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Updates about the Vatican and mentioned state agencies

There are a few inquiry results that regard the Vatican and the mentioned state agencies, so the final book will have some revised versions of the so far publications.

It turned out that many state agents and some people that I confused with the CIA in reality worked and are part of the Sect Santa Croce and of the NSA and masonry.

The sect Santa Croce usually has nothing to do with the Vatican but Infiltrations and intrigues were everywhere.

Then it turned out that the Vatican was ONLY for decades part of the persecution because they CONFUSED me with Samantha and Janina. So WHO the fuck is Samantha?

Then it turned out that the original sense of the inquisition was not to chase people like me and who are empathetic as I was evidentlyade believe but people such as Santa Croce and people who do curses (as in the chapter Le fatturatrici del Lago di Garda) but then people from there infiltrated and they started to chase people like me or identities we're swapped the same way as had been done to me and then those who infiltrated changed the persecution criteria.

As well there are some updates regards the ex priest of Hamburg who told me about the whore houses of the vatican.he had been corrupted in 2012 to tell this and to pretend at the same time he would be offering me a job there through the nonverbal false communication.

Let's correct this straight.
At the Dubrovnik Hamburg I was helping for one week in the kitchen washing the dishes NOT selling myself.
Due to that some fucked up people launched a razzia there I after all did not get paid for one week work and those people made it look like a few weeks after as if I would have been responsible for that razzia.

Hopefully by now they know I was not but the person without prejudice as they had perceived me and had made sure that when the razzia was done that I would be out of the radar seen they knew I was from an entirely different background.

Then. There do exist bishops who are not at all amused about those dark chapter intrigues of corruption and horrible crimes the Vatican had been involved.

Then when it comes to the surveillance that I thought would refer to the CIA. They were drawn into the fucked up boat much later except that fucked up CIA subgroup of lake Garda that abused their sub group contacts in eastern Europe and which without the knowledge of the HQ s in the USA continued the mkuktra programs.

Most that I confused with the CIA worked for the NSA. Rember the "abhoerskandal"/ spy scandal of the NSA a few years ago? Well..they did not hack the phones..they did illigal insignias on those they surveilled and stole the informations directly.
Probably this is the reason why PGP and similar encryption security was never pushed andade standard as it should have been after that scandal because they became aware of that it was not a matter of hagged emails but a matter of illigal insignias even end to end pgp encryption cannot help then anymore and the governments themselves profit too much from that people do not standardized use it was never made standard of emails.

Santa Croce refers to Hitler and is a sect.
It is very related to masonry but mainly women are part of it but they cooperate seen masonry now is as well open to women in specific loges.
Bother are dangerous. Seen they work with hierarchy structured where they demand things to be done without asking the why be it to themselves be it to others and in return for favours and help here and there even if they do not know each other or who is giving order.

In Italy for a long time it was forbidden for people to be on politics or churchpositions when they would be Masons due to the influence and secrecy structure of it but well..they do things in the dark putting themselves above law or circumnavigating it through their connections.

I still accuse the Vatican of a lot of things seen they still fail to arrest and shut down the dioceses and monesteries where abuse and unethical genetical experiments or pharmacy experiments are done which are humiliating and torturing and life destroying. I still accused them that they never apologized and tried to give compensations for the various genocides they had been involved and be it due to infiltration by people who then caused it and I do accuse them of lacking respect towards other ancient living forms outside this planet prohibiting and involved into murder of everyone who wants to speak the truth in cooperation with dia and CIA and other above top confidential organisations.

The reason I criticize them on this is that they only give power by this to the criminals who try to develope a new form of dictatorship through their "bee"-insogna-categories they did test and introduce through groups like salvation army for 8  decades to then start to decide to apply it slowly everywhere.

While they deny those who are there who could help against the criminals.

Was this the reason governments deprived me from my rights as Saskia Charlotte?

Because they wanted to prevent someone telling the truth and being believed?

Who knows...

Jfk, Jefferson, Nixon, Michael Jackson, Dodi Alfayette & Princess Diana, Michael Ende, several previous Popes,

They all were murdered because they wanted to tell and share the truth..
They all were warned by the dia and CIA and NSA and Vatican and Santa Croce to keep their mouth shut because it would be above top confidential and not to be talked about and they all got assassinated by their own governments...

In this context I would like to bring to awareness that German Pope Benedict or Pope Ratzinger -may he rest on peace with a safe journey was very good friends with Pope Johannes Paul the second from Poland.
Both were open to bring the Vatican to more time adequate views and were among those who offered their apologies for the Vatican's contributions through infiltrations during the Holocaust.

But as soon Pope Ratzinger came to his position as pope they started to silence him down which he then finally brought to the decision of the first withdrawal from his position and by this nonetheless bringing something new and unique to the Vatican.. and showing that it is possible as well as a pope to stand back.

I would like to bring as well to awareness that Pope Ratzinger had been suffering through the last years from "dementia/Alzheimer"..
Was it REALLY dementia Alzheimer or did they brain poison him as they did with my relative Maria Sievers and my relative Elsbeth Siegers which looks very similar to Alzheimer/Dementia/Wernicke Aphasie but in reality is not...
Seen Pope Ratsinger lived in South of Geany which is very conservative, very traditional and very fascist politically spoken with it's cproximity to south Tirol and Austria...

Did they murder Pope Ratzinger with a slow death because he might have tried to prevent a few developments of the last years he knew already about before or because he would have decided to share the truth being free and living outside the Vatican then much more capable to do sth for the people and christianity with still being connected to friends within the vatican and outside... ???


I still leave as well the other publication because still people who are connected to the roman catholic church were involved into this. And those dark chapters and intrigues and corruptions and contribution to war crimes need to be rather sooner than later be once and for all investigated and cleared out because otherwise they will keep continuing in hidden places such as at lake Garda or in distant monesteries where people infiltrated etc etc etc.

Until those things are not once and for all cleared out but instead covered up I cannot see that the Vatican is supporting Christianity but that they do support the contrary and remain with the impression that from the beginning into the vatocan were infiltrated those who were persecuting Jesus Christ and his descendents and his family and be it to the fact that the vatocan was built in Rome while the roman catholics conquered controller and did genocide for various millennials before and were those to put Christ on the cross.

There are even indications that it was NOT Judea who betrayed Jesus but one of his other best friends who was capable to change the identities the way some people do nowadays. As well it was a different bird that was shouting out 3 times and not the one they blamed. But well.. these are a few insights the investigators of the Vatican need to find out themselves if they wish to make peace with some chapters of their past that will cause otherwise more and more people leaving with all justification and good reason the church.
Not because they stopped believing in Jesus Christ or God but because they do not support an institution that has too many people who abuse their power and that does protect the harmdoers instead of cleaning up once and for all.

Look at the case of buffalo for example. I came to know that the real criminal arch bishop there was never arrested but a person that looked very similar to him!!!
The Vatican must investigate on those cases.
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