Saskia Charlotte Junker

Freemason among my readers in hierarchy above my persecutors?

I have new infos about my several persecutors Leo Costa, Enrico Saglia and "vito".
they are ALL CONNECTED to the free masons (in regard to Enrico Saglia, didn't you know that it is forbidden to be active on the roman catholic church and be as well a freemason ?)
​​​​​I need someone of free masonry higher in hierarchy than those are to tell them to leave me in peace and stop their crimes and bring them to sanity seen they evidently all lost their mind.

I do not like any of them, I did not love any of them (now seen I know about Leo Costa he is a mason it explains even more his manipulative skills because he abused the techniques he learned in free masonry to reach his objectives).

And it does not matter what they want of me or what they feel of me, someone MUST stop their persecutions and their global defamations and global directives and as well directives of friends of them who are eventually higher in freeason hierarchy.

Fries Heinz Theodor junker called Kempchen was a freemason.
So I know a little bit about free masonry. And I know about that he was a freemason because someone taught me the greeting and secret handshake free masons do.

This now gives indications that Leo Costa did let stalk me eventually already in Hamburg in 2012 , this is weird seen before 2017 he should not even have known about my existence. 

But it was 2012 when I for the first time applied with a cruise company.

Is that son of a bitch capable to give directives to the past?!?

I am able to heal beyond time but has he been capable to give directives to the past to inhibit all of my efforts that I ever would be able to work on a cruise ship to prevent I would find out about his families fascist crimes?!?

Anyway.. please if there is anyone beyond my readers who is higher in hierarchy in the free masonry than those three persecutors that keep destroying my life..please stop forbid and inhibit his behaviour and make sure that they never again will destroy the life of a woman or a person they meet.


Update 2 regards the one below.
It could of course be as well that the serial killer who owns that hypnotiseur channel which I posted in one of the publications is none of the professions and groupmembere he pretends to be but that he murdered all of those people.

There were indications that he murdered a person called "Don Vito", who was a priest.

Could it be possible that he was able to do sth to receive the "insignias" or communicative devices of those he killed and therefore people confuse him and follow his directives when he pretends to have been working for the CIA or being a grandmason or being a psychologist? Because he had been in psychiatry for a few years and one of his psychiatrist did as well once an open letter about him (has been removed now from the internet ,I guess that there has been paid a lot of money for it and that person was murdered as was there where the serial killer threatened me that whoever would file public report about him would never have survived it when I found that open letter. And he said "his spirits would take care of that". The person died from a "tumour". Was it a tumour or an injected parasite that started to grow??? Such as they did with Giuseppe Saglia where they injected a parasite into his kidneys that started to grow and spread..???
I did not take it serious when he threatened me with "his spirits" but I knew the death threat was serious and confirmed me in his level of danger. (This was in November 2020). many more did that person murder who were of a powerful position where those insignia communication systems were used for already decades.
And was it for that reason that they did steal as well ALL my communicating rights that I have and pretended that someone else would be me? Depriving me from the possibility to communicate?
Was he as well responsible for the "accident" of the brother of Andrea dorigoni and it is since then that he has communication adjustments to be able to communicate with police?

One of the involved male criminals is a GRANDMASON who screens everyone I meet whether they are in masonry trying to give Orders (so is masonry in reality a sect or did they forget to make sure that no criminal ever gains power???)

As well the sad news reaches my ear that Laura Francesca Junker (probably having now a different surrname seen she is married to the Munich sate lawyer Cedric) turned out to be a mason. This is even more concerning seen she works as a judge at the tribunal of Munich for civil law.
Is her masonry the reason she was offered a position so high directly after her exam in law?
Isn't it forbidden to be inasonry and as well in such a powerful position due to the orders and hierarchies withinasonry?
Well. This then is the sad proof that she knew very well that NONE of what she has been accusing me of is true because she had access to the illigal insignias Janina did on me and other things in her position. So then she was most probably part of those who did the real crimes she was accusing me off trying to prevent to end up in jail when one of the crime victims confronted her ,Silvia and Janina when he found out what had been going on and then they tried to make it look like as if I would be responsible , another try to get rid of me??? Seen when I confronted them in 2016 and reaches out a last time in 2020 KNOWING her position and her husband's position asking for help regards what was going on in Malcesine and she trying to send me to the corrupt police respectively probably half of them in masonry following masonry directives and the other ones the best clients of condominio Milani business and another one connected to Santa Croce dorigoni/zeni family.
Or to let do a health evaluation because she did not want to believe me the nightly intruders and persecution?
Or b cause she KNEW about it and because she KNEW as well about the poisoned jacked and drugged travelsnack by mechwa?

This is sad in total seen then she knows who really is.

And to add a few names seen that "vito" has a
different real
name please tell off as well patrizio Sala, hauke,
who in Italy or Germany uses the word aeskulab
and I don't
know how many nicknames those creatures use
these day.
"Vito Lapetina" was part of that the
first nightly interrogation after they had put me
on drugs they tried to figure out how much I
knew about what happened at the Carl Loges
institute. I remember me liking to it. Because I.
2020 theamount of drugs they would have
needed to sedate me at that point already would
have been so high that it would have murdered
Seen they had been drugging me regularly
through restaurants and drugged food and
sedated me for their abuses and experiments in
malcesine from 2016 to enter my very own
fault. Another reason I will not sell it to people
because I would not be surprised if they
installed even drug or gas infusers I to the flat
and they gonna be proof for the crimes of them
but they started bullshit like that already in
This is probably the reason there were so many
occasions of their abuse in malcesine I woke up
regularly them shouting out in despair that it
does not work anymore and then switching off
lights and covering my mouth to orevent me
from screaming etc.

Anyways. I perceived their interrogation in
localita osteria vecchia 5 between Rivoli and affi
and there was another night where people were
present who looked very similar to Marion
wissings relatives and all of them in military or
paramilitary uniforms.this took place on an
attick where they probably had brought me to
halfly narcotizied.

One even once claimed he would have got
inspired because
I have various nicknames.

Well.. I do NOT use nicknames to hide my
identity and do
crimes but they were given to me by different
people and
refer to the various professions in the healing
field and a
stage name for art and lyrics (there always
evidently seen it is for making reflect and for art
as I always
had in mind before people decided to destroy
my life for
good forcing me to publish their names)...

And please as well find someone higher in the
than Janina and Helmuth Schneider.
This is the meaning HIS big black ring that
caught my
attention at my age of three caught.

And regards Janina, yes.therr exists a female
loge among
the free masons.
I once was invited to an authors reading in
Hamburg seen I
was interested in getting in touch with other
authors. And
she had written the book the free mason
The reading took place in the love of Hamburg
afterwards there was possibility to answer
questions or to
give questions to the persons present there.

All their answers and things they told did
well their strict hierarchy and their demands to
those below
in hierarchy to do things without questioning
and without
knowing what they were actually doing. They
called it to
shape the stone and blind trust without
whether they would be spiritually be raped.
Whether this
counts oy for the women loge or for all
freemasonry I don't
know. I ever after kept away from anything that
had to do
with loges and similar groups.

But I am sure that Janina was attracted to it
especially seen
she wanted to make it look like as if she was me
and not
knowing that I was disgusted by it and apart
from the
author most people there had a certain insanity

But well..could be because they were female
masons and
their might be a reason that masonry for
centuries did
forbid women to join.

As well Leo's comment "do you want to have a
lot of power
and access to a lot of money " is a typical
freemason young
teenagers imagination because they consider
powerful being part of a powerful organisation
with secrets.
In Hamburg I was abused by one from turkey
pretended to help me
and then used his manipulative techniques to
himself in an oral abuse of mine daring even to
ask an oral
satisfaction back which he did not receive. And
another one
from turkey or Italy who looked similar to
Enrico Saglia
who did let drug my drink in the cafe where I
used to study
Do you know how pedophiles and perverts like
that try to
abuse people? They all use their manipulation
and knowledge about erogenic trigger points
and EMDR
and NLP to manipulate for a specific needed
time a person
and start it all up with pretending to help with a
There was as well another one who did an NLP
describing even thar it is an NLP anchor and
shortly after
he manipulated me and got what he wanted.
What was the
real anchor he did make!?! He did infiltrate into
a start up
entrepreneur coaching company and insisted
that he
should be introduced to me to assist and this
makes now
entirely sense because on that very same day
my first
smart phone became stolen and persecution
began and it
was an entrepreneur training in 2010 when I
started to work
self employed with my energy work and healing
spa shiatsu

They on purpose did let destroy and manipulate

Oh.. by the way..

NLP is the preferred sales manipulation
techniques that is
used by Costa Crociere e in their sales and to
make people
give 10points in their evaluations of the
evaluation form.

Fucked up Carl Loges with his loves institutes
Werner siems , Gerd loosen , jannik kropp and a
few people from the management institute
Ruhleder (eventually his son and the secretary)
are free masons as well.
In bad harzburg there is a huge freeasonry love
house. Seen the tiny town drawing immediately
Bad harzburg was the fucked up place free
mason Heinz Theodor junker did manipulate me
to go to and to leave my employment at Pro
Seniore and to which the phonecall was
circumnavigated,the Carl Loges school was
NEVER on my list of places to go to, bad
harzburg was as well the place where they SOLD
me without consent to the "European brain
project Braunschweig Hannover", an illigal
research project that was planned already by
the fascists that they one day if this became
possible would want to create a European
Brainmap where all knowledge stolen from
other people would be Integrated into a data
base. That project is illigal continuation of the
officially closed CIA "targeted
individuals"/mkultra projects.
The fascists never did stop those and planned a
different way to continue the project.
Doing illigal.i signas without consent on people
making money of them and when they become
aware of it they either declare them for crazy
what they for the first time indeed tried by
Werner siems and Gerd loosen who did sell me
against the will of his wife Nati to that project
and who thought that I would already know
about this crime when I had left bad harzburg
for the general crimes and experiments they did
there to co to use then experiments in by them
controlled institutions. If they don't manage or
they exploited enough they then try to get rid of
the targeted individuals.
They include masons and a huge part of the
population making them believe they would play
Pokemon or second life and the targeted
individual would be part of the game.


Mentioning bad harzburg.this is the reason that
I know that the fascists di have at several
locations hidden UNDERGROUND extinction
camps. Bad harzburg was one of those.

As well I volved into everything at bad harzburg
were Sabine Immesberger, Anna Bauer's and
Alina Kurz.

I am not the first person they sold. 1 year before
a person vanished in a similar escape manoever
as I did from there a boy of the course 2 years
above. And a few years earlier the person who
was in the same room as I (the loves place is in
hindenburgring ,now transformed back into a
hotel) was sent to a psychiatry.

Once a person gave me indirect indications to
better not drink the tab water in my room. They
manipulated tubes and water boilers already
there. Shortly after I moved into an own rented
flat but within 2 weeks when they found out
where I had moved to despite of the hidden
clausula I gave to the town administration they
broke into my flat and started to install
surveillance technology to which they
commented during the course and they started
to touch my food and vitamine packages.
Fortunately I knew very well where I had put the
vitamines and how I placed them, so I knew they
had tried to manipulate those.
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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