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a few more people they passed me for and who I am not

Seen someone blocked for my profile the function to add author comments to update the different publications or my authors profile I will have to make for each happening a new publication. There are a few more people they tried to make others believe I would be who I am NOT! And seen we are in 2023 it practically anyway is impossible seen they passed me for various people who are all long dead. This seems btw to be happening by other people stealing or doing illigal insognas and giving then the name to it of the person they want to pass me for to experiment what would happen or whether their wish comes true that someone would murder me. Butay e some insane people areade believe I would agree to the experiments by DECONTESTUALIZING each and Everytime when I extend a hotel stay. Seen my friend architect geometra from Porto brenzone is helping with his own money and has NOT access to billions (as have the persecuting sharlatans and terrorists) he can only pay me week by week..means I can make reservations always only for a few days and then extend a stay when I am in a safe location. Well... It looks as if the dangerous people make STUPID and insane experimenting people believe that when I extend a stay in a hotel that this would be the extension agreement to the experiments. As well in Greece they abused the situation whether I want to continue with the x-ray to figure out why I have constipation that I would continue with expere ts, then they did demand a full signature and it turned out that the euroclinic in Athens where I was in the emergency room had declared me for crazy . They did not even know what Epson salt is and thought it would be plants. So that son of a bitch was absolutely no doctor and for sure not a gastroenterologist. I reported him to authorities. Whether they did sth about him or not I don't know. I doubt it seen Patras and Athens are Santa Croce and fascist headquarters where they did experiment with their own population and 3 extinction cps in the nearby surrounding. 1 that was known about, 2 which were never mentioned and which are halfly active because they keep animals there that were results of genetical experimentations (near atraxos,near Patras). Anyway. The following persons people made believe I would be while or after I was in Walnut, Mississippi. They made people believe I would be: A 5 year old native girl called Lucy May, A person called Lorena (who would be the daughter of Edna and the wife of Pete who worked for a gean crane company) and for Edna who did offer me to stay on her cpervan for 2.5 weeks for free who had invited me after she got to know me together with her friend pam (who is wife of a Joe) at Reelfoot Lake Statepark Camping Site. There is sth odd about that Joe. There are several wife's he had before Pam and all of those wife's either died or got divorced from him and never seen again.and as well it was weird because when his wife and Edna were not present he suddenly communicated with wissing and was able to change an INSIGNA back toarion wissing and another to Samantha. I never told about this to pam and Edna. They as well passed me for the wife of Rommel lately. I accepted the invite by Edna seen she had been recommended by people who knew them for years as good people on the campsite and in person. So I did not just stay with random strangers. But well.. As I said earlier whenever I try to SAFE money seen it is the money of my ex boyfriend geometra and architect (the ONLY ex boyfriend I had in the last 15 years) always some peopleamage to interfere and to corrupt or to sorpress or to send setups who then afterwards pass me again for someone else or it happens by others without them even knowing that this happens. It was as well afterwards that people said that Lucy may was a child where the parents had been murdered and who had begged someone to spare the child but then disappeared. NOONE ever knew who murdered the parents of her and NOONE ever what happened to the child. As well it was then 3 days later that I had left to Arkansas and there I stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn (only one weird situation with a housekeeping lady,for the rest all good) that when I had left from Arkansas , Little Rock 2 days after people said I would be Sinclair and would have married a terrorist. NO. For the 100th time . I am NOT married. And NEVER did marry. And I am NOT adopted and changed my name. My name is since my birth Saskia Charlotte as in my passport. I never rejuvenated, and for sure I did not reincarnate , I never changed my name and I never married.

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