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summary of what I wrote in my blog about dangerous ipnovito

i Did here a sumaary of what I already mentioned several times on the authors profile of mine that I at some point turned into a blog (not forbidden- but it would be helpful if there was an additional blog opportunity on this authors platform to keep readers updated while at the same time keeping the authors profile as a authors profile , but it works as well like that) .

Seen the dangerous serial killer threatened me in 2020 to ever file report against him I had written the summary and mentioning him in ways without using his name but at this point it is important to put all summaries and descriptions about him together for those who hopefully realized it is urgent time to take action against him!!!


he did infiltrate in the fb group lago di garda in 2020 and was ordered to contact me when I started to write about the abuse taking place in malcesine, there he pretended to defend me against those who did not want to her about horrible truth of lake garda but only the superficial publicity and pretended then to help me to lure me into his direct contact access and to then abuse me while i am at consciousness seen beforehand he had only been able to abuse and do experiments  when the peope had drugged and sedated me in my very own flat. but he knows enrico saglia and orietta tobaldini and the andrea dorigoni and camela zeni for many decades.

one of his identities is the one you can find when googling the name vito and lapetina and wordpress and ipnovito.

There are indications that the real name of the famgerous ceiminal mentioned in the last update is HAUKE.

I forgot ad well to add another detail.

Salt that contains a higher phosphor amount than othwr salt would be lethal to him.


Many will have reqlized that i deacribes the person who tortures abused and raped and threatened me .

He has the typical profile for the rrst od his vharacter of a typical serial killer and obsessed stalker who after his insane phantasy he could possess me one day did nor come teue after all his efdort to sabotage my entire life he couls not bare the idea another person ever xould by my side and after he did not managr to mjrser me he tries and maybe partly did murser evwryone who evwr was or could have been or cluld be important to me .

A highly damgerous person with the surename LAPETINA (but maybe he uses a different name or lapetina was a fake name he used before)  started alrewdy a few months ago to tell everywherr I would in reality have a different firstname and would be married to him and that he would have tutorship to decide on my rights because I wouls have shizophrenia and amnesia.

Following possibilities are there he says my real first name would be: Silvia, Samanta, Marion or Janina.

It couls even be that he falsified marriage certificates or that he left my middlename when doing that seen Inuse normally my middlename Charlotte.


That person for as far as I know is HIGHLY DANGEROUS, trained to kill with and without weapon,

had a training either by statE police or CIA, 

has access to an amount of money of several billion USD,

seems to know my exact location within 24 hours,

has xontact to drugdealers and prostitute ambience,

is knownnin different countries under different names , in some he is accused of murder,

his family is related to the Italian secret service,

he constantly changes appeareance.


For the description Ingot so far:

Small, thin, dark brown eyes (but beware of xoloured contact lenses), sharp angled face form, silvergrey black uhair which is regularly darkened agsin, usually shoulderlong and in a start but can change, sometimes wirh sometimes wirhout beard,

he has  a purple-reddish birthmale on one of his hands

rhetorically very skilled and eloquent, probably a training in interrogation and gaslightning techniques, trained to figure out what you are afraid of or what disgusts you,

Capable to imitate voices and to act very concincing

Trained in EMDR, hypnose, NLP on a master degree succeeding in putting entire groups in trance, 

Imprevisible behaviour, dangerous,

Physiological genetical condition:morbus addison in xombination with fibromyalgia,

Entire lack of empathy perception, but highly sensitive on a frequency scale.

Has big issues with electrical devices: caused motoes to explode and nondigital radios to go off without ever touching them,

Weakness for hallucinative substances (LSD, high concemtrated THC,natural morphines, natural manipulative substances that effect the hormone system).

Uses a set od specific handgestures of whixh he hopes to cause neurological reaction chains.

Selfcontrolled and selfdisciplined, capable to play a role for weeks, but INCAPABLE to accept set borders or a no. A refusal is understood as a provocation to play and to let him put more effort.

Threats are to be taken seriously.he does not bluff.

People who were corrupted with his money afterwards became sorpressed.

Has contacts on global scale.

Looks innocent and modest on first impression. If he feels.threatened he does not hesitate to become violent.first verbally mentally and psychologically then physiologically.

Has a special diet of selfmade cabbage, gathered plants in nature, selfmade kefir, and a selfmade bread thatbhe produces from grounded raw lentils and rice that are mixed with oil and then baked. 

A specific salt others can eat to him would be lethal.

He hates the taste of peppermint.

Is capable to recitr e tire books ljterally such as DANTE or JUNG and loves to analyze and observe to mimkck that behaviour in later situations.

Skilled in manual and technical works.motors.hydraulic.timmerer.

Hates heat and wind condition.

Usual biorythmus: 2:30pm to 3am.


Inrepeat.if it is tmhim whonoretends to be marries to me and i wouls have in reality a different name and wouls be mentwllybill, he is highly dangerous and peobably killed several people.

Tends ro have psychotic attacs as well and co siders himself then as a "spirit who came to earth tonplaybwirh materia".

He likes to INVERSE. Things, colours, paintings, phrases. Weakness for thr colours neon green and guantanamo orange. And a character weakness: he is VAIN about things he is good at so far going thatbhe even explains whatbhis strategies are comvinces thatbit does not make a difference.

Weakness for cards dices and to make a handshake with someone wirhout real reason to do so.

When he becomes angry and frustrates he looks literalky like "rumpelstilzchen" and reminds of a 4 year old child in anger mode.

Favoured colours for own dress up:black , dark grey, dark purple. Almost always wirh a basecap.



the serial killer ipnovito is an INSIGNA killer.HHe murdered targeted people from high rank of different groups to get their INSIGNA ,how he managed that I don't know but he told and showed once that his relatives had a butchery and demonstrated how to make salami... Alittle Hannibal lector!?! Would be fitting seen he is a sadist.

He did as well murder "Don Vito", a priest and grandmason and a prostitute and a janitor ,a carabinieri of Italy, and a housekeeping supervisor, a homeless,  a beautiful woman from Calabria, and who knows how many more.

Through the stolen INSIGNA he gives directives on global scale.

Tucson has a huge freemason loge. He contacted all masons of the beginning ranks and tried to give them directives.



I have new infos about my several persecutors Leo Costa, Enrico Saglia and "vito" and zeni
they are ALL CONNECTED to each other and to the free masons


one time orietta saglia talked to pseudo falegname ipnovito "what do you suggest, vito?" (orietta usually never talks to men except her son or the priest or antonio romagnoli or when she does grocery to the cashier)



"Vito" or whatever his real name is did let spread everywhere in the city I am among police and security and others that I would be a prostitute. He seen he did illigal insignias in 1992 and then additional bullshit on 2020 has constant access, and comments his deeds as well regularly that he would have spread this as well at a place I had tried to apply for a job because I would have told the truth and he would have warned me that if I ever tell the truth he would make sure I would not survive it or would be put into psychiatry.

He is as well the one the malcesine carabinieri had forwarded ALL my reports I had filed against him. Check therefore the chapter of "European police responsible for childmurder?" that I published today 2nd of January.


URGENT: there are indications that those Dangerous psychopaths  "LEO" AND "VITO"  did MURDER everyone I ever knew because they wanted to IMPRESS me because they would have fallen in love throughout their persecution... 

Just because I was considerations that EVENTUALLY all people I met in my life were after all set ups and part of the experience..

PlEASE when will authorities finally arrest and get rid of those two pychopaths.

They thought if they "impress" and "surprise" me with it I would fall in love with them. I NEVER have EVER been impressed by MURDER. I want criminals in prison and judged by a court, NOT murdered. And I NEVER fell in love or liked someone anyway due to that they tried to impress me or did disgusts me... I won't start liking someone if I did not like him before or stopped liking him.

And those people are dangerous psychopaths. If I had known in the first place who they were I never would have even talked to them but walked away and ignored all their attpts of gaining attention.



I described vito accurate and detailed further down in the profile where HE then fakes to be me seen he is one of the psychopaths who stole one of the communication adjustments pretending it would be a fake character.

No ...the description of the individual that HATES peppermint and hates coffee and who eats bread made from raw grinded rice and lentils that he then bakes with water in the oven is an accurate description of him.

Of course..didn't I mention it in 1000 of ways?!?!"VITO" is the psychopath from.europe who pretends as well he would have married me and who stole BILLIONS with which he bought a private airplane to persecute me everywhere and who sends them everywhere prostitutes to pretend that I would have prostitutes me.

He is as well the hypnotist who in 2020 threatened me with death or psychiatry on case I ever would file police report against him and that none would have ever survived it who filed reports against him on public scale.


I believe that seen the many attempts ofurder ever since and seen his indeed contacts to state police CIA through ENEL and his friends at St Catherine who issued a sick declaration for him on command.


He is a whore seller as turned out on investigations and hypnotist of the IS Terrorists extremists. He walked Silvia out of the psychiatry and then passed me for her. He most probay murdered Giuseppe Saglia together with orietta tobaldini who she knows foramy decades and manyore crimes. He is the one who loved in 2020 on localita osteria vecchia 5 between affi and rivoli and who was part of nightmare at Christmas 1992 and 2020 and he is the one who ever since 2007 did let produce porn with set ups and send abusers and druganipilations of beverages through infiltrated people, police officers of Hamburg included (2012) and who did the rape and abuse at San vale time 2018 that has been confirmed by the hotel emohees of villa 40 domigliara that they in reality did do a porn and that they all thought it would have been with consent. I recognized him later and as well I recognized him that he was present in the rape and abuse on 2016 with 5pereons in the room and a 3pod camera that recorded everything and people panicking that the sedation narcotic did not work anymore. Present were as well Enrico Saglia and orietta tobaldini. The other 2 persons I did not recognize but it was 2 huge shadows that I put could guess seen they switched off all lights until they had injected new narcotics and the next morning everyone of via saltarimo tried to find an excuse to talk toe to try to figure whether I would remember sth or not. I played dumb.


However seen the dangerous zeni saglia tobaldini hauke hilke lucrele vito there who sorpress everyone and are involved into organkzed abuse porn mafia and drug smughle and drug production and seen the dark past of lake garda unfortunately it is quite possible that those peopel in their powerful vatican state police and NSA positions sorpress everyone there especially seen some of thr carabinieri are beyond their best clients. Once there were even rumours that the lolice chief of thr province of verona is involved in drug and kokaine smuggle. They represent not only those dangerous powerful professions but as well zion. I have co firmation today that "vito" is from ISIS and that ISIS and the vatican are related to the zionists!!!


Injust received confirmation that a pervert who inteoduces himself as "lapetina" but probably it is just one of thr stolen identities he uses for decades already pretends to be tutor about me and beinf worried i wouls be suicidal and theredor lets install in all accomodations mini videocameras .in rwlity that oervert wants ro gather material for his illigal porns to later say that people would have co tributed to it with full consciousness and with agreement .otherwise wmthey would not smile and it eould be visible they would not be on drugs.

This the pervert let do alrewdy in 2016 when i moved i to my flat at lake garda.

I do t know what about you but well..where i come from it is not forbidden to walk in natura in ones own flat and ones own hotelroom as long as one does not walk naked on thr street or balcony!!!

But the perverts who started with their illigal abuse and abuseporn probably in 2007 tell always people they wouls have to install surveillance technology to prevent a potential suicide... Well if i was suicidal or depressive i would not do invest so mich energy i to survival :D (last year even with minus 7degrees celsius in my car seen hotels were no safe places at all in europe). In addition the ILLIGAL and unjustified 360degree surveillance they apllied on me pretending i would be the terrorist silvia (the real silvia is one of the girlfriends of lapetina) .

Terrorists who come back to europe have to agree on that 360degree surveillance where state agents constantly have access to location amd even more to see what they see.. This is done with GOOGLE LENSES technology. In my case they applies that one without consent alrewdy in 2015 at susan marletta hart without even telling me.

Means whenever i look i to a mirror they see me and i cannot do anything against it. Who of you did oy look i to a mjrroe with clothes on???

Well.. And you know what? There are even people who accuse me that i would invite abusers on my own because i should not walk naked in my own flat or look i to a mirror after or before showering...?!?!?!?.



One od the crimes od the criminals at lake garda was with full knowledge that i am not to pass me for the terrorist silvia from italy that went to the isis terrorist marries him got pregnant with two kids and returned to italy pretending she would go on vacation.even mkre towards europe she pretended they would have to buy her free.i guess that money the eu spent to buy her free went directly i to her own hands oe into the hands of italoannisis and santa croce and the let me appear me like her they removed sth from her body and put it into my intestine and then they applied that chip and 360degree nanoneurosurveillance on me and the coordinates and access has the serial killer and abuser who seems to be the same person who pretends to be my tutor. 

The reason he does not murder me? He ennjoys the hunt and the chase and wants to produce mkre of his pervert disgusting porn and because he loves to see my life desteoyed while he is spending money and heritage he stole from me. There are even indications that they married  me to that pervert in the full knowledge of fries heinz theodor junker who was even mkre insane to inherit him then several bilkion euro and a huge property. Seen fried heinz theodor is not dead but still alive somewhere enjoying his retirement life.

Then that pervert passed me for someone else while other people constantly pretend to be me. Various of his real prostitutes. Eventually they use the pervertly created and theough corruption taken videomaterial about me and by now seen i manage almost always to prevent that people enter and for the porn they shortly pretend someone else is me .one of their prostitutes to conrinue their perversion..

But sometimes they combine it with the induces dream.method that i referred to in the chapter about the fc donders institute in nijmegen netherla ds that experime ts with induced dreams and even induces thoughts that someone is capable to PROGRAM from distance and insert them. I guess they figured out how to do that when they figured out where exactly and which neurons are involved in the creation of thoughts. And wirh their neuronanoabuse they are capable to stimulate all neurons and as well as the fc donders experime ts with to induce dreams and manipulate dreams in a way that they feel real. I referred to this in a previous chapter.i recommend everyone to learn to know WHY you have a specific opinion and to know your own values very well.and to know why hen where you took decisions and based on what.onmy then you have a chance to check on whether a thought that passes your mind isbreally your thought and based on your values or whether someone wants to make you bekiev it would be your thought and whether ir is co gruent to your vamues and your character.


among all REAL insane perwons there is seriously a psychopath who did tell people that it would not be true that my life would have been destroyed and i would never find work again because they would have passed me on purpose for a prostitute and made those illigal porns during their abuses as a surprise and i always could work as a prostitute and pornstar and it would have been a surprise because i liked the movie with Julia roberts and richard gere and this would mean in their interpretwtation i would have wanted to become a prostitute.

And they on purpose always pass me again for a peostitute because they want me to find a job as an actor in the porn i dustry or find woek and thats why they always destroyes my job and pretended to people i would have offered porn or sex service .

Ans they on purpose therefor always would have send peostituted to places i would have been acconodating to oretend that they would be me and vice versa as a form of promotion.

Even mkre they said theybwould not have let abused me in 2020 but the manipulation was meant to prepare me to be capable of having sex again aftet all abuse. And that they on purpose for that tried to CASTRATE me so i would not even need a preservative..

Those people seriously are not a case dor peison or psychiatry but a case for death penalty.


- it turns out that "vito lapetina" ornwhatever his real identity is has been persecuting me eversince his childhood for some insane reqsons. I dont even know how this is possible seen he is at least 30 years older than me.

He claimed he would have protected me against everyone who is an empath. Because he cobsiders empathy as abuse. And he wouldbhave sent me all his fascist friends to isolate me from all people I really wanted to be in touch with.


So i repeat. Alberto is NOT the pereon eho abused me in 2020 but that lapetina who in reality has a different name. And lapetina is the same person who gained access with the help of the hotel employees on san valentine 2018.

I have information from the hotel administration that they were told in february 2018 that we qould be doing a porn registration there. Well. 

WE foe sure did nothing like that but our beverage after dinner to whixh we were invited on cost of thr house was manipulated and rhen people were let enter into our hotelroom at villa 40.

Infinally got confirmation about the suspect and info I had about VITO LAPETINA ...







This. Goes so far that he caused aseveral generation long blood massacre in calabria where his parents have a vacationflat making where he violated. A girl from calabria making it look like it would have been a calabrian person. It took several generations to to find out the truth.--


-V.L. from italy is a serial killer for whom they are looking in the emtire world, contact authoeities ans nonauthorities in calabria and south jtaly wgo can confirm that.he murdered several people there made it look like it wouls have been done by calabresis and caused a several generation long blood wreck until they found out the truth


-orietta from malcesine KNEW who he was.they passed me for someone else and marriws me to him , therefor they corrupted the townadministration of malcesine


No anonimisations.even mkre people of the real happening.

People already at cheistmas 19922/1993 iwntered in malcesine fueing a vacation in the mkddle of the jight after they had i duces narcotica i to the flat. With an disgusting old man kneeling in front of me holding my hand.

The persons who wntered were alreqdy back than the highly damgerous serial december 2020 the dangerous insane serial killer who abused me mimixked the situation kneeling at the exact point of the room  to remind me of it asking me to come tonear to him and sit down. I refused to sit down and to xome anywhere neaere than 1.5metres. He did disgust me. eversince 1992 he did let persecute me insanely thinking that he would have married me.


In 1992 something else happenes at lake garda that has nothing to do wirh me. But it could be that they passed me for the daughter of thr man who dis it.

In Malcesine and Brenzone in the 80s and 90s it was common that the people out of boredom played cards for huge amounts of money.people lost their entire properties and houses because they risked to much. Iy is a game called zardo.

In the 90s there was a man from malcesine who played with a person from somma villa brenzone.

After one of the persons had lost everything he sold his daughter. She had thr name silvia and promised that his child one day would marry that disgusting old man to whom he had lost the cardgame.

Is this the same silvia that went to the terrorists? Or is it another silvia ?

In either case ir could be possible that those bastards already in the 90s passed me for that girl they sold at zardo seen in 1993 someone infiktrates into a dermatologic doctorstudio and instead od that they removed verucce they injected me without narcotics 2 gps trackers that eversince 2020 regularly vibrate in my feet.


So is the in the updates below described criminal.

His official cover profession is "falegname" working in a small falegnameria whixh is located next to the catholic neu apostoloc vhurch at least there is often a car of that church next to it.(the catholic neu apostolic churches are folowing the old testament with ways that remind of brainwashing and 4 priests who repeat the same thing the on3 before has said in different words within 1 hour) in Domigliara near Affi with his businesspartner.

But even nore. Newest results brought to the surface that the dangerous criminal is directly connected to ISIS.

He is a hypnotiseur and involved in the directives that are given to the literal sleepers of the terrorists the night before they are send to explode somewhere.

Seen his many dofferent ide tities and his connections to the itakian statepolice he is the person who walked silvia out of the psychiatry and pretended to take care of her.

Instead she went to santa croce and vatican networks and turned out to have been his lover for many years.

He applied the surveillance technology that is foreseen for terrorists once they pretend they would have nothing to do with it anymore on me with allcoordinates and access to everything in addition he injected something in my intestine that would make the IS believe that I am her.

In addition it turned out that he indeed is direct part of the IS after the anisation of what ge during his anal abuserape left in my intestine seen he abused me anally without preservative .he once even was sodisgusting to try to force me to "sayhis friend hello with a kuss" afterwards.

He was simply disgusting, using a lot of language and wordings during the abuse in 2020 that experts would describe as pedophile and childabuse language.

He has another pervert trait.when he masturbates he often keeps his seeda in a condom and preserves them.

What is he soing with it???

Injecting those into people he wants to murder from the inside?living poisenous gps trackers?


The dangerous criminal turns out to be known in the entire world for his crimes for murder and abuse for many decades but until now he always manged again and again to change his identity and to oretend to be someone else.

The reason i am not dead is because he wants me alive.

He enjoys it to make me suffer by threatening or trying to murser people who were or who are or who COULD be important to me in a way that it looks always as if someone else would have done the murser.

It is horrible. Authorities still dont give a shit and rather would prefer me to be seen declared for insane.

Several authorities tries to apply manic depressive or suicidal peotocols but had to admit reading theough my pubmications that they would make themselves ridiculous.




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