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maroadi, trimeloni

here the summaries on maroadi and trimeloni involved into everything very closely attached to the roman catholic parochia of malcesine and to the militaru=y of malcesine and to the olive oil kartell of lake garda.

The familyMaroadi owns the property MyDream Apartments directly under the cable car Funivia of Malcesine.


I got to know them only becaause Freid Heinz Theodor junker and michael did always park their cars on their properties when they were not able to put it in the to the flat fitting garage, and because I knee wpaolo through denise from 2008 when I still considered them friends.


In 2016, still believeing that Paolo Maroadi as the boyfriend of Denjse ferretti would be a friend,i when I moved to lake garda got in tocuh with him and the persons I knw still from other years.


But one evening he confessed that while I had organized the moving from germany to italy a person would ahve gone and walked around entire malcesine and corrupted everyone to pay them with a lot of money for trying to put me into disgusting light or to bring me into difficulties or for not giving me work. but he did not tell me who it was and it was only a coincidence that he told me that at all seen he was drunk.


At some point I realized that his brother Marco and some other people around the maroadis had access to everything I did, talked, went to , or where I was . They looked for this on a special app that was installed on a telephone they had. I was able to observe them from my balcony seen they  have their property next to the building my flat is in. and they werre making comments and descriptions on exactly what I had done that day. this was creepy, seen I had NO telephone with me  that was compromised.


another time I heard in 2017 marco maroadi saying to someone shortly after I found out in austria that fried heinz theodor junker is still alive but not telling it to anyone

"it is better when she thinks he is dead"


another time I came to know that the father of Marco maroadi and paolo maroadi died during one of their olive oil harvests falling from a ladder having an accident.


a person from malcesine from the elderly generation falling from a ladder during oliveoil harvest???IDOUBT this very much.


could it be that his wife the mother of marco and paolo did drug his coffee because he did not want to participate in the intrigue or selling the part of their property to the town of malcesine when they wanted to enlarge the cablecar and needed more sapace for that? why i acuse the mother of marco and paolo to eventually ahve done this? simply because whenI helped with the olive oil harvest in november 2015 and 2017 once my beverage became drugged either by the mother of marco and paolo or by the the wife allessandra of marco (her borther owns hotel capri, where mostly the people from Romania work). by the way, gabri from romania aasked me in 2017 when i helped out after my return from the sabotaged cruise ships experience (i found out much later that paolos cousin had worked for costa and eventually could have been involved), gabri asked me whether my real name would be Samanta. It was there when I the first time heard that name being mentioned.


the mother of marco maroadi and paolo maroadi is somewhere from close to rome and very involved in the elderly church prayer circles of malcesine... but even more, it seemed that she had connections to the vatican and inquisition. Because once she thought I would be a witch, making a phonecall to someone that I would be a real which because I would ahve sung about ants and then there would have been ants in my kitchen.


wel.. it was spring ANT season and there weree FIRSTthe ants and then i was singing the song from the jungle book "bare necessitites" but for some reason old maroadi mother did see what i saw in my flat and had access to what i was singing in my flat 500metres away and not on the same height level and told someone from the vativan there would be a which and they should better come and have a look.


this was in 2020.


the best friends of those people are Marua Trimeloni, Mattheo Trimeloni and Gianni Trimeloni who are again best friends with Enrico Saglia and Antonio Romagnoli.


they were all connected to the military history of malcesine.


if you click on my authors profile and use the search function you will find several entries in the blog about updates there on as weell maroadi and trimeloni.

and you find some of them as welll in the quotes publication.


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