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people still did not understand who is Ipnovito ,the rapist?!

There are seriously people who still did not understand who is Ipnovito vito lapetina or whatever is his real identity. There are still people who pret ND that they thought that the person who pretended to help me.with renovations "falegname" from June 2020 to December 2020 would have been my boyfriend??!?! Are you entirely INSANE or what!?!?! THAT PERSON WAS IPNOVITO PRESENTING HIMSELF AS VITO LAPETINA AND YOU CAN FIND HIM ON GOOGLE GOOGLING HIS NAME. HE IS THE ONE WHO ABUSED ME AND WHO THRRATENED ME WITH DEATH AND PSYCHIATRY IF I FILE PUBLIC REPORT AGAINST HIM AND WHOSE FRIENDS WORK AT ST CATHERINE AND WHO STOLE BILLIONS FROM ME!!! He is the one I described detailed in my profile with the aversion against peppermint and his love for creating fear to break someone's Neuroenergy defense . He is the one who was already part of 1992 nightmare at Christmas and who was let entered by orietta and Enrico from 2016 during the night to abuse me and and making porn of it and who was let entered by the villa 40 domigliara on st valentine and abused me while they changed the INSIGNA and did let appear Alberto giramonti for him and him for Alberto giramonti. HE is the very friend of Silvia the REAL terrorist who HE walked out of the psychiatry and then later pretended I would be her and who as wells pretended I would be the daughter of wissing and a lot of other terrible things!!! He sorptrsser and threatened me in very eloquent ways as soon as I realized who he was. He helped to MURDER GIUSEPPE SAGLIA andany other people. He is a special ex cia creature agent designed to kill and manipulate without emotions. Similar to his partner in crime Leo Costa with his guns and incapacity to know what empathy is. He pretends to be a falegname but he is not. I don't know what his real name is but he evidently has several identities. He murdered as well Don vito and stole his INSIGNA and is the one who caused a 3 generations blood she's in Calabria by violating or murdering a Calabrian woman but making it look like with changed or reprogrammed INSIGNAS As if it had been a man from Calabria while he has nothing to do with Sicily but originated from Basilicata from a town where there was a grand inquisitor headquarter.

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