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Latest news about the planned fraud and the strategies of the

I received confirmation that the "Leo/lennie/???" Of which I don't even know his surename was part of the planned fraud from the beginning and a planned set up in April of this year 2022.

It was from the beginning plan to pretend to the outside he would be a reliable person or he would be interested into me.

He then helped to drug my food again after I hadanaged for 12 mo this that noone would get between me and my food and beverage.
Then they decont stualized a situation and gave him full access.

He then did SELL my property to people who sell prostitutes and who are connect d to terrorists.

Then he made sure that I once again would be passed for someone else and a PROKURA would be issued.

He did let Insignas on me and gave access to those to the pervert from 2020 of which I published the link in the latest publication.

Then they started to persecute me and give even more directives and corruptions with even more money.

Including contaging hotel rooms with bacteria or cancelling bus tickets and flight tickets pretending I would have stolen their credit card.

They as well told hotels to not check me in with a card where there would not be my name on it.

I tried to warn a hotel group about the dangerous person who in the past did tell housekeeping and personel of hotels to let him enter or to manipulate sth in the room or I would be suicidal and to install for this purpose surveillance equipment with which they want to gather more material they can use in the illigal disgusting porns.

In addition they still pretend with a stolem communicating system that I would offer prostitution or porn when I talk to addition they injected a chip already in 2020 where they make appear I would be other people.
When I tried to make a hotel aware of the risk they instead decided to that I am not able to extend a stay in their hotel.
As well they keep telling people I would have run away from a psychiatry.

​​​​​​Instead of that people get arrested so far , people start telling me I should stop mentioning the criminals names because this could be dangerous for me and I should start trusting.

Well well well...

Any recommendations?

Oh..unfortunately impossible because my email accounts are still compromised and only forwarded emails to me that the criminals want me to have.

I hope some readers were able to inform the Vatican to launch investigations on the dioceses at malcesine.
Seen that dioceses and the involved persons are responsible that they tried to use all diocese networks on global scale to blackmail me and made me and many others believe that the Vatican would be directly involved into the attempts of murder and organized abuse and identity fraud and property theft.


I would like to add that I had a very good
conversation with the manager of the hotel and
he understood and apologized for the
misunderstood communication and did
comprehend the entire situation.

So my compliments to the management of the
hotel and those who do know the importance in
such matters.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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