Saskia Charlotte Junker

on top of everything they abused me as bait

You did read it correctly.

They passed me for Silvia to abuse me as a bait to catch the terrorist pretending  I would have sacrificed me for this.

They involved the real terrorist localita osteria vecchia 5 and chippede with everything the real Veneto isis girl had to pretend I would be her thinking the terrorist from isis would then come and catch me.

He did let chase me but he did not come in person and when he realized what had happened and who I was and the truth about what the Vatican had abused is for.. well..
You can read that in the publication about is and how I found out that governments did protect them instead the Real terrorist who raped and abused and persecuted me already throughout my entire life.

So..on top of everything governments with full knowledge that I am not abused me as a bait without consent in addition to their experimentations.

And the reason why people confuse me with a clone or with prostitute or with fascist bitches is that they did CHIP me with a computer chip somewhere that they constantly reprogram to change my identity and that in weird ways does collect all data, neurothought and whatsoever.

Eventually this was already part of the illigal disgusting European brain project Braunschweig Hannover to which fried Heinz Theodor junker and Janina Maria junker SOLD ME in 2014 without consent!!!

Or did they sell me already at my age of 7 or 0?!?

This would explain their set up to lure me into the max Planck institute and FC donders institute in 2005 and 2007 to receive detailed and exact brain imaging of me in 2 times 10 series of MRI and MRT .

While as well doing the additional destruction of a communicating organ that they had not managed to destroy with the Flanagan technology in 1998.

And now they just want to let me die and seem to consider all people who die because they believed me or got corrupt d as collateral damage.

While others keep stealing my heritage, testaments compensations and got ADDIXT D into chasing me and destroying not only my life but the freedom of the world as it was once making it more and more digital and online based which is horrible.

All digital technology is ONLY good if it comes in addition NOT if it comes as a substitute that forbids the rest.

They seemed to have turned the world into a combination of equilibrium,the matrix, and oblivion and times up.
 This is horrible if this is really the plan of governments.

They on purpose just let me have enough to survive the next days.

And they on purpose issued procuras not because it is justified but just and only to control and surveilled me due to all the crimes THEY did to me for which they never compensated me but insanely seriously had thought that one day they could convince me to work voluntarily for them and that they Then would compensate me.

While if they had been honest with themselves they knew I never would have worked for them but always would have insisted to get my life, my rights my identity and everything that comes along and what they stole from me.

Nonetheless then they made BETS on me whethet they would manage to force me and to reeducate me and to fool me.

They never fooled me. I exposed lies of them at my age of 4 and stopped connecting with anyone who did lie to me and was involved in the experiments and deceit whenever I found out. I did not even confront them anymore.i just walked away.

One crime after the other!!!

And the world seriously believes I would not be aware of it or that this is funny and even still believes the lies of those who declarede for crazy or who decontestualozed everything while they were participating and should know that all lies are lies and that even though they don't understand why I know more or things they do not understand or thought to be possible I do speak the truth and am not living or insane.

Especially seen this was the reason they experimented with me, right ? Because they wanted to steal knowledge that they without me never would have had in the first place.

Did you watch the movie megalodon?

There is a phrase that is expressed.

"This is not great. We did what we always did. We discovered, experimented and destroyed".

The whiteen is not stupid as Michael Moore put in his book that I read when it came out discussing it's political content with people who were not numb or dumb .
No . Many "white men" are reckless and respectless and arrogant.

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