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This comes from my energy-empathy-authenticity coaching.

But seen I publish it here within all the other publications a short update and correction about the chapter on the crimes of the vatican and the roman catholic church and their satinis and inquisition and genocides by fascists.


I did a HUGE mistake in choosing my WORDS and terms.

There is a sentence that the vatican and fascists throughout their persecutions would have persecuted all who would be electro-magnetic-.


NO. unfortunately it was not THOSE they did persecute.

They did persecute everyone who is connected to the empathy field and pure energy field to which the japanese term MUKYOKU refers to and which is the essential life force and healing force and makes everything alive.



This said.

There is a beautyful video made by Brenee Brown about what Empathy is and which I posted as well somewhere on my page when trying to make people more aware about empathy.


Empahty knows in german as well the term "mitgefuehl", it does NOT mean pity, it literally means to FEEL what other people feel within themselves.


Maybe you came across the word "empath" in your life.

Empaths communicate through emotions, through their energyfield, through their aura, and feel what other people feel within them, going in resonance with their enerrgy frequency field.

In energywork this is as well described in the forms of energy-perception.  Juergen Westhoff described 4 typical forms of energyperception or empathy.


And most people are more perceptive to one or two of them but all can be developed. we are born with those skills at least if we are NOT satinis. Satinis do not perrceive it and they do not understand it, in contrary, the roman catholic church and the fascists did spread that empathy would be an illness and a form of abuse and started to do tags and inisgnas to everyone using empathy that they would be prostitutes and tried to murder people who use empathy and are energetic.


However here the 4 common forms of energy perceptions:

- emotional -feeling literally the emotions another living being feels when in resonance with them

- physiological e.g. when the client feels tired one feels the tiredness in ones own body like as if ones own eyes would become heavy

- visual - having visions and pictures come to ones mind

- intuitive , starting to have knowledge without knowing where the insigths come from


You realize HOW important for energywork it is to first know oneself to the FULLEST and to have a clean attitude and to be capable to adjust ones own frewuency in a natural self guided way and to know ones own frequency to be able to differentiate later when in resonance what is You and what is the other, and as well to NOT do projections and mix up oneself with the other etc...


All those capacities are TRAINED throughout the many years of study and training and later on.


I always said and still say it that in the 3.5 minimum years of study for those disciplines one receives the BASE and fundament but the house is not built yet. The house starts to built with practice.


If lucky such as me to have had always empathy training and connection to nature and developing knowledge and awareness about ones own energyfield and sensitivity and what nurtures or what damages it and consequently act according to it , it is very helpful. because it is the best precondition one can have to do energywork without projecting from oneself upon the other .


Empathy and energywork is not a physical touch process..The physical touch can but not necessarily can intensify the perceptions.


However I work nowadays No-touch. We started to train no-touch treatments and scans already during our apprenticeship without many being aware of it that they were trained in it.

The treatment begins already when the client enters the room without that we even have touched them, at least when we are advanced and aware of what we are doing.

I do not touch people anymore to treat them and it is much more effective for me and the clients to work like that.

I apply what I did eversince I was a child and realized already soon in the study that What they taught in the first year was a degradation to what I already knew seen they forced me to abandon what I already did to reintroduce it then in the 3rd year.


But whenever I really gave treatmetns I did what I naturally had learned from nature trhoughout my life and instictively had applied.


This is why I never refer to the school where i was for 3 years, because except of juergen westhoff I did not lear there ANYTHING useful except of how NOT to run a school. The other teachers were not conguent to the content of what had been taught but I ahve to say arrogant people.


I only use the list of courses I participated in as a proof that I know all the things that are mentioned in the courses and because people nowadays seem to be certificate addicted.


probably this is why certain people always talk bad about me because they know that they had fooled me and profited from me in curiousity why I already knew so much and applied so much without ever having learned with them before.

I was confirmed about that arrogant attitude of them when I once had the chance to meet one of their teachers and who was surprised that something he had taught was suddenly presented differently.


Well.. everything turns back on people. and it seems that I put right where those people wronged good and wise teachers. I learned from that person one of the most important breathing techniques that ALWAYS had been denied to be taught by people in hamburg.


But well some of the people in hamburg had been turning out as free masons and former state agents, so I wonder whether they in reality did experiment with students and only taught them a small amount and dissed them the moment they could come to know more than them. I know that one student opted out because she felt abused by the teachers.the teachers played it down but now I realize what she meant. she did intend in a way of her skills being exploited and then herself degraded, not in an energetical of sexual sense but in a spiritual sense. Even worse, shortly afterwards the colleauge fell sick with a kidney disease. And at this point I sstart to wonder whether this was a coincidence or whether she had found out something they did not want her to share with anyone? fortunatelyu she did not live in Hamburg. Yes. Hamburg. i guess a place and experimental zone with traps to find empathic energy being like me and similar to then lure them to places where they think they could develop their skills but in reality the places try to study and depreive the persons from the skills with incisions done by satinis who then want to steal the skills and knowledge. But this is only hypothesis and I did not intend to include this into the chapter on empathy versus electromagnetic smog.

However it is not bad to be mentioned because it gives you the warning on that in the energy world there are as well a lot people who abuse their influence and knowledge.

And who cause that the energy-empathy field receives than bad associations of weird esoteric people .


While empathy enerrgy all long is proven by science. At least in russia and in native populations and anscient populations.


but not in places where the roman catholic church and the fascists have taken over (again). there (once again) the disgusting powerabusers try to make everyone believe (again) that empathy and sensitivity would be something to be abolisched and instead everyone must become hard and recklsess such as steel because they want to make society (again) believe that "heroes are made from steel and stone" (read my pulication of mySONGLYRICS HEROES that i publisehd under the poetry section on this society criticism ).


(another ps and excurse in this context. I ALLLONG had send lennie off who was evidently seking a fuck relationship and tried to FORCE me into that situation he then nonetheless managed to have..  But then he came towards me and asked me for energy-empathy-coaching.. his exact words were "i am impressed and admire you for having so much knowledge about this. how long do you think would it take to teach me everything you know and that i gain the same sensitivity as you have and how much would it cost". So I was considering to train him but as soon as he had me in his trap he was not interested into it at all anymore but only to pursue all his other objectives and intrigues.. ..and to put me on drugs or aphrodisiaka and do manipulation he learned form the fascists and from the masons etc.. blabla.. read about him in all the other publications wherre he is mentioned because he does not deserve any further attention from my side.. however this is another  interesting aspect.. he KICKED a cat with his SHOE because I was given the cat more attention than him and he hates cats... WELL cats are for me VERY important and have always been equally to amstaffsa nd huskies.. because they are highly energetical empathatical spiritual beings and energy protectors... if you have a cat or a husky or amstaff in your home you will never have an intrusive disgusting manipulative spiritual nightmare because they fight satinis.. cats fight and kill spiders, and poisenous snakes and insect.. but not to eat them but because they are dangerous to energy and spiritual beings).


Back to energy-emapthy-aura versus electromagnetic smog.


do you remember the discussions on whether microwaves are damaging food or not?


Well.. microwaves with their electromagnetic way to influence the molecules to heaat them up do not damage the food. The food itself has still the same nutritious value as before. you do not become sick from the food.

BUT, the microwave destroys the energetical value of the food you put inside. And when we eat food we do not only nurture our physiological body but as well of course our energetical and emotional body and this is enerrgy based and not material based.


Emergetic empathy originating individuals do NEED as well the energetic part of the food because it nurtures our energy. and influences our frequency to a healthy one.

The microwave destroys this.


I did never give a lot about the discussions on microwaves, I rather intuitively preferred to cook my food over open fire.

So it was not before I was in a situation where I had nothing else than a microwave. After half a year eating from there I started to feel sick. I lacked all energy and started to look sick as well.

The moment I stopped using microwave food I started to feel better again and gained back energy.

and by now I am so sensitized that I start feeling sick on an energetical level as soon as i eat microwaved food. I rather eat nothing or cold food than that it has been put into the microwave because afterwards I feel sick and would have wished to not have eaten it.

Seen everyone is different and some people are more energetical and empathical than others this evidently does not count for everyone. So if you are a happy microwave user and it never harmed you in any ay, there is no reason to stop using your microwave.

But you can always test it yourself and maybe do not overuse it when you have the time to cook something in a traditional way.

If you feel fatigue and you have a frequent use of microwave food, you can test yourself as well to for a month to stop using the microwave and see whether it makes a positive difference.

(fatigue = a severe lack of energy that neither refers to a burnout, nor to an emotional illness, it is a physical and energetical and emotional lack of energy without knowing where it comes from, check on whether it might have to do with an UNDERNOUORISHMENT of energetical food or a constant destruction of energetical food).


And keep in mind.


Empaths who need energy and electromagnetic emotionless reckless people usually do not go well along because they LITERALLY do not understand each other and better should strive for different lifes and NOT try to force the other to become like them because it is impossible. they would kill the other person by doing so.

they are from different worlds. literally.





I hope this chapter will help a lot of people to understand empathy better eventhough they eventually are less empathetic than others...


And will STOP to take away emotions from others or declare them for insane or even as prosstitutes just because they do not understand wehat is going on when a person goes in empathy with the emotions of a different person and afterwards returns to their OWNenergy and frequency state.


(and again an accusationand WARNING to those criminal and dangerous people who did experimetns with me without consent and being undereducated about the world.. those people did install sensosrs to constantly measure my frequency and who evidently measured than constantly the frequency of all the people I went into resonance and empathy with, whether they were happy, sad, depressed, enthousias, angry or whatsoever... and all this then in a very short ime before returning to my own peace of mind frequency ... those disgusting irrational and invasive experimenting dangerous criminals BASED on their illigal "observations" declared me for insane and depressive and manic depressive because they measured the frequencies of the entire world and with whom I went in rresonance, and then the moment they realized that they were not measuring me but others they started to record , mimick and stteal the frequency pattern of other people, instrumentalizing and abusing me evern for this.. YES.. I consider everything wht people did with me wirhout consent and whether asking me for agreement as ABUSE.. because it is. ABUSE is literally something a person does to someone to profit on their behalf and which goes along with invasive , be it on spiritual, emotional, physiological or sexual level.)





it is just an excerpt of the entire chapter on energy empathy aura versus electromagnetic fields and instead of publishing here the full chapter I added the annotations that regard all the things mentioned in the other publications here..


And I will keep publishing about the criminals, inclusive governments, until I am entirely compensated on economical scale, have my heritage and rights that were stolen from me and the main responsible criminals in PRISON.











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