Saskia Charlotte Junker

Leonard Giacomo Costa of Costa Crociere and various abuse

This puications will be dedicated just and only to one of the biggest psychopaths I wish I would never have met..

You will find most in the authors comment because I will have to take a lot from various places of documentation and then retype it in...

For now the most psycho crime he did.

Due to that he was not able to understand me because he had never met someone like me  and because I cut cords with him ,he did let do the illigal insigna which is Irreversible to start monitor and observing me on Neuro scale in the insane belief he would have rights doing that and he then would understand me.

When will you put this psychopatici criminal BACK into prison or into psychiatry where he escaped from?!?!?!

Neither I nor who I am is any of his business!

He did not want to believe what I told him, so he did let do illigal I signas and when I found out about it because I perceived each and every bullshit word of him he did let declare me for insane and shizophrene to cover up his crime.

I came to know he did let do it in retrospective already in 2017 when I applied for a job with Costa crociere, eversince he monitored me and he gave directives then to fire me and to let declare me for depressive by the doctors of Costa crociere.

Due to him turned out now and camr to the surface that the founding famy of Costa crociere was extremely fascist and did bring at the end of WW2 all Italian fascists who would have ended in prison with his vessels that u til then were only trade vessels to Boston, New York and other hide outs of the fascist Nazis who did flew via the ratline routes to overseas.(maybe that's why he don't like cats-cats eat and chase rats -he even tried to KICK a cat with his shoes! This was the moment for me it was over for good. I just went then to bed with him for a last time because sex was the only thing he is good in, a person who kicks a cat with a foot or any other mammal must be insane and brutal somewhere).

It was the first Costa passenger journeys and inspired them to make a business from cruising.

Then decades later Costa helped again fascists to return to Europe without being seen by the authority control.

Well.. Leo Leo should never have messed with my life.

If you had not messed with my life I would not have had reason to make a research about you and your background. Because this is what I do with everyone who messes with my life.

Is this where he knows club hotel Olivi from? Is this their relation to Costa crociere and New York?

Was this the reason that on Costa favosa the person who touches my hand with contact nerve poison was from a family called olivieri ? Was it to be taken literal?!?!

I know that the older "twin" generation of club hotel Olivi had been living in New York for several years and it turned out that they are not as people tried to make believe we're related to mafia but to the fascists of malcesine and that they therefore were considered as very dangerous people who would not take any risks.
Is this the reason one of the twins one time said that she never would leave the property because it would be safer? I did not take it serious. But did she mean it literal? Is he involved in war crimes of WW2?

Did they employ me in 2016 because they wanted to murder me or because they as well confused me with that Nazi girl Samanta because of the experiments by the German government where they passed me for Samanta straight after birth? Or are they involved into the identity theft and one of their relatives or acquaintances is the girl who pretends to be Saskia Charlotte at lake garda these days?

Maybe the chapter about club hotel Olivi should be read with a different focus once more.

Well.back to Leo or lennard as he likes to be called or Lennie as he presented himself in San Luis Obispo hostel in April 2022.

It turned out that he got hold of my missing iphone SE second generation that I lost in palms springs and that he deleted everything on it!!!

It contained more than 2000 unique Fotos from nature in Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece,Florida, Houston and Palm Springs and the train rides.

Unique photos and it is one of my professions of art where I received info that it is unique.

It contained as well and this is probably the reason he deleted all, documentation about the war crimes of the Nazis in Germany and Italy, it contained the documentation that is stored of the police servers with the NO Stalk account, it contained registrations of healing treatments I gave to a client in France and who permitted to register it, it contained the video registration of a meditation healing exercise of myself that I did in Jacintos national park in palm springs.

It contained a telegram account and a viber account with which I was able to make phone calls to Europe.

It contained telephone numbers of friends I had made.

Leo did let corrupt himself or planned it together with "Vito" ( 
and the club hotel Olivi  (   it turned out that it was one of the twins who always says that I would have lied and noone ever abused me but that I would have enjoyed everything that I would be a prostitute and would have invented it after a client of them would have talked bad about me)  to abuse my trust to deliver final scenes for the abuse porno they had been doing together with Enrico Saglia and orietta tobaldini and Dorigoni and Zeni and family Danti and the carabinieri of malcesine (so this is why they know them so well???) To make it look as if all porn would have been with my consent and then they wanted to pay him to murder me after everything would have been registered.



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