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Finally more content from my Book about healing

I had recently as well finally time to continue my authors work on my book from my experience as a therapist and frm my studies at Arcana and with energy work and what I learned from my international clients. This excerpt is a differential diagnostics that regards the important difference between burnout (which i treat succesfully with my treatments and coaching) and depression or suicidality (which I do NOT treat and where I send people to colleagues who are specialized on these ailments for good reasons you read below. ) From my book on healing: "Burnout Prevention and Burnout treatment Burnout prevention - what is a burn out - explaining the difference between burnout and depression (this is very important because most people do not know anything about that): This is as well important because I do NOT give treatments to people with depression because they are NOT my clients, it could cause the opposite and I explain you why. In all my energywork and energetical treatments I EMPOWER the persons to reach their objectives and goals, I enhance them in their energy and how to nurture their energy and how to household and cultivate their energy better. This is what Burnout clients Need. Because a person with burnout is usually the person who always strives and is full of energy and applies it everywhere and loves life and to live and to do all his projects. But he did not learn how to household and cultivate his energy, so his fuel literally burns out too quickly and when realized to late he destroys himself. He still wants to do everything but he lacks the energy. A person with depression in contrary does not want to live anymore, he is sick of life itself and sees no motivation to live any longer. This is the reason people with a depression are given medication that cuts them off from their own emotions and DE-mobilizes them to PREVENT that they would commit suicide. This is why this differentiation is crucial and important. A person that has a burnout and gets treated with pharmaca for depression is deprived from even more energy and detaching him from life itself and it worsens the situation. A depression client treated with everything that I do apply might be receiving just the energy he needs to accomplish his goal to kill himself because he beforehand only did not do it because he lacked the courage and energy to do that. People with depression are NOT my clients and need to have therapists who are highly specialized in treating depression with a special education in that. I do not have it and refuse to treat people with such conditions where they need psychofarmaca. It is dangerous doing that if not specifically qualified. This is why I always explain as well the very difference between depression and burnout and my clients always have to sign a form in which they ensure me that they are NOT on psychofarmaka or have depressions. There are other people suited for that. ) - Within the Burnout prevention and burnout training I help the client to reconnect with owns energy ressources, to develop a sense for where they naturally can cultuvate and recharge their own batteries (which can variate for different persons) and which FOOD and BEVERAGE have influence on our inner energy household and energy system and where to be extra careful with. As well an intuition coaching goes along with it that can be as well be requested independent seen nowadays a lot of people seem to be cut off from their own intuition and constantly asking other people what they should do while this can be dangerous. this is because we are NOT the same but everyone different. something that for one person could be good for someone elsse could mean death. the most stupid phrase that ever has been quoted too often is "treat others like you ant to be treated yourself" , which does not incline to treat others the contrary but to respect that people are different and respect this. (or to say it in Peter Maffays words from his musical song about the fire salamander and the dragon, that what is good for the one could be deadly for the other but not to become enemies because of this but jsut respect to live different lifes) "

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