Saskia Charlotte Junker

Possessive psychopaths

Who had a look at my latest profile is confirmed.
the psychopath did corrupt people to receive a prokura and to let declare me for insane and stole documents from a
security backup to let issue marriage certificates.
Today it turned out he already in 2021 (when I did not even know him) tried to CORRUPT the medical where I in Germany
at the Hamburg Seafarers Medical examination , to CORRUPT them to say I would be crazy.
I am not and the doc fortunately not corrupt and in contrary with enough experience to know whether a person is healthy
or not.
Now it makes even more sense that he advised me to stay away from criminal organizations like Costa crociere and their
unethical practices !
You wanna know more absurdities about that son of a bitch? He tried to convince me he would be my only chance
because OTHERS would have declared me for insane everywhere and spread lies about me.
He comes up each day with two different lies when people confront him but from now and then he confesses that he in
reality had planned everything because he would have fallen in love at some point and had tried to find a way to possess
me at some point.
And then when it did not was reciproke he evidently decided that he must prevent that I would meet any other person.
Typical profile of a psychopath.
To make it easier for you to not read through my entire profile again.. 
There I indeed have important news and Inquiery results.
We have finally more details about one of the mentally disturbed person who pretends to have married me in the USA and
who pretends  to have a procura for me.
It is indeed the guy that I dated for 3 weeks in San Luis obispo in April and saw for the last time on 9th of May.
If I had had any idea about his real identity I would not have even given him ANY look or word but he was never ho est
about himself.fake names, fake stories, fake behaviour, fake messenger systems etc even fake appeareqnce and fake
hobbies.disgusting. I don't talk to people who ever have lied to me.
It turned out that his real identity is that he is a descendent of the Giacomo Fu Costa Crociere company, the cruise ship
where a captain with a Ukrainian girl caused the Costa Concordia tragedy.
And it turned out that I either had met him or a similar looking and behaving  relative of him already in 2017 during the
preparation course in arenzano when I had applied for my cruise job. He eversince did let surveille and persecute me. He
was an entire set up and KNEW that I would come to San Luis Obispo at some point for some weird unknown reasons.
It turned out that he is directly related to the wissing family and to some other fascista and to the club hotel Olivi family of
whom I never got to know their last names.AND to the ex CIA dangerous person of localita osteria vecchia 5 Rivoli affi
and they knew each other for a long time.
In my inquiry about those persons it turned out that they falsified a procura and marriage certificates running around
pretending they would be my husband and PROKURA legitimate allowed to give directives to let drug my food and I would
be in danger (well.. in danger yes but in danger because they are persecuting me since
1992,2015,2017,2019,2020,2021,2022 and telling everywhere I would be insane). 
Well , the reason HE is  doing this is as well I have now the result about after  further inquiries about the original founding
family of Costa Crociere after I came to know that this criminal is related to them. And it became even more obvious
when I remembered that he once to Nickolas Coffee said that his middle name would be Giacomo and when I saw that
his email address contained the name Costa.
His relative Giacomo Fu Costa started his FIRST passenger cruise that I spires him to start a cruise business around the
end of WW2.
His First passengers were all the Italian fascists who escaped through his trade routes to Boston, New York and other
rathole hide outs throughout the world.
A part of the Costa family and aomw of their most infamous passengers did hide in the region of Boston Maine
Massachusetts near Salem where the Roman Catholic Inquisition still had some old head quarters and connections.
In the 80s then when most were older and forgotten again through the help of Costa Crociere they travelled back to
Europe to help the from prison released war criminals to rebuilt their structures such as in European CIA subgroups
(rwmber from one of my puications that the EUROPEAN CIA and NSA and BND subgroups were built and made up of the
POLITICAL branch of the Vatican and right wing politics and Santa Croce. And that the European CiA subgroups
requested a 25.000.000 USD Vue from the USA to invest in Europe without ever having needed to give justification or
explanation for what they would use it.).
So yes.. those creatures that persecute me have all motivations to wanne get rid of me because they are directly related
to the disgusting most dangerous fascists AND because they ALL did fuck with my life and destroyed careers and
friendships and some of them did let abuse me.even on one of the Costa vessels through directives from evident now
directly Costa itself.exains why despite of the fact that I had gained all respect from coeagues even those who in the
beginning participated in the Inteiguea they then fired me nonetheless with directives and a drugged beverage at the fire
appointment before they would present me to the Nazi doc on board to tell bullshittery.
I did not know about that part of Costa crociere until it turned out that thwre is a persecuting criminal who pretends he
would have married me while he knew I never would have marries him and he must have known it seen he as well did let
apply on 2017 surveillance applications on me.
Well.. just stupid criminals try to gain my attention and to fool or try to let murder or possess me in I direct ways...they
should know by now that I start to research about them and then I expose them.
Is there among my readers someone from the cruise Indjstry and would be able to contact the Carnival mother umbrella
company that had bought as well Costa crociere?
I doubt that Seattle knows that one of their cruise lines is commanded by fascist war criminals and that they still today
interfere I to the business.
This explains why there were issues on board of Costa favolosa and why they fired me giving directives to get  rid of me
and tries then to blackmail in the entire cruise industry...
Well..back then I did not know anything about Costas fascists background...
I did inquiry now that it was necessary to go to the roots everything and everyone.
To all EMPLOYEES of Costa crociera.
I know that most of you have nothing to do with fascists.
In contrary. You are beautiful empathic beings.
Just be careful to not get exploited or bothered by EX company owners.
And to the EX company owners of Costa crociere.
Keep in mind that the cruise line now is OWNED  by carne Al and that it is NONE of your business to bother employees or
former employees or even to threaten them trying to get rid of them.
I had made some beautiful friensships throughout my time with Costa crociere.
(only those who followed directives by mentally ill assholes who e title themselves to surveille people and let fire them
without any justification or to do let sabotage with contact poison that suddenly did as well appear in San Luis Obispo in
the presence of that costaboy or their best friends rapists and ex CIA agents who tries to get on board to abuse me even
there while corrupting my cabincolleavue to be at that night in a different room we're a pain in the butt.)
Well..except of those buttpains I had only wonderful good people and with some I stayed in touch for many years...
Ps: when I had my medical check with REAL doctors and medicals approves by the German federal medical and training
specialised maritime center of Hamburg and me tioned Costa crociere, I was encouraged to NOT apply with them and
that he once had worked on board in the medical department and that the practices they apy when they want to get rid of
employees are to be considered criminal and recommended me some other companies instead..


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