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first night homeless in the streets due to people in Germany

The payment did not get through. We cannot extend your stay.alreqdy the one of yesterday not. How is that possible? Albi told me 3 days ago he would have put 1500 on the card. I try to contact him but he does not know what happened. He says he is on vacation and cannot do a banc transfer before coming back or call the Numero Verde. He would not be back before February. Then shortly after he writes he would have done a bank transfer 30min ago but he does not know when it will be on the card. The hotel sands comprehensibly that I check out. I still hope for the time difference that by the end of the day here the money in Europe should be on the card but no chance. We have evening and I am in the situation of being homeless and no place to go. I take my belongings and look for a place that is away from the city centre and away from fake help association seen they experiment with homeless people and doing insignas without consent to chip them and to control them. I am not homeless and I am not a prostitute but the disgusting family of wissing from ukraine-italian-comorra- and Santa Croce Nazi Hitler friends does everything since 15 years to make people believe that. Yes. The new wife of Michael junker and her family are responsible for this. But the entire world judges on ME that I did cut cords with Michael as soon as he decided to marry that woman. This is even morr absurd seen he when he was together with Adelheid Borhhorst he for 7 years practically ignored me and when I want e to meet with him and catch up during my study time in the Netherlands he came up with excuses or said he would have to lie towards Adelheid because she does not want him to have contact with me. And Janina? Why should I be in touch with a woman who ho hated me her entire life and was jealous upon me her entire life? And who I did not even really know apart from her nasty behaviour towards me seen she did insognas on me while I was a child surveillance me but passing me for her and her for me and passing me for another person eventually??? But th wissing family and the Saglia tobaldini family and other people from malcesine and their disgusting hauke Sala creatures are determined to ruin my life , to let me end up on the streets unless one of them can possess me or I would be in touch with Michael mechwa or Janina or with people of their ukranian-italian-germqn Nazi elite Camorra breed. Since 15 years they are destroying my life continuously more with their Nazi fascist contacts around the world and their comorra Vatican Santa Croce mafia. I doxument d all persecution and stalking eversince Michael got to know the woman who introduced herself to him as Marion wissing in 2007. There the disgust started to take it's forms. I ignored each and every new sabotage, simply walked away further and further and continued to study and to live and to give healing wherever I went and once a job or carreer was destroyed I looked for a different one. But their contacts have global scale. T They were determined to destroy me or to "reeducate" me in the Denver of destruction and extinction camps. Who are those disgusting people? And who the duck is Rosetta seen people in Italy passed me as well for roswitad daughter and made her already in 1992 believe I would be her daughter, that I would have been kidnapped and now live in Germany. Who is that orietta Saglia tobaldini in reality who lives in malcesine and seems to be part of all those lies and intrigues together with her son Enrico Saglia?! Are they as well direct descendents of Eicke and Goering?! Seen they know wissing so well and that lady called Ruth that lives in the elderly home of malcesine?!? They all first told lies about me being evil, then corrupted everyone to not give me work on global scale and to refuse friendships unless I would be in touch with people I have no inner connection with. One could understand if I was 13 years old. But I am not. I am 38 in march, have a manager profile being told already at my age of 23 that I was foreseen for a position in the management of a company when I applied for apprenticeship and dual study with them, I have been studying for 30 years by now medicine, energywork, studied at best schools and universities, finances everything from my very own money (neither mechwa nor Michael or those strangers did pay any CT for it), organized my entire study and education schedule and my leisure time was as well filled with informal and non formal learning and activities with the lifeguard section of the red cross and the youth group and courses on human rights and Erasmus plus European international training courses, language exchange and travel. I implemented at my age of 29 a contract workplace for energy work and preventive healthcare for the elderly, nurses andanagement in the nursing home pro seniors that still exists and is unique in it's form. I live autonomous and independent since 2005. So what the heck so people permit themselves?! Before 2012 I had friends on global scale around the world who were all of backgrounds with good reputation but wissing Saglia Janina tobaldini herrchenbach Kempchen Laura and their disgusting contacts destroyed each and every of them and made it happen that as well new people I got to know would stop being in touch with me based on their lies and directives. People who later realized the truth after being corrupted and participated became all one by one sorpressed! If anti stalking law would be applied each and everyone actively involved would go into prison for 10 years plus compensations ! And the stalking law is not based on the intentions of the stalkers but what they do cause ! Oh.btw they tried now even to corrupt 10 people to say I would be persecuting them while THEY did invite me and told me to keep them updated and posted on the development of things !!! Well. It is very easy. If I as an adult person do not want to be in touch with someone, he is not allowed to bother me. 90 percent of stalkers are convinced they have the right or would love the stalked person. I published on that inclusive all existing laws clearly stating to stop any stalking bullshit already in 2012 on the surveilled and compromised fb profiles and emailadress!!! So I clearly stated and expressed to stop that bullshit with infiltrated 3rd persons that as well are considered within the stalking law as being directly connected to the stalking person itself. Well.. I look for a place where I lay out my tentcover, put the sleeping airmatress that kind people from the Reelfoot lake state park camping sit gave me as a present in october,put my sleeping bag on top and cover for more isolation with the other half of the tent cover. I found a place with trees, and trees during all my travels and throughout life were always helpful. More wisdom and energy than those people who think themselves to be intelligent. I don't know how cold it is exactly but a few hours later it starts to become colder but there is few I can do. I wrap my winter jacket around my legs but my feet remain cold. I take some time for practicing on my ukulele. At least it won't disturb any hotelguest at this hour of the evening. A fe people pass by who walk their dogs and who ride their bikes for their late evening walks. I am glad they don't take notice. At some point I see in the distance a car parking ith lights still on for 20 minutes, then it leaves. Half an hour later another one. Hopefully they are are just people who live there. At some point it b comes calm and no car is anywhere anymore. I try to wrap my jacket around my legs and dive entirely into the sleeping bag. I try to cover better with the other half of the tent cover but the moist of the night creeps into the sleeping bag feet remain cold. Nothing to do about that. I fall asleep. Since 5 am I am fully awake again. They evidently reached their goal of 1993, To make me homeless and all careers and life destroyed because they don't want me to live my life with my legit rights I have as Saskia Charlotte but they want others to confuse me with Janina, with the daughter of roswita, with the wife of hauke, with Samantha, with the nazibrred, with Marion wissing. I am none of them. I am saskia Charlotte, the author of all these publications that are not fiction or the stories of others but it happened to my life wherever I write in the I-perspective. The extracts of my book about healing and medicine , these are the subjects where there is my competence and successfully I have been a therapist. But now the entire world is made believe I would be a prostitute or a fascist breed because of the disgusting crimes of the Nazis ,their descendents and possessive insane people and insane governments and their state agencies who steal ancient knowledge to then pretend it would be their secrets and NOONE besides them allowed to know about it ,not even the descendent of the ancients themselves.. Talking about governments? Police and embassies already in 2012 were given directives to PARTICIPATE in those things. So.. who the duck are those disgusting relatives of wissing tobaldini and the hidden disgusting war criminals at malcesine and junker herrchenbach and that disgusting "vito" creature (or whatever his real name is) and Costa creature that they can give directives to governments still in this time 80 years after fascism?!?!

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Das wahre Gesicht des Lebens von Marion Hartmann

Dieses Buch ist ein Teil meines Lebens, das ich schrieb, als ich gerade mein zweites Kind verloren hatte. Bis dahin war mir unbegreiflich, warum es gerade immer mich traf, dieses viele Pech und Unglück. Mir alles von der Seele zu schreiben, war eine große Erleichterung für mich, zu vergleichen mit einer Therapie. Es half mir einfach . In dem Moment , als ich alles Erlebte niederschrieb, durchlebte ich zwar alles noch einmal und es schmerzte, doch ich hatte mir alles von der Seele geschrieben und fühlte mich erleichtert. Genau dieses Gefühl, möchte ich an Leser heranbringen, die auch vom Pech verfolgt sind, damit sie sehen, das es trotzdem doch immer weiter geht im Leben. Ebenso möchte ich es an Menschen heranbringen, die nicht soviel Pech im Leben hatten, aber sich gar nicht mit anderen Sorgen von Fremden belasten wollen. Und wenn es nur ein einfaches Gespräch oder ein guter Rat ist, das hilft schon sehr viel.

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