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Dream of a woman (9)

And these were not the fairies which helped there, it was they whom Marte stated, one would have condemned them. However, this was only the official version which was risible for them, as long as she did not stand in the way of her plans. HE wanted to know, why his life was finished suddenly?

The persons present with Marte could not know that she was in habit to be called - the "indescribable", or how they who would like to be close Only one - every detail which she interested, by screen could look in her cardboard town. Just of that town from which he had released himself.

What she could also see, was: from his both hearts if he had ever had a heart had become: to a part human similarly, on the other hand parts immortally. With it he would be able to exist in no world really in rest if this was right what she saw! Did he die then really that long last year? She turned the leaves through HER book of the transmigrations, which to itself not only on the shadow world which spread reflecting world, but also on the human world. Whispering she pronounced the wish for his life data, the magic worked: swiftly the sides put on by itself, there stood: born. In 1962, died: not at all... “I have anticipated it, of course he is not dead.” “How could it come to this mistake, mirror to the other world?”

As with the fairy tale of the bad mother-in-law and Snow White, so the thing who is the nicest in the whole country also functioned in this special fairyland: only that it SHE never interested whether she was nice or not, she could adapt her appearance to the circumstances. The object of crystal glass, that the borders budgeted between the single reflecting worlds and other worlds, answered to her:

“High woman must know follower: the right thing looked about 10 years ago constantly into a magic mirror. He had himself no notion that he owned such a mirror and passed it what should not happen and is allowed: tiny parts of his soul, his body, and other things about which we cannot determine here separated from him and formed to a new body which is only immortal so little only humanely like so little as only one body should be. Whether this is a mistake which originated from the matrix.” “Does not confuse me by concepts new over and over again, dear mirror, I know that you take up with pleasure everything what was ever seen, all the same whether was shown really or: if I have an influence on his life here or not. Must I keep away from him not to damage to him again, or.?” “Mistress has neither to the real nor the being, what half a man, half Immortal is, ever damaged, and mistress can do everything what always mistress want, it will always go out to the good.” Your mirror was quiet, switched off itself.

“Nevertheless, it was this what I wanted to know.” She reached to one of many containers with herself, poured a substance about herself, murmured different sayings and started her short trip by the mirror: only in the switched off state she might use the speaking amusing journeyman.

Marte got a fright a lot when IT stood suddenly with them in the space: from an unearthly shine surround, under himself a floating cloud from which she jumped off fairly carelessly. She smiled around herself at standing who deeply bowed to her, fancied as that person whom he had probably wished to see. “Yes, one calls me the indescribable, I would also not want that somebody tries to describe me and, therefore, nobody will ever find out my real name. Permit Marte if I kidnap to you our guest whom Only will do one a fallen. In addition it is necessary that you hold everybody about my presence mouth. Because I seldom intervene in the events here, it is not necessary that becomes known that I generally here was.” SHE clapped in the hands, the golden light round them and the small cloud disappeared in her tiny pocket which she never left at home. She seized the hand of the being, half a man, was half immortal - she got into the habit of calling him also Only one, although it was just only the part of this person and she darted with him by the afterwards best mirror, in her town led back ones.

He had not been able to refuse, in his inside everything went about that and underneath. There he left himself to a short dizzy spell, because he felt tired from his everlasting escape from something quite. She woke him softly when he sat for a long time in a wide armchair, she had pressed him there in. For them there was no load, no real pain, but just, unfortunately, up to now also no true love. “What do I do here?” “First: who you are: yes, one calls to You Only one whose forefathers were Pharaohs and high-ranking aristocrats, but this is right only to a part because you are only the part of a person. You feel like a person, but you are to a part only this, the other is condemned to everlasting life, I call the sometimes in such a way, because everlasting life can be incriminating on a continuing basis, I myself know. Before you ask yourselves startled: what I have to do here, I answer this: the everlasting escape from the fact that you have no own identity and will never have, unfortunately is over. In my cardboard town everything might play to her what HE would never play and wants, theatres are available to You, but you will always look like he, this may be great, but maybe would like one to have own face, differently and also unmistakeable? Looks her:...” She turned his armchair to the nearest screen, switched on this and they both watched how HE operated in a film just wrong.

“My job here?” Only one had not been able to recognise straight away what his model - we call in future thus - made wrong without having on it influence. “Yes, the language is right without doubt and he also plays excellent, the language in writing and pressure is right here not at all. And would he not be glad if road-cut scenes appear very sudden again?” She gave a laugh brightly when she saw his surprised face. “When you appeared in this world, you have taken the wrong knowledge about the fact that you would be dead: now though it is your 1.right life, but you can iron out his mistakes in the film as well as in the private life and he would not even get that it is only one part of itself what he sees: more recently, insignificantly more attractively (she coughed move, because, actually, she found both parts of a man good and also equally attractive, but to 2. Even she wanted to take some heart.) and to all able with what he himself has never credited to himself. Is this a thing?” He nodded, did he have then another choice, than to play in the most true sense of the word with?! “Now, then I immediately want to come along to the work. We will postturn with standing in which as look just as the stars in the 1st film everything and because here nobody gets tired, it also goes much faster. One will call You if you are used.” She could not stop from revering him himself here: a hardly noticeable bow before him which he probably got showed him that he would determine, actually, for a large part.

Yes, it went really fast: first all scenes were postturned - scenery exactly the same, costumes, hair of everything suitably - in which he had nothing to do then one asked him most politely to the work. Oddly enough he did not have to consider what he had to say, no miracle: those words he or his other I had spoken already once and he seldom forgot an interesting text. Only the passages and movements of the road-cut scenes needed some trouble, but not a lot. Yes, the film became around about 30 minutes longer, but not the less a little more full of suspense. With some imagination because one could take from him the role of the father only if occasionally to the daughter the words fell that he and his woman would have got the common daughter when he was 17 years old. And the before too correct lawyer: (short hair!) almost worked too tomboyishly with the brown wavy mane which he only too often had to restrain. Dialogues about his daring appearance were also sprinkled of course and he laughed more than in the original version. Appropriately one called the film: ”And he had to read the 2nd time.”

Now on Internet she gave the complete new film and said to him: “We want to wait sometimes which reactions come.”

They did not keep waiting long: one believed immediately in him the right thing to recognise, the mask praised how nicely, nevertheless, the folds have disappeared and how young he would look, nevertheless, all at once again, one can mean, he is the older brother from. and not her father. Enthusiastically was also written in forums, photos soon also existed on him with flowing brown locks which he was always troubled to restrain, because too much despondency and shyness still was in him, he was years younger also around a few than the other part of himself...


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Auch auf Leichen liegt man weich - Kurzgeschichten von Michael Mews

"Auch auf Leichen liegt man weich" ist eine Sammlung schaurig schöner und manchmal surrealer Kurzgeschichten, in denen Alltagsbegebenheiten beängstigend werden können und Schrecken auf einmal keine mehr sind - vielleicht!

Wir begegnen Lupa, der ein kleines Schlagenproblem zu haben scheint und sich auch schon einmal verläuft, stellen fest, dass Morde ungesund sind, und werden Toilettentüren in Flugzeug in Zukunft mit ganz anderen Augen betrachten.

Und immer wieder begleiten den Erzähler seine beiden guten Freunde: die Gänsehaut und das leichte Grauen ...

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