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Even a planning "science god" loves the applause...

That something comes out of nothing cannot be explained scientifically. And that something has existed forever cannot be justified in a material world of finitude and transience either. From a scientific point of view, being or the universe and biological life should not exist at all.
 But now everything is there to an unimaginable extent. What now ?

 Science then has to throw in the towel and recognize that something isn't quite right here. That means: Only through spook, magic and the like can something come into being from nothing. And this defies all scientific logic. So we (unfortunately) have to acknowledge and understand that ratio is not everything, it is of secondary importance here. Because first there was the random spook, possibly in the form of extremely strange energy particles. But how such an unimaginably large + magnificent material universe could arise from haphazardly wandering spooky particles is also puzzling. So there must still be a highly astonishing "link" that initially directs pointless particle magic into extremely sensible paths. Something with inimitable, inexhaustible creative power. And not only that. If a simple house building has to be planned - how much more then such an immeasurably large, complicated + fascinating universe! ? !

                               It cannot be evolution; because she doesn't act, only re-acts! !

 Rather, a planning God would be conceivable here, but apparently no direct, rapid action is possible. "Only" an indirect influence or wish-implementation through protracted cosmic actions.
 And why this incomprehensibly huge effort with the billions and billions of galaxies and (estimated by a Japanese professor) around 70 trillion suns in the cosmos? ? Certainly not just to create microbes. Which life requires the extremely greater effort? Intelligences like us humans, as can easily be seen on earth.

                               So millions and millions of animal species have only produced one species of intelligence !!

 Now the time factor: Animals have been around for several hundred million years - but we humans (including precursors) have only been around for around 1.5 million years. So creating animals was relatively easy or nothing special... Angry tongues could even claim: Animals are a kind of collateral damage on the extraordinarily long way to humans.
And what speaks even more for the fact that the evolutionary novelty man (+ comparable aliens! ) are the goal of all divine work?

                                                 a) Without technical intelligence:

Nobody then knows that an unimaginably large and varied universe exists! ! Because cows, ants, slow worms and the entire animal world with its millions of species know nothing of any of this! And even non-technical civilizations are cosmos-blind. Quadrillion suns, planets, moons, etc., and nobody there/then knows about it. A totally unbelievable + eerie performance...much, much worse than a play without an audience. Or a world full of interesting, awe-inspiring sights; without people, only with culture-blind animals...

                                               b) At least large-telescope-technical civilizations

already have a pretty good overview here and could thus be God's creature favorites. They at least know how to recognize and appreciate his qualitatively and quantitatively unattainable scientific achievements. . .


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