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Can someone please figure out WHO is sorpressing Albi that he cannot send me the copies and photos of my post that he has now for 4 months in his hads , post of 18 months of my absence from italy? he alsways says he would send it and the news he has as soon as possible, even gave me various data throughout the last 4 months, but after all it never happened. each time with another explanation why he would not have been able to do so. in ALL cases a few days before he had said he would send me the fotso of the letters there were people with contact poison attack or others threats of life or health towards me. Today he told me after he had said he would send it to me 1 week ago or last weekend, that he is away until the end of january and does not have the post with him and he would be in vacation. So.. could someone pease figure out eho is SORPRESSING him??? he as well did rorget to send me money seen he is the one sustaining me, and so eventually tonight I will be for the first time homeless in case the banctransfer he did then this morning does not arrive before it becomes evening here. the hotel was not paid yesterday already due to it but they thought that it then would work today being informed about the situation but as well today the debit card did not go through. which means a hotel is not been paid for last night and I will be on the streets tonight if the payment is not there on the card. I really do not understand why he does not send me the post seen the post would contain letters that would help to resolve the situation and I could gain ALL my money and heritage to which I have a legit right and as well everything that regards the identitytheft that people did seen they instead passed me for disgusting prostitutes and fascists bitches!!! he only sends me money and says more he would not be able to do for now.. I cannot get out of the country because whenever i book sth with the card some other psychoparhs in the USA do cancel my flights or bookings, whenever i use the card some people in the usa control where I used it and tell I would be a prostitute or a person escaped from a psychiatryorder. I dont have an own banckcard because they stole my identity and someone else is runniing around with a credit card on the name saskia charlotte junker WASTING my monmey in HYATT accomodations and similar and inviting all her friends on my costs. and even more disgusting news.. There are some people who say that I receive only bank transfers from the money that is gained by the ILLIGAL PORN CRIME those psychopaths are doing by telling hotlles they would like to do a surprise and letting then install videosurveillance in my hotelroom and bathroom or tellling them I would be suicidal or a terrorist suspect they are looking for. 2 days ago I once again due to some iddiot who believed them found contact poison on my bathrobe. it was exactly the day Albi should have send me the post. so could please someone check on him WHO is sorpressing him to not send me my belongings????? Or was he supposed to give me belingings and post already exact 4 years ago in London??? and now this came to the surface due to the insignas and people being able to trave back what exactly happened and why he was not able to gie me my full letters and belongings??? Well.. I guess then that the next 3 weeks there are eventually a lot of attempts to let murder me beause on st valentine 2018 a lot of disgusting things did happen which i described detailed in Orrore intorno il lago di garda publication in italian language.

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