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Arrest entire Malcesine until u find the following woman!!!

I just received following info about a woman stating already for a few years now eversince I filed report against the persecuting abuser ipnovizo. She tells people that he did not abuse me but that he CURED me and that they would ahve HIRED him because I had said one day I would never find work again after all the destroyed reputation RUFMORD and destroyed curriculum. And she states that I would be lieing because I would have ENJOYED the abuse and I would have prostituted myself throughout my entire life seen I with everyone would go into empathy and with all the energywork. So they HIRED him to ensure I would be able to have sex again with people and be good in bed and that THEREFOR he did hypnotize me to make me go in bed with him. Well... Those people seriously think that enerrgywork is sex. and that I did not work as a therapeut but as a sexworker when I gave treatmetns or when I went in empathy with artists and nature. PLEASE to everyone.. GO and find that INSANE and or HIGHLY DANGEROUS WOMAN who is saying this to everyone and that I would LIE when I say that the person raped and abused me and that I would have made up this story because he would ahve talked bad about me and wouldd not have been satisfied with the "service" he had been hired and paid for. ?!?!?!? WHO is THAT WOMAM?!?!?!?! is it the same woman who made others believe that I would have MARRIED that person or that this person would have "PROTECTED" me from 1992 onwards??? Or is this another insane individual that needs to be found and arrested and put into a forever prison and who claims that they would have PROTECTED me from everyone I would go in empathy with and they would have done on everyone INCISIONS or murdered them to protect me. Well.. IF they really did this, they did murder all my shiatsu clients, all my REAL friends, they did let burn entire FORESTS and nature, they did let murder several native populations with whom I had made friends already during teenager time and many more who are empaths, healers, great photographers and artists like I am because these are the people I surround me with. because they still do understand "energylanguage"... and just saying these are the people who are able that you listen to beautyful music, read good books, or watch good movies, or that you have beautyful clothing and beautyful architecture in many places where it still exists, it is the people who guarantee you beautyful gardens and colourful paintings.. SO... this means that those people who claim to murder everyone who are empaths and real artists have brought back disgusting and dangerous fascism and inquisition. Because THIS is what inquisition and freemasons and fascists did. they murdered all impressionist artists (empaths), visionaries, real authors, truthspeakers, healers and instead they INVENTED rational mathmatic based substitutes, such as the later algorithsms that they did let implement and then they with new icdh coding made by EX extinction camp doctors who were safed with new identities and invented mental illnesses that describe several attributes of those they beforehand did MURDER in their extinctioncamps!!! so would please finally some authorites and governments wake up BEFORE they transformed the entire earth into a fascist global regime run by undercover governments hidden in new invented SA and SS??? Because these das it looks like this, seen enrico saglia ipnovito, orietta,zeni,dorigoni,costa and several others do give directives on global sclae to security companies, to police force and carabinieri, to secret services, to government representatives and hospitals? Would please those who are as well official authorities and have the RIGHT and OBLIGATION with an equal powerful force start to act and contact their colleauges on global scale??? On purpose after WW2 there were established on global scale possibilities to INTERFERE if ever it would happen again that fascists would infiltrate into police and into governments to prevent that this world remains a free world and not a surveillance state!!! I reached out once directly to them and this happened almost a year ago but back then they did not want to bellive me yet, they thought I would be seeking their attention to make publicity for my writing work but I hope that they by now KNOW that I was NOT spamming their emailaccounts and contactforms and that NEVER ever sth got resolved because telephones ( included) and many other fones and emailadresses became compromised and communication prevented or circumnavigated.

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