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How orietta tobaldini saglia destroyed my childhood family!

How Orietta Tobaldini Saglia destroyed my childhood families life

Who is Orietta Saglia, respectively Orietta Tobaldini?

She is a tiny old and fragile looking woman with black brown hair a small face and dark eyecolour.

She came to malcesine at some point of the middle of nowhere and offered to be the (fake) saviour for Giuseppe Saglia.

Giuseppe Saglia was gay which in Malcesine due to the fascist history was still dangerous.

That she was very active in the roma catholic church which did not think differently makes me wonder how it was possible that Giuseppe Saglia accepted that fake help offer but he did.
 They did a socalled lavender marriage which is the specific term in these cases in Italy.

A few years later a child needed to be there , probably they scared Giuseppe as well called Pino that he has to proof that he really is marrid, otherwise it would not work.

So someone needed to be found that it looked like they would have a child together and a few months later Enrico Saglia did exist.

But Hey. Enrico Saglia does not look at all like his father, not even a bit similarity and only little similarity with Orietta. He is much taller than both of them.

So WHOis Enricos real father?

Was this the reason that Giuseppe had to die because at some point everyone would have realized the entirely lacking similarity ??? Or was it because Pino was not willing to participate in the intrigue OR did Pino found out that Orietta was a fake set up for him?

Who else is Orietta.

Orietta is the tiny woman who is best friends with the Priest and with Vito Lapetina, otherwise she would not talk to him in confidential ways.

Once I confronted Vito Lapetina with the Grave of Giuseppe Saglia and Vito looekd at the grave saying it would not be a good person.
coincidentally enrico and his mother were at the cemitery that day as well and Enrico said to his motherr while walking away "she has understood everything".

Pino died of a very RARE kidney tumour for which he never went into a normal cancer clinic but orietta did let come "special" people from alto adige/south tirol. By the way one of those women she did let come entered several times during the nights when they did experiments and abuse and porn on me. She was always present when the sedation and narcotics did not work anymore. which is the reason that she cursed ingerman "es wirkt nicht mehr" and not in italian before they quickly switched off the lights and 3 men closed my eyes and mout until i was numbed out agian to prevent that I would scream.
The same lady I saw in the insstance when I was abused or experimented with at zeni/dorigoni in january 2017 and the next day mariuccia zeni, the wife of andrea dorigoni did say to him "and if she has seen something?"

I guess for what I know by now about "vito" is that they did inject a little animal from the disgusting sperm of vito  into the kidneys of Pino which then did grow and did lay eggs everywhere that for normal doctors looked like metastases.

Then I do know that as well Oriettas anscestors came from the roman catholic inquisition. And it is known that Orietta likewise to her son prepared the children of malcesine and brenzone for the holy communion and cresima (that 14 year old thing of the roman catholics).

In 1992 at christmas she convinced vito that one day he would be allowed to marry or to possess me or whatsoever.

In 2008 she FORCED me practically with her curse friends that I would get back in tocuh with mechthild wand although already the try was giving all signs of warning NOT to meeet her seen already back then it became obvious in the emails, that she never changed attitudes but in contrary that those had become even more extreme but seen I always used to keep promises I nonetheless met up with her on 26th of feb 2009 which was a horrible disaster I dont even want to write about.

Then orietta tobaldini did let contact Michael junker and marion wissing, marion wissing at that point had just given birth to anna lena karin sophie. And she did let tell them they MUSTcome with an excuse to take me away from Malcesine because I would be suicidal (I NEVERhave been suicidal in my entire life, and neither depressive. I was suffering from a burnout and was under SHOCK due to the enforcement of that I would have to get in touch with Mechwa and the result of it. )

I did not WANT to see them,I had nothing to say to michael at that point seen his caprioles still in 2007 wherre he had shouted at me and forbidden me to ever do criticism on his womenchoice again and neither I should remind him of his best friends birthday seen he sometimes seemed to forget the data and he did not have a lot real friends seen they had isolated and experimented as well with him throughout his entire life without ever compensating him and fooling around with him making him believe he would not manage to do things in life while in reality they had sabotaged everything and as soon as he would have managed they started to send him set ups such as adelheid borghorst maiden name mertens and then later the wissing girl.

I was still lacking words and speech towards him, so when they came against my will and with an excuse I did not see any reason to talk to him because the only thing to say would have been criticism about his new wife but she already had a child from him so it was too late anyway and the grila nd baby was too cute and it was not her fault after all.

Marion then made me responsible that she was not able to produce enough milk, while it is a genetical disorder her parents never told herr seen she was given into a monestary after birth and then went to several adoptive families until she found out about her father and got in touch with her criminal dangerous father.

We went one day then to the hospital malcesine because she was under shock and I took care of annalena , a beautyful baby she was accompanying them. and marion received a calming shot.
i do not know what they gave her. i only was once during volleyball (as described in the atopic excema chapter there where they gave me a shot of antihistamine).

the next day wissing startetd to force me that I must not stay at malcesine, that michael would have suggested that i should go and see Maria Siegers but that she thinks that he just wanted to liberate himself from responsibility and talked very bad about him. (later turned out that she had INVENTED this to prevent that I would see Maria and learn the truth about my real parents while she still was alive and healthy. the weird thing was that she managed to convince me because I had a very good relation to Maria Siegers and wanted even to invite her to Malcesine and she had visited me as well in Nijmegen during my study time in 2006 where she wanted to tell me the truth but people had prevented her from doing so and she had not the courage to tell me).

She practically forced and manipulated me to get in tocuh with mechwa to go and see her while I had an invite of a colleauge and friend from my lingusitic study background who knew me much better through even only 3 times we had met. But wissing manipulated me and they managed to FORCE me to go to landsberg am lech.

All this was absurd and horrible. because I had already an employment for the season 2009 at Casa Rabagno who would have been happy to employ me even with little work experience in the hotel area but it starts like that with working contracts at lake garda. at some point one starts somewhere.
i had been scheduled for the dual study management at palatin kongress hotel wiesloch in germany but I was not able to do that due to the sabotage by in another workplace infiltrated person that is (as it turned out recently) connected to the family of club hotel olivi.

So. in fact I was all set.

I had my tessera sanitaria italiana, my residence in malcesine, all my stuff was with transloco and car in malcesine and then wissing wand junker and more than that ORIETTA SAGLIATobaldini destroyed that.

This was the most horrible thing that happened in 2009 because Mechwa, Janina, laura, matthias and everyone of them had all long digested and respected that I lived my own life independent from them and were simply happy to know when my life went well and I was having success in my carreers (at least they pretended to, That this did not count for Janina Maria  we know by now. but anyways. and even more, laura was made believe her entire life that I would not give a shit about her, while she was the only one I really missed whenI had cut the cordds to mechwa and janina in 2008 and had as well written to her, but a week after i had written her, janina contacted me to NEVER write laura again because she would have felt bad after my letter and to leave her in peace. and in 2010 janina wrote laura an email in which she pretended that as well that i would not be interested in the contact with laura and would have now a wonderful contact with janina and she hoped that she would not be angry with me, janina evenSIGNED that email with as well my name !!!, I did not feel at all like that. I had been glad to have got to know Laura and tried to keep in touch from now and then as she had asked me at the airport when I saw her the last time before she left to Bath, England, but well afterwards I never heard back from her again , after janinas horrible false email).
the time in landsberg was simply horryfying, I tried to give mechwa the chance to get to know me and wise versa but mechwa was ONLY interested to try to destroy my brain to become 13 again that she could make me have her beliefs and was RAGING against michael as if he was the devil in person. I was under shock and as soon as laura was departed to bath, I took my things and left.
within 1 week my atopic excema was gone.
IN 2009 Orietta Saglia tobaldini then shortly afterwards made KNOWING that it was not the case The mother of MarionWissing believe that I would be her DAUGHTER who had run away from a psychiatry and the mother of marion wissing started to persecute me and let tell everywhere that people must put me under medicine without me knowing and that i would need to go back into psychiatry because I would have eventually murdered someone.

As well Orietta Saglia Tobaldini made the EX husband of Marion wissing believe I would be her.

Orietta saglia, enrico saglia, and pino knew VERY well who I was and who I was NOT. So Orietta Saglia did make up this story.

She as well did make believe ROSWITA (whoever that is) that I would be her daughter.

And her best friend Vittoria Lasta (she was a teacher at the elementary school of malcesine and brenzone and makes part of the church morning pracyer circle that is attached to the mother of paolo maroadi and marco maaroadi) made the elderly german woman above 90 years old in Casa Toblini believe that I would be her grand daughter because I would have the same eyecolour as "Samanta" and was setting up an old woman who was almost bursting out in tears when she saw me and mumbling sth of that we need to take it slowly and that I should return to the casa di riposo.

Summa sumarum.

Orietta Saglia is not a little small fragile person but an evil maliscious woman.

who never left the house but a few days after the funeral of Giuseppe saglia I saw herr leaving the house with a happy smile on her face as if she was HAPPY about that her husband had died and she and her only son of whomi would be a bit curious on who is his real father seen he does not look like orietta and for sure not like Giuseppe are owner of the entire heritage and olive oil income and property of Giuseppe Saglia.

They always as well tried to buy my flat and my garage but I would have rather BURNEDvia saltarino interno 1 and 9 and the garage than selling anything of it to them.

Another time I catched Orietta Tobaldini while she in 2016 was making a phonecall pretending hypocrite to another woman
"I did not know that we ruin her entire curriculum when we make so long sabotage that she maybe sells her flat" and the woman on the other phone, the same woman who always claims I would have INVENTED that people entered my flat to abuse and experiment with me answered her
"she invented this. she exaggerated. she can always work as a prostitute."
another time I caught her while she was at the hairdresser via vai to tell lies about me in case I would come later to the appointment I made and she was shrieking when she saw that I already was there when she just had been leaving and indeed the haridresser then stated to make weird comments.
another time orietta did send enrico to the carabinieri and a few other people to give them directives and to let herr know as soon as he would have news and you should read as well again the chapter and publication of 2016 when she did send me to the carabinieri to file report for persecution and shortly after the carabinieri were informed that I would be the junker whom they would have to treat like insane or disabled.

So much about Orietta Tobaldini, the little inquisition lady of Via Saltarino 6, interno 5 .

She is as well the woman who was present at "zwangsheirat am gardasee" (a publication in german language) and in the night in 2016 when they with 5 men were in my room and she was the one in 2021 saying in their nightly reunion to someone "and if she perceived that we murdered him?" in the night of the long electricity fallout that I used to do an nergy scan on the entire building hoping that their surveillance eventually would not work without electricity and them being busy with their underground cages and laboratories that werre lacking electricity as well)

She is as well the woman who told everyone I would be an evil person bevause I lived autonomous already at my age of 23 and that i would be even more evil and that I would have a mental illness because I was not forgiving my sister for all she had done to me and because I lived a life entirely independent and self employed and with an own flat and that this would not be normal for a person of 30 (maybe not in italy but in the rest of the world thsi si very normal).


she as well peaked always into my flat super curious on how I would do renovtions as if she one day would ownMYflat and she considering it already hers.


nd she was the woman talking with enrico in 2020 about the amount of ampulls with a certain substance in it and how many they would still have of it-7 was the answer- and that they need to stimulate me less. Whatever she meant with that.. is that their CODE word for the organized abuse they do at lake garda? to sedate and then "stimulate"" the targets in their very own flats?


WHAT is the real identity of Miss Tobaldini and her son?!?


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