Saskia Charlotte Junker


"Ma dove va? Dove va? Non si può alzare il volume? Non si sente più niente"


(Maria Rossi towards Antonio romagnoli after i left my flat in the eveing and had switches of my phone. I was at that moment exactly in front of your door Maria Rossi).


"Non sapevo che la roviniamo tutto il suo futuro e il suo CV se la faremo sabotaggi qui."-ma dai.avra esaggerato."


(Orietta saglia tobaldini towarda someone on the phone in 2016)


"E se la uccidono?"- " vogliono vendere" (november 2016 tra Andrea dorigoni and maria zeni)


"La vogliono uccidere quando fara il vaccino" (Marcello from Ossi bar towards a friend in 2021)


"I think they want to make her sick" (Barbara Faccioli from Milano in 2020 in Poki Poki near Invercargill towards her husband Kayo).


"Tiralo via. Non crede piu nessuno che è suicidale se vedono questo"-"non posso se non si riconette col play store." (2020 people in the buildjng my flat is in while inwas practicing my songs poetry and some contemporary dance)


"E se scappa via da li? E se si uccide li?" (Enrico Saglia towards matteo trimeloni in 2020).


"La dobbiamo lasciare in pace." Enrico saglia towards pasquale and nunziante who work at the greek restaurant.-"e se lo ha registrato?"-non.era troppo agitata." (2021)


"si e gia accorta" (2020 enrico towards people in the building when i realized that someone infused narcotic gas into my flat and openes all balcony doors starting to sleep with a sleeping bag on the balcony)


" e accorta." (2020 an u known woman who made that comment after I realized that something in my foot was vibrating.)


"Lei è nella stanza arancia"(2021 after a vibration in one of my feet)


"Abbiamo abusata la descendente legittima" (pasquale towards a guy on a green bicicle while i was on the balcony.) A few hours later a woman inside the building "ma sei matto!!hai dettonin fronte la casa che la abbiamo abusata. Era sul poggiolo.ha tutto registrata."


"E se ha percepito che l'abbiamo ucciso?" (Orietta towards a group of peoe whongathered in 2021 in the middle of the night in one of the flats that as well is in the house in thr night aftet the big electricity fallout).


In the same night at some point."mandale bia.dobbiano mandare tutti cia chi sanno del impianto" (mandare via qn in italian means as well as much as.kill him or kill them all, get rid of them)


"E se ha visto qualcosa? "(Maria zeni towards andrea dorigoni in 2017 shortly before my departure to austria -chapters scappata per austria).


" chi sa che sappiam.andiamo tutti in carcere o peggio." (November 2017 after my return from the sabotages cruiseemployment on costa favolosa costa crociere , buttura towards danti and other people of the consominio via saltarino 6 37018 malcesine)


"E se va dagli carabinieri?"


"E se segnala un furto?"


"Non crede piu nessuno che e matta se riesce com questo" (after they had eavedropped through a compromised telephone that i wanted to organize an information evening about the intervultural training courses of thr EU whixhbwas approves by the sindaco of 2017 of malcesine who shortly afterwards died of a cancer.


That sindaco by the way had told me "if yiu ever have trouble with the people in your house let me know."


There should be a note about my visit with the sindavo in 2017 in the doxumentation amd peotocols of the sindaci that they do when people who live at malcesine want to talk to them. During the entire talk as well alessandro chincarini was sitting in front of the door the saglia favoured geometra and at some point someone emterrd the room and openes the window of the room next to it and when i did exit the buiksing pasquale who had practically followed me feom condominuo milani to the municipality was still standing in front of it and looking constantly towards that window.


"Se riesce con questo.non crede piu nessuno che è disabile" (2021or 2020 people who live in the same buikding my flat is in when Insuggestes a regular chess group at malcesine in thr fb group sei di malcesine se)


"La vogliono uccidere" (2017 people on the cruiseship I just had begun to work thinking i would not understand their language)


"Per questo non e piu impazzita.non ha piu usato il dentifricio" (2021 when people of thr building my flat is in realized that i had stoppes using the totthpaste that i however had left as trap but had all long started to use solid toothpaste tablets that i always carries with me to orevent theybwouls swap them with pills).


"Per questo è tornata indietro il veleno. Ha bloccato i tubi del scaldabagno"

(A girl in 2021)

"non si lascia piu fregare. Ha tutto capito." ("Vito" towards orietta and enrico in december 2020.
the morning afterwards i woke up with headache and pain im lungs and chest and nausea)

News... The person who said always "si lo è
inventata .si è DIVERTITA.non la hanno abusata.
" Is one of the club hotel Olivi owners of the
older generations!!!!

This is why I had trouble to identify her voice. I
don't know her in person.

"ma chi cazzo abbiamo abusato se non era lei?"
(End of November, December 2022 , after I
changed rooms
in motel de beau, Flagstaff , early morning),
shortly after
that I perceived it the a woman who evidently is
those who as well has access to the Neuro-rape
of the
monitoring. "Allora non lo avevo sognato"

I had changed rooms after I 4 times I had
people breaking
into my room during the day, one time leaving
poison, 1 time contaminating my 3 food and
beverage, 1
time destroying one of my phones because I
started to
register everything on audio (or because I had
telegram there with which I had been calling
with Albi, they did a factory hard reset and then
the pin and seen I had used the data when I
became a
couple with Albi I am certain I did NOT forget it,
so I had the
proof they did not make forget it)) and one time
contaminating my bedsheets with germs that
caused a 1
week cough where the coughing at the same
time caused
nausea and the urge to vomit). So I was happy
to change


"Ha fatto saltare salvation army" (Enrico Saglia)
Shortly afterwards someone else "sei

Shortly afterwards "ha fraintesa.ha
shizophrenia" (the same
bitch who always said that "vito" did not abuse
and threaten
me with death and psychiatry but that I would
have enjoyed
everything and that I would be a prostitute who
would have
made up a story after he was not satisfied, I
assume it is
Tanya zeni ??? Or orietta Saglia?? Or Maura

(31st of December 2022)

"abbiamo dimenticato di liberarci di un
importante" (quale la connosce dalle neonata)
30th of Dec 2022 between 11:30 am and 1 pm
Arizona time
(check all different persons they might have
passed me for
at that moment, I had been walking on sabino
canyon road
at that time towards the bus stop) a man
commenting when
I was mentioning a person who I deed knows
me from
childhood, knows that I am saskia Charlotte,
knows that I
NEVER would have prostitutes myself and Never
suicidal or depressive or disabled or stupid or
evil or lazy in
my entire life)
What does this mean?!? That certain people
who did illigal
insignias on me did murder everyone who would
not have
participated in their comltt and who could
confirm that I am
saskia Charlotte born on 7th of March 1985 in
hospital duisburg at 10:54 pm according to the
extract of
the birth registry that I received in 2004 seen I
needed it for
a job application...
Seen mechtild had kept during the divorce my
certificate and never gave it to me I had to
request an
extract from the birth registry in Duisburg.


"lei avrebbe potuto fare carriers con ora
CI investiga contra di noi" (some of the fucked
up state agents who tries to FORCE me to
become a fucked up spy like them, it is the most
disgusting job that exists in the world. I would
never have worked as a spy. And I am not
"investigating", I just want to have all rights and
property back they stole from me while they did
identity theft and I want to be compensated for
all genetical CRISPR crimes and the people and
friends and acquaintances of mine they teies to
murder or did murder, is imlossible to
compensate that they did murder to people just
because they knew the truth and because they
were frienda of mine, I want those serial killers
and CRIPR criminals and neurorapers seen in
prison where they belong, they might be state
agents or former state agents but what they did
is and always has been a crime and it does not
change their position or employer, in contrary,
they abused power and titles they had been
given respectively stolen.

And regards the most disgusting profession that
exists when it comes to spies. Any stupid
person or child could do the job of a spy as was
able to be seen with Janina Maria Junker when
she at her age of 5 was shown by someone the
spy technology of waldbachtal muelheim an der
ruhr.from that day on she spies on everyone
whe wanted to interfering in lifes)

"lei era sempre di TUTTO cosciente.gia quando
avevano inserita il signore ludolf." (One fucked
up state agente to the next of the group who did
experiments with me throughout my entire life.)

"Lei È di tutto coaciente..percepisce tutti
quanti.lei sa da lungo chi è. Lei era adults gia a
eta di 8anni" (Another fucked up state agent to
the others who profitrd on my behalf.)

"La ABBIAMO rovinati la Vita" (a fucked up state
agent on the telephone to someone else in
Soloturn Switzerland in December 2021 but I
stead of approaching me a d offering
compensations and everything they stole from
me he walked off not even aware of that 8 had
observed and listened to everything he 2 metres
away from me said to someone

"She is very beautiful and sensitive"-"are you
sure that you are able to doyour duty or
interfere?"-"no worries" (a state agent to
someone on the phone on London Heathrow
airport on the 23 Rd of January 2019 in
terminal 7 somewhere between 3 and 6 pm, I
walked 3etres behind him out of his sight, he
missed that while he was on his phone, then I
observed where he walked and kept out of sight
of him, I shortly afterwards was approaches by
other fucked up state agents who tries to
identifyy voice with a fake question,wen that
time, however on my flight then BA 179, 6pm to
New York booking ref WJRGBY nonetheless
aimwonw infiltrates and out contact poison on
my flight seat Boeing 777-200/300 after I came
back from the bathroom, I used the blanket u
receive onong distance flights ,put it on the
entire seat and put on my jacket and made sure
I would not fall asleep on that 8 hours flight. )

"ha tutti colpiti quale la dovevano
(Men at malcesine in 2020)

"Stai zitta. La pure confermo." (Persona in
several occasions to several people when those
in despair shout "ha tutto capita.ha tutto

"Ha tutto Capita. Sa da lungo chi è."
(Women at lake garda involved in the identity

"È irreversible." (Sulla insigna illegale da
criminali in tutto IL mondo)

"Tiralo via. Non crede piu nessuno che è
suicidale SE vedono questo. -non posso SE non
si riconette col playstore." (In 2020, when
tried to apply the suicide protocol, and had
given access to the Neuro surveillance to half of
the world already, afterwards they started to
spread around I would be manic depressive)

"She is need to give her
(I'm various cafes lately in 2022 arouns
Christmas days)
And this morning in despair "nono ha Mai
bevuta.è Ancora viva."
(Other people who tried to apply suicide
protocols and then tried to let murder me or
To everyone.I never have been depressive or
suicidal or manic depressive.

And regards Christmas. Since 15 years I spend
Christmas on my own and I never was ever
depressive ,just pissed off sometimes by
stalkers and persecutoes they did send to
hotels where made reservations to vacations
over Christmas. And from age 8 each and every
Christmas had been different anyway so there is
no Christmas nostqlgy at all.
The only Christmas that I miss were those I was
with Michael on fuerte Ventura in the barlovento
club hotel because it was the annual recharge
from bullshit stress by state agent idiots and
the only time I really had with the person I grew
up together. It was before he got to know the
terrible girlfriends A.B. and the girl Wissing.

And the most disgusting Christmas had been
when idiots I sister I should be at a certain place
where I had no Interest to stay.

(MICHAEL IS NOT a pornography. Who is
insulting Frank Michael Wolfgang Junker as
such!?!?? Michael is the son of Maria Siegers
and born on 1rst of February 1962 and I did
fight 3 years to be allowed to grow up with him
instead of with mechtild and Janina. Until he got
to know adelheid and Marion he was a very nice
person that I appreciated a lot and we were
getting ong very well, then he got to know that
bitch while I was in Florida for a language
exchange and she moved in and destroyed
everything convincing him it would not bnormal
that I would get along with him so well and he
would have to distance from me.and he listened
to that bitch who was an alcolist)

"e SE vogliono una prova genetica???"
(One or two days before happened what I
described in the publication I Wuerstel ....)

Urgent update!!!!
It was NOT peter wilke Sho communicates
With thomas
wider BUT UDO Werner.
I received an Jones testimony.. THANK U!
It does not surprise me.
It was udo werner i reached out to first
in january 2021
foe help against the abuse at laka garda
and economic
support from the heinrich kempchen
stiftung seen he
was the only person I had mamages to get
emailadress through the company telephone.
Instead of helping he at some point said i
should contact
the lawyer thomas wider and as well he
said if i would
continue to write to him instead of the
lawyer or to
michael it would have consequences and he
does not
want to hear anything about private shit.i
had wrote as
well about the dangerous family of
michaels new wife
marion wissing he had married in 2012
and that this was the reason i would not
reach out to
him directly but udo werner did not even
read the mails.

However it was peter wilke and his wife i
tries to reach
out for help in dicember 2021 but they
ignored it and
their blackberry they had given me as a
fakehelp caused
that people started to stalk me after that
i had reaches
out in december.others did try to help and
referred me
that wilke would have blackmailed me foe
because he had felt being bothered during
the christmas
And when i tried to reach out a last time
to them a few
weeks ago his wife susan just did hung up
and then
blocked my number.she did this two times.

"Lo hai causato da sola.non hai piu fatto
xhe ti
dicevo io." (Vito in feb 2021 after i had woken
again with needle injections in my neck and the
poisened warm waterboiler and i had confronted
therugh messenger what this bullshit was about
after confronting as well andrea dorigoni
regards 2017
by sending him the anonimized version of
"scappata per
austria". Vito and Andrea know each other for
years. )

"Deve rima ere samanta.deve rimanere
samanta." (Maria
Rossi in spring 2021 to un known people in

"Sei matra .hai dato una odierna resteistiva al
lunico chi
ti potrebbe aiutare." (Maria Rossi shouting at
insukting me in presence of antonio romagnoli
after i had written clearly to cito lapetina on
facebook to
never contact me ever again and to stay out of
my life
forever. Seen he had abused and threatened me
I guess
this was adeguate but maria rossi evidently
that this person would be the nicest person of
the worls.
Well with a husband who threatens others to
their hads without knowing them well she might
consider vito a chocolate cake in comparison.)

"Assange ha ricevuto il destino che ha
da solo.lo
merita." (Vito lapetina about Julien assange)

"Ho sentito che lasciono libero assange"
me in april 2020 to seek my trust, in october
he would have invented that lie to make me
teust him
more and to gain his objective that ibwould
accept his
offer to help against the abuseing people and
experiments while he had been part of
everything from
the beginning. Admitting as well he would have
made up
the story that when matteo trimeloni had said
"allora mi
metto da fare" that they would wanted to do
to me. I guess the onmy person who hoped to
sequestra to me and then at some point to
murder me
was that dangerous person himself. He said
even that
he had to do something because otherwise i
would not
have contacted him seen i had blocked him
times beforehand seen he was invasive and
molesting in
subtle ways already before i ever met him
oficially. He
said he had planned to meet me one day the
moment he
saw my foto on fb and that he knew he would
his goal because he would achieve with
evwrything he
would put to his mind and id necessary with
In addition he said exactly during his first
attempt of
abuse which was actually a rape "non
piu di
resistere" (i did not manage to resist any
.your no
was just a prpvocation .in reality you wanted it)

"La abbiamo sposata a vito.era una
sorpresa.lei era cosi triste dopo che lei
lo aveva buttato fuori casa in
dicembre.pensavamo che avrebbe nostalgia e
che sarebbe solo stats una abbiano
fstto passare per una altra per
proteggerla contra quelli di empatia"
(persone sconosciuto verso altri .
I evidently was still under shock due to
all life threats and abuse of thst insane
and highly dangerous person amd was
digesting that shock and trauma and
processing and was not able to file police
report due to his threats!!!)

"Non la ho abusata.era la nostra notte di
sposa" (vito to un known people when i had
recognized him as the person who had
violated the san valentine night 2018 of
me and alberto giramonti.)

"Non la ho ho protetto tutta
la sua vita dalle 1993 .nella notte li lo
avevo promesso a lei. Ha detto che michel
del libro (di astrid lindgren) sarebbe una
persona cattiva. Allora la ho promesso di
proteggerla contra michael e di sposarla
quando ha 30 anni" (vito towards un known
Seriously? The nightmare at christmas of
that disgusting old men kneeling down next
to me holding my hand and asking insane
questions was real?"

"E se non dimostra paura?" (Enrico saglia
and oreitta saglia in 2020 towards unknown

"Non dimostra mai più paura.non dimostra
mai più paurw.non ha nemmeno più paura di
perdere il suo appartamento!!!" (Enrico
Saglia in panico towards unknown people in

"Ma che sta faccendo? (Orietta) -è seduro
sulle scale.sta contando (enrico) "(during
the huge electricity fallput in speing
2021. What I dont understand is how they
were able to know that i was counting?? I
was indeed sitting on the stairs but Inwas
doing an energy time scan on the building
as learned and studied in the course
treating trauma with shiatsu in the course
with Paul lundberg and Clifford andrews in
spring 2013. I evidently did count in my
THOUGHTS. it was then the very following
night they had the nightly reunion with a
group of people where orietta then askes
into the round "e se ha percepita che
l'abbiamo ucciso? Vito che dici tu?"

" devi confrontare" (orietta
towards Vito in february 2021).

"Non ho rubato i soldi.le ho messo su un
conto corrente della posta di Rivoli per
prendermi la rendite per impedire che le
spreca." ("Vito" lapetina in 2021
unknown people.)

"Ma chi è michael con quale sta scrivendo
su eclipso?- è il suo padre." (Between
pasquale nunziante and enrico saglia in
january 2021, they evidently had
compromisee my compjter and did nothing
different than watching thr life of

" Si lo è inventata. Non la ha abusata.lei
si è divertita. Poi ha palato male su di
lei e si è inventata vhe lo la avrebbe
abusato. La ha aiutato." (Tanya zeni o
orietta saglia o nadia giramonti o maria
zeni towards people who read or hear about
the abuse and life threats by vito)

"Dai.saluta il.mio amico.dailo un bacio."
(Vito dopo un stupro anale in voce da
pedopholo. -i thibk this is thr reason
they tried to day I would be pedophile
when i was in the part of thr children
library or smiling towards a child, seen
they accuse me of everything I expose
about them)

"Non puoi più scappare via. Ora sei la mia
femminuccia." ("Vito" with disgusting
satisfied voice in 2020 during one of the
last Times he managed to abuse me.)

"Sono yn spirito venutaper terra per
fioccare con materia. Io accedo fino a
3000 anni del passato e del futuro ("vito"
during a lsychopatin attack between 18th
and 24rth december 2020)

"Non è vero che non la abbiamo abbiamo
fatto crescere un testiclo per le rubate
vite e la
abbianonfatronpassare per prostituta
pervhe a lei oiace
il film di jukia roberts e richard gere ma
lei rifiuta tutte
nostre compensazioni" (some psychopaths
from italy
and germany)

"E se non rimane da vito ? Che fai? E se
ti tradisce? Che
fai? E se ... Che fai? E se lo ha
percepito?" (A woman
talking to an unknown person in autumn

"La abbiamo sposato con Vito per farla
proteggere contra al capone" (mer
wissing??mer saglia??? Towards people
asking questions about that criminal.
I dont jnow any al Capone. The only
persons i ever met that have to do with
organized abuse and prostitutes are enrixo
saglia Andrea dorigoni and that specific
vito who lived in the hut written vendesi
on next to the property of friends of the
family zeni dorigoni in localita osteria
vecchia 5 between affi and rivoli)

"Si e ancora di più accorta" (men in 2020)

"Ha tutto recuperata.ha tutto capita. Non
si lascia più
fregare" (men in 2020)

"E se prende vendetta con i soldi?"

"Prende vendetta se viene a sapere che la
abbiamo tutto
rubato" (men in 2020)
"Prende vendetta se viene a sapere che
falsificato il testamento" (men in 2020)

"E se prende vendetta?" (Mrs danti
mrs buttura
in 2017 shortly after i came back
from.costa favolosa)

" Si è di tutto accorta gia in 2016..e se
fa denuncia?"-
"non. È troppo buona per questo." (The
cleaning woman
from.tunisia or from Marocco that worked
for mrs
Buttura towards the daughter of mrs
buttura who works
in the library of malcesine)

"Non la abbiamo abbiamo
ptotetta contra
pereone empatiche. Empatia e una mallatia
pero lei
nono capisce. La abbiamo svillupata una
vontra la empatia pero non la mai beve.ha
buttato tutto
via quando si accorge" (some psycjopaths
from.italy and

"Se si ne vada via segnalo un furto"
(maria zeni to her
husband andrea dorigoni in february 2017
when they
realized that i had looked through their

"Non e vero che non la abbiamo abbiamo
fstto crescere un testiclo per le rubate
vite e la
abbianonfatronpassare per prostituta
pervhe a lei oiace
il film di jukia roberts e richard gere ma
lei rifiuta tutte
nostre compensazioni" (some psychopaths
from italy
and germany)

"E se non rimane da vito ? Che fai? E se
ti tradisce? Che
fai? E se ... Che fai? E se lo ha
percepito?" (A woman
talking to an unknown person in autumn

"Si e amcora di più accorta" (men in 2020)

"Ha tutto recuperata.ha tutto capita. Non
si lascia più
fregare" (men in 2020)

"E se prende vendetta con i soldi?"

"Prende vendetta se viene a sapere vhe la
abbiamp tutto
rubato" (men in 2020)
"Prende vendetta se viene a sapere che
falsificato il testamento" (men in 2020)

"E se prende vendetta?" (Mrs danti
mrs buttura
in 2017 shortly after i came back
from.costa favolosa)

" Si è di tutto accorta fin in 2016..e se
fa denuncia?"-
"non. È troppo buona per questo." (The
cleaning woman
from.tunisia or from Marocco that worked
for mrs
Buttura towards the daughter of mrs
buttura who works
in the library of malcesine)

"Non la abbiano abbiamo
ptotetta contra
pereone empatiche. Empatia e una mallatia
pero lei
nono capisce. La abbiamo svillupata una
vontra la empatia pero non la mai beve.ha
buttato tutto
via quando si accorge" (some psycjopaths
from.italy and

"Se si ne vada via segnalo un furto"
(maria zeni to her
husband andrea dorigoni in february 2017
when they
realized that i had looked through their

"Per questo non riesco di aprire un conto
corrente.lei ha
debiti dalla sua banca"
(2022 when the person whonoretends to be
me in
europe came to know that I since the
employments have not been able to pay back
the debts
that I had made at the GLS bank in 2017
for my
cruiseship job ... My banker had enlarges
the dispo to
6000 euro seen we knew Ibhad a 6 months
offer from the cruiselines knowing Inwould
be able to
pay back the debts within the firdt 3
months of my
contract. I had needed the money to pay
for my
lreparation courdes of ocean safety and
for thr uniform
and for dresses and shoes needed in the
position of
huest representatives and to survive
between may and
october 2017 and travel costs between the
Well.. When then the sabotage from statr
agents and
insane people started to give directives
to let fire me
just when inwould have had all the costs
without having
made income Inhad not been able to pay off
thr debts
and this is why the prrdon who in europe
fakes to be
saskia charlotte junker now is incapable
to open a bank
account :D. I guess she was involved in
all employment
sabotages this case she did cut
into her own costa favolosa they gave
directives to people
like heike mueller and silvia and a
belgium guy to poison
and drug my food and beverage and to touch
me with
contact posion during duty to sabotage my
as well they instead of correcting
wventual mistakes of
the translation work of the diary on board
of costa they
did mistakes inro it to sabotage the
evaluations. As well
they infiktrates people into excursions
and even some
fake patients who i did the translation
for at hospitals
onshore who were to sabotage and to do
complaints about me)

"E se lo prevede?" -"lo faremo quando
sts piu cosi
attenta" (enrico saglia towards other
people who live in
the building my flat is in in 2020)

"Non la ha ha curata che puo
lavorsre di
nuovo come prostituta" ( a woman talking
about the
person eho threatened me with death and
psychiatry if i
file police report towards him in a very
indirect way "non
ti puoi permettere di andare dagli
Fsrsnnonuna evaluazione psicologica e
questa qui è
MOLTO adjustabile." And "nessuno chi
finora lo ha sopravissuto" and. Ho una
cara amica al
ospedale st catherine" "ti porto al
distretto che ti
dichiarononper matta" september to
dicember 2020)

"Siete impazziti?la avete portsto nel
nascondino di eicke
per farlo credere che lui la avrebbe
(Spring 2021)

"Non si lascia piu fregare. Non si lascia
piu fregare.
Andremo tutti in carcere." (Enrico Saglia
in 2020 and in
2021 several times.)

"Ha tutto previsto prima di tornare."
(Pasquale towards
Danti in 2020)

"Ma non ce niente humido in frigo?"-
"non.solo conserve
e biscotti secchi." (Persons in front of
the house in 2016
after Inhad alreqdy reakizes that people
started to
manipulate my food and not eating anyrhing
that i not
had jsut bought)

"Siamo fottuti. Si sono accorti della
firma" (trimeloni or
broglio towards the buikding my flat is in
via saltarino 6
37018 malcesine shortly after I had to
give a signature
for the annual income 2020 where I had
rented out my
flat on airbnb, obciously therr had been
people who had
falsified my signature and pretended i
wouls have
signed something..but what???)

"Portalo via!!!! Ha amici in Scotia." (A
man with bmue
helmet on a motorbike shouting towards the
building in
2020 shortly after my return from new

"Ma dove va a lavorare. Non deve rimanere
Rossi after she hipocratically said to me
in 2020 to
looknfor a job foe 2021 and i said to stay
out of my
business and i alreqdy wouls have one. )

"Vieni fuori che ti spacco la testa. Ti
manfiamo in
recoveromti mandiamo a caggare." (Antonio
towards me while i was doing approved
works in the interno 1 part of my property
in via
saltarino 6 37018 malcesine while using
his umbrellq to
bang against the door, as well a few days
later he
threatened me to smash my heaf if I ever
wouls speak
up against him again).

"Dovrebbe bastare.abbiamo avvelenato il
dentifricio e il
motorino della macchina" (2017 on a
campsite of liguria
but it was people from germany or from
lake garda who
said this.)

"E che dicono i carabinieri?"-"tutto una
domanda del
prezzo" (telephone call between vanessa of
club hotel
olivi and another person in 2016).

" e ancora di più accorta."
(Contineously by
people of the buikding my flat is in and
trimeloni and
maroadi and lapsitrina)

"Non pensava che la abbiano
abusata.pensava che
abbianonfatto esperimenti."
"Non pensava che abbiamo fatto
che la abbiano abusata" (two evidently
different geoups
in 2020 of which one obviously did not
understand that
there experiments are a constant neuro
rape and abuse
of its own)

"Ha tutto percepita.che cosa facciano-
wider and his wife in 2021)

"Thomas.non si ha lasciato fregare.ha
tutto registrato."
(peter wilke in 2022 towards thomas wider
shortly after i
did confront peter wilke theough the
message towards his wife susan peling
wilke.she never
answered me just hung up when she heard my
name and
blocked my number. Shortly afterwards i
receives a hoax
sms with a link to my phone.i never opened
it and
forwarded it to the russian embassy of
which I had
hoped at that time they might be able to
help me to get
out of america and whom I updated daily
about what
was going was in october 2022 while
I was at
reelfoot lake)

"La hanno fatto passare per la figlia di
roswita." (Eva
maria von hauff towards her employee in
2021 when i
dropped by there in the last hope for
explanations and to
gwt back my leather book with the
buttwrflies on it
which however seemed to have disappeared)

"Non possiamo nemmeno più entrare.registra
quando dorme." (Orietta tobaldini Saglia
trimeloni and other people outside the
buikding in 2020)

"Non credeva che la volevamo
compensare.credeva che
la vogliamo uccidere quando dicevi "mi
metto da fare." "
(Maura trimeloni towards Matteo trimeloni
in 2021).

"Non si chiama chiama hauke. Ha
rubato una

"Prende vendetta se viene a sapere che
abbiamo fatto
festa su di lei" (old men walking down via
saltarino in
2020, it is an expression for that they
abused me, their
party on my costs)

"Ma dove va a lavorare. Non possiamonfarlo
se non
lavora a malcesine"
(people in the house my flat is in via
saltarino 6 37018
malcesine in 2018 when i had fkund
hotel drago at assenza. To intrigue there
they made the
woman believe i would be lregnant and so
she provokes
an unemployment believeing i would have
fooled her.
She even said once when I had my cycle
expecting going
to the toilet "you donr fool me.i am not
born just
yesterday." But i was not pregnant at

"Hanno corotto satorio per contaggiare il
manzo con
BSE." (Broglio towards Maria Rossi and
Romagnoli in 2021 , Sartori is a butcher
with tradition at
lale garda, well if itbwas a meat i did
throw away
because it was too long not cooled then I
did very well to
throw it away).

"Se va al distretto la portino via."
(Broglio towards romagnoli and Rossi in
I believes it and decided to not go there
regards the
health insurance.
(One of the next days."lo ha creduto .non
ci va piu li."-
"ottimo lavoro")

"La hanno venduta alla persona chi la ha
stupore." (Massimo Barzoi towards Djamal
at oasi bar

"Non lo vedremo mai. La mia madre
(Silvana) aveva
raggione. Lei e più intelligente che tutti
noi assieme."
(Massimo Barzoi towards persons to whom he
out his flat in via saltarino 6.)

"Non la hanno hanno lasciato
crescere un
testiclo del materiale degli stupori e
fatto passare per la
marion wissing e poi lasciato dichiarire
per matta.
(2022 comments about what happened in
bulgaria, Sofia
in january in the military hospital where
they offered me
to give me the second moderna vaccination
first one I had received in switzerland im
grigione in
dicember 2021, i was trying bulgaria seen
inheard about
beautyful nature and indeed irs beautyful
nature there
after in all other wuropeqn countries
(france ,
netherlands, germany, spain, portugal,
switzerland) the
cia and the vatican and the nsa had
corrupted everyone.
I did nor know until I got there that the
government similar to the greek government
actively supoorted the fascists and hitler
with their very
own extimctioncamps and genetic
However.. The nature was stunning and
Benni trash and
shipka and plotvib are absokutely worth a
nature and plotviv has a icescate field in
winter on thr
market place).

"È stata abusata di lucrele"
(Forest of Solothurn 2021)

"La abbiamo rovinata la vita" (stateagent
in solothurn
towards someone on the telephone-
instead of approaching me he even then
xontinued wirh
statr agent protocols,
While i was in switzerland I even tried
tonreach out to
the UN seen the cyber neuro torture. But
instead of
helping me they wanted to apply the pharma
protocol amd teied ro let declare mw for
insane to
achieve that they would be able to out me
psychiatry. Fortunately I got to know
early enough and
never went to Genf in person)

"È stata abusata di una serpente"

(Someone in bulgaria 2022)

"She is beautyful and very sensitive"-
"will this interfere
into your task"-"no"
(An official at london heathrow airport in
January 2019
shortly before my flight for embarkation
to my
workemployement in zuiderdam.

I was 1.5 meters away while the me
watching official
was doing that phone call.
I waited to an instant he was not
observing me anymore,
passed behind him, walked in a different
direction then
changed direction again amd walked info
muktimedia airport store wherr I bought a
little Camera.

However on the flight towards New York (23rd
London Heathrow 6pm terminal 5, seat 28K , BA
British Airwa)
where I had a
change of flights after I came back from
the toilet and a short talk to the stewardess I
found my plane seat contaminated with
contact poison.
I in my pragmatic approach that i apply
since 2016 I
simply pulled out the long flight provided
blanket putnit
all over the seat, put on my wintercloak
and i think as
well sleepingbag and made sure nothing
would be able
to touch me or my skin. I was not too
surprised about
this happening seen the official at the
airport and seen
the attempt of murder with contact poison
in a bus that i
took from.the training academy in uxbridge
road to my
accomodation crescent hotel where an
official dropped
a liquid on my neck and clothing while
sitting behind me
.butbi had been aware of thr entire
behaviour of thatbofficial and went out
the next bus stop
, went into the next store and bought a
new wintercloak
and a new leggins, swapped cloathes and no
minute too
late left the shop while observing 3
people eho had
sistematicallybstarted to look throughbthe
shop as
looking for someone and hearing another
informing herself at the cashier what
exactly ibwould
have bought.

To anyone in similar situations i can
recommend a few
pragmatic strategies: whenever you come
into a
hotelroom amd back to it make a tissue
test whether the
sheets are okay or contaminated , same
counts for the
inside of your jacket or cloathing you
wear reagularly,
dont use liquid toothpaste and as well try
to avoid liquid
shampoonor showergel ..there arr good
solid toothpaste
products (keep them with you to avoid
with drugpills) and the solid soaps if
from good quality
are much mkre skinfriendly than many
showergels , as
well some hair shampoo brands provide good
shampoo nowadays such as timothy or who
does not
like it try tonuse small shampoosamples to
contamination, when it comes to washing
detergent i
cam recomment the wash nuts or there exist
but i sid
not try them solid washing detergent to
prevent that
people poison the liquid washing detergent
or the
powder. For more intense wash by small
portions of
liquis or thr liquid tabs but avoid to
leave them around
seen they still are manipuable with needle
containing poison.

I recommend you to leave trap food in your
fridges that
youbjust leave for the insane criminals
tonplay around
wirh and to drug and to just eat what
youbjust bought
and did not leave your eye.

Be careful in restaurants and keep an eye
out for people
who emter shortly after you vanishing to
the kitchen or
mumbling sth to the waiters or suspiscious
behaviour by employees eventually them
even be told
funny lie stories not knowing that they
just receives
order to poison you. Double check when
tontrain seats or plane seats after you
come back from
toilet , observe the stewardess on thr
plane whether they
do the same to your food they do to
others, dont choose
for open dribks but closed ones in cans ,
dont accept
drinks that have been opened before they
are served at
the table.every schooled restaurant will
open a bottle in
front of you and not bring it already
open, in case of
doubt rather leave a restaurant without
eating and
paying than risking to get drugges or
poisened, make it
a normal custom to put sth in feont of
your hotelroom
door when u go to sleep , its not about
panic or paranoia
but just a pragmatic healthy custom, be
caredul with
truxk stop showers -in switzerland they
gave directived
to put contactpoison on the floor of the
shower after
mechthild came to know that to keep a
healthy hygiene
while living in my car in 2021 i stopped
at truckstops
that provide shower facilities, dont be
afraid to have a
small contsiner in your car and
possibilities to blacken
your windows if you are in an area where u
feel like you
should not even leave your car for a
moment due to risk
of sabotage and dont feel embarassed to
pee into the
vontainer is JUST urine.. In
addition this has
the advantage that if you suspect someone
your food or beverage once again thatvyou
everafter can gather the urine in a
canister. I still have a
canister full of those urine samples of
2021 to 2022 in
my car whixh is waiting for me somewhere
in greece
and wirh rhe possibikity to let analize
the urine with
traces of all the drugs idiots mixed into
my food and
beverage with the hope to cause insane
reactions, one time the persecutors were
however so
evil to stalk me everywhwre while i had an
urgent need
to poo and waited thr entire time on the
parking spot in
switzerland where i would have had the
chance to poo..
Thisbwas the onmybreally disgusting
situation where i
was forced to shite into a bucket while
being in my very
own car and then to throw that poobucket
away into the
next dumpster...
However i gound soon a possibility for a
clean shower
and managed to do a anti trauma and
treatment upon myslef and bybthat as well
being able to
dogest and wash off all impacts of the
abuse of 2020 by
that evil person and in addirion i
disxovered a new
healing technique that i succesfully apply
some crime is happening towards me.. So i
would say
thatvthe attempt to make me feel
traumatized and
without anybfeeling of dignity left I
reached the contrary
effect.. But this was the worst pragmatic
thing i ever had
to do.. Afterwards i took 2 hours to fully
clean and
desinfect my car..not that anything had
gone intonit but
it was disgusting. What a blessing that i
own a Cabrio
and was able to open the roof to let
really freshout
everything.. But after all..if sth like
that can safe your
life you need to decide what is more
important in that

As well.. Keep always wet wipes by hand to
be able to
wipe off contact poison from the steering
wheel and
from hand brake and gear and make sure you
forget the wet wipes IN th car while you
are away from
it. As well make it a custom to run the
car ventilation
with open windows (or even roof) without
you in the car
if it is just the windows for an amount of
10to 15
minutes as state agents had started to
pour poison into
the ventilator slots on top of the front
of the car with the
hope it would cause an accident.

I identified all of those methods.

As well regularly check the function of
motorventilator and whether the cooling
liquid is intact.
I had 3 times sabotage at the
motorventilator and 1 time
the cooling liquid had been removes...
There was no
lack in the container but it had been
filling it up there was no leakage.

In trains DONT choose your seat directly
under the
airconditioning and when it xomes to
airconditioning in
case of doubt in hotels swirch it off (in
patras in the
tzaki they infused narcotic gas into the
and violates my room after I had had my
MRI because of
due to 8months sleeping on my car seat
degradation of the sacrum and L5S1
vertebra. I dont
know what they did but I woke up with a
needle injection
and was not connected to Tracaria and
athena anymore.

I will provide more pragmatic approaches
for everyone
ever in such situations. Just make it
pragmatic routines
and it wont even effect your own normal
life anymore.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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