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Just this hangman should and must die here!

Schindlers list is a feature of Steven Spielberg from 1993 after the novel of the same name (in the original Schindler's Ark) from Thomas Keneally.

Ralph Fiennes: Amon Göth

The top 50 film rogues of all times shunts on place 15 the role played by Ralph Fiennes of the Amon Göth

The real man
Amon Leopold Göth (* 11th of December, 1908 in Vienna; † 13th of September, 1946 in Cracow) was commander of the concentration camp P³aszów near Cracow

Göth was sentenced to death by the court and was hung on the 13th of September, 1946 in Cracow.


Ralph Fiennes (22.12.1962 and furthermore)



1. Part - the film was announced for the week after 8.1.2010 - reminds me here before the film of me was seen. Sometime in 2004/2005 the last time seen -

How strangely, nevertheless, the chance plays:
but just this film I just wanted
"If an Englishman can play this Nazi, which to a hangman immediately, because he
does execute?"
Sometime at night to today
if I awoke with that thought
to this sentence:
"The hangman should and must die here!"
Amon Göth? Who was same this.
Once it has not interested me at all, because
if the film "Schindler is called s` list"
If "Schindler" does not seem in it "Göth".
Pictures, uniform, witness from the past
Recollections grey and hard
Writings possibly black on white.
Even more from that time?
As Germans I want very exactly in a few days
Whether this stands to him to the costume become so
So powerfully he felt or just not
Ambiguously: I did not wish the actor it and for the thing rather.
Indeed there is for me (for whom then already?!) no reason
To smile
If I see what he does what dealt he as an A.G.
„A hunter shoots at game.“ and he in that role:
From the balcony (this example only, before I forget it completely)
If he looks to all people
To him are delivered
He puts on the weapon and shoots and shoots and shoots...
Also again from my recollection, accepts, it was the truth also:
Long it is, because that phone call basically
Might have been:
„Does have there in role here the Göth for you, how would it be?“
Not Somebody
Personally it was Mr. Spielberg, the Fiennes asked there to the work
(thousands of actors wish to themselves to have this luck!)
If that calls, there no clever person can stand even apart and
Legends: “No, does not feel like it just and no time.“
If he has known, anticipated even whom he has to play there,
I want to call „the hangman“?
Bit by bit - so I accept it! -
Became conscious by him that he must divide internally
Yes more than, otherwise, before:
True feelings are also uncomfortable here and completely wrong of course
Besides, wrong it could also come over!
If he was ever sensitive, this also has to cease.
His body he has changed
His mind also dived deeply in those thoughts which have had a Nazi...
Would be able?
Language and his soul? I am able to say about it nothing, how also.
That film about a list - very briefly -
Schindler later has regretted that more people he could not save.
Action about misery, grief, need and death
This is in such a way nothing what I see with pleasure.
Other actors?
Ben Kingsley - the excellent man
Also he in his element
And years ago he was it which was so important to me not only in this film
To look at him
I knew how to start what with his name.
R. Fiennes?
Possibly, that he to me too really
When German almost appeared:
Ice-cold Nazi, indifferently and: the monster in human figure!
In 2004 or 2005?
Exactly I do not know it today any more
If I saw the film the last time:
Black / Knows he was held? With a little Red, besides?
Any interview with RF might have originated in 2005.
In 2009 I saw it in astonished, almost horrifies:
But of course - how, nevertheless, stupid I have been! -
Why he should not try a smile
When one praises him after all years still for this work?!
Just the attempts of the smile were it
What allowed to hear me on and on: on in English.
I probably understood just every 3rd word?!
Know only about what he has liked:
Also that costume what one could mistake for the uniform?
One has called many actors done and has cursed
(so my feeling, one would like to make a distinction there nicely!)
Because they knew how to play manlike monsters urgently
RF has had luck which one has also not done same with him.
In 1993 he cannot have so well in recollection privately, because:
If the mother dies - one knew: she has hard time-.
With her death? Who anticipates him then.
Grief, combined with insensitivity for the role of a Nazi?
I do not want to see his face possibly exactly.
Compassion? With the man who plays: certainly.
With the real Nazi whom there was really: by no means.
„She died in the middle of the photographs.“
If I understood it surely.
To ask in the conversation for details also for that time
Here it did not seem rather very much right.
If years have also passed -
Apparently one can never forget really it -
If it hurts rather to see, how much real feeling
He was to be shown here ably.
My fury, my annoyance, today he keeps to a certain extent:
Everybody seizes his chance - or had to do it -
If he can prove: „I play so well I just is able“
And the future points me: “He still became much better with the years.“
Yes, I am not: very objectively, I know, because:
Other figures in
„Schindler` s list“ may also earn so much attention.
Thus it would be mentioned here:
As a critic I am not suitable!
„The film, a masterly achievement, it is true -
But subject Death and Grief and Need
Even if freeing was possible at the end - for people too little -
Luckily that time is over
Also all the same which year one means in the confusion of a war.
Thus there should remain for me.“
My nationality, it is also known here, insignificant if I wish:
„Finally, a time may come
In in this world, at all places
All weapons are quiet and this then for the eternity.“

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