalltalk with his english wife who was so kind to gife me a box in shape of a teddy bear with english gummibears and a recipe book with english recipes as a little gift and i kept that box many years before it after all vanished suddenly.


I reme.ber that her husband saud to micharle at some point. "Wissen Sie Herr Junker. Bleiben wir doch besser beim Sie. Es gibt ein gutes Sprichwort unter Geschaeftsleuten "man sagt eher du arschloch als Sie Arschloch"."


I once was so annoyed by all their bullshitting in the later years that I at my age of 14 told clearly my opinion to that Mr Wilke at the phone in a very moderate but sharp way which caused him to even conpliment about me to Fried Heinz Theodor Junker " i am impresses. I have never seen a person such integre. It will cause her problems at some point in her life."


I as well remember him saying once to my father on the phone (he used to call a lot with speakers on because it did him pain in the ears when he had the phone directly to his head) " better dont go to the co pany terrain for thr next weeks. We just fired a huge amount of people without justification to safe costs and told them it would have been the decision of the junker family to guarantee them their good life. We cannot gurantee for your or your cars safety."


I was disgusted by so mich arrogance and unethical behaviour that i wished only one thing.that those assholes and their intrigues one day would come to an end and made an inner promise to always to take a stand for employees and their rights and once i would have an own company to do it differently.


Anyhow. The first time I met mr haiges senior was there in 1998 at the favourite restaurant when it came to the nearest one to our house. A beautyful house in waldbachtal in muelheim an der ruhr.


He looked at me and knew he was not talki g to a child. And should tell exactly that latet as well to his son Ingo haiges that he would have met me but that I would be rather an adult and this from the beginning. Mature and entirely developed in values and thoughts and integrity and to take serious as an adult person and not to treat like a child.


I had 13 years back then.


A few years later for the first time i met as well udo werner and i go haiges in person seen there was a gathering they wanted me and as well adelheid mertens the back then girlfriend of michael at that gathering.


I dont remember a lot about this meeting . it was all a bit numbed out and the memory about it still fades. But i remember udo werner at some poi t aggressive and shouting and having a choleric attack. And i was wonderi g how michael at all was willi g to work with people like that. Shouldnt he as the vorsitzender not be capable to decide on eho or not would be there to assist???


But confirmed once more my opinion about those people.of ingo haiges i remember that he was sitti g next to me and that he moved his knee to mine under the table. I did not know what this had to mean. I was 17 years old and this was entirely inappropirate.


The nezt time i communicates to mr haiges mr wilke and mr werner was then during the last years where then mr thomas wieder and mr michael von hauff came into play.


I had distanced from that foundatipn eversince a child seen their absolute unethical characters that i had correctly observed from age 7 onwards seen I had been grpwing up with Michael and sae him suffering with all those things happening there.


One day he even came back from there and asked me that one day in the future i would have to forgive him something but he wouls not be allowed to speak about was shortly after i had met haiges senior.


It scared me because it was impossible to figure out what this would be. And until the day of today I dont know what it was.but shortly afterwards he came with a special headset that contained the Flanagan technology and said he would have receives it for me that it would contain a special way to learn easier language and the magnets would have to be places directly on the skull and then the sound of the tape would go directly to the brain through the skull.


It was very uncomfortable and after a few tries i never used it again and forgot about it.. Until a few years ago when i had started to do research about the phenomene of targeted individuals and among the military patent lists of the used technology by the insane massstalkers the name flanagan showed up explaining the flanagan inventions of VOICE2SKULL technology. I dpubt that michael knew thhat but i am sure he knew what the real purpose of that headset from the foundation was and that this was the reason he wanted that i would forgive him one day.


It destroyed the natural communication organ amd it passed me for a different person. I guess they had told michael that day that i am not his daughter and afterwards they applied the brainwash protocol that he directly would forget this again.


In 2014 while i was visiting fries heinz theodor junker his laptop was coincidentally open with his e-mails still showing and among the writers was very often mr ingo haiges.


When I received the sudden death information about fried heinz theodor junker (back then i did not know yet that he is still alive enjoying his state agent pension in solothurn switzerland berner oberland , a state agent there sis not realize that i perceive all frequemcies and tslkrd about it when i passed him to someone on the phone in 2021).


Well.. I did not know whom to refer to. With michael i had stopped contact after he had marries the dangerous marion wissing and her family from nazi and ukranian comorra hitler background and the only 2 people fries heinz had introduced me to were Martina Tambert who had told me about his death with "he died from cancer in november, didnt you know that?" When i shortly before christmas 2015 had tried to call fries heinz theodor after the 6 months he had asked me to not contact him unless an emergency because he would have economic issues with the company he would have to take care of I was not able to reach him and so i had called mrs martina tambert thomas.


She did say that sentence then she slammed the phone down and left me shocked.


The kther person i had been introduced to was michael von hauff and his wife eva maria.


They had business with theodor and i joined them once to the co pany headquarters in luzern in switzerland where they said they would have an appointment at the banc there.


2 years later theodor confessed that he had had not a normal appoinent there but that they wouls have been there to take money from a banc acvount that would have been his pensionpay from a former co.pany he had worked for and that he had abused me to make it look like a family excursion to switzerland to orevent that people would think it is a fiscal crime.


However it did look like it nonetheless and he had drawn me into it KNOWING it would look like it. I asked him how much?and his answer was it would have regarded a sum similar to thr Hoehness scandal.


I hung up the phone. What an asshole.


And thrn he even dared to talk about it on thr telephone to me?


Well..curiously enough he had done that phonecall to me 1 week after i had found out about unethical experiments done in bad harzburg the place HE with freemason gestures and manipulation had forrced me to go to and to quit my job at pro seniore gazellenkamp in  hamburg 2014 where i was well respected and autonomous.


So i called nonetheless that michael von hauff and asked him whether he had more i formation for me about what had suddenly happenes.


He said he knew nothing but invited me for 2 days after christmas. He said sth about a letter but we wouls have to travel for it.


I never received that letter.


Seen i remembered the lawyer haiges I contacted him and he pretended to be the lawyer for the succession and he would cpincidentally have an appii ent at hamburg the next day and we couls meet at hamburg airport.


There he told me that theodor would have inherited the flat at lake garda malcesine to me and the best would be if i go there and wait for what happened next seen i had no place to go and that flat would gonna be mine anyway.


(...detailed description of this flat procedure with haiges enzo conte and marco magri and the tribunal of muelheim an der ruhr 2015-2018)




I just had finally got rid of that pervert who had threatened me in 2020 and abused me and had still a problem. I was without any available money.


Seen several heritages had been stolen from me with falsified signatures i was without anything.


I tries to figure out whether i would be eligible for social eat bons from the social service of malcesine but they said they could not do anything.


I had no alternarive and reaches out to the heinrixh kempchem stiftung and udo werner.


They were entirely uncooperative.


They i sisted i wouls have to talk to mochael because he would be responsible dor evwryrhing that regards me and if i wod co tinue to write them i stead ir would jave co sequences.


And i should if i had issues reach out maybe to the stiftungs lawyer thomas wieder.


I had shared with them all my concerns about the experiments and the abuse at lake garda and as well my concerns about what i had found out about michaels ne wife and her pare ts.but they did not give a shit.


After I left italy in june 2021 I reaches out to them again seen i had still rights to 3000. Euro feom a letter they had send 10 years earlier and to which i had redused to take that money because i did not want to have anything to do with them.


I. Theory it would have been thwre dury to support me in that situation but they demanded a BUSINESSPLAN.


They had all my copies of docume ts and certificates and rederences and still wanted a BUSINESSPLAN?


but as said.i was wothoutoney and needed it. So at least i wanted to have the 3000 euro.


Wilke told me i would have to go to thomas wieder for it to cologne where he had his studio and he would help me then.


During my appointment there for some i tuition i registered everything with my iphone (, i lost it in march 2022 but all registrations are safely in the ICLOUD up above forever).


I did very well on doing that. It turned out it had NOT been a mistake that he had instead of putting cologne had written oberhausen as a place of issuing the request to receive all i would jave legit rights to.


A few months latet I teies ro call him and while the phone was not evem shut down a woman said "thomas.she had heard everything.what shall we do?-




I indeed had quite a few sabotages at my car -the beautyful by now quite famous peugeot 206 CC on which I wrote a part of my poetry and drove with it through entire europe from july 2021 to 7th march 2022.


South of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, Greece.


A few months ago aomwthing esle happened.


I tries to reachbout for the last time to susan peling wilke and hans peter wilke theough whatsup. But when she heard my name she hung up and blocked me.


I teies to contact her again and asked quite a bunch of questions.but ahe did not amswrr and blocked me again.however while she still was hanging up one of the times i hears mr Wilke saying "thomas.sie hat sich nicht verarschen lassen.sie hat alles auf tonband aufgenommen". (Thomas.we dis not fool her.she registered everything /non si ha lasciato fregare.ha tutto registrato.).


I did not need any further confirmation.


Cueiously enough at BWI airport (you find the happenings there in the chapter about authorities not giving a shit) there were rumours that it wouls have been him who had let cancel my fkight where I had tried to book a flight to portugal.


And somwine else mumbled about deals wirh mr biden and petrol.


So..this is how I came to k ow then that be it mr Biden be it mr wilke and mr wider all were connected to former state agencies. And mr wilke must have known wider very we if he even used the I formal DU instead of the formal SIE.


They talked on the state agent  frequency.


I said I would write as well about verena Franz.


Verena franz was the daughter of a manager at E.on a certain alexander Franz. And she worked her ass off to get a job at eon as well while she in original had studied maschienenbau engineer.


At e.on worked as well susan peling wilke.


E.on , the german tate owned electricity service , the same as ENEL the italian elexteicity service , and the one in niaghara and in buffalo and new york are owned by the stateowned SECRET SERVICES.


who works for an electeicity service works in reality for a secret service even if they have only have a small position low in rank or secretary as susan peling wilke.


But who did read edward Snowdens biography knows that the NSA and CIA and BND and secret services work DECENTRALISED with each and wvery member not wven knowing what they are worki g at and wirh or what the other pereon is doinf or who might die due to what they are soing and delivering information.thwy dont even know what they are working at or the sites they are working on. All told it would be justvold machinery.


I wish to mention that I reaches out for help once to
Laura Francesca who grew up with Mechtild Wand and
Ja ina Maria.
She had studied law and graduated with such high
marks that she directly receives offered the position as
a judge at the tribunal of Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
She is married with a state lawyer.
So in 2020 I reaches out for help seen the yearlong
persecution by various people and thr orga jzed abuse
that had been tsking place at Malcesine.
Her answer was shocking..she referred to local police
and regards the persecution she rather would suggest a
medical evaluation because she would believe i wouls
be paranoid.
In 2016 after I left at Mechthild and there were then
incidents in the train and my jacket and my travlesnack
had been with contact poison and one
with a hallunivnative drug I had reached out as well once
more to them in thr desperate tiny hope they after all
woule not be responsible for anything of that but altresì
there thr reaction of better to check on my mental
When I referred back to them that my mental health
would be perfectly fine and i wouls have testimonies
regards persecution and surveillance and compromksed
email accounts she AS a futurr judge at thr tribunal
SERIOUSLY wrote that testimonies nowadays would not
be taken serious anynore.
Well.. Interesting enough thousands of fake testimonies
throughout the last years seem to be believes but real
testimonies not? Wtf has gone wrong in this world these
days??? .

So much about state lawyers and judges at tribunals.
Dont know anything about the corruptipn of police in
Italy or about the nazi history of lake garda and thr
methods of thr vatican.
But well..laura francesca went to a private elite
highschool called VICARY owned by the vatican.
Who knows.maybe they abused and indoctrined her
I call this refusal of help when someone clearlybin 2020
and 2016 desceibes detailes various forms of
persecution and abuse that have been taken place by
people who have a lot of power and I fkuence in the
entire region because they are statr agents and state

I refused for a long time to mention as well laura
francesca because she was a person who for me was
very important in a way that is difficult to describe but if
it is true that she has been the person who did let
declare me for insane in her position as a judge at a
tribunal I can't remain silent about her any longer.

In this context i remember a situation in may 2019.
I had just checked in into the Hi hostel at fort mason san
francisco california. It was around 10th of may 2019.

20 minutes latet i see a girl making a phonecall while
she was constantly looking into my direction. Latet it
turned out she was both from the peovince of verona
and from munich .

She was saying to the person on thr phone.
"Koennen wir sie nicht einfach entschaedigen? Das alles
hier kostet doch auch unmengen an Geld.

(Cant we just compensate her? All this costs as well a
lot of money).

Well undortunatley the people on the other end of thr
phone prederred to keep persecuting me and to try
keeping destroying my life forever giving orders to
people to manipulate and poison my food and to keep
stalking me and i sukting me and sabotaging each and
every employment.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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