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when they give compensations to whore sellers instead to me

They gave a billion dollar compensation and credit card destined for me to the WHORESELLER who then in each and every hotel or place I book he sends his WHORES he constantly programmed a chip he had injected to them on my name to then pretend that I would have prostitutes me there.

And constantly programs then the chip governments had injectedany years ago.

Through the insignias and illigal.monitoring surveillance that they started 1992 they steal ally knowledge and pretend someone else would be wise, the healer, the teacher, the writer, the artist.

And when I meet people they do not even recognize me .

The person who is persecuting me on top of being the real terrorist and ipnotidt of the former IS and was living in via osteria vecchia 5 rivoli affi and who bought from the stolen money entire airplane plus pilot persecuted me with it wherever I go ,books then Hyatt's and similar and sends his prostitutes or prostitutes of the local area to the accomodations I pay with theoney of the architect geometra tecnico Alberto giramonti that he safes for me ,

And then they pretend I would prostitute me and as well they whenever possible with their state agents and secret service equipment enter my hotel rooms without hotels even knowing about it or where more difficult infiltrating people into the employees or corrupting employees from housekeeping to furnish my room with video monitoring and with frequency arms (used in the war of Afghanistan, you can find as well that in the UN report on neuroyorture if you read the full report) to cause aggression or noghates or try toanopulate my natural frequency and poison my clothing with contact nerve poison.

This person is and always has been the real terrorist because HE made Silvia from Veneto go to is in Middle East in the first place to get rid of his competition, the is person who wasade believe that Silvia had just gone on vacation with their children while she had planned it all from the beginning.

Something you do not know about the IS.

There have been no attacks and cruel fightings anymore eversince they gained their own territory.and as long as you don't enter there they leave you in peace.

But there are some cruel psychopaths among them left of which one the ipnotist who ENJOYED the cruelty towards others and the fear they spread everywhere and who wanted on all costs to keep it going.

Well.. this turned out eversince at Reelfoot lake camping state park in October the REAL and dangerous terrorist localita osteria vecchia realized that I. Not Silvia who betrayed him but a respectable and respect worthy person that the imam had given attributes similar to prophets who had always healing skills and wisdom to be spread.

Some of the readers will exclaim "wisdom! She oy published insane and horrific things for the most part".

Well.. I do not publish wisdom and healing becuse wisdom and healing is shared individually and given to the person in need in the moment of need not to the entire world. Elders and wise men did not throw outtheir knowledge.. they knew where to give and where it was necessary to prevent it to be exploited..

So. Yes.. the imam became aware of me after people realized who I was and who I not was and then when as well Silvia's ex husband whom she betrayed from the start was tried to make believe that she would be at Reelfoot lake in the hope he would let murder me and I communicated back knowing he had access, well .. a lot of knowledge became shared with me.

Real knowledge.

But well.. governments evidently prefer to support the whoreseller of via localita osteria vecchia 5 who is a rapist, abuser, drug tester and producer, ex cia special creature, serial killer , ipnotist  and seen we opened the discourse on that we are not alone and planet earth is not the only inhabited pandlanet and that there is communication among and beyond for long... They look for him for many decades for severe crimes and murders beyond the boundaries of earth..

But earth governments gave him billions and a lot of power with which he has turned entire regions into whore holes.

Means planet earth is hiding a dangerous criminal and giving him money and resources that they are looking for forany decades EVERYWHERE and allowing him to use planet earth as a civilian shield.

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