Saskia Charlotte Junker

the truth about lucrele, Leonardo Giacomo Costa, "vito", hauk

Seen I eventually gonna die within the next 4 months of a lethal disease that leonardo giacomo costa, vito lapetina, hauke , ukrele, and the people off malcesine , brenzone, the people of wissing and the Ukraine had PLANNED in detail and for a long time, and about which plans THE GERMAN AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENT DID KNOW ABOUT... I think there is no reason anymore to keep discretion about the real horror the fascists did and whee the fascists really come from.. Some of those who gonna read this will think I am insane and all the people who would have said this before would have been right when they said so about me... but others will realize why they did put into a lifelong prison with brainwash protocol julien assange and keep edwards snowdens family under constant surveillance in the knowledge that edward snowden would not put them at risk of life keeping him silent by this... Some of you have eventually read the chapter publication onb "what snowden and assange were not able to tell you " and you read as well that at some point I was writing that I have no interest to share certian things despite the fact that I never had to sign a confidential act and would not commit a crime by sharing what I came to know. I did not want to share it until now and I still hesitate because the knowledge is horryfying and people who are scared are then again rather being controlled by those I am intending to expose now. Did you ever take into consideration that all the mythology and all the bible stories inclusive the old testament and old legends and some of the legenday book sagas might be true and just a transformation of knowledge into an anonimized form... ? well.. for many aspects this is not horryfying or terryfying but for some aspects this is. Did you relaize that after the vaccines many who got the pfitzer vanccine started to transform and to mutate? not necessarily appeareance wise but character wise? that they started to become kind of reckless and evil and without any sense of empathy? and worse that empathy was started to be considered as something a certain group of the population tries to eliminate such as if we were in the horromovie equilibrium? Do you know where the fascists really came from? did you read the chapter and publication on the crimes of the roman catholic church summarized? I at some point had revised the publication and thoght that the vatican eventually was trying to chase down the dangerous people which is the fascists origin. But seen my various and as weell recent experiences with the churches, they only confirmed my publication on them.... I as well thought that the fascists eventually found a way to rejuvenate and therefor they still would exist with new identities or that they would have found a way to access the future from the past starting to give directives (according to the ungleichzeitige gleichzeitigkeit it is as well a possibility that eventulally in addition is happening). but the situation seems to be much more terryfying. The fascists are NOT from this planet. In theory this is not a bad thing, jesus neither was solely from this planet and many others, and only an arrogant fool believes that earth is the only place of lifeforms and that lifeforms are only what exists on earth in form of bacteria, plants, humans, animals or other that I did not now mention. There is a lot of good out there and absolutely more intelligent than most of us together. some of you for sure follow the history channel on ancient aliens and only a fool would doubt that it is true. The issue is.. that the fascists that came with and before the vatican tried to murder and genocide everyone who was as well not from earth and their descendents and half descendents... THIS is waht the hunt and chase and genocieds of the roman catholic church and their subgroups and sub churches and dominations ALWAYS and everywhere was about, kill experiment or killing by experiment and making for the rest everyone beleive that extraterrestrials and other lifeforms than they say would not exist and that only the individual THEY pray to would be with influence and power above everyone else... The problem with this is.. that the curches and roman catholic churches do not pray to the father of Jesus... They CHASEDJesus and tried to crucify him. The myth are however TRUE that jesus with "a little help of friends" made it to south of france and did not die at the cross. when someone found proof for it he dsuddenly vanished asn rumours are there that he was murdered by the vatican.. but there are more indications and I came across them myself when I was traveling south of france in 2021... The roman catholic church wiped out in all anscient countries with an anscient history the belife and knowledge about the other gods, the other far distant forces, they wiped out the knowledgge of the native americans and declared their capacity to talk to plants, and trees and animals and the elements and to manitou for shizophrenie and forbid them to ever talk about it while at the same time stealing their knowledge. and until the da of today the roman catholic church keeps control in ALLplaces where the native populations had forced into reservations, still trying to do experiments.. I was SHOCKED to see 4 of those weirdd sub dominations of the roman catholics places in the middle of grand canyon as if they werre controlling everything that was going on their, doing insignas on everyone who eats in the fgrand canyon restaurants and when they find someone who is connected to the native world they would try to inhibit and prevent that they can connect and bring the native sacred knowlege again to tthe population. So... Sacred ancient native places have alwas been places that are still connected to everything that is not only from earth but governmetns of the white men stole too much of it, exploited, sold , experimented , made money and decalred all knowledge to state secrets and whoever wanted to share the truth became assassinated.. I will publish a list of songs that are worth to listen to with a second ear but one of them is "another brick in the wall", did you ever realize that with the brick in the wall is meant the tombstone in the wall seen in some cultures the tombs are in the walls of the cemitery? all the mentioned people were murdered. many of them wanted to share the truth about the contact and existence of extraterrestrial life. But not only contact but that some do live herre on earth. but htis is logical.. a lot of descendents from extraterrestrial origins are here and have always been here on earth.. many native AFRICAN cultures and NAtive amerrican beautyful cultures, and all those who weerwre closely connected to the stars and to the earht with the innerr knowledge of the whole. jesus and his direct descendents with the healing energy of the infinitte of the state before time and the state before distance which in japanese is as well referred to as "mukyoku" (I came to know that term when I started to study Traditional japanese medicine and one old almost forgotten understanding of the existence of our world was shared that tells a slightly different story than a big bang. Once according to that there ws the infinite.. There was no materia, there was no time, there was no distance, there was only pure healing energy, the infinite.. this was before the dualisation, then it started to separate into IMPUREenergies, the materialized world and the pure energy the healing energy which exists still ine veryhting living and alive, the energy of life. Did you ever wonder about the bible phrase when god talk to Moses when he asks who is talking to him "don.t be afraid.. I am the I am" or in german "ich bin der, ich bin da" without form, not in material appeareance but everywhere.. in the art of just being there. But if there is dualisationt the counterpart exists as well, right? So the entirely counterpart would then be a lifeform that is concentrated impure materia without energy, without empathy, without respect and concentrated on materialism... There are many words for that creature. Some call it satan, others, lucrele, others the serpent, others hauke, he comes in many material forms, socalled shapeshifters, but the methods always the same as correctly described in the old written books: corruption, prostitution, gambling, manipulation, exploitation, false promises, lies, war, intrigues, poison and sedations, power and ower abuse, bets, control by causing fear, destruction by causing fear disgust and hate. The fascists were not different.They controlled through fear, control and spreadind hate and chasing down everyone who was not like them , who was not applying to their amterialistic on appeareance and horror cruel based ideal picture of reckless individuals hard as steel. They are not from here. They are partly immortal and therefor never died. They learned from the SUMERER how to create clones (the Sumerer were the first who were capable of creating clones, look it up when you do research on who the sumerrers are). as well the sumerers came from a culture and origin that had more knowledge and capacities than we do... The descendents on lets call him the disgusting poisenous hateful creature... They are the fascists.. some call them as well the satinis. They started to roam earth and to murder everyone who haad anscient knowledge, stealing the knowledge and reinstrumentalizing it for them... Partly they rather looked like parasites. Crickets, Rattlesnakes, Termites, flies, cockroaches... animals that exploit that are cannibalistic or that spread diseases. such as in Men In Black movies.Sounds funny when you think it is just a movie. Not so much anymore when you know that it is based on truth. It does not mean that all actors from mib come from evil origins but that within their origins there are as well evil dangerous criminals that are looked for in the entire world. and when I talk about the world I dont refer only to planet earth. This is all known knowledge. Yes.. we have many extraterrestrials, and even angels living among us for long.. And this is as good as it is... Diversity hs always been something beautyful... BUT.. we have a problem when it comes to the satinis and the fascists of whom many, and the most dangerous never died. I referred to the "descendents of eicke, himmler, goering, goebbles" when I talked about those who would persescute me and who were made believe that I would be their daughter, wife or grandchild... Well.. I came finally to know who SAMANTA really was... Samanta was the daughter of SATAN and the wife of Goering. When insane governments decided to make eperiments with me from my birth on and passed me for Samanta, they made Satan believe that she would have been kidnapped. and he did send an amarda of people, of fascists and inquisitors to chase and hunt everyone who would get near the person he thought to be his kidnapped daughter. Satinis consider energy as something terrible and as abuse, they do not understand it. They consider cruelty as something good and normal. But I AM NOT samanta... In contrary... I AM direct descendent of an energy healing origin, this is why my healing skills are beyond the normally known and my empathy capacity so extraordinary.... this is why I as well can communicate with everything alive and conenct with everything alive... But this is not waht I want to write about.. this is MYpersonal unique skill and gift.. it is NOT shizophrenie.. it is real.. I am neither only from this earth... AND GOVERNMENTS KNEW THIS and were curious and wanted to experiment from the beginning... But they went too far with it.. they did not only experiment but passed me for samanta... Due to my own origin I connect ONLY and make friends with other energetic beings and origins, with empaths like me , with those who speak my energy language... BUT to the satinis who were made believe I would be kidnapped samanta they thought I would be abused and would seek friendships with their enemies and started to let murder everyone I went into empathy and started to isolate me from everyone I really want and need to be in contact with.. In addition they were made believe I would ahve been "brainwashed" and tried to "reeducate" me in a thousand horrible ways... But even worse... When they finally found out and realized that i am NOT Samanta , some of them thought that I would have murdered her and then stolen the thing that pretended that I would be samanta to put her into negative light. and others simply wanted to murder me. and next people were stunned by my attactive appeareance (this is not meant arrogant) and thought they would be able to force me to become one of them with a beautyfyl appeareance they would be able to breed then seen most of them are very ugly and not very attrractive sene their inside is very disgusting and true beauty comes always from inside. and others again had realized that through me they were able to steal knowledge they otherwise would never receive due to with whom I make friends and contacts and afterwards they tried to murder all those people. It is a complicated discourse and it took me 18 months to understand all puzzlepieces and again 6 months to beleive myself that this is incredible but after all the truth. that this is not an invented applied game where people tell stories through illigally applied technology (even though this comes in addition because they tried to add this to make me appear insane and shizophrenic because they got to know on HOW muchi had been aware throughout my life and their illigal experiments, by the way LAUNCHEDby the remaining fascists) but that the only people who were NOT REALin those things were those who tried to apply GASLIGHTNING techniques and who tried to make others believe I would be insane and different things. I came to know that some of the satinis and fasciscts SERIOUSLY werre convinced that they would do me a SURPRISE with their disgusting iligal porn and that they would make PUBLICITY for me that I could find work seen evidently for the satinis (the disgusting serpent creature surrounds himself literally always with prostitutes, right?) work would mean prostitution. They do not understand what energy is and think it is a form of sex when someone goes into empathy with others, based on the fact that evidently when 2 people love each other and are intimate usually they are as well empathetic to wach other unless they are prostitutes and want just to go to bed with each other for the physiological act of sex or reproduction after which they would eat each other (no, not the humans but the satinis would first have sex and then kill the mating partnerr to prevent that other would ahve offspring witht he same genetic pool as them, crickets, snakes, poisenous spiders eat their partner afterwards, they are possessive and rather that any other would receive the one they want they would murder the object of interest- this entire behaviour can be seen back in the behaviour of lapetina, broekman, lennie giacomo costa, hauke, janina lucrele and a few others- when they were not able to POSSESS me and own and change me in the concept THEY wanted me to be they decided to murder me in direct or indirect ways -destroying a persons life is as well murder, destroying carreers and friendships is as well murder ). ... i knwo it is very difficult to follow and read through this publication and I will delete it tomorrow again... It wont be publication that remains because people would try to use it against me... But seen governments tried to let murderr me just because I do have that Knowledge and permitted that people tried or succeeded to inject something that would ahve a lethal effect on me over about 3 months, I decided to publish this... And JUST for saying... Teleportals are existent, contact to other planets does already exist... AND it would have been possible to teleport me to a place where I would have a future and where I am already recognized and acknowledged. for WHO I REALLY AM, not for whom they passed me for... BUT some polititicans and satini stalkers did EVERYTHING to prevent it the same way as did lennie giacomo costa did let CANCELall my flights on BWI airport in september last year because he had decided that if he cannot have me NO ONE would be allowed to have me because he would not be able to live with it after his surveillance over years and years on me and his insane hope he could reeducate me to become as disgusting fascistic and recklessw without emotions as he is and he could not live with the fact that I would go to a place where I could live eventually in peace and be surrounded by people more similar to me. It was already arranged that i would be going to one of the teleportals of one of the secret structures (not area 51, area 51 is a prison where in nevada full of crickets and rattle snakes, an extraterrestrial criminal is taken care of- as I said a lot of times to people that governments have a REASON sometimes to protect YOUif they have a highly restricted and forbidden enter area , while there are infinite space crafts you can visit every day for free and without restrictions in the countles national parks but most people are tooo blind and stupid to even recognize a spacecraft when they are standing in front of it, some drive trhough atlantis with their car and do not even realize it that they are drriving through the sunken sacred city where ONCE was the SALTY sea all long dried out but once pyramids under water... , I put it into the words of a person from somewhere else "earthlers are stupid". so.. governments are NOTafraid of you getting to areas where there are space crafts and proof for extraterrestrial existence on earth.. but they prefer you not to be eaten by monsters that are like Himmler - a cricket origin- or goering - a poisenous snake origin- or a disgusting bigh cockrouch - another inquisition animal of the roman catholics, and neither they want you to be eaten by a poisenous spider.. ) Do you know who the tolkien family who wrote the book the lord of the rings and the hobbits were in reality.. Their professions were TIMEKEEPERS... they were people who produced Clocks.. to remember the time.. but as well to remember the legends... i knwo many of these things that I write here are incredible, unbelievable and all of you will wonder reading them whether I eventually am insane and the shock of those who want to murder me on all costs did cause this and I might got drunk against my zero alcohol politics or whether they drugged me once again to CAUSE me writing this... It is not important whether you believe it right now.. it is only important that you get to know this knowledge before people can prevent me to share it.... Our world is in danger due to insane experiments by irresponsible and dangerous people who instead of reaching out to MY real anscestors to get things and the damage it caused right, they decided to DECEIVEthem and me and watch what is happening due to everything , which practically lets make our world fall apart and has slowly but surely turned our planet into a surveillance state except a few places where those satinins did EVERYTHING to prevent that I would make it into those countries... . Make yourself a copy of my publication and do your own investigations... DONT judge on me... dont make interpretations on me.. I only know that Snowden on his first page of his biography wrote the contrary about extraterestrials but ONLY to guarantee WHILEhe was writing the book towards the USA government that he would not intend to write and share ANY of his knowledge about it, seen ALLpeople who ever wokred for state agencies are for the rest of their lifes surveilled. As snowden indirectly told in an interview when asked whether he doesnt think that the us government might be afraid that he shares things to the russians without their knowledge. and snowden answered that if he shared sth the us governemtn in some ways very quickly would come to know about and this practically would mean for snowden to put his family into danger. OF COURSE he wrote it ont he first pages to calm down the nervous former employers... Think what you wanne think. Governments FORCEDand PROVOKEDme to share this knowledge by watching that people destroy my life even more and try to make me die in all ways instead of gibing me my rights, my life and compensating me for waht has been done to me!

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