Saskia Charlotte Junker

Full persecution attempts of murder + experiment/abuse report

I decided to publish the detailed and full report that I had prepared in case that I would file for political asylum in a countryI AS WELL decided to publish it because two certain serial killers pretend they would have murdered people due to that I would have mentioned them in my report...


Well.. who reads carefully NONE of the persons murdered are mentioned in any form negatively in this report!!!


BUT what detailed is described are all persecutions eversince 2007 and DETAILED the fascist past of Lake Garda and involvemt of it into the last years happenings and as weell the fascist psssst of bad harzburg and the attemmpts of murder and the detailed happenings of 2015 where there was the first attempt of murder that I noticed..


so.. seen that leo costa and "vito" are fascist breed (i guess the term is correct, seen both love the word breeder and are so fascistic possessed on creating "offspring" and are possessed by a certain appeareance which they then hope to re educate if the mindset is not congruent to theirs


So.. I hope to give additional prroof that none of them EVER was interested to help me and that various attempts of murder towards me that happened throughout the last months and the "procura" that were issued were issued for one and only reason, to surveille me, to take all rights away from me and to make sure no one ever would believe me, especially seen it contains the attempts of murder of 2017 when someone ON costa crociera said that he thinks "they" want to kill me. (to whom did this THEY refer? already to the costa family because they had some weird mechanisms to know that one day I would find out about their true identities???... just saying... ).


NO.. the persons that were murderred by those creatures and serial killers, were the persons who did NOT believe that I would ever have prostituted me and realized that I always had said the truth and who had CONFRONTED some of the real criminals what the fuck they would have permitted themselves.

This is the reason they murdered them and even then did let it look like as if I would have been giving directives to do so, with the STOLEN "vaccines" pretending someone else would be me. (regards the NOW knowledge abut the "vaccines", WHO was the fucked up person to say it would be a great idea to do the communication part as a SURPRISE and forgetting to explain the population that all vaccines are personalized for this reason and therefor it is important to take the vaccines both in the same place !?! I took the first moderna shot in switzerland, and the second I would have received in Bulgaria but they corrupted the military hospital of Sogia and instead they injected something else into my body that had been prepared by someone, because at that time I was not anymore in switzerland at Mr Dr Dieter Sutter in december 2021 and in beginning 2022 but in Bulgaria, because without the real explanation of people what the vaccine would do as well and with honestly not wanting any vaccine at all I had been traveling as long as it was possible without any vaccine. then it became constantly more difficult as well seen the psychopaths who tried to corrupt each pharmacy or doctor to write I would be insane , well in bulgaria they instead of giving me the second part of My moderna shot they instead injected something else , passed me for Marion Wissing and did let declare me for insane, and a few months later in my lymphatic system weird animals did begin to grow that nurture themselves on sugar, so WHO was the fucked up disgusting person who decided it should be a SURPRISE and noone been explained beforehand the great and good part about it??? because MY communication adjustments have been STOLEN and other people now pretending to be me. But even worse. fue to who I am myself, I NEVER should have been vaccined in the first place and they should NEVER have been allowed to do an INCISION on the PONS of the brain (practically in 2020 they did let CUT in one of the nightly violations the connection between the left and right hemisphere to destroy my natural organic communication system with which I had been born and during my teenager times with a magnetic FLANAGAN technology they destroyed a communicating organ, for which i would not even need those communication vaccines!!!) SO .. WHO are the rresponsible people for having destroyed my life and injuring my body in such a severe way??? and who were the people who decided to prevent already at my adolescence age that i EVER would be able to get in touch with my real relatives because they wanted to possess me and "re educate" me for their objectives??? .)



Narrative details and additional information:
To whom it may concern:
Dear reader  
who is about to decide on the validity of my application for a residence in your country.
Before I start with the introduction and the report…
The persons who abused me and did additional harm to me were European STATE agents with contacts to state police, health districts and governmental institutions and Agents of the VATICAN and of Santa Croce and surviving fascist World war 2 criminals.
 This is due to that my flat is in a building and place at lake garda where representatives of the Vatican and former state agents live and due to other aspects that are more detailed described in the report.  
I have been several times during the last decade threatened (in hamburg, bad harzburg and at lake garda) that if I ever file report, they would cause that a very  adjustable psychological evaluation would take me away all rights and putting me into psychiatry with the help of the contacts they would have and being stated clearly that it would be done in a way that would make it almost impossible to prove that they did.
I tried nonetheless to file reports at several police in european countries and reached out as well to authorities of all governmental levels within Europe and Switzerland eversince 2012.
But Indeed afterwards I always had more issues than before because governments seemed to be more concerned about my knowledge than about organized abuse and violations of the Nuremberg Codex from 1947 (
 that was established against unethical experiments and abuse  
but still done and continued by Nazis that survived in hide-outs around the world.
Applying for this asylum status is taking a leap of trust into the country I apply of an amount only few can imagine what this really means.
The following narrative and report consists of several documentations. Some incidents I started to document already in 2017, others come from older diary entries,  
for which I only needed to get back to older safed documents.  
Other aspects I started to rewrite as I did not have access to the documents in the moment I had been starting with the report and then again there are breaks and repetitions of some aspects.  
There might be several breaks within the writing styles and hopefully since during the writing process I did apply techniques for self trauma processing that I fortunately acquired and learned within the last 12 years- be it through necessity- be it through my study and apprenticeships in the therapeutical field of techniques that I as well teach my clients within trauma processing with shiatsu. (I was fortunate to learn from teachers such as Tzvikar Calisar, Paul Lundberg, Clifford Andrews, Juergen Westhoff, Bernd Steffin, Reinhard Naupert, Michael Kempf, Torsten Seidel, Heiko Flesken, Bill Palmer, Carola Beresford Cooke, participating in more than 5 years of learning and application of knowledge, deepening my knowledge in active webinars and several day lasting practical approach webinars on the scientific background and intense 6week courses and as well did an 80 hours training in a children hospice for lifeending illnesses on various deep topics and had one year full time  learning at the Arcana Heilpraktikerschule Hamburg, back then still in the conventstreet, now they changed their adress to Kibitzhof.)  And as well my learnings from the Speechtherapy and Clinical linguistics and general language science at university in the netherlands with practical approach in various therapeutical studious and clinics on the neurology and geriatry departments for practical learning between 2005 and 2008 left a lot of expertise that I with gratefulness can refer to for self application.  
I am still in touch with some of the professors of the Arcana school as well which permitted me to reach out within the months for additional advice. As well the contact with a federal acknowledged medical in Hamburg (who uses to decide on whether a person is eligible for work on the bridge of a cruiseship and needs to be capable to decide whether to give a person working in a highstress surrounding with responsibility for more than 5000 people in the middle of the ocean in 2021 was a good meeting to receive a neutral evaluation on how far I had already overcome trauma without being afraid to share what had been happening. With the entire awareness of that it was impossible to share all and everything he saw no problem in confirming me full health that would permit me to apply for another and new cruiseship experience giving me along the advice to stay away from certain cruise companies for whom he once had worked ON the vessel wna from which he knew that sometimes the leadership would give orders to write things that would not be according to the truth just to get rid of inconvenient restriction applying employees). I hope we agree on the fact that a medical professional with federal acknowledgment (that person worked as well for court several times) would not be able to be corrupted to declare someone for healthy if there is any reason to doubt that this is the case, especially in a scenario where the person intends to go working on a vessel in the middle of the ocean.
There have been however various scenarious where medical professionals were corrupted respectively given directives to give a negative evaluation about a person that was health to take him or her credibility on crimes that were done to him or towards others.
And as well I had the possibility to reach out to a colleauge and teacher from my discipline who has been able to support me and give me advice and counseling on where I had not been able to push through on my own.  
All this processing reflects in changes of writing styles, as well as sometimes abrupt changes in topics.  
Since I know from my work and as well from experience sometimes I added less heavy aspects within the long report for my own sake but as well for those of you who read through all of it.  
I have been documenting and processing and being aware of everything for a couple of years but from ecperience of where I had trusted and be it only parts of it to trustworthy people I am conscious on how overwhelming it can be to the person who reads it and for whom everything is new and being read learned or heard about the first time and needs to digest that all these things have been happening to me.
This can be overwhelming and eventually even one of the reasons that there were some persons who to protect themselves DECIDED to not believe me that all of those things would have occurred in my life because they comprehensibly would not WANT to believe that such horror is possible and who convinced themselves that if all this was true it would be impossible that I am still alive and capable of beautiful moments in life and capable to as well relax and leave those memories behind and having moments and fortunately more and more of them where noone would even believe that such horror has been happening to me.
My resilience and strength to overcome so many things has been used by some of the harmdoers for decontestualization. Some of them going so far to when they realized how strong I was and how much I had already once again digested and overcome what had been done to me that in within only a few metres distance they said to each other:
“what do we do now. If someone experiences her like that, noone ever again will believe that she is crazy or suicidal”. It was the day before the manipulation of beverage and food that happened as well in the alst years took a new climax and the moment when the strategy of some of the harmdoers who seem to apply strategies that would be best described with the term “Zersetzung” (
Some of the aspects that show in the report would eventually rather fall under the case of persecution due to entirely opposite political ideas such as what has been happening in Italy at Lake Garda or Bad Harzburg in Germany or Nijmegen, Netherlands from 2007 onwards if not even from 1998, which then spread out through fascist and vatican networks throughout the globe to prevent that I would be given credibility. But in the end whatever happened in those contexts the best way to describe what those people did to me is still abuse. An abuse in all forms of abuse that one can imagine. Abuse of power, neurological abuse, spiritual abuse,medical abuse without indication and without consent.  Emotional, verbal and mental violence and threats. I guess I have been very lucky that the worst thing a person would be able to do to me would be to try to threaten me or to sorpress me with something. Or to think that I would do something just because surrounding or million of peoples would do it or say it. I always was raised to make up my own mind and that if 1000 people say to jump from a bridge that it would still be the most stupid thing to do so and even if 1000 people then would jump from the bridge it still would be stupid to do so and that I would not do it but walk ahead and rebuild my life once again and distancing from people saying and doing things like that being aware that some people manage to isolate others in a way and program that they would onlyu meet the people they want a person to meet that it would become difficult to meet people who are not mind disturbed trying to influence through massive influence believing that a certain quantity at a certain time would change a persons mind and making him believe white is black and black is white. I was aware of those scenarious and simply walked away and waited for the time I would manage to meet REAL and normal people again. If they were less aware and became influenced by the masses, I walked away and ahead once again until I managed to come here and finally started to meet from now and then normal and real people again. I hope to have given with that as well the proof that brainwash scenarious or accuses that I would have been brainwashed despite even tries by people to do that with chemicals in my beverage and food are absurd. And I am grateful that I have survived all of what has been happening and the “only” everlasting effect will be that I forever will have a higher awareness and regardfulness in who I choose to be in my surrounding with whom I interact socially or even politely and being more fond of solitude impressive nature places and art than of too social contexts with too many people. (but well, this is some characteristic that would apply as well to many other introverts, energy healing practitioners with a advanced frequency skill perception or people who prefer reading a good book over going to a football match.).
With in addition the sexual organized abuse and trafficking  from 2007 onwards in a seemingly unknown way that might not have come to awareness yet entirely to all who do their utmost best to fight trafficking and abuse and would expect that rather in the “classic szenario” of people hanging out at the wrong places or being irresponsible when going to a disco or not watching their drink. It would not be expected by checking into normal decent hotels of quality or going to a restaurant or taking place in ones very own flat after keys would have been stolen. I am more than willing to work in this regard together with authorities to share with them insights that I in the most ugly way came to know that might help to destroy international trafficking and porno rings (since there are even indications that all abuse seince 2007 has been recorded in a for me not comprehensible way- as it is impossible that all places where abuse happened would have been prepared with surveillance devices, I did not include those parts into the report as it is still embarissing to me that everything that happened even was put into a context that made it make have looked like as if I had given consent to produce a “quality porn” that would look like all natural. There are as well aspects I would need or be applicable to talk to authorities that have a level of state secret confidentiality at some point in the future that I cannot include into the report but which might be important. Sharing them for now would put myself again into more danger than I even have been before. But the fact that I have been living at lake garda and the fact that parts of lake garda were former special agent headquarters of whom some former agents are involved into abuse of various forms towards me made me come to know knowledge that lies within world govenrmental knowledge but I came to know State crimes respectively capital crimes those people did. This is the only reason why the title to my oficially fictional book within which I transform a lot in an anonimized way is called “Stalked-living with spies/vivere con le spie”. But for now I need to take care first of my OWN safety and when this is guaranteed I am more than willing to let know the level of authorities who are capable to interfere at that level to fight state crimes, capital crimes if not going futher than just states and continents.
I have come now here to more than 35 pages and the report would still not be complete.
Last but not least, eversince September 2021 into all occurrences within the persecution up the day of today there is a rising frequency of persecutors that started to use very weird handgestures, after trying to seek my attention or provoking a reason to get in energetic resonance that remind of the energetic iviolent ntrusions by EMDR and NLP anchoring techniques. violent intrusions = using fear or disgust to break down the natural energetic protection our biomagnetic bodysystem and interfere through that in our neuronal system to cause emotional chain reactions or neuromanipulations, those are violent  torture techniques used by psychopathswho wish to manipulate their targets or make them appear crazy.  
( * for more info on the biomagnetic field of the body I recommend the book on Cells and Gelstructures by Pollack and the scientific basis of shiatsureseach by clifford andrews and his research team* ).
I still don’t know what those handgestures exactly mean but the amount of people using them eversince september 2021 was on a constant rise. It had been possible to find patterns in who would use gestures like that especially.
Strangely enough: all of them had EITHER blond/white hair and steal blue eyes or GREY-BLACK-SILVER mixed hair colour!
It turned out to be that similar handgestures were started to be used as well by everyone who had undergone the PFITZER vaccination.
Is there ANY connection to the fact that PFITZER has been developed by a person with turkish origin (another RATLINE-FASCIST-NAZI Hideout) who grew up in SAARLAND, Germany, a zone that belonged to the FIRST NSDAP NAZI provinces in Germany that always remained rather on the fascist side as well after the end of WW2 ???
I think that authorities who have higher insight into state/global secret matters should have a look into this. As well in the context that the fascist province of Verona in the beginning ONLY accepted Pfitzer and people who had done the vaccine Johnson&Johnson were obliged to nonetheless afterwards to add Pfitzer and in the beginning for them it was almost impossible to get the alternatives to Pfitzer!
I have not enough insight into those matters, the only thing that I KNOW is that those handgestures cause manipulation in the biomagnetic bioneuronal field of a person causing emotional reactions 5-15 minutes after the gesture has been made unless it would be recognized and the intrusion be prevented which I think is only possible when trained in energy perception. Thanksfully I have been trained through my shiatsu and energywork training in that oficially eversince 2009 and inoficially since my age of 8 through a strong connection to nature and interest into native cultural wisdom. During shiatsu training not only energy perception is trained but as well to strenghten the biomagnetic natural resilience shield and to identify intrusions or attention. It should be added by the way that one of the MAIN abusers and perpetrators that I mention in the report used those gestures as well CONSTANTLY and as well that person had BLACK/SILVER/GREY eyes and was specialized in EMDR/NLP/hypnose (he was PROUD and VAIN on the fact that he would break down every persons energyshield by seeking the item of which a person would either be afraid or disgusted as then the natural field would break down and he then could enter into the neuronal system , it almost reminded of the way a rattle snake or spider would paralize its target before attacking, poisening with its velenous saliva to then consume it, funny enough that person seemed to be allergic to everything that keeps as well snakes on distance:
KALE, Cinnamon, Sulphur resp. pure raw garlic, and a specific sort of salt). I remember as well that once that perpetrator as well mentioned that he would be a RACIST and his interest about the topic of CRISPR (long before people received information about the sort of vaccine that has been developed.)
I cannot get rid of the feeling that some officials who have insights about the Great Basin in Nevada would be profiting from this information or would be capable to give more insight to figure out what has been going on in italy/basilicata/vatican or which kind of persons were involved into the organized abuse and neuronal, sexual, verbal, emotional abuse , violence and humilation!
PS: I AM NOT INTEREST TO START WORKING IN INVESTIGATION OR JOURNALISM with my skills.  All knowledge I came across without ANY investigation and rather due to being forced due to the circumstances.  Some of the state agent criminals however wanted to force me into agentwork, if not voluntarily then without my consent and knowledge by applying spy technology like google contact lenses onme without consent.
I have NO interest into sharing certain insights about our world with the public and population of the world.  
Most would neither believe it or rather panick or be overwhelmed with most of what I came to know.
The fact that I came to know several things in a natural way and revealed on its own to me (without ever having had access to condifential information or documents) but simply being at places or meeting people (eversince I was a child) I always considered it as sensitive informations one needs to be wise and careful where to apply or share it.  
Of some informations I did not even know that it would be considered as state secrets or rather global secrets since it revealed itself as to others it reveals that water is wet and the sun is hot. I always believed that a person has full right to have full privacy and to make a secret about personal things and knowledge with noone having right to access it without consent. Not due to the reason to have something to hide but simply due to the proper right on privacy and as well due to the in 90 percent lack of interpretation capacity by observing people who take access without consent.  
(from general language science studies I learned too well that there are at least as many languages in the world as countries exist plus all dialects plus the wuantity of people plus the quantity of people who communicate with each other developing a personal language, which practicaly means, even when we use the same words it does not mean that they have the same meaning which when information is accessed without consent or without asking it might lead to insane and devastating misinterpretations and should simply be forbidden. As the same I would always say that we can make a secret about ourselves but NOT about others without their very consent and that everyone has legit right to know the whole truth about themselves.  
This at least I would have applied upon my person eventhough I believe that there are people who prefer lies or who do not care and that there are situations such as some knowledge I came across pure coincidentally of which I believe that it is probably better when it is not general knowledge as I doubt that general population would be capable to deal with it, especially when we think about that there exists an entire generation that saw their utmost delight in djungel camp and reality shows instead of getting together and having serious discussions about the world and active citizenship with an awareness for self responsibility.  
I wish to state clearly that I NEVER agreed on that people would access neuronal information of mine or even was asked to whether I would be interested into it. I NEVER gave agreement to an experiment or to investigate for someone. However there have been people who pretended that I would have done something like that and others who even pretended I would have been compensated for it.
But there have been attempts to apply either pharmacological brainwash protocols on me or to let declare me for crazy and without credibility as if I had commited a state crime and not them who evidently were involved in the trafficking and abuse of my person and seem to have spread rumors that I in reality would be a different person, that I would have been adopted and then would have falsified my documents or who even insist that I would be married to someone that I do not even know or even worse, there were indications that one of the main perpetrators in the organized abuse pretended that he would have married me and that a priest would have been corrupted to issue a marriage certificate. I personally never saw something like that but there were people who in an anonymous way did refer this to me.
(I remember however one bizarre nightmare where I was brought during the night into a place UNDERGROUND where it was dark, where church music was playing while I was laughing out hysterically such as if under drugs, a person hushing me into silence and the next thing that occurred in the “nightmare” was being pushed and guided through a dark narrow tunnel that led to the cellar of the building where my flat is in, then later with old ugly women sitting on the couch of my very own flat with papers being on the table and then shortly after a person guiding me into my bedroom after 3 persons (one big guy with white hair and blue eyes, a lady with long dark curled hair and two young lads between 16 and 25 with blue eyes and white blond hair left the flat, one whispering “see you soon”) while having a naked upper body. I woke up from that nightmare a couple of hours later in disgust and with a headache. As well I remember that the entire time the voice of the perpetrator and persecutor and abuser with the grey-silver-hair of 2020 was present. You gonna read more about all of those things in the report.)
Last but not least, to everyone reading this report, I recommend  to have possibilities for taking a break from reading. You might be used to heavy content working in your department and going through non resident T-status applications but what happened to me hopefully did not happen to many other people.  
I think it is a miracle that I am still alive and even have been able to process and elaborate most of what has been happening to me.
But I AM open and willing to teach and share and train knowledge on trauma processing and rising awareness on how identifying verbal emotional and neuronal abuse and violence, so that it becomes easier for everyone in your field to help targets of these big crimes. As well I would be willing to share and work together with some authorities to share insights.
While I in my entire life focused and strived for only one thing: living, being and working entirely independent and free and autonomous and selfemployed with full privacy and no dependency.  
Since there are indications that my entire privacy has been stolen as well on a neurological level by different authorities in europe (including members of the vatican/santa croce and descendents of hitlers elite circles in germany and italy) without consent and in most violent ways, there even were indications that one of the involved criminals chipped me with a transponder that was connected to a satelite (the satelites number starting with the letter B and some of the numbers was 1 but more I don’t remember, in one nightly violation they put a thick needle into the back of my neck on the height of the spine, at later violations I frequently founf back at the very same spot a red dot as if once again an injection would have been made, whether both aspects are connected I canot say, one time one of the perpetrators said in perversion “now you cannot escape anymore.”), as well there were incidents where something in my left foodsole did vibrate where as a child I had received a needle injection pretending it would have been as a narcotic for removing a warts (would explain that during the removal there was no local narcotic at all and I was screaming like hell). While I was still in Italy in my flat whenever there were occurring those vibrations in one of the rooms in the building they were commenting on in which room exactly I would be at that moment of my flat (the walls of the building are made of very hollow bricks that were typical for the buildings constructed in the late 60s at lake garda.)
I kindly ask your help to deactivate whatever has been established by those state criminals at Lake Garda, Basilicata and Germany in the Harz and Hamburg. At least if you have the practical posibilities to do so!  
It is a state crime, if not a capital crime or more. It seems to be as well connected to the fact that there are persons who constantly confuse me with a “Samanta”, with a “Silvia”, with a “Enrica” or with a “Janine” or with a  “Janina”.  
But NEVER in my entire life seemed to have recognized me as “Saskia Charlotte”, born on 7th March 1985 around 11pm in Bethesda hospital Duisburg, Germany!
I as well kindly ask to let me keep the knowledge that I gained throughout all the years and travel with the trust that I will keep it to myself or only share it in eligible situations since the knowledge came to me in its own and on its own. Like specific knowledge throughout all millenials has always found its way towards single people and it is important for the healing profession that I studied hard for with positive references from people I gave treatments to on a global scale.
Please help me with receiving the T non resident status and as well with a work permit that would allow me to get self-employed and basic insurance (I have not even a health insurance in case of an accident where I would not be able to cure myself but where operations would be needed)
 that I am capable to work and generate income and being allowed to getting self employed in the United States.  
And these days I survive only because I found a place where I can do a voluntary work exchange with cleaning in exchange for accomodation and food from donations. While with my competences I easily would be able to work and generate income but as far as I understood the B1/B2 visa would not allow to work.
I took my last savings to buy the flight ticket to the USA and to survive the first weeks here.  
People in Europe many years ago threatened me that if I don’t get back in touch with my relatives they would make me end up homeless trying to cause that people would think that I would work as a prostitute or a drugdealer.  
I have neither with one nor with other any connection.
And before working in either of those fields I rather would have made an end to my life. Fortunately knowing that there are always different solutions and exactly 3 days before my last cent was spent I found this place where in return to help with cleaning and organizing I have a bed in a shared dormitory and food from the foodbanks and some of the people who live here.
I ask as well for the permit to get self employed for a different motive as soon as possible:
ALL normal employments are always at risk to sabotage from the outside and be it due to “revenge” by those that I have been exposing and their seemingly infinite contacts and economic possibilities as it happened in the past already.  
Kind regards,
California, Unites States of America, May 2022
- my vision and hopes for the future in the united states
- the forms A…
- study certificates of University and university reference letters
- study certificates of Shiatsu, medical basic 1 year fulltime training, and certificate on advanced training on treating trauma with shiatsu
- employments evaluations commercialists Danzer, Soyka, Matthes 2005 and reference letter 2021
- employment evalutation and reference letter PRO SENIORE residence for the elderly 2014 and 2021
- German Medical Seafarers Certificate July 2021
- Seafarer Certificates on Crowdmanagement and Safetyprocedures 2017, Federal Seafarers certificate of Proficiency 2017
- extract of the birth registry Germany, 2004
- University permit / highschooldiploma 2004
- reference letter language skills Dutch 2005-2008
- police clearance certificate 2018  
(due to the entire situation I have no possibility these days to request an up to date one from the countries I have been residing in)
- extracts of the book I am working on that contains some real life experiences
- copies of some of the lyrics that I wrote to transform everything
- reference letter of the violine teacher and public music school of the city I grew up in that I had from 1990-1999 as a proof for my dedication to the ambience of art since my early childhood
Modern forms of organized abuse and since 2007  
with taking constantly more extreme forms from 2014-2021
The modern form of trafficking and  organized abuse started in 2007, however I will start with the more extreme ones from  2015 onwards that took place in my very own flat at Lake Garda, Malcesine, Via Saltarino 6 interno 9, 37018 Malcesine that had been inherited to me by Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen who died on 8/9 November 2015 in Muelheim an der Ruhr and who would be according to my birth certificate my grandfather on the padernal side, son of Edith Kempchen and grandson of Heinrich Kempchen.
In 2016 I moved to Lake Garda into my flat with the hope that the abuse and persecutions that already in 2014/2015 had been taking extreme forms in Germany would stop there and that it would be a safe place to be.
Back then I did not know yet that I was getting to the source of everything that had been done towards me.
The very first organized abuse started to happen shortly after a vacation in the flat in 2007.
A couple of months later during a students party there was infiltrated a person who pretended that his name would be Matt (but I am sure by now it would be a different name) and where at my age of back then 23 was still too naive trusting a person who would be at a students party of people I knew and to which I was invited to come along by my student and house mate in Nijmegen, Netherlands (had been studying there between 2005and 2008 General Language science) and who was attached a lot to the catholic church of Nijmegen.  
She asked me out whether I would be interested to join her or not.  
Everything that happened between 2007 and 2014 was set up as 1 night stands or persons faking further interest to after the incident of intercourse would invent a lie that they only had intended amusement.  
People were regularly infiltrated into friend circles or Couch surfing to a grade of trustworthy surroundings so that the natural shields of scepticism towards other people were already lowered and I did not expect people who were friends of friends of mine would try to drug or manipulate food or beverage at a party of them.
I usually have a very good memory for details (even dating back to early childhoodtime of 1 or 2 years) but for those occasions I am almost blank in memory.
There are indications that EVERYTHING has been recorded and spreaded in organized networks as pornography making it look as if I had given consense to everything with full awareness. It is not before the last months that I realize that the trafficking and organized abuse started already back then and was part of everything.
In 2010 there were 3 infiltrated persons into parties.
In 2011 I was introduced at a party to an acquaintance of the host who was working in a science department of a special project who asked me out for a date or two solely interested after all into a sexual contact.
In 2013
In early 2014 I was introduced to a person who studied at the BUNDESWEHR (german military) University of Hamburg from originally Nuernberg preparing for the KSK who did his Masterthesis there. The day he told me the argument of his masterthesis ”on the history of torture” he broke up with the sort of relationship he had started with the excuse that soon he would leave for the KSK special training.
A couple of month later at the birthday occasion of a friend where besided of me strangely enough only one other person was present I was introduced to another person close to military who pretended to be interested in a relationship.
Reading everything must sound incredible that one would not have realized all of it already earlier but the traffickers behind did a pretty well work in isolating me and destroying every posibility to get to know normal and healthy people, same refers by the way as well to tries to find and keep an employment. Shortly after that I would have seeked and received an employment there would be additional persons who had applied and infiltrated and started shortly after being employed sabotage on workplaces or bullying intrigues both leading to bad performance or bad working athmosphere leading to my unemployment after organized complaining campaigns.
Christmas 2013 there was an organized abuse situation as well in a hotel in Turkey that most probably became recorded after a person was infiltrated into hotel staff seeking attention and offering me once to provide me with a room service cold plate and shortly after asking whether I would like to meet him elsewhere.  
In 2014 I moved on request of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen to Bad Harzburg after he had insisted that I would give up my autonomous and economy independent employment at Pro Seniore Hamburg (adding work certificate in attachment).
Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen insisted I would start an additional schooling at an insitute that was called “Kortex Med-Physiotherapy” school but had turned out to in reality have been one of the CARL LOGES experimental institutions (NUERNBERG, NAZITIME). I did not know about this until 2021 when I did start to do investigations and research on the previous years before the as well for me evident traficking took place.  
While I was there, there were 3 situations of people that had been indirectly introduced to me who were pretending to have an eventual interest in a relationship unatil they would have the chance for different things. One had a military background as well and having in his private library books on manipulation techniques.  
Another person that seemed to have been a setup with direct connections to Nuernberg was in addition attached to the DESY and DLR institute in Braunschweig/Hamburg and they were infiltrated into a couchsurfing group where I had been hoping to find better surrounding than the people from Bad Harzburg.
I left 2015 Bad Harzburg after emotional, verbal, and mental violence that had been applied by different persons, including gaslightning techniques (of which I back then did not even know that this term exists).
When I left Bad Harzburg in 2015 it was the beginning of the official persecution and “zersetzungs” and trafficking scenario.
Wherever I would register myself with my passport, within 1-2 hours people would infiltrate into hotels, places, trains, planes, accomodations, even ride share such as BlaBlaCar
This took place in Germany and Switzerland in 2015.
During the night several times people entered into my hotelroom leaving me with absurd nightmares, until I realized that it had not been a nightmare but real and that I always in that occasions would wake up with headaches and red dots at my neck as if a needle injection would have been done.
When I received the news that I would have become property owner of Via Saltarino 6, interno 9 37018 Malcesine, Lake Garda, Provinci di Verona, which I until then ONLY knew as a beautyful vacation place and flat and area, I did not hesitate a second and decided to move there, hoping to be in safety.
But I could not have been any wronger. (There seems even to be a direct connection to Nuernberg and Bad Harzburg, since I came across the fact that Malcesine has been eversine 1945 a hiding place on the infamous ratlines of the Vatican and is as well connected to the Constructor of the Extinction Camps Theodor Eicke who officially had been stationed in Malcesine for a couple of months, but there are indications that he had started to built there hiding places for the Nazi Elite in respectively below at least 5 buildings in Malcesine and surrounding). I did not know until beginning 2021, then I escaped from Italy by plane from Venice after realizing that the entire Province of Verona had remained fascist after WW2 and that there had nothing been a coincidence within all abuse and trafficking events that had been taking place then as well in Italy from 2016 onwards.
My flat was drugged with narcotic gas, my beverage and food became drugged. Always between 2 am and 4:30 am people were let to enter my flat who abused me.  
I realized it to be true when once their narcotic did not work anymore and I gained consciousness with 3 persons pushing me down on the bed, 2 persons standing in the background of which I identified two (living in the same building where my flat is connected and directly connected to the VATICAN and 2 being former Italian State agents ) and another person who was shouting “it does not work anymore”, trying to cover my mouth and eyes with something and shortly afterwards everything became dark again. One of them working for the local katechism and he has as well the authority to give directives to people in town what is to be spread about a specific person as a rumour. (in that regard I observed him in may/june 2021 shortly after I had eavedropped between 3amand 5 am a nightly reunion below my bedroom in the very same building “and if she perceved that we killed him?” and “What do you say, Vito?” (curiously enough, the person who abused me from june 2021 to december 2021 has the same first name having the last name Lapetina and he lives in Affi , having his official work as a “falegname” in Domigliara near the former NATO bunker that is in the mountain range of the Monte Baldo, his birth place is the Basilicata, in a village that was known for the INQUISITION of the Roman Catholic Church, he always wore a GREY suit when going to “work” that was kind of strange) ,
 and “we need to eliminate all who know about the implant”), well.. one or two days after that night I saw the person responsbible for the catechism walking through the entire town and saying to specific persons that I would be crazy, that I would have dreamed everything. He was so focused on his walk that he did not even realized that I was walking 3 meters behind him in two of the occasions when he was saying this.  
The next day everyone living in the same building very evidently had been trying to find an excuse to peek out their door or to ask how I would be doing , trying to figure out whether I would remember anything and all of them with dark shadows below their eyes.
Another time I started to put chairs against the entrance door and I had already for long stopped eating what I not just had bought or which had left my eyes.  
At 2:15 the entrancedoor hit the chair, 3 elderly women started to curse , then slammed the door and after some chatter in the corridor they walked down the chairs. I did not do any move.
I changed several times the keys and locks, but latest 1 week after without ever having given away my key people managed to come in again as if the door would have a secret opening mechanism, although I had on purpose ordered it and replaced the normal door for a security door (for unknown reasons the door had been delivered first to Riva del Garda before it came from the factory directly to me).
Once I had changed locks, a neighbour was saying to someone “but they have already paid”, afterwards a phonecall “she fell sick”.
I was shocked and went for a walk. When passing by 2 elderly men, one was saying to the other: “she is not sick at all, she looks very healthy.”
In autumn 2016 I remember me laying on the floor and 2 men present, one saying to the other “she is indeed really special”. And someone patting my belly.
I don’t know whether it were the same persons or not.
In most occasions it was just bizzare nightmares and remembering the fisical touch as if it was still on my skin and ALWAYS waking up at exact 4:15 or 4:30 in a way as if I never had been sleeping at all and then the days afterwards I felt kind of numbed out though without memory.  
As well I started to realize that when I would walk by men in the village of 60plus age they would start to look in unpleasant ways at me, what they would not do towards others.  
I once again changed locks and started to put things against my door.
A few weeks later I was offered a winter work to give company to an elderly lady (aged 90) and stay there over night in one of the houses constructed by an architect who had constructed as well the Baita delle Forti on the Monte Baldo.
Since 2 workplaces in 2016 had been destroyed and winterseason did not give many employmentopportunities I accepted and the first weeks there was nothing in particular that caught my attention.
Then things started to change when I had once a nightmare with people having a nightly reunion that was very odd and I had been presented to some people and the other time I remember that a lady with a red uniform was giving an injection into my arm while sitting in the bed in the room that had ben given to me stating “it does not work anymore” and then darkness and I remember that I was entirely exhausted the entire day afterwards.
A few days later the persons who had asked me to give company to their mother/mother in law were having a fight with her stating”if she does not stay here , I will signal a theft”.
I left a couple of days later. The details of the next 24hours after can be read in the elaboration of what has been happened in the chapter “scappata per austria” which I will add seperately (however they are written in Italian*)
The persecution and tried violation of hotelrooms and on camping sites with narcotic gas that was emptied over my tent did continue throughout summer . In Austria, Mallorca, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy (different provinces) and even during the short Cruiseshipemployment in 2017 (before as well that job became destroyed).
All the times accompanied with headaches the next morning, and needle injection points at my neck, one time something had been done to my mouth because I woke up with a terrible teeth inflammation for which there had been no warning.  
When in Germany in summer 2017 I tried to file report in Von Bock Strasse Muelheim an der Ruhr, but before I could talk to a policeofficer a person in civil infiltrated took over leading me into a side room (not even a normal police office) and after listening to my report trying to convince me I would be paranoid and he would recommend me to talk to a medical in the CATHOLIC Marienhospital of Muelheim an der Ruhr.  
Since he had started to use gaslightning rhetoric and manipulation mimicking techniques as well as intimidating rhetoric in an entirely civil surrounding there was no need in following these “suggestions”. I as well informed him kindly about that I was aware of the rhetoric used and that I would not know who would have directed him and told him those lies about me but that I would be well aware about what happened to me.
As soon as after having have left the room he recommended me instead to try to find a very good lawyer.  
I had no money for a lawyer. So I left without further assistance.  
Already in 2015 I had tried to file a report in Heidelberg about persecution and abuse situations that had been taking place but the only thing the police officer was answering was that I should get in touch with my relatives.
(My father Michael Junker, born 1rst February 1962 is since 2007 together with a girl with the surename Wissing, whom he married in 2012 with her new name Marion Junker, she grew up in a monestary of the vatican, had several adoptive parents and her mother is closely connected to the Vatican itself; my mother Mechthild Wand, born 10th of May 1964 was eversince 1991 partnered for more than 20 years with a person matthias Schrick , connected to state agencies and afterwards to another persons whose relatives were connected to the STASI, and to my official grandfather Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen I had lost contact after compromised telephones eversince I had fled from Bad Harzburg and he not having ebven been trying to help me when I had been indicating him about what had been going on in Bad Harzburg and having been the one who had been insisting that I would go to that place instead of staying in the employment where I was well accepted and economically independent, there was for a while not even a big interest in contacting there, the few times I tried there was just his answering machine and at the last phonecall in june 2015 he had told me that for the next 6 month to please not be disturbed due to company challenges , when I tried to reach out shortly before christmas 2015 he was already dead and his acquaintances telling me that he had rapid cancer and that I would have known that or not but would have abandoned him hanging in the phone.).
In 2016 I tried to reach out to Mechthild Wand after the first incidents of abuse in my very own flat and what had been happening in 2015 in Bad Harzburg, but she and her new partner did not even take it serious and being more concerened about a cat that now during my absenze would be alone in the flat than about me being violated again.  
Same did count for Laura Francesca (my sister) who even works as a judge for a tribunal  in Munich, Germany  and her husband who is a state lawyer in Bavaria.  
Some of the THE FOLLOWING PARTS OF THE REPORT ARE CUT AND PAST FROM THE DOCUMENTATION THAT I HAD STARTED IN 2019. Some of it is written in a form that I aimed to include in a bookchapter as well, therefor some of the writing style will remind you of as if you were reading a written story but it still happened like that.  
Bern 2015&2017
Autumn 2015,
I arrive at Bern in the late afternoon. At the check in at the hostel something odd happens.
As soon as I say my name the face of the receptionist changes and glances into the direction of three men who seem to have a random conversation 5 meters away in the dining hall. When he shows me the way to the hostel passing them he nods towards them or doing some gesture but it is too long ago to recall what he exactly did. At this time I don’t think about it too long, I just take notice, still in each and every unusual situation hoping it would be just a coincidence and not referring to me. I am well aware that after everything that happened in Bad Harzburg and ever after I left there my senses and my awareness have such a high intensity level that all can have to do with it but it just can be as well a misinterpretation. during the night in the dorm I wake up by people walking around the beds and by rumours at the lockers as if looking for something. As well I recall that persons at some point were standing next to my bed and sleeping place but strangely enough it did not keep me awake but I was numbed out shortly after.
The next day at breakfast someone looks to talk to me, I realize that it was one of the prerson I was signalled to. He asks me what I was doing and where I would be travellng. I have my travelguestbook and my leatherbook with me (in the leather book I used to keep philosophic writing on positive events and epiphanies that had turned out to be helpful to clients when giving them advise after shiatsu sessions), he seems to be aware of it.
He reminds me to take good care of those books and keep me and the book safe. The way he says it sounds like it would have safed my life.
I will never know what really happened or was supposed to happen in that night.(  I am aware that I would not live anymore but just exist if I even when it is worry some I would give too much attention to those happenings and train myself rather in my evaluation skills whether targeted situations are threatening or just annoying, whether it might be “just” fake testimonies who later will talk lies about me or whether it is a potential serious threat that could cause manipulated food, beverage, abuse, traffic or similar harmful. I know I am on my own with this. All attempts to look for help through authorities are intervened immediately. Still remembering my visit in Heidelberg at the Police station where I try to ask for help due to the persecution that started ever since I left the Harz and the only thing the policemen says is to get in touch with my relatives. Wasn’t it my relatives a lot of things started in the first place? In 2010 withdrawing from them, being made responsible by my so-called older sister for her attempt of suicide a few years later just because I had shown civilian courage for her ex boyfriend who had trusted her that apart from that he truly loved her he as well would have a transgender side? Her behavior towards him was disgusting. She was convinced that he must do therapy to become “normal”. I remember as if it was yesterday that I tired to explain her that if he truly loves her that she only has the chance to either respect and acknowledge him fully as he did not change and all he had been towards her beforehand that he told her was the same as now and nothing would have changed or if she was not capable to live with this additional fact that she would need to take the decision to separate from him and be thankful for the good time they shared beforehand together. She did not listen. I tried to explain her even more since a few contacts that I had made during intercultural and international training courses on human rights education were queer and had shared some insights from their lifes and challenges and the prejudices they would face regularly. But my so-called older sister (with whom I had not even grown up and I only can remember nasty or irresponsible or dangerous moments when we still were growing up together) did not want to comprehend. She insisted he would have to do therapy to become normal and she would not plan to separate because they would have made already plans to have 5 kids together and she wanted to stick to that plan. I did a last try and she accused me: “So.. you are as well such a thing!” I was without words. I sad no but did not see any point in any further communication. The last time I had seen her she had made fun of what she had come to know after she had been visiting me in Nijmegen 2007 what was pretty weird since she could only have had come to know if she had been eavesdropping my phone or if she had been making friends with my flatmate, keeping in touch with them  who then must have had told her. She said in 2009 about a phonecall I had made for a potential working place “that everyone of the family would have found it super funny and laughed their ass off when I had thought about doing that experience” (due to my therapeutical and empathy training I had considered to do a stage at a funeral institute as I thought that it would be good for people who face all the challenges with a funeral to meet a person that is good in empathy and strong and respectful towards what is left over when a person dies. ) BUT how would they have been able to come to know that? Due to the prejudices by many it was absolutely nothing that I had shared with anyone since most would find it odd without knowing what was going on. Did she install surveillance technology in my very own flat when she had been visiting me in Nijmegen in 2007? Was this the only reason she had been coming to visit me in the first place? Was it related to the SAP training she had had a few weeks before she insisted to visit me “for trying to catch up on a lost “sister-relationship” ? and why did she insist that I would tell NO ONE that she had been at an SAP training course? She had no problem with that I would tell that she had been visiting me in Nijmegen but she insisted that I should never tell anyone that for WORK she participated in a SAP training course paid by her employer including a fancy expensive hotel on costs of the employer???
As well there was another weird aspect. She left some of her favorite audiobooks at me and wanted to watch a movie in a small cinema she had researched before that it would be showing. The audiobooks and music she left were “erotic tales for adults”, “1001 nights” and “Gregorian music sounds”, the black and white movie she insisted to watch was “Dr Mabuse”. A movie about a sort Frankenstein that was doing brain experiments on others. For the rest of the time she had been visiting me she insisted that the person who raised me would be in reality the impersonated devil and that one day I would be opening my eyes on that. It was an unpleasant experience and after she had left my flat and study place I peeked to distance again from her. Nothing had really changed, I realized that my so-called mother Mechthild must have had done an ugly job in raising her and telling her constantly a lot of evil things that she evidently was convinced still after 15 years that I had been brainwashed and that it never had been my personal decision to live and grow up at my fathers home after the divorce. The whole dr mabuse scenario movie was just another ugly example for doing so. She lived back then with the attitude and did not hide to share it that it would be the perfection of an insult to meet and visit someone and do and say a lot of things that seemed to be a compliment and nice so the person even would say thank you for it and not realizing before the person would be gone that in reality everything had been a big insult and nastiness but without even being capable to accuse the person for it as it would look like to everyone else like a compliment and only the insulted person would know it which would make the effect even bigger. After her visit I was drained. I recall another situation that occurred during the divorce process of my parents  between 1992 and 1994. My father had moved with me to an apartment that was 2 streets away to get out of the literal war zone but at the same time enabling me and my siblings to have the possibility to just walk two streets to see each other and the other parent whenever wanted. (however I did not feel like it because of all the accuses that my father would have manipulated me and that it would not be my choice, while I ALWAYS had been a fathers child- even my granny from the mothers side still recalls it that I rather was attached to my dad and as well to my grandpa then to the women sides of the family, they seemed to have a different sort of character and sensitivity towards nature). On that event that I do recall I was walking home most of the way from elementary school with my older sister together. It was just the last bit and it was on my birthday. When we came to the part where it would be time to separate she took a strong grip on my schoolbag and tried to FORCE me to come with her and that it would be my duty to come with her now home and not to the place where  I was living these days. I originally had wanted to see as well my mother on my  8th birthday but that situation caused by my sister was so violent and scary and possessive and at the age of exactly 8 years it was overwhelming. It was so scary that I do not remember whether I ever after went to visit my mother in the house I grew up again but think that I saw her next after the divorce process had been accomplished and I would go to see her on the visiting weekends when she had been moving to Muenster, Greven Reckenfeld. I did like my mother but only when Janina  Maria and Matthias Schrick  were not around. They did scare me. Once when my father was still living in Magdeburg where he had take an employment to give his marriage some time and distance and to have a job as a teacher Matthais Schrick had been visiting my mother and while I must have been 4 or 5  years old they were sitting there holding hands and talking at the kitchen table, me feeling nausea all the time and needing to throw up for which that person then even hold me over the kitchen sink because I was still too small to spit into the sink on my own. It did not make the situation better.  But it was not the already as a child felt betrayal that disgusted me. I NEVER had felt comfortable in the presence of Matthias Schrick in the first place without being able to figure it. Actually I don’t know what happened to my mother mechthild and Janina after the separation and divorce and their 20 years in the presence of that Matthais. The next time I saw them after 1998 - in 1998 I could not stand it any longer and broke off with the contact to them and for the first time in my life after 1990 I started to breath again and having fun with making new friends in the lifeguard section of the Red Cross youth organization participating in awarenesses campaigns on human rights and life guarding and first aid and medicine.) But the next time I saw them it was 2007 and 2009 and then again in 2016 and they almost seemed to have become crazy. It was as if they wanted to FORCE me to become 8 years old again and to put their world views upon me and their way of thinking. It felt violent and it caused a burn out that took a year to recover from. Be it in 2007, be it in 2009. This is the reason that I do not refer anymore to my mother as mother but as Mechthild. In 2021 I did a last try to reach out again telling her about the trafficking and organized abuse in Italy but she did not want to believe me. I told her as well that there are people who pretend that I would have changed my name to Saskia Charlotte, but still she did not believe me and did not see any reason to call people in Italy to talk straight words to them. Only one time she was seriously interested when I told her that in front of the house someone would have said about me : “we have abused the legit descendent”. In that moment she showed serious interest but in a weird way. She seemed only to want to verify whether I was sure that they had said those words and then tried to convince me that they probably would have talked about someone else. Well.. I know that I have been abused and trafficked in my very own flat. As well she did try to convince me that the red needle dots that I had found on my neck regularly after waking up with foggy headaches would have come from the endings of earrings. Would have been a nice explanation if I had been wearing earrings all the time during sleep and if it had been dots in the reach of the earring endings. I recall from my visit in 2016 as well that she seemed to know about things that I had in the apartment of which she could not even know that they would exist. As if someone during my absence would have gone inside and have been through all my belongings to then give her report about it. She referred to it in an indirect way in a sort of anecdote but with then quoting 3 phrases that I literally had written down somewhere or said out loud in my flat without that anyone could have heard it. As well I noticed that in 2016 and as well in the only skypecall I did with her in 2021 she had started to do weird hand gestures that I recall from other people doing them who were part of the persecution. I have no idea what those hand gestures mean but I remember that when there was the incident in 2021 on the motorway stop at the Spain-french border after that I had woken up in my car in Spain with a new needle injection at my neck and the incapacity to concentrate and emotional aggressive outbursts during the day for which I as soon as possible with my car looked for a safe place to park for the rest of the day and the next night (it turned out to be the place at the motorway resting area to prevent that I would be having an accident on my journey), well when I woke up adnd looked around I saw that there was a girl in the middle of her 20s with an orange security shirt who at the entry of the restaurant stopped each and every truck driver, showing them first something on her phone and then starting to teach them 5 specific hand gestures and making sure that the persons would be able to repeat them. When I picked up my ride and at several times when I passed truck drivers when they saw me they then would do some of those hand gestures of which one was the very same that mechthild wand then did in 2021. Once she as well in a hypocritical voice was asking how I would manage with washing my clothing and taking showers. I still wanted to believe that she had nothing to do with all of it. The desperate hope of a person who wishes that the person who gave birth and written on the birth certificate would be a loving person and that everything bad that happened would have been just a misinterpretation or that the person in all the years hopefully would have matured and evolved as would be natural since during my shiatsu study and years that include a lot of self elaboration and evolving and personal work I for sure am glad fully a different person and more adult than yet 10 years ago and for sure more than 20 years ago which made me presume that this would count naturally as well for other people. I told her about the shower opportunities at petrol stations for truck drivers and the laundry opportunities at supermarkets in Portugal and france and other pragmatic solutions taken by digital nomads and travelers to take care of daily needs. The next time I took a shower in a petrol station opportunity it turned out that the floor of the shower I had been referred to after needing to wait because the employee had to “check on something” was contaminated with that tingly substance on the floor and the soap as well had a tingly effect on my skin. The next time I looked for self laundry opportunities 10-15 minutes after I had been there random strangers showed up who used once again those weird gestures of which I don’t know what they mean but are made in a certain manner after having done something to draw my attention towards them or after having exchanged some words of random polite conversation as considered to be normal when you meet people who as well do their laundry in a self laundry etc. I had to find new solutions and switched to the wet wipes that are used a lot by digital nomads and travelers when there is a lack of shower and fortunately my immunes system had by then grown strong enough to start washing in rivers and the sea whenever there was opportunity. In that context some positive pragmatic outcome that I keep thinking about already for quite a while within the entrepreneurial knowledge of mine. I plan to invent a travel soap that is possible to use efficiently as well without having a real shower or bathing opportunity that is properly cleaning and cleansing itself as well with clear ideas on what properties it must have and which ingredients and material and texture is gonna be involved. So far it does not exist yet and it would be a desired item by digital nomads and travels and a true help for the many homeless people in the world who would start having challenges the moment they are deprived from regular care taking of hygiene and clothing. As well a more efficient way to wash clothing during travel than exists so far for travelers. I have been participating in entrepreneurtrainings and management trainings ever since 2010 on my own behalf. As well therefor I had been able to implement the contract employment for a shiatsu practitioner within a residence for the elderly providing through this a more efficient working surrounding to the nursing staff through preventive healthcare for them and advanced healthcare for the elderly in the nursing home since I knew how to present and to explain and implement it into a nursing home where something like that did not even exist or was known about before I introduced it to them. This would be by the way another possibility once I would have the permit to work and become self employed in the united states. To give Consulting to nursing homes and companies on how to implement preventive healthcare that would on the long run cause more efficient work results and less moneyless due to reduced sick falls and towards the managers a qualitative burnout prevention training since due to my own burnouts and overcoming those I don’t know only what it means and feels like but as well the alarm signals, waht to do to recharge and recover and to address daily life and tasks without loosing efficiency but rather doubling it in the work to be done.
Trainride from Verona to Trino Summer 2017,
2italians walking throufgh the train: ma fove è la ragazza del lago.
Fortunately I have chosen a seat next to a lady and talking intensely with her as being good friends.
In addition I booked a first class ticket.
Trainride from Trino to bern Summer 2017
People walking through the train, obviously looking for someone.
I get off the train in Bern safely, walking dien the way to the hostel I had been staying two years earlier but it has gone. The whole building does not exist anymore and there is a constructionsite.
Back to 2017.
I stand without words in front of tge construction site. No hostel, no place to go to. Behind me I hear the river Aare streaming.
I still have all mobiles with me, forgot to take out the sim card.. i start walking along the river...
Suddenly I hear a helicopter roaming above my head... as if it was circling, looking for is 1am by now... is it a coincidence? I have no clue..I panick and tgrow away my mobilephobes ..both directly into the river... (hope nature will forgive me for that).. an instant later tge helicopter changes directions and I dont hear it anymore...
I continue my walk along the river, find a bench nearby.. its weird.. i never had been forced to sleep outside but It is not too cold... however it starts raining.. so I get up again and keep walking, there seems to be kind of campingsite ..I enter the gate and find the changing rooms of the bathrooms... I enter there, close the door put myself on the little bench of the changing room and try to rest... about half an hour later something scary happens.. next to my changing room the door is opened..I hear someone entering there, shortly afterwards I hear tge person crying.. It is so weird that it seems to be surreal.. it does not make sense..
As soon as it seems to become light outside I get out of tgere.. I start walking up the hill looking for a place to start the day to make some clear thoughts, even considering to contact the police but it shows to be a stupid idea, they do not take me serious from the very beginning as they would have been already prepared as it was happening earlier, well.. lets see how the rest of the day proceeds..if nothing else worrysome happens I might be fine without..
I start walking my favorite places in Bern, find even a good place for a decent breakfast from my last switzer money, find a place to buy a bikini ..
having a good day.
Don’tremember what happened next after having had breakfast.
After my return from the destroyed cruiseship employment I started to help out with the olive oil harvest and was introduced to a person that caused a 1 night stand about which I later came to know that people had been making a recording of it.
On St Valentine 2018 in Villa 40, Domigliara , Lago di Garda, where I spent the night with a person I had been together with from January 2018 to beginning of 2019 there was a horrific situation.
The last beverage had been manipulated with drugs and persons were let into the hotel room. My body system was already so much used to those sedatives throughout the previous years that I was halfly awake while it was happening.
The person who abused me had silverblack shoulderlong hair and I remember the absurdity of it because he had kind of a feminine face and almost looked like a woman. It was entirely ugly the entire situation and I hope you don’t ask me to describe the details of the sort of abuses.
The person I had a relationship at that point and me woke oficcially up then in the very same moment and it was very weird. The next morning both of us had headache.
At the breakfast table next to us there was a couple sitting of whom the faces looked familiar but I was not able to place them, they were german and had a pervert smile on their faces but they were not the person who abused me. However I remember that they had been checking in about 10-15 minutes after our checkin , since to those things I keep notice eversince 2015.  
I requested several times to the person I had been together with in 2018 to file report with me together at the police but he never wanted to do that and said that he could not remember a lot about it only that there were weird persons and although as well he had memories later coming back he made comments about being afraid and that at lake garda anyway never something would change.
In 2019 I left again for a second cruiseship experience with another cruise company but as well there only after a few weeks on the vessel it was sabotaged and I became disemployed leaving with the C1 visa from Fort Lauterdale.
For evident reasons not wanting to go back to Italy since noone there even cares about when someone becomes abused or trafficked I started to travel backpacking and as well in may 2019 came with the B1/B2 to the United States in the hope that the traffickers and persecutors would leave me here in peace.  
And in comparison to all places in Europe the incidents were reduced to “only” 5 in 6 months.
I should have tried to apply for asylum or T status already back then, but I did not have the courage and strenghths to do that and somehow hoped that sooner or later it would stop or I would find a save haven without taking a step by that.  
In 2 of the occasions a person had been let into the room I had been sleeping and another time fortunately the Sheriff of Ventura had been alarmed by others before something horrific would happen who then with 6 deputies arrested a person who had pretended to be able to offer accomodation but who was on the Meghans Law list, arresting that person in Oxnard. He had been presented to me on a barbecue that had been held on the property of an accomodation host and I needed a place to stay.
As well most of the other incidents took place at infiltrated places into by hosts who had contacted me-not the other way round but for unknown reasons all other requests from my part had been turned down.  
Another time in a hotel in Fresno (where I had been visiting the underground garden), shortly after my check in, in the room next to me a GROUP of people checked in to and it sounded as if they would be registrating a porn. I made sure my roomdoor would be locked and my luggage in front of the door and I don’t want to know what had happened if I had not taken those precautions.
After I did leave the USA in 2019 I moved on to Canada and New Zealand but there was no place safe at all. It were the most dangerous countries to be.
As well there I tried to file reports towards police officers and stations but as soon as I would enter a police station 10 minutes afterwards they would reeive a call and after that call they would refer me to talk to a medical or psychologue instead and were not taking serious anymore what I had been saying.
I left in several cases without even leaving my data, being afraid they would become instructed to write something different than what I really had been reporting.
The evening after I tried to report the incident in HALIFAX, I checked into a Hilton hotel there and found my bedsheets and toilet seat the very next morning contaminated with poisonous substance after I had been coming back from breakfast. As well though I had had a check in into the hotel after 11pm, exactly 20 minutes later a group of other people checked into it. I had prewarned the reception desk that in case some other would still do reservations to please make sure they would be on a different floor than I with please not asking me for the reason to it.
About 10 minutes after those people had checked in, I received the sms message whether everything would be ok through the provided telephone number providing me with a direct possibility to reach out. Probably something had been noticed in the peoples chattery and put quickly into the context of my unusual request.
The next morning I noticed at breakfast 15 unusual people and shortly after a person who looked quite official who seemed to take everyone into closer look greeting me friendly and with acknowledgement when I passed by but not introducing himself.  
In New Zealand there was a violation and trafficking situation immideately on the day of my arrival in December 2019 on the DOC camping site of Godley Head,
I remember persons walking around my tent with something that made a weird sound, I remember later a strange dream with me sitting on a bench.
The next morning I realized that my running trousers and shoes were contaminated with poisenous substance and the next time I used my drinking bottle it did lead to immideate diarrhea.
I was still in New Zealand in 2020 when the Covid Pandemie started and was obliged to find a place where I would be in the “Bubble”.
I wrote into a group and a girl was writing me she would be happy to have me over.
On the second day I realized that my food and beverage became manipulated unless I made sure that I would be in charge of it. In the second week she demanded me to help with gardenwork on a piece of land that caused me an allergic reaction. Another time I had a bizarre nightmare with tiredness in the morning and in the afternoon a person passing by nodding towards me as if trying to figure out whether I would recognize him or not, a few days later they asked me to help with SPRAYING Pesticides (I had never learned or done how to do it before), the day I left for the repatriation flights to europe I was handed 2 masks by them and a desinfection handgel. Shortly after using the desinfection gel, I almost caused an accident on the plane while using one of the masks I started to suffer from a strong nose bleed. A few weeks after I used the other mask not necessarily connecting the mask to the incident and the same thing did occur.
For some desperate hope I had been returning to Lake Garda into my flat nonetheless but the horror of beforehand took a new turn to extremity.
I found not even the breathing air manipulated and once again food and beverage manipulated (that had to be delivered by a delivery service or by another person due to the 3weeks isolation and still logdown) but as well the water in the Waterboiler had been manipulated causing emotional breakouts exact 10-15 minutes after that I had taken the shower.
About a week after the isolation phase was finished, again people tried to enter my flat during the night and one time during that I was having a nap in the afternoon, both times accompanied by a bizarre dream.
In the night after the afternoon nap I woke up with the horrible pain on the left side of my uterus as if someone would have put a knife inside and I had a bleeding as if from an injury (NOT a menstruational bleeding), it lasted for 4 days and I was afraid I would bleed to death but due to knowing the lake already too good I knew that I could not go to hospital as if it was an attempt of murdering me they would use Covid as an excuse to finish it (as did happen to more than just one case around lake garda).
For more than 8 months I monthly still had severe painful cramps on the left side of my uterus. From now and then it still is the case. (I never suffered from menstruational pain and the incident occurred 15 days before my period whereas I belong to those who even in stressful times have a on time cycle).
Shortly afterwards a person was activated who was infiltrated into my contacts already a few weeks beforehand who played then the fake saviour introducing himself as a timmerer as official profession and a trauma therapist working with EMDR, hypnose techniques for trauma treatment. It turned out to be the person who most probably was involved in the trafficking and abuse from 2016 onwards including the incident on san valentine 2018 for as far as my memory details allow to dare to say.
He offered support and I fell into the trap.
Instead of helping me to overcome the traumatic experiences he used the EMDR and hypnosis to start official abuse. As soon as I realized what was going on that person started with gaslightning, direct and indirect threatenings and it turned out tha tin reality he had been a former italian state agent threatening me with his contacts to a hospital called St Catherine and to state police and in addition he added that noone who ever would have filed report publicly against him would have survived this so far and they would not have died throuh his had but through his “spirits”.
He behaved entirely dangerous and psychopatic and strategic all the time and it was very intimidating although I did not show it.  
It was not before january 2021 that I had been able to escape back into my flat where he had pretended towards everyone else that he would have been helping me with renovations through his official work (cover?) as a timmerer while constantly threatening and gaslightning and abusing me.
The first abuse was a Rape since his emdr and hypnose techniques did not work yet fully and the last abuse was a combination of abuse and anal rape.
I tried to file report at some point in 2021 to local and national carabinieri but the threats of that person were no empty threats. He made sure that instead of that I would be helped police would say that I would be crazy. This counted equally for Malcesine as well as in Venice where I seeked help.
In Venice and ever after they even tried to say that I would be in reality a prostitute and would have made up the abuse story because he would have talked bad about me and as well they tried to make believe that I would have been dealing with drugs.
I have neither with the one nor with the other to do and never had to do with any of it.  
But I can share as details that the person who abused me had using and abusing different form of substances and it almost gave impression as if he would constantly try to test substances on other persons.
After I in Venice did not find even any affordable accomodation (as soon as I was seen-as if some people would have sent my fotos everywhere on a global scale) people said they already would be fully booked and one person even said loudly to her colleauge “she is crazy , we won’t give her room”, I had no other chance than for one night trying to stay awake on one of the venitian vaporettos that go 24/7 before the next day taking the plane to Germany.The boat was doing at some point an extra turn towards the hospital island of Venice, parking there for 10-15 minutes without any reason and without anything happening without that it would have been on the itinerary.
After my flight to Germany I tried to seek help at German Federal Police in Berlin but they did not feel responsible because it would have happened during the recent years mainly in Italy.
In July I departed to France, from there to Spain and Portuga, coming back , heading to Switzerland , from there through Bosnia, Bulgaria and Greece but the situation everywhere the same.
When I did not sleep in my car, people tried to violate hotel rooms during the night or to drug my food. Where they managed despite of precautions I woke up with needle injection points at my neck and bizarre dreams.
Sometimes when I came back to my car I found the airconditioning manipulated with a gas coming out of it which would make me aggressive and afterwards worn out.
Or with poisenous substance at my steering wheel that would cause a loss of concentration and emotional nervousness (except of 2 times I became aware early enough since it starts with a tingling feeling on the bodyparts that would have touched- since 2016 in italy I am trained to detect this substance as quickly as possible because whenever I thought about or documented about those abusive incidents the next day I would find that substance on clothing, bedsheets, items that would be touched by a full grip e.g. watercooker, washing liquid, seats. The two times that I did not realize early enough (to wash away, wash my hands and to wait long enough to be sure I had no toxification I almost had an accident)). As well there were two times manipulations to the motor ventilator and the cooling liquid of the motor (it was completely removed, while filling up again did not show any leakage of it).
In February I started to try to reach out to US authorities to try to get an idea whether I would have any chance to find asylum or help here but I never received an answer which might have been due to compromised emailaccounts and computers.
(Eversince 2012 all my emailadresses become compromised within 12 hours after establishing them, when I have a new device it takes a couple of days but not longer).
In March I bought a ticket to the United States of America one day before my birthday to receive a personal impression on how the situation would be here.  
After 2 days being in the USA I heard about romours being spread that people would have been told that I would be manic depressive, that I would be crazy, that I would invent stories of abuse because people would have talked bad about me and that I might even have falsified documents and that I in reality would have been adopted and having changed my name and that I must be reported immediately to certain people. There were even situations in which some people said that I would be MARRIED to someone and they would have been shown a marriage certificate or that I would be relative to the family WISSING (the maiden name of my stepmother).
Another noteworthy perversion in everything is that someone seems to make diferent people randomly believe I would be a person called “Samanta” (for what I found out it is practically impossible as she seems to be reffered to people and an age of the 1940s), to someone else that I would be “Silvia” (for what I found out , she would have been the italian veneto girl who went to the terrorists, then came back being put into a psychiatry, then officially escaped from there while in reality she then was hidden in the Vatican – People in the building where my flat is located were talking about it once, and they ARE connected directly to the vatican), and a person called “Enrica” (who if the info is correct would be the name of a girl who was among the cleaning employees of the hotel Tzaki in Patras in Greece but I am not sure about that.) Eventually they made inbetween already in all the other years people believe I would be those persons. There would needed to be aded a person called Janine and a person called Janina.
I never married, I never have been adopted, I never changed my name .and the extract of the birth register that I attached to the documents is real.
I have a few nicknames but no Alias, and once I used the nickname Peaches to register for an emailaccount domain that I had purchased for a year in the hope it would  prevent m emailaccounts to be compromised but as soon as I had been sending a single email to italy and germany, 2 days after my email account once again was compromised.
I took a break from writing the report for a week to process everything and to process a few trauma reactions with the knowledge and expertise I have on that. It was very healing and I was able to apply techniques upon myself I usually would apply on shiatsu clients that come to receive treatments on trauma. In 2012 I participated in a 5 weeks intense advanced shiatsu training with Clifford Andrews and Paul Lundberg on treating trauma with Shiatsu based on the Emotional Processing Somatic experiencing research by Peter Levine and the knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridians and specific Tsubos (what most known as acupuncture points) to release the blocked energy from Trauma.  
And on a rational/wording scale of digestion I did elaborate during the last years in form of poetry in anonimized forms.  
In the following parts of the report it most probably the tone of writing will change as I can write about it as if it was already far away eventhough some situations occurred only a few month ago.
I hope it won’t take away the credibility eventhough the tone itself has become lighter.  
I have been able to process within a few weeks that I am here an amount of happenings for which clients I had within shiatsu and most other people probably would need several years if not decades or their entire lifes to digest.
It will still have impact as well on my life and the nightmares I wake up from these days from now and then are far away from pleasant. But the nightmares become less and less.
 Just a few days ago I once again had a nightmare showing the face of the main perpetrator of 2020 who most probably was involved already in 2016 while I was always day- and nightdrugged. His name is Vito Lapetina, he comes from Basilikata and lives in a tiny building next to a property on the via osteria vecchia between affi centro commerciale and rivoli in front of some vineyards and who constantly changes his appeareance with tinting his hair, wearing a beard, then shaving it again, long hair, short hari, grey-black hair with silver single hair within, pretending to have been diagnosed with a combination of morbus addison (but disciplinating his diet in a way that he has not the common fat appeareance but skinny like a stick and fibromyalgia), the little building he lives in indeed had been once an old osteria and is located on the former ratlines as turned out when I did some bookresearch in the American Gedenkbibliothek Library in Berlin. His brother works for ENEL the italian electricity service, his car is registered on someone in POTENZA, basilicata but not on him, his building is registered on his sisters name who lives in FERRARA  having there a cosmetic studio or working in one, not having an bancaccount but he only uses a rechargable credit card.  
He is highly dangerous, has contacts to italian state police, to a hospital called st catherine, to jesuit circles and to China. He is specifically trained in EMDR-techniques, Hypnose techniques (using fear or disgust of a person to break and violate the natural resiliance of everyone that normally would prevent others from doing hypnosis without consense), trained in gaslightning techniques  and manipulation, his only weakness seems to be vanity/egocentrism/and arrogance. As well he has access to technologies that usualy are only known from secret services. Once I confronted him about the information I researchedn in the UN investigation report of cybertorture and he denied that this technology even would exist.  
He is unpredictable and at the same time he is strategically planning everything years ahead of what he is doing and how exactly. He does all threatenings in indirect ways and none of the threats he is doing is an empty one.  There are even rumours that he made other people believe he would have married me or that I would have said yes to a marriage proposal. As well there seem to be indications that someone would have corrupted a priest to falsify a marriage certificate.
I repeat once again: I NEVER married anyone in my entire life. And I neither reincarnated or rejuvenated or changed my name. I need to repeat this despite of that hopefully all readerd know of how absurd even the thought of this would be, because I once had been ACCUSED of that I would have just “Amnesia” and he never would have abused me but he would have been my legit husband and only would have hypnotized me to cause that I would go to bed with him that he could do something that would remember me of him.
It is entirely disgusting. One time he even bought the same wine that was served on the St Valentine Event that I had described earlier and where in the night some strangers violated the hotelroom and violated me and it is not excluded indeed that it was him who abused me in that night since his official cover workplace a “falegnameria” is located in domigliara and would be only a few minutes away from his workplace. Did he buy the wine to REMIND me of that event? It had been the first time he had been managing to abuse me and while doing so he wanted to make sure that a lot of his saliva would drop into my mouth.  
This by the way he tried to make sure of as well the first time when he tried to abuse me which was practically a rape me pushing him away. In shock and aware of that I would need to do something to prevent that it would destroy me forever I shortly after a shower I managed to do something positive for myself to make sure to myself that I would not connect intimacy with abuse and rape.
But I remember that he was shouting at me in anger that I would have to look into his eyes while he tried to let drop some of his mouth fluid into my mouth. It was disgusting.  
2017 there were several incidents in trains in Germany and in Italy.
One I remember especially. It happened on the day in June , I think it was June 17th or 18th when I had tried to file the report at the policestation in von bock strasse and that person dressed in civilian clothing interfered before I had been able to speak to a normal police officer.  
I took the train from Muelheim an der Ruhr to Hamburg.
While I was choosing my trainseat in Muelheim some other people caught my attention that seemed to be looking on the train platform where I might be.
15 minutes after the train departed I intuitively changed to a different trainseat however leaving my luggage above the previous one.
About one hour later something very strange happened.
The train had to stop in the middle of nowhere because they had to order an emergency vehicle.
The person who had chosen the seat where I originaly had been sitting had lost her mind.
She was entirely confused and did not know anymore who she was and then lost consciousness.
The train stopped for an hour until the person was able to be removed.
On the same train something else weird happened. A person started a conversation as if he would be doing a speeddating.
And another person tried to get my attention and I did not realize before the day afterwards that it was just another set up and that I had been lucky to not have been one more time trafficked.
That person was evidently made believed that I would be a prostitute that would in a very dicrete way be available with arrangements made previously and without ever talking about it. I forgot name and appeareance. Just remember that he pretended to live in a friends apartment.
He had invited me for dinner after that we had been talking quite a while during the train. He presented himself very educated and into Profiling research and whether I ever would have done a certain personality test where there are letters from A-Z and almost pushed me into doing it, I think I refused to.
I remember the Salmon.
At a certain point he apologized that he would not want to have sex with me.
I don’t remember too much else of it. I remember that his flat respectively that flat of his friedns was in Bremen.
Strangely enough it was in a neighbourhood near the place where the militaryperson lived (??? or as well  not even his own apartment since it looked very steril) who was presented to me on an evening with a studyfriend and who had dated me in 2014 shortly after that I had been moving to the Harz as had insisted Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen that I should move there.
There was a scary trainpersecutionevent in 2015 as well shortly after I had left the HARZ area in germany.
A person entered the train and chose with a polite whether it would be okay the seat next to me, and managed somehow to start a conversation with me about shiatsu and similar.
Explaining shiatsu (a highly advanced therapy technique, where I am expert at a level of advancement that I don’t need even anymore to physically touch the person – called no touch shiatsu, mentioned in the studybook written by Carola Beresford Cooke on Shiatsu) to him at a certain point he asked a weird question: Whether I already would have found the point that makes people fall asleep from the one moment to the next.
Strangely enough shortly after I fell half asleep though rather in a trance state of mind.
He then received or did a phonecall with someone else and told that lady literally that I had taken out the battery of my phone to leave less traces (I HAD MY PHONE NOT EVEN IN MY HAND ALREADY BEFORE HE HAD ENTERED THE TRAIN,HE DID NOT EVEN SEE IT).
His phone was quite loud and it was possible to hear as well the woman speaking to him who was describing that I had locked all doors of the apartment in Am Wildpark in Bad Harzburg before I had been leaving the place.
And then she said something even more strange “Es muss aus ihren Koepfen raus” (it needs to be removed from their heads).
I did not dare to approach that person and asking him what it was all about but pretended to not have heard anything and even continued to stay on the place next to the seat when there would have been the opportunity to change seats without that it had been suspiscious. I remember that when I had been leaving the train , coincidentally he had left the train as well and that he had been watching for quite a while thoughtfully into my direction. He seemed not to be threatening.
Until the day of today I have no idea who that person was or what was the purpose of everything.
During the same days or on the same day however there was a threatening situation on the flix bus that I took then either to or from Heidelberg.
15 minutes after I had entered the bus and chosen on purpose the upper deck of the coach, the busdriver walked up the stairs together with a big tall american person with white hair and american accent who was greeting me even as if he knew me already.
The person had still to buy his ticked and paid the busdriver straight away on the bus.
I chose to change seats and went down again, choosing a different seat.
20Minutes after I in a weird way fell asleep.
Then I became aware of 3 persons standing behind me seat and doing something weird but I was not able to sea what they were doing.
As weird as I had felt having been knocked out I as well was awake again as if nothing happened.
When it was time to get off the bus when I passed the seat directly behind me there was a girl who whispered to me “Take good care. Be careful.” She obviously had become testimony of that weird situation without however possibility to interfere.
As well there, the person who had joined the bus shortly after I had got into the bus left the bus the very same stop when I did and NOT before that I had exit the bus.
A different aspect to everything happening is that since at least 2017 there are people who insist that I would have changed my name to Saskia Charlotte and in reality would have run away from a psychiatry being some other persons daughter or even wife of 3 different persons and that I would have been growing up in bavaria.
I never married, I never was in any psychiatry and I never have ever been adopted or changed my name to any other name.
The only time I used a different name was when I signed up for a paid mailservice on dreamhost (endings of domains “”) in the hope it would not be compromised so easily using a nickname as the name was not necessary to fit with the debitcard with which it had been paid.
From 2005-2008 I have been living and studying in the Netherlands in Nijmegen General language science and Logopedie, neurolinguistics and spechtherapy.
From 1991-2004 I have been following elementary school (GGS Oemberg) and Gymnasium (Staedtisches Gymnasium Broich, Bilingualzweig English with the possibility to be taught the subjects geography, politics and history in english language which enabled me to learn to think in english language at an early age) in Muelheim an der Ruhr. then I moved to Sascha Broekman ,my only longtermrelationship of 6 years that was longer than 1 year, (afterwards I was together for 1 year in 2018 with albi, my ex boyfriend, the person who is sustaining me these days with his debitcard from italy) and in 2005 I moved to Nijmegen in the Netherlands where I started my study.
I have never been living in Bavaria, except a devastating few months in 2009 when I did an attempt to get to know Mechthild Wand, the woman who gave birth to me and Laura Francesca, her youngest daughter,  a little bit better from now an adults point of view (it was horrible, they only tried to convicne me that Michael Junker would be the devil in person and he would have brainwashed me when I was a child and only therefor I would have been wantig to grow up with him and not with them- I did not wish to grow up with them because I always felt nausea in the presence of Matthias Schrick and because of the almost fysiologically painful jealousy and possessive character of Janina Maria under which I felt like suffocating.)
In Bavaria however my mother Mechthild Wand and her other daughters Janina Maria and Laura Francesca have been living ever after 1999-2000 when they moved there from Muenster/Northrhine Westfalia. (My parents Mechthild Wand and michael Junker divorced in 1994 and then partnered up new. She for 20 years with a person called Matthias Schrick from the region around Paderborn Germany, and afterwards with a person called Florian with roots in Berlin, my father partnered up in 2000 with a person called Adelheid Borghorst, and in 2007 he got to know a person who presented herself to him as Marion Wissing, only 2 years older than me whom he married in 2012 after the birth of their second child.She grew up in a vatican monestary and had several adoptive parents, told him he would be her first boyfriend and partner, her mother connected to an organization called santa croce but she has no contact and her father living near Nuernberg).
I started to seek distance from my father with the relationship he started with Mrs Borghorst, since she was an alcoholist and very proletarian behaviour letting move in all her 3 other children and starting to take up all space in he place I grew up in.
And his roman catholic now wife was absurd since I when they got to know each other had been studying and living already for several years on my own with my first longterm relationship Sascha Broekman , who was working and writing on his PHD thesis in research at the university of Duisburg Essen at that point, of 6 years behind my back. I had split up with him in 2007.
At the current state of evaluation of the entire situation unfortunately cannot even say whether even my first b=long term partner was entirely uninvolved due to his profession as scientist in research.  
This however is a different aspect of what has been happening to me.
In 2007 there happened something else that was strange.
A person that I knew once insisted that I should visit her in Ratingen where she would be participating in an SAP (computerprogram) several day course that would have been financed from her workplace in Munich and that it would be part of her job training. The weird thing was that she said that I must not tell anyone that she would have been participating in this course and that I would have met her there.
Shortly afterwards she insisted to come and visit me in Nijmegen where I studied and then she wanted to go and watch a movie called “Dr Mabuse” a black and white horror movie about a Nazi scientist doing brain experiments.
The person I once knew was Janina Maria. The oldest daughter of Mechthild Wand.
Regards the trafficking in italy in via saltarino 6 in my very own flat with drugged beverages and food.
The people that I RECOGNIZED were all people from STATEpolice, former Stateagents and as well people who live in the same building.  
They ALL have power and direct connections to the local police, to the vatican , the local health departments and to the mayor of the town.  
It is not excluded that policemen were made believe that I would know about everything going on and that some of the people that were let entere during the night were poliemen thinking they would have booked a prostitute.
They know that I do know.
I cannot go back to Europe, I cannot go to Canada and I cannot go to New Zealand. New Zealand is an enclave of the Vatican and I recall at least 5 dangerous situations that were connected to either trafficking , attempts of indirect murder (pesticides and manipulated desinfection gel when renting the car and manipulated food and even showing the day beforehand a movie in which a psychopath started to put a person under drugs with the attempt to make her believe she would be sick and he would be the saviour.) Canada were attempts in the train to drug my food and one morning I woke up with headache and a needle injection at my neck in the train wagoon I had been sleeping and the very day my macbook had been compromised again. China does not seem to be appealing as I with my skills and self autonomy would be rather sooner or later simply vanishing withut ever someone asking what had been happening to me. I was talking to a friend who is married with a chinese woman about whether china could be an option before departing from europe and he said that as hoe much he and his wife appreciated china as a country in regards to many cultural aspects it might not be a good place for my situation. India and parts of the arabic wolrd are too dangerous in regards of that many of them have been part of the ratlines after the NAZI period as well without that the world had come to know about that. Southern America is an enclave by the vatican and as well known with the most famous example Argentina (where by the way a lot of fascist italians did indeed found refuge) one of the biggest ratholes where nazi fascists continued unseen from the world what they were stopped to be doing in europe. For the rest is my culture to different from arabic countries and cultures so that I would cause misunderstandings very early and not having fgrown uo in that cultures and without arabic relative members I would be there without any protective network. For the rest there are indications there is a direct connection between the Vatican and what has been going on in some of the arabic countries around and after 9/11 for as much as I have understood during my time at Lake Garda. Since it turned out that the Venetian Italian girl that went to the terrorists did know them BEFORE going there and that she came originally from a vatican family and after returning to Italy she returned shortly after her stay in psychiatry to the Vatican. Another aspect to be discussed eventually towards higher authorities a t a certain point when needed or if they do not know yet and should know more about it. In this context as well to be repeated that the ITALIAN cia subgroups that were founded in italy as can be read in Tim Weiners Book “CIA – the whole story ” were recruited solely from “the political branch of the vatican” and “fascist- and neofascist parties” without needing to report to the headquarters in the USA what they exactly then would be doing. So there seems to be a direct link at least in Italy and Germany between the CIA, NSA and the Vatican.
Africa is the last continent left that I did not try yet but the political situations there are as well too unstable and the influence of the missionaires that destroyed all local african culture and political unrest and corruption on governmentlevel in Africa might likewise be very dangerous to me seen the situation and the identities of those who trafficked and abused me on all levels of existence.
Russia is due to the current global conflict probably neither the best place to seek help but would be taken into consideration in case that the USA would decide to not grant me a possibility to built me up an own and private life.  
The other
Whenever I tried to file report people contacted the local people and authorities on European scale  of Malcesine and aftereards believed them and not me, and in addition there were organized situations where socalled health experts.
There are indications that entire Lake Garda on the Veronese and South Tirol Side are an organized network of MODERN forms of trafficking where the victims do not even know that it is happening.  
I once started to try doing some research on that and came across an article of that it was a former military “satisfaction” secret suggestion.
As well I found a shortstory written by a girl who described that she just came to lake garda to work there as an aupair and then it turned out to be one of the most horrible summers she ever had.
And there are more indications of people booking a place and being put under narcotics and as well indications for installed surveillance technologies that permits to produce porn of the guests without them being aware of it.
Mentioning this…  
There are several indications for that ALL abus that has been happening to me eversince 2007 has been RECORDED and distributed within inofficial mkultra/artichoke technology networks making everything look like as if I would be aware of everything going on and would have given full consense to everything making it look very natural such as if it was a “high quality porn” to which I would have given consense that it would be happening.
I remember one involved set up person who made a weird comment such as “all very natural, right?” he must have thought that I would have known about it when he dated me and invited me for dinner .
Could even be that my beverage had been manipulated. However in that case it had not been a manipulative drug or sedating drug.
It rather in retrospective gave the impression as if the responsible persons behind everything tried to get my bodysystem to a special frequency.  
A lot of the trafficing and abuse taking it into the entire context reminds of scenarious that are described under mkultra/artichoke. Programs that oficcially were stopped in the 60s. Of the last century.
But Lake Garda had always been a headquarter of the CIA and in addidiotn one of the biggerst NAZI hideouts that have ever existed in Europe. Including rumours that Mussolini never died during his escape but entered the Monte Baldo at some point where there are indications that in a special operation the NAZI extinction camp builder EICKE was sent to start working on a hide out within the mountains. He had been stationed for a couple of months in Malcesine before he became the commander of Dachau.
In this context is to be mentioned, that in the building where is my property do live people who greet each other and greet some other people of the town with the greeting that was used between the leading circles of the Nazis putting the indication finger and middlefinger towards the upper lip simulating the beard of Adolf Hitler.
As well the architect of the Baita delle Forti on the Monte Baldo and his family were known to be satisfied with the fascist nazi regime.
When I received inherited my property in Malcesine I did not know anything about that part of history. Malcesine was for me only a beautyful vacationplace at a beautyful lake.
I obviously did not know the shadowpart of it.  
There were always rumours about experimentations around lake garda.  
Once even I passed people together with a person I knew and after we passed they said to each other “he is a race”.
As well there lived a person in the residence for the elderly with the name RUTH who only was capable to speak German. And from now and then bpeople in the building where there is my flat referred to a girl called samanta about whom there were rumours that she was the descendent of either Eicke or another commander and related to Goering and Goebbels.
I was shocked when I became aware of everything.
And the series of shocks in that regard did not stop when I was in Venice before the days of my departure in 2021.
Since there had been spread out lies about me on national scale with photos that had been circulated I had not been able to find any accomodation that was affordable. As soon as people saw my face they said that they would be fully booked, took their phone and made a call reporting me that they would have sighted the crazy manic depressive person. Since it was too late and I had nowhere to go I was forced to stay the night without an accomodation.
Since I considered it as safer than elsewhere I used the dayticket off and stayed on the vaporetto taxi.  
At a certain point a lot of very weird people started to enter and move around the night time of venice.
Most of them skinheads, most of them stealblueeyed and many of them looking more or less identical. Some fat people among them as well. They were not threatening but it was intimidating to see so many people looking more or less the same at the middle of nighttime hours moving around venice.
At some point the vaporetto stopped for about 20 minutes out of place and out of schedule at the hospital island but noone got in and noone got out.  
Then it continued to move.
The next day I had already scheduled that I would depart anyway towards germany since at that time when I departed my grandmother in germany was already for a couple of weeks on intensive care and I wanted to be in germany, so there was an additional motivation to choose Germany as a starting point for taking next steps of measures.
When in Berlin I contacted the Bundespolizei (federal police) but they did not feel responsble because the most recent years I had not even been in Germany and the trafficking and organized abuse had been taking place in Italy.  
When I was taking the train from Berlin towards Cologne after 3 trainstops additional train personnel entered. All blue eyed and white blond hair.
After I had come back to my seat after I had been looking for the restroom, I found contact poison on my luggage. I wiped it off (eversince 2016 I developed a pragmatic approach in identifying and removing those substances) and changed the seat where I had been before.  
15 minutes later the new train personnel was doing its round, they went towards the place I had had my luggage, and said to each other shortly after “she has removed everything”.
Returning to the starting point of this additional info, there are reasons to believe that mkultra/artichoke and unethical experimentation violating the Nuremberg Code on the obligation of consense of 1947 have been continued in several places of europe, whereas the Harz and as well Lake Garda.
I have never been asked and for sure never ha e been giving consent to any form of experimentation in my regards. The behaviour however and of what has been going on in addition to the modern form of trafficking and abuse gives the impression that there have been done experimentations towards me without consense, without ever been compensated, without ever been explained and with even making some people believed I would have been knowing about it with full consense, as there are indications that signatures have been stolen and or falsified and or decontestualized in various situations to abuse them for different purposes and faking that I would be agreeing to something. As well there was a situation still back in italy when I after I gave a signature for the income of the rented out flat to the local administration, the next day people on the street before the building were communicating to the other inhabitants “siamo nella merda. Si sono accorti della firma” (we are in shit, they have become aware of the signature).
Unfortunately noone of them was “in shit” and they had evidently found a way that everything would be going on as it had been before.  
Regards the abuse and trafficking and as well this gives indications for that there can be talked about organized structures is that those people are not shy to talk at the middle of the day in front of the house about that they abused me.
And it was at least 8 different persons talking about it.
3 I knew, 2 looked familiar but I have no idea who they are, and 3 I have not even an idea who they were but they were already in their 70s.
One time a person said to his firend who was dropping by:
“abbiamo abusato la legittima descendente” (we abused the legit descendent)
a couple of hours later within the building a woman shouting “sei matto?! Hai detto in fronte la case che la abbiamo abusata. Lei era sul poggiolo. Ha tutto registrato”(are you insane? You told in front of the house that we abused her. She has registered everything.),
another time other people
“prenderanno vendetta se vengono a sapere che abiamo fatto ‘festa’ su di lei” (they will take revenge when they come to know that we abused her).
(whether they take revenge or not, I don’t know. But I can confirm, that they by now DO know although it took me a while to figure out how to contact them. But by now they do know. However, it does not change the fact that I cannot return to Europe (life- and health threatening situations continued in: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece when I later had been traveling by car throught those countries trying to find a safe place to be, before taking parts of my last liquidity to buy the plane ticket to the United States. )
threatening = manipulated food and drinks, several attempts to try to enter my accomodations (where they managed I woke up with needle injection dots at my neck and bizarre dreams), once tried to ask for a safe recommendation of an accomodation towards bulgarian police and they recommended me a place that was used by prostitutes and their clients during wintertime, in one place it turned out that someone had put a price on my head but the interested customers decided that I would be “too sympathetic” to be killed. And wherever I went within 30minutes to 5 hours my foto had been circulated to the entire population that they would have to signal me as soon as they would sight me.  
While I was only transiting with my car through serbia from switzerland towards greece, as soon as I tried to buy a coffee in a place a person picked up the phone called a specific number and after the person answered the phone did not say a lot,only looked into my direction and hung up.
In other places where I was trying to buy soething to eat people would try to prolong as if they would be waiting that they were served with a specific substance to be added to my food as did happen once in Canada in Jasper in 2019, where I had entered a restaurant, shortly after my order two official looking persons entered and in addition a couple, the official looking persons walked up towars the kitchen, stayed there for some instants and then walked out again, the couple in their 60s was seated next to my table and they kept an eye on me. The waiter from the moment that scenario had taken place gave an intimidated impression and asked a little bit too often a almost anxious whether my dish would be tasting and if everything was okay with it.  
I don’t remember a lot about the rest of the eveing, just that I went back to the hostel in Jasper. Whether there took place another incident or not, I don’t know.  
I shared a dorm with 2 persons a few years younger than me who did not live too far from Jasper of which one was having had a weapon training. They both seemed to know each other even though they had met there for the very first time and it was as if they would know something about me.
They did not seem to be threatening and I cannot remember that there were weird things happening against me this time. It rather seemed that they would have been infiltrated to prevent that something would be once again happening to me.
Another time of a trafficking event took place in the Mercure in Wellington, New Zealand in 2020.
!5 minutes after I had been entering the hotel , still at the reception a german couple checked spontaneously in to the hotel.
During the night someone tried or succeeded to enter my hotel room. I have no further memory on that.
In 2015 there was a situation in Basel, Switzerland where I woke up in the morning after weird bizarre dreams with headache and a needlepoint at my neck. When I had a look at the door I realized that there were full handprints on the doorsurface as if someone or me would have tried to prevent the door from being opened from the outside.  
I tried as well to seek help in the Netherlands in Leiden, in 2021 at a police stationin after I had been waking up once more with a needle point and injection and weird dreams.
When she asked me for my document and had a look at the name she changed entirely her behaviour and tried to push me into contacting a doctor instead of asking more specific questions about what happened.  
Since the earliest event of which I can remember that it had happened of a trafficking and or experimental connection had been in 2007 in the Netherlands I did not consider it as a wise thing to do.  
While in Nijmegen when letting print out my studycertificates once again, I checked as well with the FC Donders Institute-connected to the Max Planck Institute for Neurolinguistics that had been asking me in 2005 during the Eurolinguist language course whether I would be willing to participate into a study on third language acquisition and the FC donders asked me in 2007 whether I would be willing to participate in a follow up.  
I just wanted to check on them what exactly had been experimented or researched on but the two scientists who had been occupied with that project had left the insitute a couple of months before.  
My name did not even exist anymore in any data base of the FC Donders or of the MPI.
I had tried to reach out to them in 2020 when they still had been working there but I never received any response. I found it weird that my name did not even exist in their database anymore, since not everyone can become a participant but it looks as if participants need to have a specific profile or characteristics and in retrospective it is still weird that they specifically asked me during the language course in 2005.
Having a closer look on their “call for participants” some of their current studies deal with “dream induction” and “implanted memories”. I saw the call for participants when I was looking for the bathroom.

There is another aspect to Lake Garda and surrounding and Europe.
There are indications that apart from the NAZI hideouts from the Ratlines and the Nazi elite, within the Mountain of Monte Baldo there is from Malcesine towards Affi where there is the old Bunker, installed a Guantanamo comparable structure.
Noone really knows who owns it but italian military, italian state police, vatican representatives seem to be involved into this. Including Drug laboratories.People who ever worked at the old Bunker never knew what goes inside or outside when the trucks entered or did exit.People who came to know never were seen again.
I came to know as well THIS aspect and they came to know that I did come to know.  
I have barely any evidence for this but I doubt that this matters to them.
Once there were shootings UNDER the building where my flat is located and somone was shouting “all experiments were liberated” (I had switched off at that day an old electricity hub that was in our building and about the electrician had said that it would be an old structure not used for anything anymore. It looked similar to an electricity hub that was shown in the documentary about Villa Winter of Fuerteventura about which there were spectulations to have been a NAZI hideout on the ratlines.)
And in Greece I came across the area around Atraxos where there is a small lake on military property one can access but only fotos are prohibited and it is surrounded by large terrein where 100s of blooddogs are kept.  
The day after I passed that area as well in Greece I startd to have enourmous issues. The licence plate of the car I was driving became stolen which forced me to show up in a police station to file a report about it.
In Bulgaria I started to have issues after I had visited Benlitash and Shipka as they were recommended in the nature documentary on Bulgaria and some people found out that I had been visiting those places full of beauty.
The most dangerous place in Germany were the cities of Hamburg and Berlin. In Hamburg I woke up 3 times with needle injections in the morning. I had visited hamburg again to let me reprint my Shiatsutherapist certificates.
So practically there seem to have been at least 4 things parallel been going on.
organized abuse since 2007 onwards with constantly raised intensity and perversion to it.
Most probably experimentation without consense, without ever been compensated and never been oficially informed about it eversince 1985 with constantly more extremeties into it violating the Nuremberg Code of Ethics on experimentations from 1947 that had been agreed on on an international scale.  
Global destruction , reminding of “Zersetzung” since 2014 after I started to questions some of my life events and persecution/abuse events connected to it eversince 2007.
Indications that other people were made believe that I would be persons with the names
“Samanta”, “Silvia”, “Enrica”, “Janine”  and who knows how many more.
I did not manage to mention yet ALL of the trafficking events that I can remember in detail but if needed I can work on a detailed list with places and times in report form rather than narrative.
I wrote it down several times already in different forms and I have some back ups of documentations but I do not have direct access these days for security reasons to keep the documentations safe. And to some I don’t even know where they are exactly for the same security motives of mine.  
Summer 2017:
Lago d’iseo.
Between May2017 and september 2017 I was preparing and waiting for my embarcation for the first Cruiseship employment.
As I did not want to go back to my flatproperty at lake garda being afraid of the nightly violations I started to travel with my car and stayed at campsites in italy and visited friends from studytime in different countries (netherlands, sweden).
I had as well tried Youthhostels, such as the MEET in Peschiera, Lake Garda but the last 2 times that I had stayed there I had had very bizarre nightmares as well and one morning the dorm I was staying smelled entirely of men sperm and everyone who had been sleeping inside was already gone when I woke up despite the fact that I did wake up early and when I passed the reception one woman (origin Serbia) made a comment to someone saying : “and if she files report?”
But there was nothing I would have been able to file because my memory was blank apart from a weird dream.
What had been different in comparison to the first weeks where it had been safe and fine having had staying in the hostel after work (I had worked for a couple of weeks sucessfully as a tourguide on the bus for the lake garda tours, verona tours, venice tours) was that I made the mistake to tell the busdriver (buscompany BREG ) to drop me off in peschiera I would not sleep in my home but would stay in Peschiera.
The incident happened two nights after that.
A few days after the incident there were inconveniences during work.
When I came back from break, the microphone and the seat contained the earlier described substance and I almost fell down in the bus and almost did loose consciousness and had brainfog for 10 minutes. Fortunately at the end o the tour and there was almost nothing further to explain.  
An English guest however started exactly a minute after the brainfog occurred to ask specific unrelevant questions about the tour and the lake and afterwards filed complain about me that I would not have answered the questions to her satisfaction. During the entire tour beforehand that woman had been silent and not even caught my attention.  
Another guest who sat not too far from my tourguide seat had notived that something had happened that was awkward when I was stumbling and almost had fallen down and asked me whether everything would be okay or whether something had happened but I knew I could not say anything, so I just answered professional keeping the guests out of it.  
I remembered that the friendly guest who asked me had a country background where they are very aware to what happens in their surroundings and where it is known to have happened before that people become poisened in public.  
Another time a busdriver offered me a coffee and I lost concentration afterwards and the next day I suffered from headache and nausea.
This in combination of not having anymore a safe place to accommodate and being safe from threats to be trafficked, made me quit and go away. Contacting the police was no option as they already in the incidents at my flat at Malcesine and the incidents in 2015 and 2016 did not do anything at all and sometimes when they saw me I was not able to determine whether they would have seen me maybe even in different ways. Interesting enough I had been recommended to GO to the local carabinieri to talk to them by people who turned out by now that they are involved into all of what has been done to me  (including indications to believe that they did several crispr experiments on me as one of the persons had been studying veterinarian and being familiar with injections and genetic material of all sorts).
When I in 2016 then WENT to the local carabinieri about ten minutes after I had entered the building and started to approach the carabinieri about what had been happening, he was called out to exit the room for a second and then he was told “THAT is the Junker”, he stayed out for 15 minutes, then came back to offer me a glass filled with water and he did not treat me seriously anymore but rather as if I had a mental illness.
Shortly after that he had been offering me the glass of water I started to feel confused and numb and it took 5 days until the feeling disappeared entirely.
In this context there were as well several incidents at lake garda that when I went to a cafe or a restaurant that shortly after I entered people entered or when I was ordering something someone in the background would raise his hands to give indications of numbers with his hands. As well several times people (on global scale) tried to find excuses to walk away with my food or beverage before they would serve it to me. All the times when they managed to have my food or beverage out of my sight afterwards I started to feel confused and numbed out for a couple of days without being able to think clearly and having emotional outbursts (that are not normal to me except during specific days within my menstrual cycle).
So I left for the first time from Lake Garda and stated to apply and prepare for my cruiseship work experience.
For about a week I stayed at Lago diseo, had registered on the ampsite just with my drivers license and on request where I would be living I told them Verona and not the adress to prevent that my registration would show up and at that point my perpetrators did not know yet the credentials of my drivers license.
This went well for a few days. But not much longer.
One afternoon I figured out that a person who thought that I would be away and not in my tent did a phonecall with someone and that I would have applied for a cruisejob but that they teher ealready had decided to not gonna keep me after the employment but just let me have the preparation and initial weeks.
 (I did not give too much to this, but it turned out that indeed then on the cruiseship employment several forms of sabotage took place INCLUDING poisened uniform and poisened bedsheets and people from Germany and Brazil who had touched my uniform during that I was wearing it with a firm grip and shortly afterwards whatever they had been using the skin underneath those spots started to tingle and afterwards the confusion effect started again to take place causing me to make concentration errors and being much too slow with the embarkation meet and greet procedure towards my guest or with the correction of the translations of the dayly bord newspaper), I was fired 1 week before the trial period wouldhave come to an end. Curiously enogh as well in that context while they were telling me that they would fire me due to bad performance evaluations they offered me as well a glass of water and shortly afterwards I felt confused and almost hysteric and not able anymore to articulate and express myself correctly. The effect lasted for 3 days.)
Apart from what she was telling about that, she was as well saying another phrase:
“si. Allora compro quel fiorifino” (yes. So I will buy the fiorifino.). Fiorifino is the name for an italian pesticide.
A few days later my clothing that I just had washed carried a poisenous substance as I had experienced it several times as well in my flat at Malcesine Via Saltarino 6, interno 9, 37018 (VR), Italy whenever I left it for too long (bedsheets, clothing, items one need to grip with the full hand, several time a chair with so much substance that it even went through the tissue of my JEANS causing painful numbing effects on my skin.)  
By the way the same substance I found on my steering wheel, gear or seat in 2017 several times, and as well in 2021/2022 in entire Europe when I did not manage to shut my car in a way it would have been impossible to see whether I am inside or not OR impossible to open it without that I would take notice.
Regards the car incidents in Germany (Freiburg) from Autumn on 2021 they started to pour a substance into the ventilation from the outside that would cause confusion and emotional outbursts.
As soon as I became aware of this I made sure that the ventilation would not suck the air anymore from outside but only circulate from inside and leave the ventilation with running motor and open windows running for a couple of minutes sucking from the outside until I felt sure that whatever was poured into it would be evaporated entirely.  
Back to Lago d’iseo:
it was not everything that had been happening there, it included another trafficking event but I don’t know who the persons were except that they were most probably from England and Germany.  
I had made friends with a few longterm campers and was introduced to a person with whom I had a short summer story -an engineer of Formula 1, the car racers who as well was able to have a look at my motor (that had been receiving a sabotage of the startmotor at another place). We spent some lovely days until I was too courageous and telling him parts of what had been happening.
At one of the evenings that we were dating after I had come back from a pretraining he asked me out to a specific pizza place. At the table next to us was either already sitting or joining later a couple from either england or germany I don’t remember anymore but they were the entire time intently watching and looking and at some point taking as well a picture of us . Behind the piza place there was a place that did NOT belong to the pizzeria but which had significant red lights. I am sure that the photo that was taken included that red light board. I did not want to mention anything to my date and had at that moment not yet the idea that he would have been drawn into it or not. He pretended afterwards or really was from one moment to the next after eating that he would have fallen very tired and would like to rest and drove with the car a couple of km away to a parking spot.  
While we were parking there so he could rest, there pulled up a campervan behind us and stayed there for the entire time with darkened windows and someone sitting in the front seat.
After we left from the parking area my date dropped me off at the camping where one of the persons I had made friends with had offered me his hut to have a safer place.
But there are reasons to believe that we were followed. I had a nightmare that 3 persons would have entered the hut and would have removed me from the bed and having done things to me and I remember persons leaving and shutting the door after whatever they did to me did happen.
I can only say with certainty that it was noone of the people from the camping or whom I had got to know, neither the guy I had been dating.  
Shortly after I was called by the hutowner who invented an excuse that I would have to leave straight away and his daughter would come over to use the hut for studying with her friend. As well the person I had been dating who was a friend of whom had given the hut to me cancelled on last minute the date we had had for that day and I never heard back from him again. I assume that he might have been sorpressed since he had a son he was taking care of.
I left the camping and drove towards Germany since from there my flight would have been for embarcation at Copenhagen.
When arriving at the hotel at copenhagen paid by the company additional odd things started to happen.
In the lobby there were sitting 3 men aged between 60and80 who were intensely observing me while I was checking in.
When I was given my roomcard I realized that the door of my room was slightly open already (the only room where this was the case). As I had made it already a well paid off routine to check bedsheets -especially in occasions small details would catch my attention, I was stoked.
There was SO MUCH substance on it that it even was VISIBLE. Small white little crumbles and painfull as I don’t know.
I removed the entire sheets and asked for new ones at the reception.
But it turned out that as well the sheets that had been given to me were contaminated, in addition it looked as if the sheets being given to me were laying just around the corner as prepared to be given away to me.
I found a different way to take care of my sleeping surface and made sure to put one of the big chairs that you find in a good hotel rooms in front of the door during night. No nightly inconveniences but when I left in the morning for embarcation again there were sitting 3 persons in the lobby who observed me intently. Within the breakfast room there were as well 3 additional persons that caught my attention for no specific reason, everyone else was okay and normal guests but those additional three were constantly observing what I would specifically eat or almost trying to see whether there was any chance that I would leave my food and beverage out of sight.  
Inbetween the time between my first and second stay at Lago d’Iseo there were additional incidents on campsites with people from UK and Germany.  
On one campsite I woke up one morning with a bizarre nightmare. Everyone who had been camping next to me the evening before was away. I had toothache with an infection fromout NOTHING (everything had been fine beforehand but I woke up with pain and  yellow inflammation fluid coming out of one of the tooths- Fortunately I had been able to cure myself thnx to my medical studybackground at ARCANA Hamburg with a high amount of turmeric an antiinflammatory and a package of ‘Nelken’ an antiseptic and natural antibiotic) before the date of embarcation).
When I left a car was passing me and people saying to each other “the tooth, the toothpaste and the motorsabotage should do the job, she wont make it.”
On a different campsite there was a dance and music evening and I always have been able to discharge blocked trauma energy through dancing , so I took my chance (for more information on trauma processing, I had been studying and specializing in this within my shiatsu therapist career with an advanced 6 week intense course on treating trauma with shiatsu in 2013, based on emotional processing, Peter Levine, acupuncture theory with Clifford Andrews and Peter Lundberg who approach shiatsu teaching as well from a scientific base background and not only the models- So I am very lucky actually as I studied everything to process BEFORE the most severe things did happen to my life as I had studied and completed it and gained practice as well in treating clients who had gone through trauma, proof of certificates you find all in the additional dossier that I will add regards my CV. As mentioned beforehand I applied my knowledge and techniques on myself when I started to write this report taking breaks from now and then before continueing, and as well I had applied a few techniques when the effects of the trafficking of the recent years showed when I got to know a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend who made me aware of some unusual things and after reading into it I became aware that it had been aftereffects of the traumatic experiences, so I started to work intensely on myself.)
While I was dancing a woman that I have been seeing in the run of the years at at least 5 different places in the world where she was stalking me (one time at the airport of san diego in 2019, 1 time at a lawyers office where I tried to seek help in 2020 after I left the office, 1 time when I had 4 years during my time in kindergarden where she entered the kindergarden property and peeked looking constantly into my direction causing me nightmares for several days, one time at the between 9-12 on a sunday around the church I was going to with my father, I remember that it caused me nausea and that I had to run out of the church and vomited in front of the entrance, a quite embarassing experience for a girl, 1 time on one of the vessels in 2017, I am not sure whether it was the vessel I was about to work on or whether it was the vessel a friend who already worked there had been inviting me to receive a first onboard impression-in the latter case there happened another very awkward incident: a few people were walking behind me , talking about me and then saying among each other “poor girl, she thinks she would have murdered her grandfather”- well, I have not murdered anyone and was neither thinking to have murdered anyone in my entire life, but there was in that context another weird incident at the camping site at Lago diseo in italy. One external person joined a dinner and out of the nowhereshe was asking me whether I would be an assassinator. It was not a joke question, she literally asked that question with entire seriousness and there had been a third place in 2019 where a person was profiling me as if thinking I would be a terrorist or related to terrorism in any form, she was even testing me on whether I would be eating pork meat or drink alcohol. Well.. I do NOT drink alcohol because it does not comply with my shiatsu energy work and my frequency empathy skills, even 1 glass of beer or wine makes me feel sicke for more than week, but well I do eat pork meat but only in certain ways of preparation because I don’t like the taste otherwise and if it does not come from well chosen origin it is simply disgusting to even think about it when you ever read at the age of 19 the book “Fleischskandale”/meatscandals that give a detailed description on the circumstances in meat factories when there is no guaranteed control – it is ridiculous to even think that I would have to do with terrorism, I even participated in a training course for youthworkers that teach on how youth work can be used to prevent extreme developments with youthworker from all around the world from NGOs working in lebanon, Tunisia and throughout entire europe and for the vesseltraining of course we are as well trained on recognizing red flags with passengers to prevent and to be aware of any suspective behaviour to look out for and after the 9/11 event I was putting my head into the ROOTS of terrorism and what would be important to prevent things to happen ever again throught tackling the roots and causes instead of having to intervene when it is already too late, I was back then still in highschool and for the rest during high school I was active member of the red cross youth organization doing lifeguard, being active in conflict resolving seminars, and rising awareness on the use of landmines and chidlren soldier campaigsn and the the horror of it.)
That woman that was there started to imitate the style I was dancing and intently looking at me and always starting to follow me around on the dancefloor.
It made me feel uncomfortable instead of that I was able to discharge the stuck trauma blockage energy and retreated to my tent.  
In the middle of the night I felt as if my tent would have been turned over and as people tried to have gone inside. Again it was 3 persons involved. And again the next morning ALL tents that had been there in the evening before were away in a radius of 20 metres.  
While I was taking a shower before checking out myself I had the impression as if someone would have gone into the shower to just look whether I would be there.  
Regards use of bathrooms and showers it happened several times during travel between 2017 and 2021 that whenever I would use a shared bathroom area in an accomodation or campsite that shortly after I entered someone else would enter for a few seconds not even using the bathroom or toilet but in a few occasions after the person had gone out I started to feel a tingling effect on my skin while showering.
Regards that, when people in Malcesine had figured out that I would control my clothing straight away and on regular base and in case of contamination wash it straight away again I started to find my liquid detergent and shower gel and shampoo and conditioner contaminated when coming back so I had to close those things up in a locker or change to solid detergent options. Even there however after having laid around my soap bar for too long one time I had to scrap away 1cm layer of it until it would not cause tingling effects anymore.
As well one time in 2016 in malcesine my make up that I had to use for my work was contaminated (it was already a high sensitive skin makeup that had cost me 100dollars, so it was a good quality and causing no irritations itself by no means). 5 minutes after I had put that make up my entire skin of my face started to burn and itch and my throat became itching from the inside. I was lucky that there was a restaurant just opening its preparation shift and I could run into the bathroom removing everything from my face. My eyes still teared for a minute but the harmful effect was gone.)
There was a persecution and violating drug event in Sweden in 2017 when I visited former friends of mine. I never told them that I had been aware of what had been going on for the sake of their protection.
One day after I had been arriving there when I came back from a walk I saw a red car that was parked in front of the house which did not belong to anyone there (it was in Sweden in a remote place, so we knew quite well who would belong there and who not). I did not see the person that had belonged to the car but there was something odd about it that I was not able to figure).
When I went to sleep I heard discuss my friends and they were very upset about what had been happening as they evidently had been oppressed to do something that regarded me and were of opinion both that it was invasive and not ok at all.
I had the feeling that they tried to not do what was asked from them but shortly afterwards I caught a conversation from them that they were OBSERVED whether they would do what was asked from them or not and afterwards there were two occasions where what I had been eating caused a numbing effect on me.  
But there were NO nightly inconveniences or nightmares.
They were and are good people and I only can hope that they are safe and nobody harmed them afterwards as I have even reason to believe that the accidents some of people I made friedns with, between 2012 and 2019 were no coincidence but that it was people who first had been sorpressed or corrupted to participate and then figured out what really had been going on. One person had an accident, another person had a food poisening at work, another person lost her life partner in a sudden accident and afterwards went for 2 years into a clinic because she was not able to digest that trauma, another person disappeared. It was all persons who either came to know through me some of the things that had been done to me OR it was persons who were involved into the food and beverage drugging after having been told lies that in the first moment they believed.  
I hoped that I would be safer on the vessel since it is difficult to infiltrate there into the employee area and even more difficult to mess with food and beverage as we had as guest relations/ international guest service specialists the privilege to eat from the guests buffet area.
However there was one incident nonetheless on the vessel in 2017.
It happened after one of the gala nights or during one of the marriage events that sometimes take place on board where in that position the guest relations dress up and are present during the entire ceremonies, greeting the guests and giving the congratulations.  
In that night my roommate decided to sleep at her boyfriends cabin so I was alone.  
When I went to bed I felt a slight tingly effect from the sheets but I was too tired to bother about it (working on a cruiseship means 8-12 hours of work and the first contract is anyway very demanding for everyone starting there, in addition all the weird circumstances of sabotage towards performance).
I woke up at a specific time of the night as if I had not been sleeping, after I had been feeling the literal and fisiological sensation of lips on my lips.
It was horriffic but I hoped that it just would have been a digestive elaborating dream of all the things that had been happening from 2015 to 2017 being now in a more relaxed environment.
(Most people consider cruiseship employment environment as a high level stress environment- well for me it was like a walk on the beach DESPITE of all sabotage events in comparison to everything that had been happening before, this might help to get a better idea of the stresslevel I had/have onshore in Europe, I literallly relaxed on board and probably therefor employes wondered why I in contrary to their expection never broke down due to the first contract since many people who start working on vessels and have illusionary expectations what this would mean during their first contract while acclimatisation break down into tears several times. For me there was no reason to. I was satisfied to be able to work finally, I loved the sea – had been applying for the first time to a cruise job in 2012 but my email application had never been answered- wondering by now whether it was back then due to the already compromised emailaccounts that filtered incoming mails and outgoing mails eversince 2012 , nomatter which email provider I would be using, ever after my first smart phone got stolen out of the dresing room of the shiatsu school during a teacher treatment I was either giving or receiving- and I was in very safe place compared to everything that had been happening beforehand.)
It is more difficult to give a report on the trafficking abuse incidents between 2007 and 2014 since I was not aware yet back then that it belonged to tha tmodern form of trafficking. All people were infiltratred made being looked to be met coincidentally already waiting at the place I would be.  
One incident sticks out particularly.
At a friends student party infiltrated a Hamburg Policeman who pretended to be friends with him but afterwards turned out that noone ever would have seen this person before.
He approached me and started to flirt with me and asked me out for dates the other days.  
I thought it would be trustworthy person since he worked for the police. I remember not too much of his appeareance besides of his blue eyes.  
He asked me out  a couple of days and after some trust had been built I ended up at his house. Or what I thought it would be his house.  
But as soon as being there I realized that there was something wrong with it. There was NONE personal item there, there was not even real mobiliar there (and the person lived in hamburg already several years and did not just move there). The entire situation became awkward and for some reasons I did not even feel to put my jeans off before going to sleep as I did not have thought before to bring pyjama as had been thinking of a different outcome.
I did not sleep the entire night and after leaving I had no contact with that person anymore.  
I once had a look at his fb profile because I found the entire situation awkward and there was the song “MAD WORLD” out there, It looked as if it was a typical youtube video link but it turned out that a webpage had been made for just uploading this video which had the name “”. Since he was working for the police I never filed report against him.
2015: there was an incident in the “physiotherapy” respectively experimental “Carl Loges” school (by the weay, the kortex med socalled physiotherapy school was not the only remaining CARL LOGES place after 1945, there are 2 more officially physiotherapy places under his name and in Nuernberg there is a Dance studio that by now carries the name M1 but states clearly on their homepage that their philosophy and beliefs are still the SAME as during foundation of the dance school and that they are PROUD to have still one of the foundation MEMBERS beyond the living survivors):
In 2015 there was an incident where it looks pretty much as if one of the guys of the other courses had been corrupted to seduce me after offering me a smoke of his cigarettes (at that time because the entire situation at that strange “school” was very stressful I from now and then smoke a normal cigarette- entirely against what would be usual or normal to me, I never smoked during my entire youth despite of the fact that almost everyone within the red cross youthgroup did smoke and I am not prone to group pressure or doing things to impress other people, so the entire 2014-2015 situation was strange from the beginning)
 and to register everything with the help of one of the Smart TVs that was in that room during the entire time.
The only odd thing about that person that would indicate that he was not corrupted but part of it from the beginning were following situations: The day when I had a look at the “school” before choosing it he was introduced to me and tried to impress me with different things, and he had been serving in the military for several years having been for 3 years as well in Afghanistan, and on his bookshelf were a couple of books about manipulation techniques.  
This was a general odd thing about that “school” since in EACH course there was a participant related to military. In my specific course there was a person who had been serving for 12 years for the military coming from a military family with her father already been in military and she had been holding an officer position within the time she was serving there.  
She had an issue with every person who would not fit into the group with the same discipline she would do and once she even threatened me that if I would not start to fit in there would be consequences.
When I asked frankly back whether this would be an official threat towards me, she said YES but if I do something noone will ever be knowing that it was me, not even you. This she said in front of the entire other 9 people there and in front of the “teachers” presence who did not do anything to interfere.
However there are reasons to believe that she had been provoked to do someothing like that to put her then under pressure since you probably know that a person who has been trained on arms in a military position is considered in different terms when they make threatenings like that towards a person than if it was a normal civilian person.  
And she was in her “recivilization procedure phase” since she had been in military for more than 12 years and this from early age on, which means she practically especially with her family background never had seen the civilian life but only had been living in a military context.
However after that event and the leadershipo of that”school” that I approached not even be interested to interfere because they did not see it as their obligation since they would be a private school and not related to any responsibility for such situations, one of the next days I seeked a medical and after I was telling him about what had been happening for several weeks and months and when he heard the name of the place he without any further hesitation wrote me a sickness attest for 5 weeks and before I left the office he was saying very seriously just one sentence:
Take very good care and be careful.
For the entire time I was still in that region then of where the flat and “school” I was not able to go ANYWHERE without that shortly afterwards weird people showing up, some of them dressed even in an awkward way as if it was a uniform but not from these days.  
It was from that moment that I was not able anymore to check into hotels without that if I would register with my credentials that within an hour strange people would do a check in as well.  
While writing this I think that there was a first incident in a shoppingmall where something that I had been buying had poisenous substance on it.
I as well started to find little weird squared stickers that were plucked on my clothing of the sice of 1/3 squarecm, with numbers on it, one number was always green and the other red. But it was NOT new things that I had been buying, but they appeared on clothing that I already had.  
Another time I found my charging cable for my telephone manipulated and when I put it into the power outlet I almost received an electrical shock. This happened after I came back from breakfast from a hotel that was in the very same town since I did not feel safe anymore in my very own flat.  
On that day I left the region and started traveling towards switzerland, stopping to use any form of telephone and normal checkin or registration anywhere but I had forgotten the windows surface tablet that I had ordered while being at that  “school” and 1 day after I had plugged it in while in switzerland, people showed up at that place that reminded of former military background. And whenever I then went to breakfast there was people who tired to come between me and my food before I would be eating it.
Perugia, Chocolate Hotel , 7th march
When coming back to the hotelroom, I found the inside of my boots and a leggins toxified with the already described substance, when at dinner a couple shortly after we entered chose the table next to ours (despite of an almost empty restaurant). The lady ordered thre very same menu as mine and then shortly after order vanished to the restrooms.
As a antipasti I ordered a homemade tartar. When the waiter came to prepare it, it became obvious that the person did it for the very first time in his life. As well for the rest he seemed not very accustomed to the profession of a waiter.
I cannot recall what happened that very night.  
However a few nights later at San Marino turned out that I had symptoms of pregnancy.
Not being confirmable by a test though. The person I had booked the short vacations with cannot have been responsible for it as he is diagnosed with a genetic disorder called SAG for which he needs to take medicines that are produced in Switzerland and in the Vatican. He is a person of Lake Garda. He always said that he would be most probable  infertile due to that.
2 days later at Rimini we went out eating again, I cannot recall what dish we ordered. It was a weird night and I remembered a nightmare that reminds of those where people receive an abortion as sth in the form of me was drowing in a black tube and screaming as if being murderd or stolen.
This event occurred less than a month later than the nightly rape in Villa 40, Domigliara on San Valentino 2018.
For again a precise scenario for what happened there:
The only person who knew that we would be going to that hotel Villa 40, Domigliara, (15 minutes from Affi, Lago di Garda) was he himself, me and coincidentally the persons who work at Pizzeria Ristoro Malcesine as I was taking a capuccino there before the person I was back then together with picked me up and asked whether we would be doing something nice for that day.  
When we arrived at that hotel it first seemed alright, but then I noticed exactly 10 minutes later after us checking in a group of people checking in as well constantly looking in out directions.
We changed to a different room since the first one given was  not clean and on the ground floor which I eversince 2015 avoided anyway. The other odd thing was that a friend of the person I was there turned out to work at the reception handing him over a business card for that she would usually work as a wedding planner but these days at the reception as well.  
All seemed to be going well until dinnertime. Again there were sitting 2 couples at a table not too far from us despite a big dinnerroom and contineously looking into our direction.
When the evening was coming to an end the waiter recommended us to have a beverage on the house at the hotel bar.  
When back in the room it was very weird as falling to sleep happened from one moment to the next not even in sleeping position and weird on the bed.
Short time after I started to have a “nightmare” with a person who abused me with me on top of him, he had shoulder long dark  hair which was weird and a slightliy feminine face that was weird as well as he seemed almost to be a woman whoch however was impossible due to what had been going on. I remember as well two other people in the room but I did see them only in the background.  
When I was more or less lieing in the sidewards position on the bed like when having been falling asleep and the person I had booked the place originaly with me aside me.
I got into normal sleeping position and slept for the rest restless and numb in the same moment waking up with a numbing headache and a lack of a clear mind similar to situations that had been happening in 2016 in my very own flat. It was not a headache as if caused by the dinner accompanying wine (A ripasso-  curiously enough the SAME wine the person who raped and abused me on all levels from  june 2020 to december 2020 had used to initiate the first real abuse after his just “hypnotizing, EMDR and constantly breaking down one boundary after the next” and his first half rape had not leaded to his satisfaction, one evening he brought a ripasso and had managed obviously that I would have drunk it with him during dinner  though I normally do not drink mlre than a few sips eversince my sensitivity with my advanced shiatsu practitioner skills has been advanced and alcohol -even just a full beer- interferes with my work results for 1 week).
When we enetered the breakfast room there were sitting already 2 germans at a table near us.
For Courtesy I did greet them when I realized they would be german. They greeted back but when I looked at them during their greeting I had an awkward feeling and there smile seemed to be “sueffisant” and kind of pervert as if they knew something I did not but I did not give too much further attention to it.  
I spoke to the person I was at the hotel in the first place but he denied that he would have experienced something awkward. A few days later however he was asking me at the VERY same restaurant Al Ristoro in hearing distance that he would consider to break up because he would not be sure whether I would be the right woman for him and his sister would have told him that she does not think that I would be the right person for him.
(well. He EVIDENTLY was not since he denied any weird circumstances and was not able to prevent a scenario like what happened, and as well eventhough as well he had backcoming memories later of what had been happening that night he refused until the day of today to give a full report of this event to the police to support my report that I had filed in Italy, in the beginning he said he would be eventually afraid, then he denird to be afraid but said that it would be too late anyway by now and was not willing to give his testimony on what had been happening.) I have come to a point that I have no idea anymore whether he was part of everything for quite a while, since a couple of month later when he had back then overcome the opinions of his surrounding some persons in the HOUSE where my flat is located were saying about someone: “and if he does not let him enter anymore?”  
Since the “nightmares” did never stop entirely that had started 2016 , not even when the person I was together with in 2018 was there, I cannot know. And probably he neither. There are indications that the pharmaco that he is given and is supposed to take in the mornings and the evenings can be used as well as a manipulative.
There was another incident at Lago d'iseo  in 2017:
When I was doing a walk in the forest an italian couple pretended to be simply friendly interested about where I would be coming from and appreciating that I liked their forest and so on.  
The lady later invited me to why not drop by the cafe she would be working at one of the next days to invite me for a coffee.
In 2017 and far away from Lake Garda and Germany and Switzerland I still hoped that there might be still just friendly openminded people welcoming a tourist and traveler to give some recommendations.  
So I followed her invite but then I was shocked.
While we were having the coffee, she was approaching me that I would be looking very attrative and whther I would be able to imagine to spend some days with her and the man she would have been with and he would be very kind and generous and they would have heard about a young woman who at the north of lake garda would be doing such things in a very discrete manner and nobody would ever come to know what would have been happening.
I was disgusted but managed to keep polite and friendly just stating clearly that there would be no point of discussion on that but that I would not judge her.
A couple of days later I was having fried seafood near the camping site and saw two italian guys sitting there who constantly looked into my direction and they seemed to try to figure out whether I would be the persone they were looking for or not but that they would not have seen the car nearby , so they were not sure.  
At some point I interfered into their communication whom they were looking for and what they were up to as I would prefer to not be murdered halfly being joking.
They looked at each other and then to me and then said but as well with a weird smile: “No. You are much too beautyful to being mudered. People would do different things instead.” However there attitude afterwards did change (thnx to shiatsu and trained in energyscans there was an obvious bnotable shift). And whatever THEY would have been up to beforehand at least in that night nothing had further happened.
There was another situation in March 2017 on Mallorca where I had fled to after Austria had not turned out as a safe place but in contrary there had been 2 attempts of indirect murder (one caused after a punched breakfast beverage that caused me full loss of concentration and awareness on during skiing from one moment to the next where I fell but fortunately making it in one piece down to the mountain as I anyway only chose the most simple route), and another one through infiltrated people into the hotel I had taken before my flight to Spain where I was offered a beverage with the excuse of apologize for nightly noise on the floor I had been which made me vomit within 5 minutes after drinking only a little sip of it. Fortunately I had not drunk the entire beverage immideately but the cold outside had prevented it as I wanyted to safe it for later. What however happened in the evening before was that I thankfully had locked the door of the hotelroom with a table. Especially as I had seen that it was only one with the electronic keycards. About one hour  after I had started to rest  I woke up again from that it sounded as if the door banged again the table. Then a short silence , then several bangs by hand or fist and shortly after as well the bangs with hand or fists at the room next door (pretending to that it was not a try to open the door but just impolite late arrivals??? ).
When I was in spain, 1 day afyter my check in the reception team changed and there was inserted a woman from hamburg who was blond with blue eyes and very unfriendly and in addition it seemed that she had never done that job before and not even wanting to be there.  
One day after my birthday I was invited by a couple that sat next to my breakfasttable and who had noticed that I was traveling alone whether I would like to join them for an excursion and the evening whether I would be as well art the performance of the show of the hotel.
I was not quite sure.
However when I was in my hotelroom I heard some people saying while walking past my room:
“And if she does not leave her room to follow the invite?”
I cannot recall any abuse nightmares from that hotel but after not knowing where to go and what to do and after what ahd been happening in italy but as well in austria and germany and switzerland in 2015,16 and 17 I decided to stay longer on mallorca and not taking the flight back to austria.  
After the check out I visited PMI and checked into a hostel. Shortly after my check in a rather older person with a black hat and white hair had entered the hostel lobby that had some similarity with people I had seen in Malcesine, Lago di Garda and probably therefor caught my attention.
The night was not a safe one.  
I remember that I woke up after I was put back into my hostelbed with the imprint as if someone would have been laying next to me. I was disgusted but did not know what to do or to whom refer to after my already previous experiences.
In all this report I would like to ask for as well a RESTRAINING order towards following persons:
this is a kind request partly INDEPENDENT from the trafficking but those who were not involved did not believe me and believed those who trafficked and persecuted me eversince 2007.
 In 2016 after the first nightly violations I seeked help at Mechthild Wawnd in Bavaria. Instead of believing me anything reagrds what had been happening in 2015 in the Harz or about the nightly violations and violations of my flat with drug food in Malcesine , or answering me wuestions regards the death of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen, she only said “do not make questions and everything will be fine“ and tried to insist on that I should get back in touch with Janina Maria Junker. Her other daughter Laura Francesca (by now a JUDGE at a tribunal in bavaria and married to a State lawyer) instead of believing me about abuse and the persecution that had been taking place eversince 2007 rather told me a story about a friend of hers who would have hormone issues and therefor would have symptoms of paranoia and I should go and check with a doctor on that, I tried to reach out to her once more in 2020 but again instead of helping me she referred to local medicals or local police- well knowing that already in 2016 they had not helped me).
For the rest Mechthild Wand was more concerned about a cat that during my absence was alone in the flat for a couple of days than about the fact that I had been trafficked and persecuted.
I left from Bavaria by train, not without stopping at the lawyer who had been responsible for the testament of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen to get new information on what was going on or not.
On that day happened several things:
mechthild Wand offered me a cloak that she wanted to gift me as a present, she even freshly washed it and as well a pair of shoes that had my size. I had gone for a stroll in the village and had bought a nice unique little backpack and she was a little be too curious where exactly I would have bought it and whether I would mind if she bought the same one because she liked it so much but I thought “what a nice gesture of a compliment”.
She as well had done a travelsnack.
in addition at the lawyers I was offered by the secretary a beverage (that was however already opened when she gave me the bottle). Then she said that the lawyer would not have time immideately. After 15 minutes I started to feel weird. I don’t remember everything from the conversation I had with the lawyer, as well he answered the phone during the appointment and was talking towards someone about me.  
I had 2 more appointments in munich of which I don’t remember anymore everyhing. One was at a financial institute and the other was at vodafone. While I was at vodavone I figured out due to a person that went into the shop that vodafone munich without hesitation and rechecking gives personal information towards someone if he proofs that he is officially parents nomatter the age of the person or checking on whether it is alright.
When I was entering the train back to lake garda at some point I thought to put on the cloack which was by now not moist anymore and that had been washed freshly and as well the shoes. About 10 minutes later I started to have an allergic reaction that I already knew from my flat and other places during absence of mine.  
I put of shoes and cloak and threw it away leaving it in the train.  
I had an odd feeling and threw away as well the travel snack that so “dearly” had been prepared.
I thought it might be better to sit in the dining coach to be able to reach out to staff in case of more inconvenient situations.
About 10 minutes later 4 persons (aged 60-80) chose a table 2 metres away from me. I did not bother too much until they were starting to make comments that seemed to be quotes of a conversation I had had with a former acquaintance of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen a couple of months earlier. I pretended not to be eavedropping but sharpened my sense on how it would continue. Mentioning Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen, the little I ever came to know about him in my life and his contacts he had. It was people from ROTARY, FREE MASONS, LIONS CLUB, Doskido Altenmarkt Austria, and for the rest businesspartners from his grandfathers company Kempchen & Co and the afterwards following companies Klinger Kempchen. He is the father of Michael Junker and he is son to Edith Kempchen and a person called Junker and was born in Hohenems.  
He died in November 2015 or Pancreas Cancer. I did neither receive info about his cancer, nor about his death. I learned about it coincidentally when I tried to reach him shortly before christmas in 2015 after coming back from the vacation in Hurghada which I mentioned in the end of the report.
At a certain point they said:  
“Well. In Rovereto Everything is over and out.”
I kept sitting for a little bit longer to not causing suspiscion but it had been Rovereto where would have been my official stop.
I walked back the entire coach towards the first class and approached the service personnel working on the train that there had been some weird conversations been going on and gave brief indications to what had happened in the previous weeks and asked kindly whether it would be alright to sit in the first class or in the coach directly near the train personnel and whether it might be an idea that instead of Rovereto I would get out in Verona as those people seemed to get off in Rovereto. He said it would be no problem. I went into that coach and closed the curtains.
He came back after a while and confirmed me that as well the servie person in the dining coach had been noticing some awkwardness in those passengers and told me to not worry and just getting off in Verona.
A couple of minutes later I saw that one of the ladies of those 4 persons was walking along the entire train and almost as if peeking into each and every cabin as if looking for someone.  
I made it safe and sound back to Malcesine into my flat.  
The next morning was equally weird then as when I tried to approach a person (originally from belgium) that turned out to know things about the construction of the building where my flat is in as she was always referred to as a friend of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen and knowing everyone of the family. I was not able to get in touch with her but I met her daughter. She was kind of scared as surprised when she saw me and when I left she almost said near to tears towards me to take very good care and be safe.
Mentioning the Cat Mechthild Wand was so much more concerened about than about her official daughther being trafficked abused and persecuted eversince 2007/2015.
That cat came towards me through a person who rather insisted than giving the idea why not adopting a cat from an animalshelter and when arriving at the animalshelter instead of that I was being able to walk around a lady approaching me begging whether I would take her cat she would just be abandoning and she simpluy could not have it anymore because of some reason I do not remember anymore.  
I was back then not suspecting anything and thought why not to spare that animal from the experience in a shelter.  
It turned out that this cat was reacting to specific noise commandos that were giving from the outside.  
It always started to make noise between 3 and 5 am and almost vandalizing the flat.  
It reacted specifically to persons who were clapping with their hands in front of the house. They had given the cat the name “theodorino” (to whom did refer this name? To Heinz fried theodor Junker Kempchen? Or to Theodor Eicke???).
At some point I simply brought back that animal to the catshelter and explaining that it evidently was not a cat suited for an indoor appartment and whatever it was it was not behaving as a cat but rather like a roboter and to give it back to the original owner.
I especially gave back this cat as well as it had been included into the horrific disgusting abuse from which I had been waking up with the 3 men pushing me down on the bed and one of the next time the person who lives as well in the same building and being in charch of the vatican katechism and church choir saw that cat he looked towards it and then towards me and a face expression and frequency energetical change did occur for an instant that made me feel wanting to vomit and I could not resit to go and have a cleansing shower after that person was out of my flat again.
He had knocked the door with the excuse that he would need to give me a bill Heinz Fried Theodor Junker kempchen would not have paid before dieing in 2015 and since I would now be the owner to come up for it.
Regards Antonio Romagnoli: he threatened me several times to smash my head in case I would not do what he wanted and if I would continue the (by the local town already approved) renovation in the interno 1 on groundlevel of the building that belongs to my property the interno 9 of the building via saltarino 6 (many years ago saltarino number 2, build in 1970 by an architect with the name Giaccomo Milani and a geometra called Franco Andreis).
There are more and more indications that one of the persone they did let in from 2016 to abuse me during the night after narcotics and drugged food has been the same person who has then been infiltrated into my contacts in 2021 to abuse me oficially after being let into my flat during my absence from europe in 2019 since some memories keep coming back from “nightmares” but I have no proof or further indications for it than that and the similarities in appeareance with the nightmare of 2018. and one more weird comment that was made about that person when that person walked around Malcesine after he was seen by someone else who mentioned to a person next to him:
“Sothen it is true.” However I have no idea to what this refers to.
Regards the family WISSING.
Thre are people in italy who started to say that I would be in reality the daughter of wissing who would have been running away from a psychiatry and had been adopted by michael junker and mechthild wand.
In 2012 michael junker marrried a woman only 2 years older than me with the surename wissing who presented herself in 2007 as marion wissing to him, by now they have two children with the name Anna Lena Karin Sophie(born in 2009) and Raphael (born in 2012). I refused to go to their Marriage and the baptisment in 2012.  
Michael Junker and Marion Wissing had not received any adres of mine but then insisted that a friend of mine I had back then she would sent me a package that I did not want. When she did not want it they stressed out her parents until her parents insisted that she would send me the package. The day the package had been arriving a young person from the region of Bodensee approached me a few metres away from my flat and was mumbling something about bad things happening to me but she could safe me from that and she would be doing the greetings from raphael to me and then she demanded I should pay her for telling me all this because she was sure that I would own a lot of money.
Whether those incidents are connected or not, I do not know.  
People might wonder how come that my father Michael junker married a woman only 2 years older than me.
Michael Junker is born in february 1962, this means he is only 20 years older than me. This means that his new wife is only 18 years younger than him and since she got to know him in 2007. Well.. it might not be the most common thing to happen but it is neither an exception. He needs to be happy with her and viceversa.
I got rid of several items that had been sent to me.  
A few weeks later I received an email from Janina Maria Junker in which she made me responsible for her suicide attempt and that she would have been jealous upon me her entire life.
As well a few weeks later there was that incident in the train from GRAZ to Hamburg where a man between 60and 80 interrogated me about my relation to my family and to my father and the importance of family and shrieking me up in the middle of the night when he was bowing over me. Then pretending he just had wanted to put his cloak over me.  
I did not even know that person. He run off from the train cabin and was not seen again. In 2013 then at a couchsurfing host in Stuttgart, a person was infiltrated into my couch surfing request who at some point started to tell weird stories about a family being concerned about their relative who had cut cords who would now live in the streets because she had cut cords to them. After I left that place whenever I used a certain luggage, whereever I went random strangers did show up and tried to tangle me into a conversation that sooner or later would take the turn of interrogation or starting to tell stories that could have been identical anecdotes or point of views of Janina Maria Junker or Mechthild Wand or people I did not even know but it was always as if those people wanted to remember me of something or someone with or without my interest.  
I have NO connection to any family wissing!
I NEITHER have been married at any point of my life.
But interesting enough that Mrs Wissing who married my father insisted on a church marriage at the roman catholic church and therefor asked my father michael junker to let do an annulation of his first marriage (divorced in 1994) at the Vatican, sothat she would be able to have a church marriage with him.  COULD it be that SHE had been married beforehand? Is it therefor that some people insist that I would be her and would have married someone and then later have been looking for new adoptive parents after changing my name???
I have been born in the Bethesda hospital Duisburg, in germany on 7th of March around 11 PM and been given the name Saskia Charlotte which I never changed.
The excerpt from the birthcertificate is VALID and real. I did NOT compromise any registry in Germany although there exist persons who said as soon as they were mentioned the certificate, that I would have compromised the birth registry in germany to have this certificate.
It is the same persons who claim I would have run away from a psychiatry and would have asked for adoption to someone.
As can be seen the excerpt from the birth registry I had requested in 2004! the year of my highschool degree at the gymnasium Broich, Muelheim an der Ruhr , as an exerpt from the birth registry was needed for an employment application.  
I hope that at some point all those people who spread around the world that I would have falsified my identity or
done any other crime or would be schizophrenic or manic depressive or would need medication or a tutor will be arrested for their crimes and have consequences.
Especially those who caused with their lies that others were given directives to manipulate my food and beverage with drugs about they were told it would be specific medicine that I would refuse to take!
Because as well this has been happening eversince 2015!
Last but not least I would like to add to the report that I due to my skills that I gained within Shiatsu Energetic bodywork and my natural skills and the entire situation eversince 2007 with sharpened senses and traveling through entire Europe, Canada, New ZealandI came to know coincidentally and without intention knowledge that some countries governments consider as state secrets and some of them were of opinion that they would like to apply the brain wash protocol to make me forget about it.
This puts me into an additional vulnerable position. Some of those aspects however would be good to be shared with higher authorities because since I came to know them in a natural way I probably came to know more than people know who oficially received some of the knowledge. As well due to the fact that I did NOT come to know the knowledge through documents read but just and only having been at the places.
In this context is to mention that I have received a LIFELONG threspassing warning from NASA properties because some persons were infiltrated into Kennedy Space Center when I was visiting it and calling then the administration that I would have been begging for money on their property.
I am not sure whether this is the real reason or whether it was because someone realized that I did for pure curiousity an energy scan on the stone samples of mars, the moon, some asteroids and asked for two people who I had known in person that had been working for NASA and the name of a specific nebula that was shown at the end of one of the documentations.  
I was not aware that those questions were considered as suspicious! I just applied my skills for my natural interest in nature and science.  
I hope that will explain to you the reason for why some official persons in all over the world might have contributed to the lies about my mental health, regardless the fact that I had been trafficked and abused in an organized way.
I have no interest to share that knowledge with the entire world but I neither have interest to loose it, as it came naturally to me. I broke no laws, I did not official investigations.
Some of the knowledge that I perceived however might concern universal security and I feel that the responsibility of having come to know that is more important than what people who do not understand or know about it would think about me. But I don’t know to whom this should be reported at all. It regards the following aspect.
Keywords: what is in in the Great Basin Nevada has the same origin as what is in Ukraine and Lake Garda, Vatikan, Liechtenstein and Basilikata !!! The atomic radiation in Tchernobyl made it WORSE. It made MULTIPLY the parasites!  
But I might have found something that helps. In addition to that, there is an unnatural amount of CRICKETS and poisenous Spiders at Lake Garda and in Austria (their poison works like a halluzinant drug, in that context, weirdly enough at Malcesine around certain properties the only plant and tree they grow is oleander,  one of the most poisenous plants that grow in that climate with hallucinative and sedating properties that as well can be used in gasform and induced into showers and watertubes similar to mescaline or mixed into narcotic tubes).  Some of the knowledge I as well came across due to what had been done to me within the trafficking and abuse at lake garda and especially by WHOM it had been done to me.
As well it is to mention that it turned out that Lake Garda/Malcesine might be one of the former headquarters of the outsourced CIA  and NSA or BND groups that were established in the 1970s and then eventually were forgotten afterwards.
Regards the BND I have a direct link as well to Braunschweig and the LOGES institute and the DLR (which reports directly to the BND) as one of the persons that was involved in 2015 and beginning 2016 had been working for the DLR Braunschweig and his flatmate had direct contacts to the DESY and to Nuremberg and their other flatmate came originally from Ukraine.
In the book of Tim Weiner about the CIA (CIA- the whole story) there was mentioned that some things that were done in italy by local CIA groups were not even known by the United States Government as they received money without needing to justify or giving exact reports of what they would be doing with the money.
Apart from my knowledge through the book, I have reason to believe that some of the persons who abused me were former CIA or NSA agents. It looked in several situations as if police where I had tried to seek help at in Italy and Germany were not helping me because of having received DIRECTIVES while in the beginning I thought it would have been  
At a certain point of the abuses despite of the fact that people had been drugging and halfly sedating me I still was halfly conscious. I used the half consciousness to do energy scans on the individuals which revealed a lot of information about everything they did know and sometims about them.
Regards those skills.  
I am trained in energy and timescans due to my advanced specification of trauma treatment with shiatsu, within which I in 2012 followed a 6 week intensive course with Clifford Andrews and Paul Lundberg where past time and future senergy scans are used for treating trauma blockages in the moment where they occurred in the bodymemory of a system.
(that is as well the reason that I despite of all horrific things that happened to me have ALWAYS been able to give self treatments to myself as soon as I have been able to get out of the threatening situations. It took me 6 weeks (the amount of time that I am here now) but in those 6 weeks I have been able to HEAL myself from all traumatic effects of what has been happening to me, so far that I even got to know a person here in the states and am capable of what I before coming here would not even have thought to ever in my life be capable again including trusting a person to a level of what all adults at my age should consider as normal. During the first 2 weeks it was enourmously challenging and there are still many times that it is. He as well noticed and when I trusted him the reasons for it he was informing himself about what this could mean for a person, and said that he had read about persons that had been trafficked who had been describing a lot of things that he had been noticing in my behavior in certain and in specific situations. I am not sure whether I can ask him to write a personal report on his observations about me as I don’t want to put him into danger. He knows only little so far. Only as much as needed to help him understand when or why I become tense or some reactions are shown that persons who never suffered situations like this would not show.).
As well the report is still not completed. The list of situations that regard the trafficking, abuse and organized persecution is endless , regards the persecution it is even more difficult as there is reason to believe that the persecutors come from different origin and initally had nothing to do with each other until they realized they might have a common interest.  
and whenever I add some situations that happened it reminds me then as well of others that for itself would be able to receive another description that would be able to reach back until early childhood (there only persecution respectively rather surveillance, the trafficking not before 2007.)
I add to the report as well some documentation which I had started in 2017 about incidents.  
And as well the transformation and elaborative work that I did from artistic point of view since I have always been in the artistic field in my entire life which allowed me to discharge from the negative experiences as well in a constructive way allowing me to take a stand for others to whom happened similar in an anonimized form in the hope to give them courage on that it is possible to get over almost everything that has been happening.  
For now I did not apply yet as well for an asylum request for persecution as the persecution aspect is far more complicated to unriddle than the trafficking and abuse aspect.
For both reasons however I cannot return to any other country.
For now I don’t know of any safe country or continent anymore in the world.  
In comparison to other places the United States turned out to be the safest place.
Even though there started to be situations where shortly after that I entered a cafe, restaurant or place people would enter afterwards to give directives of drugging my food and I heard as well rumours about my foto being circulated among specific groups who would be supposed to report me and my location imideately or to interfere at places where I would be, trying to corrupt random persons to state that I would be manic depressive or shizophrenic or to manipulate my food. There were even indications that a person would have told I would have in addition amnesia and he would have married me in one of the previous years and that he would be my legit husband and others told that I would having sold myself for money.
To the documents I will add as well copies of my study certificates and some references.  
A VERY important aspect for me is as well to receive a WORK permit.
I could make myself easily self employed with all my skills or find a job but without workpermit I have nothing.
I would not even be able to pay the application fee these days. I have practically no money at all accessible.
I live in a place where in exchange for some help with cleaning I live for free and some food that we receive delivered from the food bank.
The person I got to know recently in April 2022 has been so generous to invite me to many things so that I would have the chance to get to know a little bit more of your beautiful country, paid for meals and even for some clothing and my flightticket.  
This did lead to some evil rumours by even more pervert people who decontestualized this that I would have prostituted myself.
NO. I got to know a person which is a miracle after all that had been happening to me and we started a relationship hoping that the horrific experiences of the past and their imprints or intruders into my life will become indeed just horrific aspects of the past and that the beautyful things of life slowly but surely will become more with the hope that the United States of America would be able to become for me what they became for many. A chance to LIVE and built up a selfsustained carreer instead of just to survive.
These days I don’t even have health insurance because in Europe it had been managed with all and everything they did that I don’t even have any insurance at all.  
As well there remains that absurd point to everything that there are persons who insist in europe I would not be Saskia Charlotte but someone else there would be saskia charlotte and I would be a different person who falsified documents.  
FOR WHAT REASON would another person pretend to be me??? and for which reason do exist people who make others believe that I would be someone else?
Do I have unknown rights to big property and money and knowledge that were stolen from me through letting pretend others to be me? This would be explaining the several attempts of murder eversince 2017 with a first attempt in 2015 with the piece of sharp glass in a salmon that had been delivered by a catering to a “special” dinner at Susan Marletta Hart in Switzerland, a tall blond woman with steal blue eyes who at that dinner thanked me in an exagerated and almost false way for the contribution to a big project.
I was introduced to her in Switzerland at a Congress that was held on the scientific background on highly sensitive people (HSP). I had been invited to come to that congress to give shiatsu treatments to guests and speakers of the congress while I was doing a work exchange in the Kiental in 2015 where I had hope to find refuge after my escape from Bad Harzburg.
One day I was approached by a girl with the name Philine Hart who worked within the administration there that they would have received a call from the organizers of the congress for volunters in giving treatments and that she thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me.
When I was at the congress Susan marletta hart, the main organizer of the congress came along to ask for a treatment and afterwards she was pouring out a load of compliments and how much she appreciated it and that she had many years ago taken a few sessions of shiatsu learning herself during her actors training in the Netherlands before she moved over to author and science and whether I would be interested to come along and exchange more time and knowledge after the congress. It was the perfect “trap” as I had no real plan where to go afterwards next and so I satayed for two nights there.  
A couple of weeks later she called me and asked whether I would be interested to be her colleague and giving treatments to her workshop participants and exchange more knowledge and as well taking a bit care of her kids for a couple of weeks.
It sounded like the perfect match and she was giving hope of that I would be able to push forward my carreer as a shiatsu pratitioner.
It turned out rather sooner than later that things had been intended entirely differently.
Once I was there she opened me that she rather was expecting me to do secretary work and answering several emails and making publicity for her and watching her kids.
A few days afterwards that I was there I started to feel numb and dumb but I was at that point not yet capable to make a direct link to the situation.
On one morning I woke up and out of a sudden I started to have a nosebleed. Though I was several meters away Susan marlaetta hart hurried to say that this would be very normal in her house from now and then due to the dry air. It was almost odd that she would be saying that in a jumping in way as if she wanted to prevent me to make a backwards scan on whether a potential bizarre dream could have been connected to it.
One day I realized that after I had come back from a walk in the forest thashe had received an email (she had asked me to take care of secretary duties so I had access to her email) that warned her that I just would be about to come back from my walk in the forest.
On another even she presented me to a man on a skypecall and it seemed for her very important to present me to that Dutch person who had white hair, blue eyes and already the age in his 70s from rough appeareance evaluation. She told me beforehand it would be one of her businesspartners who would be working with her on the book and workshops. So I answered him politely after he asked me how I would like Switzerland and professionally that it would be a nice country.
Another time there was something weird. She told me that she would have some contact lenses left that would have the same dioptrine as my eyesight that she did not use anymore and since I was on money budget if I wanted I could have and try them.  
I did but there was something weird. One evening after dinner I forgot to put them out and the next morning I was not able to find them back nowhere. Neither I had been waking up with pain in the eyes.
And then there was something else. An SD card on which I had photos and proofs that I had been in the Bad Harzburg area and many other photos and proofs of previous years of a visti to Stockholm and of Hamburg did not work from the one moment to the next anymore as if it was deleted or swapped.  
I shared this with her and my disappointment on that. She looked at me with a strange glance as if satisfied while saying and said .. well.. the most important thing is to have the memories in ones heart, right?
The weird thing to it was that she put it in the EXACT german wording and phrasing that I had used many years previously when I had tried to explain the families Junker/Wand that I kindly asked them to respect my choice to live entirely independent and without contact to anyone of them. That it would not mean that they would be bad people or that I would hate them and that I kept all good memories and be it only little ones in my heart but that I would be doing better without any contact to them due to too opposite worldviews and still would wish them the best.  
A few days later at a weekend in November 2015 (in January 2016 I found out that it was the weekend that Fried Heinz Theodor Junker Kempchen had died) she asked me whether I would be capable to go for a weekend excursion as she would like to spend a weekend just with her kids and family and it might be a perfect occasion to explore some more parts of Switzerland. I chose for going to Montreux at the Lake which was a beautyful artistic destination.  
10 minutes after I arrived at the lake not having yet found the youth hostel I noticed a black van that was driving slowly the lake street as if looking for someone. For some intuition I did hide behind a tree and waited until the van had driven away.
I reached the Youth Hostel Montreux and the next odd thing did happen. When the receptionist heard my name he received a panicked expression on his face for an instant and looked shortly back towards the direction of the back office to which the door was open but it was not visible from my angle whether someone was inside or not.
He directed me the room number 4. There was already a chinese girl inside who however pretended to be from japan, she even tried to emphasize her presentation with showing me her flightticket but she did not even know what k=genki desu ka means (how are you doing?). I pretended to not notice it but made a note to myself.
During the night I woke up because she was mumbling something towards someone and about that something would be needed to be done.
The next morning after I came back from breakfast she seemed unhappy that I had been so quick back.  
In the afternoon I realized that the sole of one of the shoes that I had been buying only a few weeks before and not worn off had come loose from it.
When I got back to Susan Marletta Hart there was this special dinner. She said she would have prepared a special dinner to thank me for my help in her big project and offered a red wine acompanied by salmon and other good food.
When she prosted me she had a weird glance in her eyes.
I started to eat and it took not long and I found that piece of glass in the salmon. It was just small enough that it would not be detected if the dinner had been eaten fast and without showing awareness to it and big enough that it had caused lethal injury to the intestines.  
When I noticed it she apologized deeply and then telling that the dinner would have come from a catering service and that it had not been her cooking it. This she had not told beforehand at all. It was even more odd because she NEVER before had ordered something from a catering service.
One of the next days she caused an artificial reason for a dispute. I made a lot of notes to myself starting to analyzing the entire time that I had been there and recalling two odd events where I had tried to make phonecalls to germany with my phone that had been forwarded to other people than whom I originally had been wanting to call who however pretended that it would be the correct number. The first person pretendend to be my bank with the odd name “hasenbein” the other pretended to be an NGO where I had applied for a training on entreprenuership who pretended the course would not be taking place due to a lack of participants. The interesting aspect about Mrs “Hasenbein” was that in 2021 a call that I had tried to make to VODAFONE or ENEL  Italy was forwarded to a person that equally presented herself as Mrs “Hasenbein”.
This is another aspect in the whole scenario of persecution that has been taking place. Eversince 2014 a good amount of phonecalls was filtered and forwarded to other places where I had been trying to call instead.  
Same did count for emailaccounts and forwarded emails.
The next weekend there was a workshop that was held by Susan Marletta Hart.  
I made friends with some of the participants, pushed through the entire workshop in a professional way as if there had never been any dispute being the perfect assistant during the 3 days but had been organizing myself with the friends I had made during the workshop to leave with them without prewarning towards Mrs Hart.
15 minutes after we were arriving at their house I realized a black car that was driving through the road in which I had found accommodation and REAL hospitality during for that night.  
Since I had noticed that car I departed however the very next day to prevent that the hospitable people would become involved into it.
I tried to find a stay overnight at acquaintances in Basel I had made in the previous year . They knew about my interest for wellness and sauna and offered me to have an evening out there to give me an opportunity to recharge and recover from all the previous weeks. However it was very weird because the person drove almost an HOUR to get there after lunch, during the time I got there I had become very tired and in 2 occasions I almost lost focus and concetration while being there. At the time of being picked up again I realized that next to the SPA there was as well a mental health institution.
In the entire scenario I found all of what had being going on very odd.
When I was going to sleep I eavedropped a weird conversation between them while they thought that I would be already asleep
“if we let her stay for longer sooner or later her entire family will knock our door”. The next day I moved on without aproaching them on what had been happening.
I took a bus to the airport and booked a super last minute vacation in a 4star resort in Hurghada to have a real vacation and recovery from the stress of the previous weeks eventhough knowing that I only would be staying in the hotel all the time since I had no money for extra excursions.
On the flight something weird happened as there were 3 persons sitting a few seats away from me: they constantly were looking into my direction. They were as well on the flight back at the airport and then they were trying to find an excuse to take a photo of me with them and trying to figure out where I would go next.
Cyberstalking incidents from a documentation I started to work on in 2019:
- Occasions of people showing up
    after logging into a wifi with one of the hagged devices
    after registration with the passport
    after having booked flights nearly every time after I had checked in, the flight was delayed and there had been coming guests who eventually were then sat next to me, sometimes trying to start a conversation that had a turning point in which coincidentally references were made to things I had been writing on my electronic device or pages I had been looking up, sometimes with literally quoting me.
    bus rides that had been booked in long-distance buses which had to be booked with passports
    after having checked into hotels with my passport or Italian drivers licence
    having made a foto with the device from a location where I was and being still there when getting online the next time
    Persons/additional participants showing up in seminars I had been participating in
    Persons showing up at workplaces taking pictures of me
- Efforts made to (try to) stop it
    Change of telephones, computers, portable wifirouters (In the last 5 yrs all together 15 different devices)
    Change of emailadres, telephone numbers, even tries to get an unregistered telephone number
    stop using social networks and messengers
    disabling all rights to location access, disable automatic updates, disactivating bluetooth, fcn and wireless device to device datatransfer
Saturday, 2. March 2019
    Having separate emailadresses that were only used to store accountinformations of social networks and not used for writing mails
    deleting wifi hotspots after having used them
    trying to use vpn services
    Switching to pgp encryption providers and email providers that offer additional encryption opportunities (like mailfence, tutanota, posteo, protonmail, until now the most effective seem to be tutanota and mailfence )
    Using smartphones where it is still possible to remove the battery, switching to iPhone and apple,
    not leaving the phone ever unattended or handing it to persons
- Occurred incidents shortly before new email accounts and or device seemed newly infected:
    Forgotten to destroy all kind of indications of IMEI code or exact telephone type
    Logged into a public wifi
    Sending a necessary email to one of the persons probably involved or if not troubleshooted as well seen s/he lived in the same area and it was known that I sooner or later would get back in touch
    having logged into fb from the new device
    Having logged into google App Store and remaining logged into the google account with the device
    Creating a google account with my real name
    In 3 occasions it seems that the device (ipad air, and android were accessed without any form of hands-on contact),
I had ben asked of what I was doing that day by a local acquaintance and I had shared rthat I would be going by bus to visit a nearby city,
On the third bus stop someone entered carrying a little boxlike bag,
    For a for me unknown reason my phone at some point restarted, when I had reached the city in a certain distance the same person that had watched my attention earlier followed the direction I had been taking, as I did not need my phone anyway that moment I switched it off and walked a bit ahead, when I turned around I saw the same person studying his phone and looking around,around, later that day I had to switch n the phone agin to check on some tings while I was waiting in a cafe, within the duration of 30 minutes the same person entered there, a little bit later another person joined, in a distance
Saturday, 2. March 2019
of 7 meters they were talking, it could have been a coincidence but they were talking about removed batteries
- Other incidents:
    Blocked incoming or outgoing telephone calls
    Redirected phonecalls (I was not speaking to the persons I had called)
    Manipulated ads on facebook: in one occasion a t-shirt advertisement that looked exactly in the style like the tshirt I had been wearing the day before (same style of writing, same colour but with an offensive text- it was still in the beginning of when things happened and I did not know how to make a screenshot of it)
    Hotelroomdoors (accessible by keycard) that were tried to be opened while I was sleeping (in the morning the door itself was open but the additional chain still closed )
    Bedsheets and clothing that shortly after being in contact with the skin lead to a sensation of irritated skin, nervousness and in worst cases to confusion and effected ability of clear thinking, at 3 occasions the same effects were experienced after within a bus, a train and a plane persons had joined who had their seatings behind or next to me
    People talking on their phone in 3m distance within my near surrounding about what I would be doing in that moment, what I was wearing or whether I was still in the bus or location
(nationality backgrounds: italy, russia, ukrania, english speaking, Germany, marrocco, romania, china).
    Hotel rooms that like as if someone had entered during my absence (things were not anymore exactly as left before inside luggage)
    Hotel personnel that seemed to be nervous shortly after I had been checking in with my passport (in different locations)
    2 tries to report incidents in Italy and in Germany but while I was inside the office the person I was talking to had been receiving a phonecall and after that call was ended the approach by the person I had been talking to before towards me changed to an approach as if I was not to be taken seriously and as if talking to a child, in another third try I eavesdropped a phonecall while I was in the waiting room and the few things I heard were like “no. she makes a very healthy normal impression. -(...)- well , that is your problem then this girl is fine.”
What I hope to do once I have the official permit to work and strive in the United States.
Business ideas and plans and hopes for the future.
Entrepreneurship: I have been participating in entrepreneur trainings and management trainings ever since 2010 on my own behalf. However in reality receiving leadership skills and very good examples of good but as well of improvable leadership and management through various employers in various working contexts ever since 1999 through my first student jobs and a wide range of different employers, even though many of those were only short term for various reasons.
(in some occasions it was my very one responsibility, being too eager and too innovative or simply in the wrong surrounding, in other occasions it was the responsibility of the employer not having been clear on what they expected in the application interview and expecting later the contrary of what they had demanded in the first place, and in other occasions it had been planned from the beginning that it would be only for a short period to gain an insight into a certain work surrounding and management style. This gave me the big chance and benefit to learn from different leading and teaching styles in various different working and society settings, teaching one more time to be proven true the matter of that in each and every surrounding and society and employment it is possible to find smart and wise and experienced and good people and as well the contrary. It might be therefor that I have in general a very openminded attitude without prejudice towards all people and taking each person for himself independent from their background and doing my evaluation not based on the background but on the person himself until he proves differently. Sure, no-one manages to remain unbiased, especially within the situations and heaviness of things that have been happening to me and it still remains difficult for me to take leap on trust towards official authorities often since officials and people from sophisticated backgrounds were 90 percent of the harmdoers within the trafficking and no help was given from their side but the contrary had been taking place, while I had been receiving genuine and unconditional support by people who would belong to clichee biased groups except when they would have been corrupted by the former mentioned harmdoers. However even there as described in the example of Portugal and Bern but there were even more examples, there had been people who evidently were supposed to let me disappear or manipulate beverages in return for money  who decided not to do it once they realized that they would have been contributed to a huge crime without any justification that it would have been done to me. I was referred to once that in 2017 there even had been people who had started to make bets on my head whether I would survive all happenings or not and that others in 2019 had been setting a quota on my head if it was managed to let me disappear in an indirect way that would not be provable as murder  by corruption and drugged food trying to let me end up in a psychiatry based on false testimony and decontextualized situations for which would have been paid for. Even in 2017 when I was doing the tour guide on the bas about which I was writing in the entire report there were said by the very same persons who seemed to be involved into manipulated things and who were sitting directly behind me one of them said to the other: “A couple of months like this and she is ready for psychiatry.” And then: “how many flacons with the flacons do you still have?” And the answer was 2. There was a similar situation in 2020 when I was walking down the stairs of the building my flat is in. The persons Toabldini Saglia were talking to each other within their flat: “how many do you still have?- 6 or 7. - okay.. then we will “stimulate her less”.  A different time he was talking to a tenant who was living in one of the flats “we need to leave her in peace- and if she registered it?- no’.she was too agitated for that.” So there are for me these days more reasons to not trust official persons, however I had as well some positive experiences with official persons that were all taking place in the United States. E.g the Sherriff of Ventura who saved me in Oxnard in 2019 from a probably very inconvenient if not lethal experience with a person on the Meghans list (I recall that that weird individual even had asked me a couple of hours before it happened whether I would be able to be recognized by fingerprints if someone would find me, I had an odd feeling imideately with this weird question. And as well their was one official person who seemed to have been sent to me in 2019 to make himself a personal impression about me who was a sinner honest person who still had learned to make up his own mind and even gave me feedback that he would wish that pople in his profession should start to look for all the proof of the strengths and positive parts of a person instead of trying to search for proof for assumptions by others for which there was not even any real evidence. He even gave me his businescard that led to a company name that I cannot recall anymore but that seemed to be one of the companies that for together after all with government institutions and said it would be good if I make myself heard again if I came to the state he lived with his family and company. Unfortunately that business card became stolen in New Zealand a few month after that. I am not sure whether I remember correctly the origin of the person but it could have been Tennessee. I think he even after he had understand my work and study background asked for some consulting suggestions from my experience which surprised me and he thanked for it as it seemed to have helped him a lot for something at home.
⁃    So YES, I would be able to work in the consulting field, personal consulting but as well different fields. - In that context some positive pragmatic outcome that I keep thinking about already for quite a while within the entrepreneurial knowledge of mine. I plan to invent a travel soap that is possible to use efficiently as well without having a real shower or bathing opportunity that is properly cleaning and cleansing itself as well with clear ideas on what properties it must have and which ingredients and material and texture is gonna be involved. So far it does not exist yet and it would be a desired item by digital nomads and travels and a true help for the many homeless people in the world who would start having challenges the moment they are deprived from regular care taking of hygiene and clothing. As well a more efficient way to wash clothing during travel than exists so far for travelers. As well therefor I had been able to implement the contract employment for a shiatsu practitioner within a residence for the elderly providing through this a more efficient working surrounding to the nursing staff through preventive healthcare for them and advanced healthcare for the elderly in the nursing home since I knew how to present and to explain and implement it into a nursing home where something like that did not even exist or was known about before I introduced it to them. This would be by the way another possibility once I would have the permit to work and become self employed in the united states. To give Consulting to nursing homes and companies on how to implement preventive healthcare that would on the long run cause more efficient work results and less moneyless due to reduced sick falls and towards the managers a qualitative burnout prevention training since due to my own burnouts and overcoming those I don’t know only what it means and feels like but as well the alarm signals, waht to do to recharge and recover and to address daily life and tasks without loosing efficiency but rather doubling it in the work to be done.
⁃    I wish to pursue and pick uo as well my artist and author career transforming a lot of things into something constructive and positive and giving strengths and encouragement to people to whom happened similar to overcome it in an anonymized form. All that has been happening to me is not unique. The uniqueness is maybe within that it is so many different things that ALL did happen to me. But untangling the individual different parts of it, there are so many other people who have been enduring tormenting sufferings that are similar and giving them courage that they can overcome the imprints and wounds those left on them and that they can and must rise their voice against people who traffic and who abuse no matter of who is the harder and that they have the right to live their own life and are not obliged to live the life wanted by relatives to be lived, that they are not obliged to be in touch with people who they do not want to be in touch. And as well to rise awareness that only because a person has a sophisticated employment and recognized position in society it not necessarily means that it is a good trustworthy person and to rise awareness on a large scale that officials who help people to whom happened what has been happened to me must stop to just make an evaluation on someone because another person with an authority position or background would tell them. We all have the responsibility to make up our own mind and to know very well on why we have an opinion, we need to have awareness on where our opinions and judgements come from, rechallenge our own mindsets from now and then to be aware of whether we evaluate a certain situation due to our biased life experiences due to what another person told us or because of the situation itself. We need to find our balances in the world on keeping our authenticity and knowing on who we are and what values we strive for and how we can implement this within the world and society we live in in a way that it gives as well other people the space and time to be fully themselves. We need to be aware of different comfort zones and different needs and that what is comfortable for one person could cause the urge to vomit in another person. I would love to teach and write about the importance of authenticity and teach people about it. As it is the strongest energy source and source of strengths we have, and teaching them as well on that authenticity does NOT mean to be extraordinary or different from others but that it simply means to be fullest themselves and knowing who they are and what they strive for and to live who they are without masks or even worse trying to pretend being someone they are not. I learned through my own experiences but as well through my clients to whom I have been given treatments in regards their traumatic experiences that those who were authentic and had a strong authenticity recovered so much faster than those people who had invested a lot of energy in their life to try to adapt to someones else expectations or surrounding expectations. Evidently it is needed to adapt to a certain amount of society expectations   to make society work. But fortunately there is still enough diversity in this world that we are not obliged to stick around people who would hate us when we are ourselves but we will find surroundings that respect us for whom we are and who appreciate and acknowledge and value us for who we are when we are authentically ourselve to the fullest. As whoever and however we are we will always find people who love us for that and others who hate us or do not like us for that. So everyone can decide for themselves whether they would like to be loved for who they are when they are themselves or not. The other importance of knowing who we are and what we strive for is that material worlds can fall apart. But when we have an inner wealth and know our worth and knowledge and skills we can rebuild from there no matter where we are.
More than all that however I would love to push forward my artistic carreer as singer songwriter and author to transform experiences into a constructive outcome to encourage and inspire that it is possible to overcome all forms of abuse and that the best revenge is a life well lived independently after so many tried everything to destroy it.
But I am aware that it takes many years until one can live from that.

The report is the knowledge level of April 2022.
It was before I came to know that Leo Costa was a set up in April !!! And that he had been persecuting me eversince 2017 and observing me for several previous decades already. Isn't it pervert that he was only there to deliver the final scenes of what perverts had begun in 2007 and evenanaged to manipulate it in a way that I would mention him as having been capable to make me enjoy the sex?
Well. He is simply disgusting. And I am glad that it is already 8 month ago that I saw that son of a bitch the last time at his final scene at Denver airport for a "fake romantic" kiss at the airport where he said.."write the report and all will be good.
I never intended to apply for asylum eversince I became aware of that persecution and experiments just were brought to another level and people selling me as well here to fucked up governments and crispr genetical criminals
And I had at that point send him off already 5 times but Everytime he manages with another masonic fucked up manipulation to give him another possibility to behave like an asshole which I in April did not realize so much while I was writing the report that he ON PURPOSE had forced me to redo e I to each and every detail which I had practically digested but it does not make it nicer to write or talk about it.
In trauma processing approached. That I studied and successfully apply, what he demanded was retraumstization by newly regarding what hat been happening .
It is banned from modern trauma therapy.
Anyways. I had digested everything and already written and documented it several times .so it was just rewriting but time wasting nonetheless and energy wasting becUe HE made dramas of it and wanted to discuss what it would mean for eventual offspring of his..?!?!?!? Say what? Talking about future children with a person he did not even know whether he would like her knowing NOTHING about what is important to me or my future plans or who I am and pretending I would have trusted him my life?!?
No I did not at all because I told him what I already had filed an infinite number of reports about and had published here and as well on my FB page and he practically knows nothing about me because he wanted to discuss this and only this of my past and did not want to believe me that it was not important to me but evidently rather to him.
As well he ALWAYS started to ask questions again about it when I was thinking of entirely different things.
Seen the fact of his illigal insignas it is to conclude that he did it on purpose whenever I was entirely relaxed.
Afterwards I did not work on it so there are evidently a few updates to make on this.
But seen I never did sent it away and never anyone other than I did read it unless people would have read it without consent there is nothing wrong with it. And if I had applied with it I would have reread and corrected it or left things out where in doubt.

But I should correct here.

Regards Matthias Schrick.
He did NOT work for the STASI. he had nothing to do with it.
But the boyfriend Flori of mechwa that came later had his parents in Berlin and seen mechwa is a state agent very probably her current partner is as well. Apart from that they were communicating about state agent insight.

But Matthias schrick I don't know whether or not he had to do with it and he had rather a left politic orientated worldview or a liberal. Traditional but open-minded.
And I came to know WHY I did vomit while he was present.
It was due to the deceit of Michael but it was as well because there are indications that LEO Giacomo Costa did observe me eversince I was a child.
I got this latest news today 7th of January 2023. He was among the other fucked up fascists and Santa Croce creatures who did for unknown reasons observe my life from the very moment I for the first time set my foot into Italy and eversince 1992 . He KNEW that creature who abused me in 2020, as they together were observing.
Whenever signorino COSTA tried to go into energetic resonance with me I feel like wanting to VOMIT.
He tried already back then.

He fell inove with my appearance and decided he wanted to re educate me that I would start sharing his world views.
It even seems that those fascist disgusting breed did BETS among each other whether or not they would succeed and if so who of them seen they were very convinced of their "zersetzungs" program.

Regards the phrase "I never received the help when I seemed out".

My help request had always been to put the criminals into prison and to compensate me for what had been done to me and caused to my life abundantly on economical scale!!!!
Not psychological help because psychological I. Absolutely fine and good due to my own skills.

I need those idiots and massmurdere in prison. Not me tortured by next idiots who insist I should do therapy of things I all long digested or who wish to reeducate and brainwash me because they don't like what I know or how I see the world.


Last but not least. This report is almost 1 year it is entirely outdated.

You should keep to the latest up to date publications on newest updates and developments.

And that you all read only horrible things punished these days .

Well.. I would love to have time to push my books on management and healing techniques and the positive partly even amusing things that happen seen if it was not all so sad how stupid and corrupt people are nowadays it gives infinite material to do kabarett comedy and parodies on them. And I do!

But well.. unfortunately those criminals I mentioned in the attempts of murder and in previous publications are still roaming free because goverents are more concerned about my knowledge than that there are dangerous serial killers who murdered people from all influential groups of high rank to pretend with stolen communication adjustments they would be them giving orders to war and murder and almost seems as if that socalled "vito"/hauke/patrizio/Adam or who the duck he in reality has it's name would be the figure people described in the bible as Lucifer who surrounds himself with an army of prostitutes and serial killers spreading war and blood wars wherever he and his favoured prostitute go would explain as well the several generations long blood she'd he caused in Calabria when he as a teenager violated and or murdered a Calabrian beautiful young woman while making with a swapped identification believe it would have been a Calabrian man and not him. (He is from Basilicata, his parents however have a vacation flat at the Calabrian mare where he was often as a child).
Saskia Charlotte Junker, Anmerkung zum Gedicht

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