Saskia Charlotte Junker

I know about the vaccines because I communicate with them

Please scan as well on Susanna luterotti (she fakes to be a naturopath but she has two faces and I was shocked when I discovered her second) from 2016 onwards.
Instead of ucckambolabo that I wanted in 2016 to digest with calmer night sleep the horror of 2015 she offered me tablets that I after all never took but next time she saw me she looked as if she had seen a ghost and as if she did not expect me to be still alive..on the day whe gave me the tablets a black fat official car did park in the middle of the tiny road old town of malcesine and a man that almost looked like the evil murderer of the movie "enemy of the state" was walking around malcesine.

and scan bar active (2016) and their connection to a person called "Amos" and osteria Santa Rosa next to the hotel of alto Adige and their connection to an old guy called "angolino" (Saglia did send me in 2016 there to ask for that person telling me that he is someone who helps with changing door locks).

(Ps: regards the title of this publications..I know about that the vaccines where not just liquid but much more is because I communicate with one of the shots they put into my left arm, I just wonder why not everyone is capable to perceive what has been injected and I know that eversince people are capable of authorities to do scans on the vaccines but of course only if the right name is labeled, in my case they had labeled a thousand different names when they injected those to pretend that I. Someone else while I am saskia Charlotte, but I only received one shot, the other time they stole it or did sth else..because in Bulgaria in the military hospital of Sofia where in January 2022 I asked to receive the second moderna shot it seems that instead they just passed me for Marion wissing and did let declare me for insane. The first shot I received in Switzerland grigione in December 2021.
Both times I asked for moderna because I did not want the Nazi fascist Pfizer version (the owner of bion tec phitzer is a descendent of a from turkey (re) immigrated family that grew up in Saarland (the most fascist German province of Germany, they were the first who elected the NSDAP and rained always quite right wing and isolated themselves very much from other provinces and rather their attached to Luxembourg)

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