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the issue with leaked accomodations...

The issue when accomodations leak are NOT the kindergarten contact poison games of insane psychopaths and fake death treats (if those persons with access to secret service substances would have wanted to me dead they would have taken a gun and shot me on distance as they did withany others).

I. Used to that idiotic contact nerve poison that causes effects on the nervous and emotional and neuronal system within 20 minutes after contact since 2016.evereince it happened several times a month.

But I figured out that the FIRST time it had been used at my age of 10 when I was riding horses at a riding school.
They had put contact poison on the saddle and on my riding boots.

I lost concentration several times when that happened.

Shortly after I stopped going to riding school because I did not even know to whom report about this.

I know what to do when there is this idiotic substance seen I developed pragmatic approaches that I described in the authors comme t of the puication "quotes".

The issue with leaked locations is that they always try to corrupt them people to fuck with my food or beverages or to let install cameras and spy equipment in my room with an infinite amount of excuses or lies to make do that from they want to do a surprise over I would be depressive or I would be a terrorist suspect.

Then they register videos of me when I am in bed or dressing or showering which they then use for illigal porn.

I guess they do similar in hotels at lake Garda to all guests who never then even get to know about it.

Then later they sorpress the people they corrupted beforehand and try to let them state I would be insane .

And by the way. Each and every place where people said I would be insane had something to hide throughout the last years and I exposed them all and did profunda research about them.

Means . Cities and regions are stupid when they let declare me for insane because they just give proof of that they have something to hide.

As well the issue with leaked locations is that they then sent prostitutes who they then send to use the elevator in the same moment when I do and then they seem to swap and transfer information to pretend that I would have prostitutes me.

Well.. and last but not least I received today information that I have all reason to "rail" against my childhood family and all the people I published about.

They planned it all from my birth onwards. Each and every detail and each and every sabotage.
They never had interest to compensate me or to let me have my rights. They had only interest into making it look like as if I had caused it myself or would have responsibility to it and then to let me chase and torture in various emotional and energetical ways.

Some call it neurotorture those insignias and incisions and surveillance technology without consent.

I call it Neuro Rape!!!

Because it is what is happening. Invasive and you cannot do sth against it equally to during a rape .it happens without you being capable to get out of the situation.
This makes everything actually that happened in localita osteria vecchia 5 rivoli affirm from July to December 2020 rape and not anymore abuse because I had become aware of what was going on very quickly but had no chance to stop it or to call the police and was watching what was happening and just trying to prevent that the dangerous person would murder me.

They planned each and every detail, as well that one day I would publish about it. Mechtild said this even already in 2009.
In 1998 they did let install surveillance equipment in waldbachtal while Michael was with me and a friend of mine at a vacation. Eversince wherever I was they did infiltrate to let install surveillance equipment with full awareness of what they were doing.

Everyone who did not want to participate (anymore) in their intrigue became murdered or made I'll or sorptrsser or brainwashed indeed.but them.

But they did not oy want to steal everything from me, they enjoy that they use the stolen heritage and money and identities to KEEEP my life destroyed.

Because they KNEW that I several times just walked away and tried to built up my own life from zero or started to reach out myself to my real ancestors without even filing reports against them.

But they keep destroying my life and opportunities because they became ADDICTED TO do so.
Those of you capable of gean should read JANINA MARIA JUNKERs poetry where in one poetry she is writing about how much she enjoys the pervert things she cannot stop doing though she knows it is not okay. (She as well had an authors profile here).



And no.

I am not scared about people following me.
I am used to it for now 25 years.

Since 1998 ,since my age of 13.

But. They did experiment and discriminate and belittle me already at my age of 4 under the programming by mechthild and Janina.

THIS was the REAL reason why they tried to give DIRECTIVES to Frau Vogel that she should lie at the tribunal to make me grow up atevhtild and Janina ,so they could continue their experiments they had planned.

Because the experiment they started at my birth had a volume of 50 Billion USD.

They never had I trntion to compensate me.

I confronted them various times in my life and they always lied.
I know when people lie to me.
I stopped confronting them on it when they do. I just make a note to self.

WHEN MY PUBLICATIONS BEVOME TOO WEIRD it is NOT a proof that I would be crazy but it is a proof that they managed once again to let drop liquids into the air-conditioning or water or beverage or food to put me on drugs to CAUSE weird things that then others would say I. Insane.

As well therefore I do NOT remove publications on aspects that some might consider as insane.
It is the PROOF just in case that people once again did fuck with my food.

But ..well..

Seen I perceive constantly as well the experimentalists who partly insert informations to make believe things or to see how I would react (so maybe no one had been murdered in Europe except those who did not want to participate anymore but they just wanted to test whether I feel responsible and would try to do suicide or whether they would destroy me with their zersetzungs protocol)..
 But well..
When it comes to some of the shared insights that regard the Vatican and fascists crimes...

Some idiot was realizing at some point "this was not part of the experiments. NOONE of the people involved or with access did say this.and the frequency is real.she accesses the past."

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