Saskia Charlotte Junker

please scan as well on aurora Florida, bar oasi (the women)..

please scan (for those who can do scans of the vaccines and energy scans) as well on Aurora Florida (acontatto language trainer,former owner of villa gelmi next to restaurant pizzeria Gigi,)
bar oasi, the bar at lungolago of malcesine  (the women), bar vagabond/il Punto, cafe bike extreme (next to the bike shopat the funivia), pizzeria al ristoro Malcesine (near the beginning of via saltarino near the funivia cable car),
Carla Rosa consolati and Anna cressotti (tax accountantd bookhouding for the underwear company Tezenis) and Matteo seppi (vigile, street police) and Chiara (daughter or relative of the company owner tezenis, ex wife of diceo and mother of diceus son (I fell in love with diceo in November 2017 but it was inhibited and he put under pressure to contribute to the intrigue ,they put him under pressure when they registered the sex I had with diceu in November 2017 and helped him after his contribution to get the rights that his son is allowed to grow up with him which is good, I knew that they had put him under pressure because I scanned on him after his behaviour changed suddenly -,not from the beginning-,.i know that they registered it because the mother of Marco maroadi in 2020 watched with her family and church friends everything on their terrace while I was on my balcony and she quoted us. As well she said once respected in 2020 just because for the first time she saw me with a skirt "she already clothes herself like a prostitute with an evil laughter as if she had planned it all that they want to pass me for a prostitute or if invilyinto organized abuse,the same old bitch that ruined the relationship between Denise and Paolo and the same old bitch who called the Vatican because she accused me of being a bitch, this is how I know that the inquisition was never put to sleep)) ,Patrizia Saglia (cousin of Enrico Saglia), Isabella gagliardi (wedding planner in the travel agency gsgliardi and ex girlfriend of Enrico Saglia before he went to study vet at the university of parma where he became extrimaticulated (there are two versions about the why, his and the one of the university), the brother of Matteo tressi but I cannot recall the name (I had a one night stand with him in 2016 but he got told afterwards I would be a lesbian prostitute and they would have bought me for his birthday in the disco, he never verified with me whether it was true and after 3 dates in which we got along well he did cut contact), his brother matteo tressi works for the town administration, a good person,I always liked. I tried to reach out for help in beginning 2021 but I think he co fused it. I wrote as well with him during christmas December 2020 to be sure to be in contact with someone and to demonstrate clearly that I was not interested at all into the dangerous person who was sorptrssing me in 2020.
(There are insane persons who say that they would be of abusive people,but that insane person is telling this about EVERYONE who is an empath and with whom I go in energy resonance! Tressi never abused me, neither did his brother).
Please as well the volleyball group of 2008-2009 of malcesine.

Please do scans on all of them from 1985 onwards. Some of them are just people I met who have nothing to do with anything but it will reveal a lot of information.


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