Saskia Charlotte Junker

Please inform the Vatican about orietta and Enrico Saglia

It took a while to digest the newest developments in everything.

Enrico Saglia, Nickolas Coffee, Jared Pardridge, Leonard , Hauke, Andrea Dorigoni, Patrizio Sala, and the hypnotist from isis (

Let do in San Luis obispo CRISPR injections to let grow TESTICLES in my intestine with material of animals.

Them they sold me as an official experiment and erased my original identity seen in Europe someone else pretenda to be me.

They planned this already in 2020!!!

Maybe even earlier.

The good news is...
It is NOT the vatican responsible for this.

The abuse network that does genetical unethical experiments at lake garda and that let's abuse children and women and producing porn of tourists who make vacation in the hotels of lake garda has NOTHING to do with the vatican.

But the people around Enrico Saglia and Buttura and Danti and Dorigoni and Zeni and Wissing and some more and some state police of the province of vwrona and some of entire towns of lake garda eventually peschiera malcesine and brenzone and their allies pretend they would act on behalf and under the protection of the vatican!!!

This to prevent that people would seek help at the vatican and signal them . 
This is very typical for places where there are abuse scandals where the Roman Catholic church is involved.

As well.. the Vatican did NOT know that the Roman Catholic church and some of those mentioned places do HIDE WW2 criminals not even they would have given shelter at the and of second world war...

If here are readers with contact to the Vatican PLEASE let them know they must investigate at malcesine and that the death of the young priest a few years ago was not an accident but MURDER to orevent that he would signal malcesine at the vatican for it's crimes.

Please let them know that I was made believe the Vatican would have directly done and been aware of all the horrible things that were done to me inclusive the testicle genetical deformation.

Tell them that I am Saskia Charlotte,the DAUGHTER of Maria Siegers (born 27th of September) and the Person she got to know during one of her pilger journeys to the sacred sites.

Tell them that I NEVER refused my heritage and never gave restraining orders AND that everything has been stolen from me and given to someone else who pretends to be me.

I need to withdraw from what I said beforehand.
The VATICAN and all subchurches ARE involved
from the beginning.
They do by the way I signas as well during
communion and cresima and it is not a single
case such as inalcesine but it happens in all
places where the inquisition had it's

I guess they started to persecute me from the
day on 2008 when I wrote a letter to all
cardinals of the vatican handing it over to the
post office of the vatican where I criticized them
of all the persecution by inquisition and
genocide of mative populations and their
doctrines that still destroy entire generations.

I did not know that the Vatican STILL has active
subgroups that continued with what the dark
side always did.

So they started to persecute on me trying
experiments as well them.

I had visited the Vatican in noveber 2008 after a
European training course in Montijo Portugal
about European Citizenship and the importance
of kept Diversity in everything.

Nadia Giramonti KNEW about that PLAN.
She is convinced it would have been a nice
surprise and I would be trans or lesbian in

Well...and why did I go to bed with her brother
for one year please??!?!?

No Nadia Giramonti I am NOT gay or trans or
lesbian and NEVER HAVE BEEN.

And even if I was such an irreversible
DEFORMATION of my body is NEVER something
allowed without consent.

You must be INSANE or EVIL.

You did not even VERIFY with me ANYTHING
you put into your stupid ugly head while I was
away when you and Sara put your dirty hands on
my property and documents.

Did YOU as well make a PROKURA on me stole
my identity my heritage and sold me to the
Nazis descendent Leonard!?!?!

Are you insane stupid evil or all of it

I. Saskia Charlotte born in the Bethesda hospital
and absolutely NOT gay lesbian drag or a fuxked
up fascist wissing Santa Roswita creature!!!

And to the insane little puberty kiddos who do
insignas and surveillance and Neuro rape and
European brain project Braunschweig hannover

yes. There has been 1 si gle occasion that I
kissed a woman.and it was for one reason only.
To turn on the man I wanted to take home and it
worked :D. It was a bet between me and the
man. And I had a lovely night.
Normal for adult 20ennes in Germany.

Once again. I only kissed that woman to take
home a MAN I wanted.
The man knew about it and the woman as well. I
told her before and she agreed.
It was in 2010. One of the best years of my life.
When noone knew where I was and noone did
persecute me and noone sabotaged or
destroyed my careers and noone did sent me
fucked up shitler Nazi disgusting sons of
bitches and noone did send disgusting relatives
of wissings father and noone did sent
disgusting relatives of Enrico Tobaldini and
orietta Tobaldini seen there are enough
indications that Enrico is NOT Giuseppe saglias
son but that he is one of the inseminated
genetical experiments because Giuseppe saglia
was not capable to produce children with
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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