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if there is no bank transfer to Albis card I am out at0degree

Alberto giramonti, studio tecnico geometra giramonti Brenzone tel number ending on 9596 has been a good person throughout the last 2 years. He helped me with all the money he had to help me survive after the people of malcesine and Brenzone stole my life and heritage and property and sold me to fascist serial killers and fascist families while stealing my identity.

But now he is bankrupt.

He took his very own money to help me and was the only person who helped me.

His family does not give a shit and does not feel responsible at all for what has been happening and only insist that it is is not their fault.

But they always made it happen that Alberto then forgot to send me the post (no it is not burned), it looks as if they really don't give a shit or as if they are sorptrsser by the camorra ndrangheta family of the wissing girl.

When the son of a bitch on USA did let CANCEL my flights out of the USA in September and albi was not able to do another bank transfer he even asked his family whether they would be willing to pay that i could get into safety.but they did not care.
The favourite phrase of Nadia Giramonti who works for the town administration of peschiera is "who gives a duck if sth happens.i don't care."

Seen I am now without any cent at all.

They don't leave me any chance then to republic the chapter i had on request of Alberto taken offline before Christmas.

There are a few not so nice lines about Alberto as well but this was before he realized that he made a lot of mistakes and for those mistakes he apologized and proofed with his help throughout the last 2 years as well that he really was sorry.

But what regards his family, they are arrogant people who only care about themselves and nothing else. And it had been proven inany situations.

They know about my situation but they did not give a shit, they did not go to the towns mayor to correct the mistakes and where I was wronged..on contrary.

My personal suspect is that they sold Alberto when he was a child to people who abused him during the night because they consider SAG as a disability and because at Malcesine those things happen.

The day when I co fronted Alberto with that suspect in 2019 was the week where a lot of evil things happened towards me while I even was away from Malcesine.


Here is the republished chapter on how i got to know Alberto and his family inclusive the details about Enzo conte and marcoagri on which insisted Gianni giramonti they should help.him.and in case she is not mentioned..the sister of Gianni giramonti is best friends with Maura trimeloni..and Maura trimeloni and her family did TALK in from of my flat while I had balcony doors open ,in front of my flat means as well in front of their property about that they had abused me and were part of organized abuse and of illigal experiments.

So.if she is best friends with the sister of Gianni giramonti does this mean that she is involved as well in the organized abuse and eventually as well Gianni himself!?!

I don't know.i only know that the family of Alberto did NOTHING to help me but the contrary.

Alberto did not touch the money of his family seen all their money goes into a group bank account he supported me with all his personal money.

But now it is gone and his family dad's him to go back to lake Garda while before for the last months he was safe on Piedmonte with his new girlfriend Katia in allessandria, Italy.

If he now goes back it will mean that Malcesine will drug him.again whenever he eats and enter his sleeping rooms the way they did with me while I was in malcesine.

He does not want to believe me and keeps defending his family as.if they were saints.

I am not able to find back quickly the puications backup about family giramonti.

So here in short:

Sara giramonti I'd owner of villa Emma on the via panoramica Malcesine,
She was against the relationship from the beginning and told Alberto after San Valentino 2018 to better leave me.from now and then they invited me to join breakfast there as a proof that they would not be evil towards me but it turned out it was always on days when they had guests who seemed to control whether I would be treated with respect and as well it looked sometimes as if after having eaten there I would have been numbed out once again.

As well often when I had planned sth nice with Alberto they had suddenly urgent reunions with their family or Sara had decided to not return to villa Emma so that Alberto was forced to do the check-in nomatter what we had planned.

Let's well Alberto is over 40 years now.

They always did treat him bad. Rather like a slave and property than like a brother or son.
He did not even have the possibility to live on his own and his room he had was a 6squqremeter long rather alley than room that in addition was used by his mother Elisa Isotta as a storage room.

His father quickly after we got to know offered help with the heritage and testament in 2018 but insisted that I would decide quickly and on Marco magri and Enzo conte of Bolzano and his cousin Tiziana for translations of the testament page.

As well the electrician August and the hydraulic o Adriano were friends and employees of Gianni giramonti.

When I decided to go to the cruisejob employment Gianni was shouting towards someone "but if she goes working on the cruise ship we never will get the house".

And when I came back in 2020 they had not even expected me to make it back alive.the apartment looked dirty and the bedsheets given to me seed almost comtaged and then did happen those horrific things as well in 2018 with that what happened at San valentine (orrore intorno lago di Garda) and die wuerstel der Champion.

Alberto had with all those things nothing to do but it looked as if they abused and instrumentalists him all the time.

As well in 2018 there were several occasions when they told him to urgent evening events that he was not capable to sleep at my flat .and in all those occasions people were let into my flat during the night to abuse me after I was drugged once again in my very own flat.


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