Saskia Charlotte Junker

How I came to know about that the rapist of 2020 is a terrori

Some of you who did read through all my publications did for sure wonder about the firm statement that the Italian terrorist from Veneto did not do suicide in the psychiatry but that she was walked out by a fellow terrorist to then pretend at some point to be someone else...

How I do know!?!

Because it was noone lesser than the dangerous rapist and hypnotist who was employee of the CIA who abused and threatened me in 2020 and who runs around with his state police and CIA communication adjustments that are as irreversible as insignas... He was part of unethical experimentations and abuse and video registrations and neuroabuse of me from 2015 onwards seen he is close friend to Andrea Dorigoni and to Enrico Saglia.

He played in 2020 the fake saviour when I had started to write about unknown persons who did enter my flat during night to do experiments and abuse to me and police that did not do anything.

their plan worked and I fell into the trap. Then he without my knowledge passed me for his girlfriend the real terrorist and did let declare me for crazy while he passed his girlfriend then for... ??? I don't know yet exactly.

They probably thought that sooner or later the terrorists that had been betrayed by Silvia the Italian Veneto terrorist would murder me sooner or later when they would confuse me for her through their contacts throughout the world.

So when I left in 2021 at some point weird lersons started to approach me telling a fake story of which was clear it was someone's else's story about that they would be missing their wife who walked away with his children for a Europe vacation without ever letting hear sth back again and he would be concerned.

As well one time domeone approaches me and said,"no worries, I am IS er", which for me was very concerning and rather to worry than not to worry.

As well whenever they passed me for that bitch people tried to declare me for insane and to put me in psychiatries without that I understood what the fuck was going on.

Slowly but surely everything came to the surface..

They constantly with their weird chip they had injected they had made people believe I either would be Santa or Silvia or Janina but never Saskia Charlotte, seen someone else throughout my entire life pretended to be me.

In Portugal I once was insulted "you are the prostitute of shador". Who in the world was shador!?!  I don't know any shador.

At some point in Bulgaria where I at that point had arrived after my Europe car road trip through Germany, Netherlands  (den hague for informing myself regards war crime tribunals and Nijmegen to let reissue my study certificates , doing inquiry about the FC Donders and to greet some former professors) , south of France and Lyon , Spain, Costa brava, Granada, Salvador Dali, Portugal everything south of Lisbon, Switzerland (all kantons), Bosnia (north to south with beautiful banja Luca), I had arrived in Bulgaria which has stunning nature and at some point a woman was poi ting out to me and I forming someone "she is not Silvia , she is a nice woman". And from there it started. They started to always when they passed me for the terrorist to first verify whether I would be her or not and started to observe.
It was then in Greece, that an IMAM had taken notice of the case and while I was working on my healing and teaching books a person passed and did let me know that the Islam would consider me similar as they do consider prophets... I feel still honoured for that as I doibt they give this title away easily... 

However the criminals did pass me again for someone else and everything became destroyed.
It was then not before Reelfoot Lake , Tennessee when one of the criminals wanted to make believe the terrorist husband of Silvia that the one who betrayed him would now beat reelfoot Lake and there he could let murder me.
But well... Seen I knew at that point that they did surveille the me I explained who I was and what had happened inclusive about the real BITCH who is the girlfriend of the person localita osteria vecchia 5 Rivoli affi who is a hypnotist of the IS after he had droppes out of the CIA ,although he still uses the devices and his contacts of CIA and state police and Italian secret service which is related to his brother that works for ENEL.

seen he contacted directly the isis husband of that Silvia it was clear that he was directly connected to the IS.

what I as well had come to know throughout theo the, they had connected the chip they had injected passing me for Silvia to a SATELITE that belongs to isis and as well my MacBook that I had bought on San Luis Obispo and the iphone SE second generation I had bought on Hamburg and lost in palm springs and one or two other phones.

So when I then directly explained the isis (ex) husband of Silvia what had happened he was very pleased to hear the truth and disconnected everything from the SATELITE and reprogrammed the chip.

But then there was additional proof that the dangerous criminal I talked about so often in previous puications is directly connected to the is because he managed to reprogram directly afterwards and gave the programmation of the chip done to his girlfriend.

However .at least I am not anymore connected to the IS SATELITE.

So.. what did happen?

The dangerous criminal who once was a CIA employee pretended to be a state police agent who walked out the Veneto terrorist ,his girlfriend with whom everything had been planned in detail beforehand, out of the was pretended she would have committed suicide and everything was removed out of her body that would identify her as an ISIS terrorist.
Then they already BEFORE the dangerous creature played the fake saviour they entered once again my flat in Italy and injected EVERYthing intoy bodyaking the world believe I would be her.

When they did not manage to murder me they did let declare me for insane telling the world I would be that terrorist bitch of the Veneto who would have escaped from a psychiatry.

While the real terrorist is traveling andi I g side by side to the dangerous Ex CIA Statepolice agent around the world with a private plane they did buy from the stolen money that they did stole from me.
Stolen heritage AND a stolen COMPENSTION in the value of billions that had been gathered by people of Lake Garda that did regret their participation in illigal unethical surveillance experiments that took place from 2015-2021 and as well from some people who were involved in the abuse but made believe that I would have given consent to everything.

Those were made bieve in addition that I would betray their goodwill and conscious of compensating me in the hope as well they would let murder me.

They never removed the neurosurveillance , I'm contrary.they added additional, reprogrammed the chips and keep following track with coordinated
S and their "insignas" and stolen communicative devices with which they pretend I would offer prostitution when I talk to men or would give directives to murder people or would offer drugs.

The German government who is involved into illigal unethical experiments since my date of birth 7th of March 1985 Duisburg germany Bethesda hospital ca 11pm

When they passed me directly after birth for Santa respectively injected a chip that would others make believe I am Samanta while they did let seone else pretend to be me Saskia Charlotte has NO interest at all to resolve everything.
evidently not. In contrary...since 2015 attempts of murder by various state agencies in direct or indirect ways to get rid of me...or to let out me into a psychiatry to apply neuropharma brainwash protocols (the one they apply on Assange these days)..





I forgot towntipm that in Bulgaria the criminal
stalkers that ruin my life since 2007 did passe
for Marion wissing illegally and without
comsent passing me for insane and as well they
passed me for a prostitute.

Marion wissing respectively her mother is
connected to the dangerous NAZI elite and to
orietta saglia and Tanya zeni and to Patrizio
Sala and to hauke and hilke.

So another bunch of insane dangerous people.

And Samanta is connected to insane dangerous
descendents of Theodor EICKE (the one who did
built the horrible torture camps of world war 2
with horrible genetical experiments and who
had his hide out in malcesine in underground
malcesine where there is a second city hidden ),
to Ruth (a 90+old GERMAN lady who lives in the
elderly home casa toini of malcesine), to
Victoria lasta and her sister who were
acquaintances of Ruth, to Camela Zeni and
Mariuccia Zeni and to Orietta Tobaldini, and she
was connected to no lesser than Goering and
Himmler and Goebbels and to Antonio
Romagnoli and Kurt Michel Scharf.

So..just a bunch of dangerous people connected
to Santa Croce, the Vatican and to the most
disgusting dangerous fascists the world had
ever seen and never should have experienced at

So .what practically happened was that the
German criminal government injected me
something of a dead person directly after birth,
of that Samanta (or eventually as well there a
person who faked her death and wanted to
pretend that I would be her- but who is then the
REAL Samanta????) And then they did
experiments throughout my entire life stealing
intellectual property, stealing heritage I as
saskia Charlotte would have had a right upon
and important connections to which I would
have a right making them believe I would not be
interested or disabled.

When they had stolen all, they tried to get rid of

Well.. I am still there and whenever people
manage to recognize me they know that I
gained the respect of people in the entire world.

And that I have references for my healing and
teaching skills as well in the entire world...

When they don'tanage to recognize me or idiots
become corrupted or believe dangerous real
terrorists and serial killers who abuse power
they should have been taken away when they
were fired, I consider it that people did not pass
an intelligence test.

Or to say it in different words...

"Earthlers are stupid"...

Not all..but many of them who let themselves
govern by corruption and insane directives as if
they wereiving in a dictatorship where thinking
was forbidden.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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