Saskia Charlotte Junker


As well this is literally happening these days and NOT fictional.

I know another horrible things.

In San Luis Obispo County shows up in the public registry simce this year a Saskia C. Sinclair.

Do you remember my publication on who the fuck is sinclair?

Where I receives a few weeks ago an sms adressed to a Sinclair with a link that turned out to have been related to a gambling online platform?

I never opened it and just researches what the general domain wouls be referred to.

Seen there were more and mkre strange things happening and people when hearing my name saying I would be married and seen my passport C1YK3C4M0 seems not to work either anymore I started to do more research.

I did let do research about that Sinclair and people relate the person who is carrying that surename to an ISIS terrorist.

In April as I wrote a few month ago within the updated there I met that lennie or leonardo in the hostel owned by Jared Pardridge in San Luis Obispo who pretended for 5 weeks to be interested into a relationship and not before after it was too late everyone talked only good about him but people who approaches him directly what he was up to regards me he told to stay out of his BUSINESS (this he said towards Nicholas Coffee).

Seen my situation amd the importamce to have aeveral security nackups I trusted him on our last days before he brought me to the airport in demver on 9th of may 2022 one of my security backups.

They wrre password protected including a 60 A4 lettersize 10 lomg persecution report with details and me tioned persons dating back to 1998.

And as well details about all abuse that had been taken place but clearly differentiating one from the other.

The persexution amd stalking did happen from.mostly emtirely different persons than who is responsible for the horrible things that happenes from.2016 to 2021 in italy and seen I had been threatened with death and their xontacts to psychiatry and global policeforce and state agencies if I ever me tion to someone who would have harmed me and seen I had enough proof that those threats were not empty (i just a few days ago had another incident where I found contact poison on personal items after leaving it a short while unattended and this is happening regularly since 2016 since i ever mentioned the people who drugged my food of my very own flat entering there with stolen keys during my absence) I in the report never mentioned them.

i had prepared that report for eventual eligible asylum but filing for threats through persecution .

But the security update contained as well as we have in travel passport copies and copies of my birth registry and my property and most study certificates and parts of my puications amd book credentials.

Now I came to know that this stupid person from.april after he broke up with me and showed his true face gave that copy to random.strangers and criminals who told him lies.


I dont know any sinclair. Never seen and never met.

I did not marry or change my name.

I just know that people.whenever they see me they never recognize me as saskia charlotte.

But it could be that this identity theft took place already in 2015 or 2017 or 2019 which would explain the various attempts of mjrder in my regards from those years on with rising dedication by the dangerous criminals and the attempts od trying to make me appear crazy by giving directives to let drug my food or beverage with a special "medicine" people are told i wouls need and who seen those who give it to them did not question.
some were so smart to let analyze what had been given to them and it turned ojt to be a psychotic drug leading to emotional.irrational.behaviour.

I am imcapable to have any working phone number or email adress simce 2015.
everything becomes circumnavigated including the one I registered my authors profile with and I receive only emails that people want me to have.

Whether thr emails that I semt to people reach them directly or whether as well those are circumnavigated and then someone else pretends to have written them and is thrn constantly given support and solutions or compensations even I dont know.

I still dont have the post that is in the hamds of my ex boyfriend of 2018 because it looks as if someone prevents him from.sending me the photos of it because i have difficultis to believe that he just forgets it always and the latest time he said he would not feel comfy tonopen my post seen it is mine. True but if it is thr only way to make photos of it and then let me have it that i can read theough the post that I am waiting doe now foe 18 months seen i cannot go back to wurope it is the only way I could read my post. (even if they arrested all who are responsible they cannot arrest all their contacts and I have no person in europe i can refer to. All i was able to became sorpressed corrupted and some became murdered. Woese they made it look like as if I have been responsbile for the murder someone lretensing to give directives on my behalf and my name.)
he should have had an appointment with the sindaco of Brenzone yesterday but he said the appointment wouls have been cancelled by the sindaco. 2 weeks ago he had said he wouls have gone there to let try to investigate on what had been going on in malcesine and should have had the appoinent with news yesterday. But evidently not.
he still does not send post.
Always says..he "tries" to do it as soon as he can.but he never does it. He wrote he would love to give it to me in person lately while knowing that this is impossible.
and yet he is thr only person who at all tranfers mw money to the debit card on his name.

If he stops dpimg that I am without any money and possibility at all to pay for an accomodation or for food.

I cannot open a bamc account here because I dont have a residence in the united states, i cannot go to poloce because the criminals have their contacts on global scale there.
i cannot refer to my own bassy because whrn i contacted them several.times be it eversince 2016 be it throughout the ladt years and even ladt months they treated me as if I am someone else and insane and just pretending and trying to seek attention with a lack of attention disability.
the amswer of the german embassador of Washington DC in September was.
"What do you want .this is an emergemcy hotline. It is impossible that your passport is camcelled. And regatds thr other crimes you need to ho to poloce.we are not responsible for you.".
thr consul of th state o atlamta said "well. If your US visa is expired ans you overstayed you only can yet a flight back to germany but not to any other country. " when i me tioned the crimes done to me in europe he did not give a shit.

The consulate in colorado never responded to my help request.
The consulate in Los Angeles referred me to the consulate in Atlanta.

People I reaches out to never were able to answer to my emails.they tries to get in touch with places I was to refer them their invite and offer to help resolve but it was inhibited or someone lese referred the message pretending again to be me or not to be i terested or just having made a joke.

it looks even more worse that some.european governments are AWARE of the identoty theft but that they want to keep it like that due to some of the crimes they are evidently involved.
Even the mkther od mrs wissing-junker did confess to authorities but they seem to prefer things the way they are even with rumours that the USA government would have devided to rather xontinue with the illigal experiments and not even caring that the person. Eho in the meanwhile oretends to be me seems to be married to a ISIS terrorist with access to all.rights testaments and properties to whixh Inwouls have legit right being born in Bethesda hospital on 7th of march 1985.
This then wouls be the uktimate proof that ISIS is a special unit of governments secret services with more indications that isis was BREEDED alever after 1970 when wirhout even knowing in the USA what the money was used for that was (25.000.000 USD given to italy to build up european subgroups in the SAME year all WW2 ceiminals who had faced a 25 years long prison penalty in europe were released but if the rejuvenation technology is true those people are not old almost dead persons but it id as id they would have been out into prison for onmy a year or two and they tried to proceed where they stopped before).

I lack not any attention but I lack any xomprehension how governments can be suchbirrispomsible and having a profit first attitude causing collateral damages with people being murdered and terrorist attacks caused by a person who oretends to be me having given all authority access while oretending to be me and while I seem to have no possibiloty to get nack my rights and identoty with contineous death threats and threats towards health and no point to refer to.

There are even indications that the derailment in Kansas on 26th of June was caused by those people and NOT an acvident.
i normally would have been on the SAME train but noone knew that I had not bren able to get still a train ticket. I had made the reservation but seen i had then purchased a railpass inwas not able anymore to take form.the normal.reservation ticket contingent but had to postpone to one day later.

Seen that I suspected for long all long that people who are involved into identitytheft and the horrible happenings in malcesine lake garda are involved into terrorism seen the person who abused and threatened me in 2020 applied then on me the surveillance technology that was foreseen for the veneto girl that went to isis and was then bought free by the italian hovernment to then be walked out of the psychiatey by that very person who then later played thr fake savoour in my regards but then seemed to have passed me for her and her for me and thrn didnlet declare me for crazy theough his contacts at santa cantherine and in addition dis let repass me as well for samanta selling me to hilke making him.bekive he would have marries me and hilke seems to be as well from a cukture where adultery would be penaled with death and selking me to hauke and lucrele and to eventually patrizio sala from.ukraine (though i mever saw any of those persons) making all of them believe i wouls be someone else....this in cooperation with enrixo saglia orietta tobaldini and all other powerful persons of malcesine and brenzone amd the provimce of Verona inclusive ENEL related to the italian secret service....

Seen all those things I even at some point tries to contact the Pentagon and the Kreml and Putin because I believe that when we talk about terrorists who have been given an immense volume of money and power ans who travel around the world with private airplanes then it does not regard anymore only an identity theft but it regards thr security of all of us...

but evidently Mr Biden whonhad been contacted at some point by people who tries to help me is not converned about terrorists but only anout performing and continueing unethical.and illigal experiments that were started in europe to me many years ago and that were thrn even topped up with new experiments in the USA with indications that they did more genetical deformations amd crispr experiments while i was in san luis obispo.

i have been receiving several invites during thr last weeks. Some of them by mative populations and descensents seen my healing skills as when I am not forced to keep.writing about those whonparticipatrd in the crimes 90 percent of my day is filled with entire different things.

But those invites were not referred ro me but pretended that someone else would be me or said i wouls not be interested.

Last but not least it seems i am pregnant in 2 different ways that are however natural for me and that people had tried to STEAL or murder with whom I had been pregantn for additional.experime tation.

the attempts to let declare me for insane in the hope to get me into an instotution of theirs for more experimentation has been rising tremendously as soon as the persecutors did find out about it.

And last but not leadt when i mentioned on the aurhors profile that one of their disgusting experiments was to tey to let grow a testicle in my lymphatic and gadteointedtinal.system... It looks like they used material from a snake and a spider.

However ..until now nothing killed me from.the inside and whatever it is it is intelligent enoigh to know that it is not me who is insane but the people who did this to me.

The natural pregnancy however that is legit and natural for who I am born on the 7th of march 1985 in bethesda hospital duisburg is very enjoyable.
as well very intelligent and bringing me in contact with some of my real relatives.

however as well there autborities keep doing everything to inhibit that I can get back rights and identity stopen from me and even teied to make thrm omce again believe someone else would be me and pretending the person would simply not be preganant anynore or would have fiven it away... .

If pentagon govermentsstate agencies and policeforce are supporting terrorists from ISIS just because they got corruoted with petrol and paid billions to co tinue experiments because they bekieved european authorities that Ibwouls be samanta or a noone and not saskia charlotte...

I am.outbofnideas refer to...

From.the positive news.

I keep fpxusing on my own life konetheless eventhough it becomes sabotaged contineously.

i had yesterday my first songperformance on stage whoxhnwas very enjoyable.

I had planned one for a different week alrewdy but had vhosen there for poetry slam and it turned out that to the birch locationnim the meanwhile they had sent someone tonpretend to be me and whom they there would have teis to let declare for insane.

so..yesterday my somg amd stage performamce was very enjoyable for beimg the first time on stage.
i use an artists name not mybown name when performing.
However we were only a very small group of people. 
i as well have been able to hove more focus the ladt days on my books on healing.
so this was the reason there was no new publication here as I keep living my own life regardless of what others try to do to my life or me.
they destroyed my carrers and my heritage but they did not desteoy me.

I guess this is why they keep me alive because they were incapable to NORM me and seen they constantly pretend that good things I do were done by someone else. Because theybwouls be incapable to imitate me. They might imitate appeareance some with fake hair others with crispr or if it is true thru clones they prosuces shortly aftet my birth.

but authenticity you cannot wouls be a paradox.


Ps: how good it is to talk to people in person and asking.
So the good news in all is that Alberto really was not
able to provide me with my letters seen he is stuxk in
the mountain but he will as soon as he returns.

As well it was hopefully possible to proof that Alberto is
thr person I have been together with in 2018 and that he
is NOT the persin who did harm to me in 2020 and that I
am NOT Janina and it was not Janina having been in
italy with an italian ID card and drivers licence that has
been issued to me seen my Residence is in italy oficially
since 2017.
And what good to verify and give proof to everyone that I
did NOT steal any debit or creditcard and for sure that i
am not prostitute myself seen there are people who told
such things but that the debit card has been given to me
by alberto the geometra (similar to an architect) who id
indeed helping me as much as he can and NOT just
faking it as others inteigant people tried to make

Lets hope that all crimes done to me by OTHER people
will soon be compensated and the criminals who seem
to have stolen MY identity on thid new digital level and
seem to travel around everywhere putting me into
discreeit and are related to terrorists will be arrested

---- ----- ----- ----

Wirh my real relatives are evidentky NOT intended
mecthild and her relatives and for sure not wissing.

Mechtile turned outbto be indeed just another state
agent who applies the strategy that i called thr mecthikd
- putting someone into ridicule
- accusing people of thing she or thr one she protects
-pretrnding crocodile tears and to be thr super
concerned wprries mother and everyone would have to
believe her and realize that Inwould be a desperate
person that needs to go into psychiatry for
traumatherapy and would be shizophrenic with paranoia
(btw the only email through estories that did reach me
was the one mechtild wand did let send me.
I repeat. I dont even know that pereon.
Talked to her in the ladt 30 years 3 times. And i have
more news.
That mrs Vogel from.the tribunalmin 19o3.she was not
corrupted but given directives to let declare michael for
insane. She devided to tell the truth and afterwards she
dsi quit her job with the state and got self employed.
She was shocked to hear from others what has been
done to me and confirmed that even when i was a child
any of those acvusations amd false tedtimonies about
my state of health or i telligemce would have bren

Ans by the way..i did meet last year as well with another
person whonwoks for the provimce of hamburg in the
field of dping perdonal.evaluations forntribunals and
ahe was telling me that everyone who puts my credibility
or sanity into discussion is probably either crasy or

And this was in addirion to themaritime federal
seafarers examination done by the maritime
competence centre of Hamburg by a person who works
as well sometimes at tribunals and specialized on
emotional evaluation seen he needs to devide daily amd
this for decades whether a person is emotional memtal
and physiological healthy tonwork as a captain on a
vessel with up to 10.000 peoplenon board.

(Btw it was NOT mr dr poeschel. I mever talked to a mr
dr poeschel.
But the military hospital of hamburg was recommending
that person when i approached them to help with the
identity theft seen one of thr persons they had passed
me dor, that certain samanta is known in military circles.
So i thought they would be able to help me. Instead they
just referred to that mr poeschel.
And then i realized that all the blood donations i gave
while living in hambjrg. Still having the
blutspendeausweis went to thr milotary hospital of
wandsbek AND in 2012 they did send me a KSK set up
who pretended to be interested into a relationship who
at the end of our dating time when i asked him.what he
avtually would be writing his madter thesis on
mentioned something of mldern torture techniqus of
He did approach me and draw me into a communication
after i had had an employment appointment with the
agentur fuer arbeit hamburg where however it lools like
as if someone infiltrated into that federal employment
agency . i just remember that he had blue eyes and a
round head and that he referred ro the german
government as "papa staat" (father government) as id
talking to a 3 year old and SERIOUSLY wanted to offer
me a nightjob in a casino while KNOWING my
curriculum. The very day when I entered the bus
shortlybafter that person from the KSK approavhed me
with a fake question started a converstion and asked me
out for a date.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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