Harry Johnson

Extravagant measures condemned in sin


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this book has 153 pages according to word processor and 13,260 words which makes it a novella.


 (parent/parental advisor explicit language)

This is an urban book which is about two men named Sin and Marco who get's involved, with crimanal, Extravagant measures condemned in sin : When sin finds out that his girl Tameka was murdered in this urban fiction story. He seeks out to set certain people up to get close and manipulate other people. He get's involved with selling drugs and working at a hospital. He hides the fact that his sexual life is more bisexual than heterosexual. When Marco sins boyfriend or should i say friend, find's out that his cousin is in a deep situation- Marco travels alone and goes to resolve the problem - little did his cousin know that ,that would be more of the problem in the future.

“So what the fuck you keep worrying about nigga - look nigga you mid-as well forget about that girl. She was only out to hurt you and get you for your mental keys, and any other reality keys she could get. Said Andel.”

“Naw dawg because you know the real scope, and I can tell from a mile away, she trying to play me, like I ain’t get that niggas life keys. We murdered him and she knows.” Said Sin.

“Naw Angie ain’t got anything to do with this, it was probably Amber and they can tell the real scope. Said Andel.”

“However, I do not think Amber knows anything. Stated Sin.” Carmex and Trinidad are all willing to get together and fuck over that nigga, and now that this is the extravagant measure, we will conclude the reality. Stated Andel.”

“On the other hand, we could easily just tell everybody that we were going to the hills, in Texas. Then you know, whats gone happened. So let us not beat around the bushes.” Stated Steve”

All he wanted was an excursion, an excursion that couldn’t be cooperated.
I seen it in him, all he believed in was crumbling around his existence. I could have sworn he was the nigga I needed but I didn’t know how to tell him, that he couldn’t be the only one. Me being Steve, afther I broke up with Evans.

Condemned me into something I would’ve never faith of a less cherished. However, I was so condemned into sin. That I was embarrassed, of the manipulations that he conceived. I was looking for more of a black man than that, I’d imagined.

I could’ve sworn that the cultivation of the mahoganistic table, that was right there in front of me. I wanted it. I wanted the drugs bad. In addition, the cocaine was so beautiful it wasn’t even making me skinny. it was making me crazy and delusional; I loved Marcos black ass and he loved my black ass.

I wish I would’ve thought about the sins that I’ve committed, before I committed the ultimate sin. The sin that could wash away my everlasting fears. The sin that could not, escape my sonnance.The security that couldn’t break my habits.

I loved the way Amber treated me. She would come over all the time, when I was at work and she episodically changed the epidemics. I could always see the detention in her; she introduced me to Mr. Depiction and several other things. I admired her. She also introduced me to a street life, a street life that could sucumber redemption.

In addition, I thought I was doing the right thing. “But sometimes when I rubbed my dogs back I would start to feel something so deep and sexual.

I talked very strenuous to Amber about that freaky animal shit, and she was so afraid. I scared the muthafucking shit out of her. She had long brown hair she was light skinned, no facial blemishes and she had a nice body. Matter fact that was the same good characteristics of Marco.

“You see Marco these bitches here are hoes – prime hoes- and hoes that will do whatever you want them to do. Tell em bitches.” “We’re all hoes - we’re all slutty hoes.” Remarked ten girls. Marco stated. “Well these are some very nice bitches, and shit you got, but I just didn’t plan on being no pander, but.” –

“But nothing.” stated Amber. As she grasped Marco. Then she said. “When I say something, it’s like some shit, I mean and where it is, some shit where you got to accept”. “But where are all the muthafucking twinks, at bitch.”

“Oh shit.” as Amber started laughing.

“If I would’ve new this was, all about dicks I would’ve brung all dicks. However, hold on one second.”

As Amber walked over to one of the girls that were lined up on the wall. In the back yard of Marcos. Amber spoke. “Ah Shelly - bring that nice ass here. As she stated. “Come with me.” and then she walked back over to where Marco was standing. Then stated. “Ah Shelly show him your piece.” Shelly moved her skirt to the upside.

Shelly was a transsexual female. Afther the girl showed Marco her piece. Amber then told the female, to get back over on the wall.

“You see that there.” Stated Amber. “That is a vigorous hoe, these kind’ve hoes are different from prime hoes. Prime hoes are designed to fuck, make-em feel good and serve them more.

Nevertheless, vigorous hoes are designed to fuck them, rob them, and then never be seen a-gin.” Said Amber.

I understand you have a decent motive and shit, bringing all of your bitches over here - in yalls little tour bus - And I expect to be honestly re-connecting the passes to the westward. But muthafuckas keep thinking that I got to watch they bitches and the operation that I’ve designed is really based on money.”

As they, could both see Steve coming from the inside of the house, using the back door? “You see my boyfriend Steve, doesn’t really like to
Play games and or bite his tongue. So there for the understanding that I have for him is duplicate. Meaning when he says something that - it’s what goes.” Said Marco.

As Steve got closer, with smiles, on his face, moving in toward Amber.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Stated Steve. “Minding my own damn business replied amber.” As they hugged?

“You see me and my bitches are looking for a nice night, on the town and we want you and Marco to come and get involved in a little perpetuous sin. That kind of sin that could have you spanking your own ass and washing these other hoes dishes.” Stated Amber.

“Oh so you think you got game like that - oh, so it’s like that. I’m always up for a challenged and any challenge, that I have not Accomplished, I master that new challenged.” Stated Steve.

“So where is this event going to be”. Stated Marco.

Amber replied. “Over there on Launder and Able at Club Ever, next week Friday to be exact. We have some dope and shit that we’re going to take from some sucker ass nigga, who beat up one of my girls.
that shits gone be fair - The muthafucka gonna to pay.” Said Amber. “Who is the nigga?” Stated Steve. “Amber said. “ Polo, you know that nigga that work at Mendel’s Bar down town.”

“ Yea I know that nigga.” Stated Steve. Amber said. “Yea that’s the nigga.”
“Anyway, my girls and me got somewhere to be so we can’t stay here chatting all day.” Said Amber.

Marco and Steve was like, all right, we’ll get up later, and we’ll talk about that event, later too.” said Marco. Amber walked off.


Marco and Steve were now accomplished in the living room. “You know we need to handle those Certificates.” Stated Steve. “We need to get them to the bank in a safe, deposit box, because the slightest little advertencia could throw everything off.”

“But I don’t really want to be the suspect, so you must go to the bank by yourself.” Stated Steve. To Marco.“ It’s own - I gotta go pick up the guns and other superficial things. But on the real Club Ever ain’t really even, on my mind.” Said Marco.

“ You don’t have to go to Club Ever, if you don’t want too. I can go with-out you and there will be no hard feelings. I really love you and I always will.” Stated Steve.” “All the things that I’ve did in my life seems to back fire. I never decided not to go to that social point, of my next commission, but I did teach myself how not to be mistaken.” Said Steve.”

“ I understand that. It’s just to a certain point where you, don’t have to care, if you gay or if you’re just some lunatic, willing to sexually molest, or connive another human, out of morals said Marco.”

Marco could’ve been in contention of needing a different situation of what the propensity would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, been - the propensity, for actually committing the arson.

However, would the conflagration ever move the strength, which created sin?

Now I would’ve seen the prodigy, if I were Steve, based on all that has happen so far. However, as far as Amber. I would’ve not thought twice about if it was a crime or not, or if I was in a jeopardized situation. You know with all those bitches.

“ Realistically thinking. I don’t mind being by gay people, long as they don’t fuck with me, if I’m not trying to fuck with them.” Sated Steve.

“ I thought before that my world would end or be halted.” Stated Wine “ Now suggestions are unreal. As far as will - I will kill that muthfucka, for what he done too you.” Stated Marco.

As he rendered everything that Marco had just spoke, about that nigga named will.“Well me and will go way back, every since Elementary : Brownville School.
That school was in Texas before I moved to Los Angeles. However, that nigga somehow followed meto L.A.”

These two niggas didn’t start showing there gay gregariousness, until they were eighteen. Now that they do, they‘re missing certain characteristics : hell gay twisting, dressing like a fag, and feminine trivial. All in all, they was alright people to the people, that they were around, But they were facing reality virtuous, and excepting a exclaniation,of an incubus dwelling, on the surface of a trill.

These were also not the exact people you would say ah he’s a black twink, ah he’s a white twink.
Even though most twinks, are probably considered white : you know the ones that look, younger smaller in height, weight, or what not.Guaranteed to probably be petite and tight in the ass.

Any way this is just the conduction, they needed to handle a few endeavors like, when too be at a certain spot, when to not been seen, How to manipulate minds. All I know is that, I will die by the sin, that has condemned my life and then live in dreams, while I’m dead.
And not care.
I’m made out of ceman and sin, so instead of using my name as Steve. I will be called Sin.

“ Ah, Marco you know what, I was just thinking about some real shit, that led me to the jurisdiction, that Steve is not a real enough name for me. Therefore, I could easily be intelligent enough to believe, that I needed a change. So I’m going to start telling people, to call me by my nickname, instead of Steve my name will be sin.” Stated Sin.

“ That’s legit.” Said Marco. “ That is probably what you needed something different, it’s as if life is whatever you make it, reality or not. Sin is reality and it’s also the fiction reality that destroys, multiple peoples.” Said Marco.

“ When you think about it. It’s all in the hands of the wrong people. So they, just decide, what they feel is the right thing, to feel. But who gives a fuck.” Said Marco. “ Not me.” Stated Sin. “Not me neither. ” Stated Marco.

“ I know, I know when I get the feelings right I’ll capture them.” Stated Sin and or Marco

Marco was in his burban going, over to his friend, named Clemons. And Sin was going to the car wash too clean his Dodge Intrepid.

“Ah what’s up Steve.” Stated Adria. Steve’s mom. “ It’s not Steve mom, it’s Sin. I named myself sin because I realize the down falls and the up and downs in life. Now I’m committed.” stated sin.”“ Well if that is what you won't, I’ll try to remember - damn yall boys always coming up with rap names and shit.” Stated Adria.

“ I know - but mom I have a big favor, my friend named sell, needs a place to stay for the night, and I don’t want to let Marco know.
So I was wondering could he stay here tonight. Don’t worry mom it’s going to be quiet and ever lastingly slow.” Stated Sin. “So what is it.” Stated Sin?

A silence ransomed threw the air.
“ I guess so, Sin. but don’t think that I’m going to keep allowing this or make a habit out of it.” Stated Adria.

“Ok mom. Thank you very much, I’ll call you when it’s about time, or if plans change ; matter of fact, he doesn’t’ even need to stay the whole night, just like three or four hours.”
as sin kissed his mom on the cheek and bounced. Adria said. “ stay safe out there Sin.” As she looked out the front door at Sin. He said. “ Alright.” And Adria shut the door.

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“ It’s all in your mind what you believe.” “ I don’t jeopardize myself unrealistically, so it’s your choice, are you, or are you, not down.” Stated Column.

“ Well it’s weighing the situation to the point, when if it need be, I’m going to be down, unless it’s some other skistafrantic muthfucka who needs pain.” Said Zeff.

“ Ok let’s look at this from a different point of view, if we go over there right now, unprotected we’d be all set up. we don’t want to put that on ourselves. We don’t need to be in a backwards position.” Said Column. “All right - its game.”


If sin and Marco knew what was creeping around the corner, they would be watching they backs and loading up, the guns for warfare.

However, it would be septic to go against the
corruption that had led both of these men in lieu.

But the real exception would be extraditious.

So now Marco pulls up in the drive way of Clemons and blows his horn.

The music was on a banging rap song from an independent artists: Dubee aka Suger Wolf. Now here comes Clemons rupturing out of the door.

As Marco turned the music down.“ What’s up playboy.” Stated Marco. “ Shit doing the damn thing.” announced Clemons.

“ So what are you getting into tonight. Sin asked me to check with you and see if you wanted to go to Club Ever, because Amber - you know Amber the bitch that tries to make sure that she stays in a situation to pander bitches.” Said Marco.“ Yea I know who she is.” Stated Clemons.

“Well any way, she was trying to get me involved in a situation, to show these hoes the ways of the world. On the real I denighed, the actual captions, that I wanted to help her. In- addition, the bitch offered me some stank ass bitches.

And then when I antagonized her, she had the conception to bring out females with dicks. I was like hell naw! Then she invited me and sin to Club Ever.
So you know - just be aware, that if you want the position to suicide these bitches, into some freak shows and porn movies. this should be an graphic meal ticket.” Said Marco.

“ Shit'd - well I’m game, I’m going to run some of my other errands and shit, then I’m gone hit you back up. I’m about to hop, in my car right now and handle some shit.” Then at about nine o-clock, that’s when I’ll hit you up.” Said Clemons.

“It’s on - I’m gone talk to sin about this shit and you can call him at nine, because at nine I’ll probably be busy. Moreover, he’ll give you
The run down.” They hit each other’s rock and then bounced

Sin picked up his razor cell phone and called Evet from his car. She was a mixed breed : white and black, long hair to her back pin pointing, a good condition. She talked as if she had common sense, she wasn’t no childish motherfucker. She was realer than fake. He dilled her number. The phone ranged and she picked up and said.

“ hello.”

“What’s up I know you should be wore out afther we kicked it all last week, like a muthfucka, but shit'd I got a great issue, that is perpendicular. I got this trifling bitch named, Amber; she’s talking real good and shit. In addition, I need you to ride with me to Club Ever, next Friday.” Said Sin.

“ So what is it that, you want me to do.” Said Evet? “ Well for starters, since yall never met, I want you to get cool with her, and then afther that I want you to play her like a sucker.”

“I can do that.” Said Evet. “ I want you to be cool with her, she has like ten bitches that always sticks together with her. They keep a lot of dope and she got these bitches trained to get paid and fucked.” Said Sin. “

So you want me to get trained and fucked.” Said Evet.

Hell yea, you know like some shit - this could be all over with in about a month. But if it takes longer, I’ll pay you more – on top of that, this bitch gone pay you and keep you with dope, weed, and whatever else, kind’ve dope you want.” Stated Sin

“Is that right.” Stated Evet. “ You aren’t scared are you.” entitled Sin. Evet replied. “ Naw nigga are you scared.” Sin stated. “ Naw baby, I’ve been around, so I know the structure” Said Sin.

“ All right I’m gone give you a little run down on what I’m gone do. I’m gone come off, casual and collective to the point where I want to be her girlfriend.”

“Sin then interjected, but don’t fall in love.” Evet then interjected back. “ Naw, I’m gone treat her like she supposed to be treated like a hoe. And then I’m gone put a bunch of bull shit – don’t get me wrong, I mean good bull shit, into her and her girls heads. I mean all ten of them. Then I’m going to attempt to break them up, and make them go against each other. I’m gone have that bitch Amber thinking that her girls is stealing dope.”

“ That’s great I’ve, heard enough, if I hear any more of this, I’m gone need to read a book called the games of Evet.

I’m about to go to the car wash, then I’m going to hit you back up or come through and get you high, later on.” Said Sin.

The next day Saturday April 10th:

Sin and Marco went to their neighborhood local gym, to exercise. They was like cool with everybody there. Carla the Secretary. The main people who usually always hook up at the gym on Fridays. Mike, Wine, Alex, Sheila and Ebony.

Even though they were cool with more people these were the main people that they trusted. As Sin was in the weight area, sitting lifting the dumb bells. – one in his left hand – one in his right hand. He was talking to mike. Mike stated.

“ Why haven’t we been fucking lately”? “Probably because you always chasing your bitch around.” Stated Sin.“ Naw on the real, I always have time for you.” “ why dont you tell that to that phone that never rings.” Stated Sin.
As they could see Sheila walking, over from the television area ? Sheila implemented.

“ Ah that was some played out shit, that you did to my girl Trina.”She told - Mike.

“ Naw see, she was asking for it, she called my shit cussing me out, as if I knew what the fuck some nigga ran up in her shit for and stole some shit.” Said Mike.

“ She told me that you put her ass out on the by-way, in the middle of the fucking night.” Said Sheila.

“ Damn!” Said Sin. as he laughed and grabbed Mikes hand.

Sheila stated. “ That shits not funny.”

“ Yea but on the real, I did that afther she made suggestions, that I had them motherfuckers who rob her house, do the shit.She called me a liar. It was like ten minutes from her house, the bitch needed the exercise.” Said Mike.

“ Well I’m gone tell you like this, you’s a sucker ass nigga and if she ever decides to forgive you, I don’t know if I will.” Said Sheila.

“ Naw girl come the fuck over here and give me a damn hug – she didn’t move as mike moved in to grab her. She was like. “ Naw mike move, get away from me.” Sin stepped in like.

“ Ah, man don’t worry about her, let her go – ah, Sheila don’t leave this fucking gym without me talking to you, before you go.” Stated Sin. “ All right.” Said Sheila. As she moved away.

“ Ah look dog, don’t let her get into your mind and manipulate you. We’ve been cool for a long time and she’s going to come around, we don’t need to break up our friendships together – none of us.” Stated Sin.“ But look Friday gone be that shit, that’s the best thing for our minds to be on right now –

as there convo - - continued.

(Something happened in a different area of the gym :)

“ I can’t believe this, that nigga mike, over there on some bullshit.” Stated Sheila. “ what’s up, whats the deal.” Stated Marco.

“ Well this all started a month ago, when Ebony brought this gay dude over named Seven. And mike and seven got into a fight. In addition, Mike thinks that Ebony brung seven over to set him up.” Said Sheila.

“ I’m aware of that.” Spoke Marco.

“Well any way, them niggas started bitchen and bickering over who did what, at a restaurant some bull shit about who was gone pay for what. All three of them were off in there on some broke shit. They didn’t even need to put that type of shit in the air.” Stated Sheila.

“ On the real they should’ve went into whatever it was that, they needed to handle, instead of keeping on their conscious. Nobody should just be disrespecting anybody. I ain’t saying that they shouldn’t be cool. I’m just saying, why wait for the fucking sin to catch up. I always been a trill so I usually go ahead and do what needs to be done.” Said Alex.

“ Ok, ok, wait a minute hold up, what about that time you took that dope from me and told me that it was in my best interest.” Said Ebony too Alex.“ It was in your best interest, wherever you were going, there was going to be cops there.” Said Wine.

“ Yea we were really, out to protect you. We didn’t want to see any harm come to you.” Stated Marco.

“ Yea I did what was right for you.” Said Alex.

“ Any way I never played that nigga Mike he just thinks everything is a mind game and I don’t want to play no mind games.” Said Ebony.

“ look Sheila I’m gone tell you this, straight reparteeish, get over what that nigga Mike did, and get over that shit, right now. We niggas need to stay cool and Sheila, we really need you in our life.” Said Wine.

“ When push comes to shove, you talk about it and work the shit out.” Said Marco.

“ I understand that, mike could have stepped out of line, but mike is a man.” Stated Alex.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean.” Stated Sheila. Ebony steps in :

“ It means he, is too pressed on his friend, to give a fuck about reality.” Stated Ebony.

(Back over in the other area)

“ Therefore, we handle that shit on Friday.” Said Sin. “ And it has to be in a hot way.” Said mike. “ I’m not trying to sit around all bored and shit. I will just say it’s about more than getting high. Stated Sin.”

“ Ok I understand that.” Said Mike. Then sin and mike started walking over to where Sheila, nem was at.

Soon as they got over there, mike pulled out his cell phone and called Trina - Sin said what’s up to everybody, in this new area and then he started talking.

Then out of nowhere, it was silence when Mike started waving his hands trying to quiet everybody down, so they could hear what was being stated by him on the phone.

“ Ah is Trina there.” pronounced Mike. “ who is this.” Asked Kim, Trina’s friend. “ This Mike - told mike. Kim said. “ hold on.”

Mike was intricated to the fact that Trina usually always answers her own phone. when Trina came to the phone Mike said. “what’s up.” Trina said. “ what do you want. ” Mike was like. “you know, I’m sorry about putting you out on the by - way, I love you and I want us to still be friends... so in order for you to forgive me I want you to go out to dinner with me tonight.” Said Mike.

“ So how do I know that you’re not up to your same old games and shit.” Said Trina. “

Maybe because I gave you my word. Maybe because of what you - Marco and I have been through. Maybe because I’m a decent black nigga.” There was a slight silence in the air. Then Trina said. "I hate you, you get on my nerves - but I’m going to forgive you this time, but if you fuck up a-gin, I’m gone fuck you up.”

“ All right, I’ll holler back.” Said Mike. And he immediately hung up the phone. You see that every one – you hear that Sheila, she accepted my apology, and we’re going out tonight.

All I wanna know, is do you want to come Sheila. Because you know I should be asking, for your forgiveness also.”

every one there tried to coach her to be to except. Marco stated.“ maybe we all should go.”


Marco and Sin had drove separate cars to the gym. Even though they traveled, separate a lot they probably were never going to break up as boyfriends. They had been in a sexual Relationship for a long time.

Expeditious as it could seam, it would be stupid to break up, when they let each other have separate sex partners. The propensity would’ve been dubious. So all of the inquetical sin still prones to be shown in the men’s life.

This still has not exemplified the excitation, of the procure sin, that would’ve been in conception, to the measures without the extradition. of the actual redemption, of sin and situations that were condemned.

Would have ended up prevently showing?

So now with weighing situations like : Sheila, Ebony and Trina. Mixed with Clemon, Evet and sins mother Adria.

Also fornicating the belief of Amber mixed with the rivals, who were about to be looking for Sin. named Zeff and Column.

Also with the passion found out about will. Moreover, future people named Smith Watson, Kelly and ambers sister,Vera.In addition, Ebony’s cousin named Tameka.
Shit is going to be getting deeper and deeper and that’s by their life styles.
“ Why would I commit to the feelings that I’ve never felt. Now you can see the bigger picture.”

“ I understand but why dont you really come and tell me what you feel.”

“ Now I can just imagine how that niggas sin felt and or will feel. When the problems starts catching back up to them.”

“So I’m aware and you can be the victim for drinking a little bit of liquor.”

“So if I decide to choose backwards ways, I have accepted, that I’m willing to die for these sins, or the sins would’ve never happened.”

“I’ve cherished multiple dreams and I don’t necessarily believe in dreams” “but patching up the closed and transferring it, into talkative measures is not always the best thing.

So if I was me, I would stick with what I believe in.”

The day before :

Sin appeared over Evet’s house at about two thirty. “ She was like nigga I thought you were going to call before you came.” Sin was talking like. “ I ended some of my situations, so I can handle this with you.” He told her that he got a call from one of his friends and that they wanted to go out to a restaurant, and that they were going to keep felicity between friends. she accepted his comments.

Then she and he talked, about how they could set up Amber. They commemorated for about thirty minutes - to an hour and ate some Pizza.

They talked then they fucked.He wondered would his boyfriend Marco be mad, when he told him about Evet. However, he wasn’t even sure if he would tell Marco. However, Marco trusted him.

Sin and Marco met up at their house at about five. They articulated the facts about Will and they decided to have him come over. As far as Amber they, discussed her and she would know what was up, when it was time.

They had four of their friends over. Sitting around playing the Play station video game. Drinking and smoking, these niggas loved weed every day.

Now as they kicked it they appeared to here gun shots from outside. They were all like oh shit.There was Pat, Dell, Arnold, Hess, Sin, and Marco. They was all shocked, then Sin started cussing and saying shit and trying to figure out, who did what and what happened.

He made it to the window and looked out he could see that his car had been shot up. But they were annihilated to
the condition that they would find out who did what.

Pat was throwing in the air. “ I can’t believe yall niggas set me up for this.” Sin said. “Nobody set, shit up, you been in and you know how shit is.” Dell then pronounced.

“ Ah I’m about to call up Evan, you know he gone have the inside information on who did what.”

“ I Don’t know if I wannna trust that nigga.” Said Marco.

“ you should trust us.” Sated Hess. “ We’ve been knowing this nigga for years, and he always, comes up with a decent situation.” He wouldn’t fuck us.” Said Hess.

The outdoor corridors were feeling phobias; they all looked at each other as if this was the end of the world.


Zeff and column was ridding down the street in a Denali, they had just shot up Sins and Marcos place.

“ They had better start thinking about what the real deal is, the muthafuckas gone pay, I’m just happy we shot there shit up.” Stated Zeff.

“ Yea those pussy ass niggas got what they deserved.” Said column.

Zeff and column road around for a while, talking, until they come to a McDonalds.

They saw some fly ass looking bitch. She had a nice ass, long hair, she was light skinned. And column just had to holler at her. She was with two of her girlfriends.

Column was like. “ what’s up - what yall getting ready to get into.” Tameka said we about to go get blowed and shit, we kicking off up in the Vandalia courts – cause that’s where it’s happening at.”

However, column did not know that this girl was one of Marcos and nem friend’s cousins.

What was he supposed to do trade, his gun and shit in for a bitch – on another motherfucker’s team?

“ Ah yall look mighty good, what type of clubs do yall be going to. Me and my man’s and nem over there, sitting at the table, his names is Zeff and we be getting out.” Said Column.

“ Shit, we usually hit Club Ever up all the time and Yolanda’s, but we never usually see yall up in there.” Spoke Keta.

“ Shited I don’t know why not! we always be popular and we can run shit.” Said Column. It doesn’t look like yall can run shit to me.” said Taya. As all three girls started laughing.

“ Naw - be foreal, you see this gear; you know damn well I’m looking official; it isn’t my problem that your man got you on lock” Said Column.

I give up my pussy like a true, I’m a real hoe, at - least that’s what I’m excepting.” said Taya.

As Tameka spoke. “ I’ll be right back, I’m finna use the restroom.” Soon as she was in the restroom, she pulled out her cell phone and called her cousin named Ebony.

She said.“ Ebony guess what girl, this nigga column, you were telling me about – and you said that sin and Marco had beef with the nigga. That niggas Is up in here trying to give me and my bitches some holler.

He doesn’t even know I’m FAM, I also haven’t even told my friends about these two niggas, and he also got a dude named Zeff with him. What do you want me to do? ” Said Tameka.

“ I tell you what get that niggas, number and shit so you can set - up a date, where, you can go kick it with this nigga. I’m going to call sin and nem up and tell them, the partial scope, you just handle that shit.” Said Ebony.

“ All right.” Said Tameka. She pissed and then she left the McDonalds restroom.

And appeared back at the McDonalds tables.

“ Ah boy.” Said Tameka. “ Its Column.” Spoke Column.

“ Ok column - here’s my number. call me so we can hook up something for later.” Said Tameka. Column said. “ Your girls ain’t gone be on that hate shit are they.” Naw they cool, don’t worry about them.” Said Tameka.
“ We about to get up out of here and go kick it. You and your boy - got here a little late.

.column said. “ alright.” The girls said. “ bye boy, and started laughing.

Column walked over to the table, where Zeff was sitting. And then he stated.. “ I still got my player card. The bitches said they wanted to hook up. So I’m going to call this bitch a little later.”

Fuck that girl man - you should’ve just left that bitch out, what the fuck do you need another girl for.” Said Zeff.

“ Look dawg - I like pussy and its elementary.

No bitch have control over me.” Said Column.

Ebony had called Marcos phone. She told him about what Tameka said.

He was on some shit like damn this nigga don’t know who the fuck he fucking with.

He also told ebony, about the shooting that just occurred.

In addition, he was like, we don’t know who did it, but all haters are suspects stated Marco.

Sin called Amber on the phone.

He said.“ Amber it’s something that I must talk to you about – I just need you, not your girls. Therefore, I want you to meet somewhere.”

Amber was feeling like damn he must want a piece of my pussy. She said. “ Nigga I will do anything for you, where do you want to meet up at.

” Sin told her. “ at Crandels bar on harmony.” He told amber that he was there now - and that she should come a.s.a.p.

When Amber got there, she was looking around for Sin but she couldn’t find him. Then she found that nigga lanced in the back. She was like. “ damn what, you doing nigga, hiding out or some shit – what the fuck.” As she sat on the bar stool. Sin stated. “ I mid-as well be, as crazy as the world is.”

Sin bought her some drinks, then there was a moment of silence... “ you know Amber it’s something that I need to get off my chest.” As she looked at sin so sincere like he was about to propose for marriage.

“ Mhmm - how can I say this - I mean like this one girl I know, she’s very jealous of you. She always saying shit about you behind your back. She told me some shit like, that she was gone try to get in your mind and be yo bitch - have your bitches stealing your dope. And all types of shit.

“ Who said that shit sin, quit playing with me, and tell me who the fuck said this shit.”

“ Well listen Amber this bitch is one of my friends.” Said Sin.

“one of your friends.” Spoke Amber.

“ Yea and I don’t want to hurt her, but she just kind’ve fucked up. But I still I don’t want nothing or nobody, to come in-between us.” stated sin.

“ No fuck that sin, I don’t have to be the bitch out hear fearing shit, I’ve been involved with crazy shit for too many years, and I don’t plan on one bitch ruing anything.”

Who is she sin - just tell me who the fuck - she is.”

As sin was just looking straight ahead, not at amber and he was shaking his drink left and right. He then spluttered out. “ Its Evet!!!”
Evet as Amber started. “laughing.”

(This in reality was a hate laugh.)

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you Sin, how could you do this shit to me sin.”

“ I’m sorry.” Stated Sin.

“ You right you are sorry - gone tell me this shit, this bitch is close to you like your fucking family.” Stated Amber.

“ Why the fuck** how the fuck**man this shit, all I’m saying is stay away from her sin.”

“ Amber naw I can’t do that, this female is different, I mean - shited she don’t scare me or nothing – shited I’m a nigga. It’s more for your safety, but I tell you some real shit, this shit can be fucking easy girl.
It’s just like she, gone come at you and want you to be her friend. I mean, let her eat your pussy, let her feel like she got you, Because it might be some insiders with the gift of gab.” Said Sin.

“Ain’t you some shit?” Stated Amber —

“ well sin, all I’m saying is I’m doing this shit for you. I would’ve never been dumb enough to set myself up for fun, but the shit is starting to look like a new hobby.

Mike, Sheila, Marco and Trina. All went to Apple- bees, the night that mike had apologized to Trina at May Back gym.

They all talked about the past, the future. They discussed things that were problems and things that weren’t problems.

Sin was cultivated by his next destination he knew that he had to travel there. He had summoned his self there, in the past, now he wants the destiny to be his next base. He was about to be in the histrionic of loud music.

He ran into Evan at the BP gas station on third.

“So what they allowing your ass outside now, I can see how suspect you been since we ain’t been kicking it. but all of a sudden you and your bitch ass friends wanna call me about niggas shooting your shit up.” Said Evan.

“ look Evan dont nobody got time for this shit, you know the scope, so there is no need for me to tell you, about the scope. - Any way Dell was the one who needed to make sure that you knew about this shit, it wasn’t me.

“ So who did this shit?” Asked Sin.

“ Honestly I don’t know, I’m just glad your alright. So what’s up, do you wanna like get a hotel room or something tonight, because I wanna fuck you, so what’s the scope. Said Evan.

Well I can’t be too sure about that right now but I’ll hit you back up and talk to you about that later. But guess what? ebony Got the real scope on column. He was over there slipping, attempting to date Tameka, we about to be on them sucker fae ass niggas, I was just wondering do you want to contribute.” Said Sin.

Evan was feeling like, my minority should be to look over the selfish morals, that I’ve been on and just except this dude in my life a-gin. Then he felt like what if Marco doesn’t want that.

Trinidad and Carmex was holding up a BP gas station.

Trinidad said. “ Everybody get on the muthafucking flow, all of you muthafuckas not just one of you muthafuckas all of you muthafuckas. I’m gone blow one of yall muthafuckas head off.”

“Ah, bitch said Carmex I hope you got a fucking degree; get to counting my money up hoe.

We gone do this real quick and calm or some shit.

“ Ah you - ah white girl – ah you. over there on the floor – yea you. get up and come here – go over there and grab that bag of money.”

“ Ah black bitch over there at the cash register give this white bitch the bag of money.” Said Trinidad…

She gets the money then Carmex said now follow us. They leave threw the front door running, with the white girl tagging along. Now there outside in front of their two door truck

—Carmex said good going white bitch you did a good job. Then afther that he shot the female in the head.

They rode off at extremely high speeds. They knew they was going to be off the main streets and that they were going to get away.

So they planned on holding shit. The beef they had With the owner was nothing. They was just cut throught. They would rob you for nothing…
Later on that night, Trinidad gets a call on the phone. Trinidad says. “What’s up, ah look we know what the real circumference is, and that bigotry shit ain’t looking right to me and my fam.”

Trinidad said who is your fam muthafuckas, I dont know you?”

“ Well we suspect yall now about BP.” said the man on the phone. Man fuck BP dog. I don’t know what you talking about, but I’m gone find out when I pop your ass said Trinidad.


Three months before:

Sin was at a gay club in the VIP section. He was feeling so comfortable. The male dancers were so lascivious. He watched as a group of men in all black, came into the VIP section.

Sin just knew something was not right, but he was like, they in a gay club so, they probably blasting dicks - not guns.

However, Sin new that he had a few enemies.

However, he was not tripping. So that nigga named Calvin came over and sat down, the other three men liked bounced off.

Calvin was like. “ Dont you remember me? Sin was like. “ Dog I ain’t got no time for this shit dog - so why dont you get to the point.

As Calvin started rubbing on Sin dick out of nowhere. Steve said kindly. “ Is that suppose to make me remember or something.”

“Calvin said not really, but it was show making me feel good.

Let me make a long story short me and your boyfriend Marco, been fucking for like three months. I know that he hasn’t told you, because I can see that shit in your eyes.” Said Calvin.

“Calvin - so what –

we have that kind’ve, relationship where you can have sex with other people, in other words, if my nigga fucked something then I can fuck somthin.” Said Marco.

“ Therefore, you must be saying that you want to fuck me.” Said Calvin. “ Maybe and maybe not.” Said Sin.

“Well let us get out of here.” Spoke Calvin. “ What about your crew, you came with.” Said Sin. Those niggas is just my friends, they are not going to mind me being gone. So why dont you just say fuck this shit and let’s go.”
“Well – all right.”

Sin and Calvin went outside. They went to Sins car and then with in no time, Calvin was sucking sins dick.

sin thought it felt so good. It was the shit to him. One of his best nuts. While this sucking was going sins cell phone wrong.

It was that nigga Marco.
Marco was like. “ What’s up what you doing?” Sin said nothing, just getting my dick sucked in my car, by Calvin, the dude you haven’t told me about.

Then Sin hung up... Calvin took his mouth off his dick, and said. “ why the fuck did you do that.” Right then the phone rang again. Sin picked up the phone and handed the phone to Calvin. Calvin was like.
“ Why don’t you come to where we at, and have this threesome.” “naw fuck that why you go telling Sin. I was going to tell em, so put him back on the phone Calvin.

Calvin was like. “ Here Sin.” by handing him the phone. Sin said.

“ Yea whats up.” Then Marco spoke. “

yea I’ve been fucking, Calvin for a while but we just friends. He on that fronting shit.

That nigga must don’t know how we get down.” Stated Marco “ He must not.” stated Sin.

“ Well all right Marco, I’ll get at you later”. said Sin. Sin rushed Marco off the phone.

“ Ah, look Calvin I feel like being by myself for a minute, but thanks for the dick suck.

Sin was driving down the street so fast, he was mad at his self for what he was about to have to do. He was gone do it and he was not gone give a fuck .

He was going over to Angies spot to check her.

Sin got there. He knocked on the door something rumptious.

Nobody came to the door right off – then afther a minute or two, he saw the porch light come on.

Angie was like. “ What do you want Sin. Sin then said. “ Come out side and take a ride with me.” She said.

“ hold on let me get dressed.”
He said. “ Naw - we just gone be in the car, keep that shit, you got on, on.” She said. “all right — She grabbed her keys off the table and then she came out side.

Sin said. When they got into the car and then started backing up. “ Who have you been talking too lately, about them niggas we killed-cause bitch, I know you been talking to Column and Zeff, about us killing his, Brother Nick - CAUSE they came - shooting up my shit!” “

Come on - please Sin - I haven’t told nobody - shit. I don’t even know shit. ” Said angie.

“ Naw we know what you seen, you was watching from your friend’s apartment I’m not stupid bitch - do you see the sin in me bitch - do you know what I’m about to do to you bitch.”

They rode into a secluded fishing lake, that was closed. Sin said. “ get out of the car you trifling bitch.”
Angie was pleading for her life, begging and asking that Marco please forgive her for what she did. Now they were all ready to forget about what happened.

Then he shot the bitch and put her in the water. Sin new the exact way to kill and not be caught. Now all he did was ride off.

He got back to his house; the house was pretty empty it was now 2:30 A.M. He was like damn. Marco must not be in.
He looked around the house, kind’ve per- twined to the relevant, source.
Now that he could tell, that Marco was in his bed room, asleep. Sin went into the bathroom and got into the shower.

Then Sin woke up Marco . Marco was articulated to the cold air that he felt on his body.

He was watching for the fucking terror, that could’ve passed into the earth now that Marco was woke.

He states. “ I did it. Marco said. “ What the fuck did what - do you know what time it is?”

“Yea it’s about 3:30 - I just got in at about two.

I just killed that bitch Angie. Marco was like, why didn’t you just wait, I would’ve handled that shit with you, there was a better way – but now I see that you don’t give a fuck.” stated Sin.

“ I give a fuck. I just couldn’t take the risk of being found out, not even by you Marco. Well it’s no reality to me except what reality really is.”



Club Ever was deep as ever. Amber had rented Club Ever for the night. They was having a function, to sell these girls to men. For the night and if they had enough money whenever they liked.

Wen. The day before:

One of ambers girls hit Polo with the baton. He was feeling real fucked up.

Another girl came in hitting him over and over, yelling. “ yea we got you bitch ass.”

They was at Polo’s apartment. He was there alone. Amber walked up on polo like. “ Where is the kilos, where the fuck is the kilos.” said Amber. Polo said. “ fuck you.”

Amber smacked him in the face! The kilos are up stairs.” Spoke Polo. Too amber. Amber then said. “ yall two bitches watch him, while I go upstairs and check the area.

Amber went up stair’s. soon as she was up there, she started knocking everything off of the tables and dresser and throwing all types of shit to the floor. She kept looking. One of the girls; down stairs caught Polo, trying to go for his cell phone. They took that shit and patted him down.

Amber came back down stairs. Like, “ I did not see no fucking kilos, where the muthafuck are the got damn kilos.” Screamed Amber.

The kilos are in a trap door, built into the floor you stupid bitch!” Said Polo.

Amber replied yea I got your stupid bitch.”

Amber told her girls to slit his throught. He was feeling real fucked up over there on the floor. And all Amber did was get her dope and leave..

Amber and her two girls went outside and got the water house.
They sprayed the whole the entire, inside of the apartment down. They left Polo in a puddle of bloody, water and dirt. They left him stanking.
Amber said come on bitches lets go.


The pressure they didn’t want a-gin was; another man coming beating and fucking with one of their girls. They was so ready for the Stripper Pole. They always found they self stripping and pleasing men which was part of their job.

And they did not want the evidence to be misplaced. Polo was addicted to the Street Prophecy and he always wanted more.

Too bad he had to die because he beat up a girl, who was trying to still out his pockets when he went to the restroom.

Then they killed him later. How fucked up was that.


Clemons was trying to see pass, the episode that was going on at the I.R.S.
He was condemned to pay child support.

His girl named Kary was not the one to fuck with, she killed there, daughter and everything. She shook the baby to death, and sooner or later Clemons and Kary had another child.

He was not going to stay with this crazy bitch. He was pious to the casteration, that was lignighted into that promiscuous cloud.

Clemons was only looking for that money. He wanted that 500 dollars a - day, driving that Ice Cream truck and he knew everybody.

Now that he went and visited Kary. Kary talked and showed resource and repentance. She told Column that she was sorry about what she put him through.

Column was telling her that whatever happened was all in the pass. He said I kind’ve wanted a abortion myself. He passed her a 1000 dollars. And they had sex.

Clemon’s and Kary was an alright couple, they just thought that, it would be better to separate. But Becky was going to be something different..

It was like Clemons always seems to get the crazy bitches.

And then he has, to do crazy shit, to make sure that everything is all right.

Clemons was quite ready for that Club Ever episode. And he knew exactly what he was going to do. Make a porno movie. But he was not going to be the sucker who gets set up wrong, if anything somebody else would.

Clemons left Kary and then went to the corner store.

He was talking to some hoods at the corner store. They was telling Clemons that the scope on the streets was, that somebody was looking for Kary, cause she have been putting dirt on the streets.

Clemons was not trying to hear what they said But he figured that the source was going to know what was right.

“ I can come up with my where- a – bouts.” Stated Clemons to the cops.

“ We have some people, saying that you was the last one seen with Angie Jenkings.”

“ We don’t have any other evidence besides word of mouth.” Said another cop.

“ Well I didn’t even know she was dead, so you must have a misconception; I’m not answering any questions. Stated Clemons.

Clemons was so overwhelmed that he was roasting like a Roasted Nut.

He thought that, by the way his day was going that he was going to be the next on the list to die.

“ So where were you last night or should I say this morning, at one o-clock ? ” Said a cop

“ I was in my bed sleep at my house, and the only thing that can vouch for me is my fucking bed. So don’t start asking me any questions about -who knew where I was.”

“ All I know is somebody knows something and it’s not going to be, so you mid-as well forget about me.” Said Clemons.

“ Ok said the cop. But we are watching, so be careful, be very careful.”

Clemons could not believe how he got pulled over. Clemons called his mom.

He was so close to the blessing, that was going to be coming. He made his way home and then he called Sin.Sin gave him the run down about club Ever and everything. Clemons couldn’t wait for Friday.

Sin woke up the next morning and he went to work : at Lake View Hospital. He worked in environmental services.

He was like going threw his day so normal. He was just consaplating, what had happened last night with Marco. He was so mad. He could not stop frolicking into his own mind or beliefs.

Marco called sin while he was at work and told him that the police had been questioning him and Clemons. But then he told sin that they were just doing routine questioning. And that they didn’t have any evidence yet. So they was letting me go. They’ll probably be to talk to you to sin.


Evet was so ready, that she showed up to Club Ever before Sin even made it. She stepped up to Amber like. “ What a bitch gotta do to get a job.” Said Evet.

Amber said well that bitch gotta have some class, and a sense of strong sexual ability. The bitch gotta be willing to take it places she might’ve thought It shouldn’t go.

You gotta like suck everybody’s dick. And go straight pro.You gotta obey my wishes and rules, all the rest of that shit is obsolete spoke Amber.”

“ Well I’m trying to become one of your bitches business’ly and personally – I want to taste your pussy.” Spoke Evet.

“ Well a lot of girls want to taste this pussy –

but do you think that you got what it takes to obey my rules.” Said Amber.

“Of course I can get this slutty and managed” Said Evet.

“Well I’m going to need you to come by my house tomorrow, at 11 o-clock A.M. So we can go over the rules and shit.”

Amber handed her a piece of paper with her address on it. Sin and Marco had just arrived. They were geared to deaf. Amber was like. “ look at yall two polo, south pole, every-thing.

The Jordan’s on sin was banging. They had a song on by Jay-z called money, cash. Hoes. Featuring D.M.X.

So sin asked Amber.

“ Have you seen Evet.” She said. “ yea - she seemed so innocent. She’s coming over to my house tomorrow and I’m going to get, her started as one of my girls then.”

“ Look don’t do nothing wrongly to her, just be with her trust me.”
“ Ok – sin – damn.”

Amber went to the stage and she yelled threw the mic :

“Now are yall men ready to get some pussy?” –

“Now are yall men ready to get yall dicks sucked?!”

The crowd chanted as amber looked at a line of bitches on the stage, behind her then looked back straight.

“ We have some nasty, stanky, comfortably trifling bitches, off up in this muthafucka.

Who are ready to go up out of here and kick it. So yall men better get yall muthafucking wallets ready.”

Then Amber started dishing them hoes out.

She made several men come up to the stage in groups, for each girl. She stated the girls - names and then she called - people to the stage. Then she picked and pared each girl up with a dude.

Everybody was so high. They was all watching as they herd music rotating. over Ambers voice. Then the inst. changed to another rap song by Wu-Tang killer bees.

Sin even grabbed him one of Ambers bitche’s.

“ He told the girl that he had - that they wasn’t leaving. That he just wanted to kick it at Club Ever.“ The girl said so what we ain’t gone fuck.”
Sin said. “ not right now.”
They next day:

The next day Evan called Sin he was talking to him like. “ what happened to the other day.” Sin was like.

“ I got caught up in some shit, my sister from out of town, came through, at the spur of the moment, and she wanted me to show here around the town. She wasn’t going to be a happy camper.” Said Sin. “ If I didn’t go.”

Evans was at the local Boys and Girls club with his son named Trom.

Trom was 13. Evans got his girl pregnant when he was 14.

Now his son was playing basketball, like a true.

Evans said. “ So do you think that we can hook up and do something.

I’m inviting like ten people over to watch a movie and shit and we gone Bar-B-Q. I was wondering do you want to come over.”

Sin asked. “ At about what time.” Evans stated “ about six to twelve. because I gotta get at least four hours of sleep. I gotta to be at work tomorrow at six in the morning.”

Sin said. “ Yea I’ll be threw.”

They departed their conversation - Marco could feel his temperature rising - Marco was at a local park called Montreal Park. He was approached by a man named Smith Watson. Watson said. “ I’m a detective for the government – I know that you know who killed angie Jenkings –

I’m going to help - yall out so yall can stay out of trouble.”

“ Me and your father grew up together, when he got killed. I told him that I was going to handle shit for him.” Stated Watson.
“ My father died because he was condemned. He was a good person, he was just condemned to sin. I tried to tell Sin, just don’t kill her, but I was too late. I was fucked up in my own mind game and I could not escape.”
“Sin is not going to get in, any trouble.

I have it all arranged to be a cold case,
That’s pretty much the reality of the shit.”“ Do you understand.” Stated Watson.“ Yes I understand.” Stated Sin.

Sin was driving over to Vera’s Beauty Salon to talk to Ambers sister Vera. Vera was a beautician, but she, new a whole lot of drug dealers, and people that keep the jails and prisons going.

Sin was going over there to get the credentials on somebody named Taff.He was about to get, some pounds of drugs from him.

He was so happy - he was about to cash out big time. With this much dope worth thousands. He made it to the salon and talked to Vera.

She told him where the house was and directed him to go there. She told Sin that she was going to call him and tell him that he was on his way.

So Sin spoke and chatted with some of the people there, then he was about ready to go then he left.

Sin couldn’t wait to tell Marco, the scope on Watson. He felt that was so good not having his boyfriend go down for killing Angie.

Clemons was already done - plus he didn’t even know that Marco killed the bitch.

Whenever afther it was that, Tameka and Ebony; set Zeff and column up.

Trinidad and Carmex and nem. Was going over there to their spot, to murder them, and the shit was gone be fair.

Evet went over to Ambers house. Her and Amber was, hitting it off just fine.
She told her the rules and logics and had Evet sign the contract. She signed the contract and was so ready to start. She asked Evet. “ You aren’t going to let me down are you.”

Evet said. “ I don’t plan on it.

Amber said. “alright – you’re ready to start ”

Sin and Marco invited Will over – Will was like. “ Dang I haven’t seen yall in a while.” – but only if Will knew that he was invited over to these niggas to get slipped some night time mickey mickey.

” Marco, Steve and will chatted for a while. They drank some beer, smoke some weed, and drank some liquor. Then when it was about time for will to go he seemed normal.

But afther riding on the high way for a while he blanked out in his Chevy Caprice..

Then fell from one upper high way and fell to a lower high way. A lot of feet high. He died instantly.

Marco and sin was probably wondering did Will faint or some shit. They slipped em. But they do remember him leaving the house not passed out.

Sin and Marco knew the things that they were doing was not going to save them from the sin.

They knew a street way to survive. They were going to get over a motherfucker or die in this motherfucker.

They tried to reconcile with trust. but the muthafuckas was that plutonic to crasp into that everglade.

Marco was thinking about his mom too much on how she died. Accidently.

Sin new that his days seamed to becoming short .

All he wanted was peace and felicity.
He didn’t, want the condemned tension.

Marco and Sin had sex they rubbed and touched on each other sexually. Blowing inside of each other’s ears and ass holes. licking and sucking each other’s dick. Freaking and kissing.

They was so in the passion as the moans and screams came so erotica.


The shit was so good it was burning there fucking body’s of like, fire in a fucking house fire.

As the freaked and touched each other more.as one dick got limp while the other hard dick fucked.Then the limp dick got hard and the hard dick went limp. and the other dude got fucked.
They tossed each other’s salad.

Six months later sin told Marco about what Watson told him at the park. He was holding out, he was just kind’ve scared to tell Marco because Marco to him was starting to seam different.

Then Watson started coming by at low-key times and shit.Like he was trying to be close to some fags and shit.

Sin told Watson like. “ Dawg I don’t like you coming all around me in my hood and shit.” Watson told sin like. “I can have you put in jail.” Sin was like. “ what do you plan on telling them about what you did muthafuck I know the people at your job ain’t expecting you to be crooked – at- least not yet muthafuck.”

Watson said. “I don’t need to worry about that shit boy, I tell you what I’m gone do,im gone slow up on coming threw I wasn’t even trying to offend you.”

So sin was talking to amber he was telling her that he was trying to hook them up to be girlfriends not really set each other up. He said there was no real beef. He told amber that he had told both girls the same story.

Sin knew how he had these two bitches. It was no doubt in his mind.

So amber called Evet into her office and sits her down.

Amber said. “ So what’s this I hear about sin telling me you was gone rob my shit, he said that he talked to you and that you agreed.”

Evet said I’m sorry it’s been like six months and I don’t want to fuck over you - I love you.” said Evet.

Amber said. “damn girl slow up, sin said that it was all his fault he was just trying to have us hooked up, and that it would be a different situation, if the scope would be different.” Said Amber. Amber said come here Evet walked her nice ass over there and then her and amber started kissing.

Then they started sucking each others tittys. They were feeling so good. Then they ate each other pussy and they was feeling like oh yes touch me there. Make me feel like a women.
I love the way you lick this lesbian pussy.

Evet feeling so good letting amber cum in her mouth.

They was excepting something so sinfully and wrongly put together that it condemned them to settling down and respecting the game.

They like got married in there fucking mind. They created hustles and crimes together. They went shopping together. They was so ready to beat one of ambers girls up once actually; they did, they put that bitch in the hospital.

And then she was scared to come and tell what happened .now they were ready for the eradication of the posthumous detraction.
But sin was not liking how the two bitches started leaving him out a little more than he was used too. He wasn’t all the way mad he was just excorticated.

Sin had just bought a new building and he was enjoying that new money he got from all of them drugs he had. He had just bought a new caddilac.

He put pool tables in there video games and he was selling liquor.

Sin felt like every time that they felt normal someone would end up fucking up there non sin-omous games. For sin they was catapulted. Catapulted I say got damn it.

So it was Friday and everybody had came to Campbell and Tenth to sins new club.

It was going down everybody was there. Heather,Stacy,Becky,Smith Watson, Alex.

Marco was telling everybody at their function that he was about to travel, to Las Vegas to be with his cousin Neff.

Neff called Marco threw, cause he was having beef. Marco was on the plane to the niggas shit very quick.

He was not a happy fucking camper but he was a asymmetrical camper- camper – damn – scamper- damn oh my damn- damn-scamper.

So Marco was off up in Vegas. He had got a rental and rode over to Neff’s. He was so shocked by the way that Neff’s house looked.

He was articulated to say. “ This house look mighty good. How did you afford this shit.” Neff said. “ Stock market - m.l.m. and shit like that, that’s how I’ve been staying in the game.

With one of them list where you send one person, five dollars and you request to be added to their mailing list, we sent like 5,ooo of these and we copped out at a million.

Marco was like damn that sounds like some shit I should do.

Me and sin just bought a nice three floor building we are only using the lower floor. Right now.

But we’re going to expand and put like a strip club in that bitch. You understand me as Neff and Marco grabbed each other’s hands.
Neff was like.

“ I need to go over here to my girls condo and pick up some paper work that I had left over there.” When they got there and hoped out of Neff’s hummer. It was deep at these Condo Apartments, Private Business Rooms, Conference Rooms, Media Rooms, Swimming Pools, luxury Apartments of four rooms.

Three bathrooms and studio Apartments attached. The kids was just running around so active.

I know my girl over there sexy but you can’t fuck her. They was blasting Gza protools track three in the condos.

Marco called up this girl named suszy that he met earlier in the day and he asked her could he come over. She said yea she was 18 Marco was 25 he really wanted this tight white pussy oh my!!.
It was a nice little thing. She had a few friends over ,that they kicked it with they talked to each other. Then him and her went to the room and had sex. He was asking her.

“ what was she going to do if she never seen him again.” Because he was going back to Georgia and that he was just visiting. Suszy told
Marco. “ that’s cool cause if he come back to Vegas that he can come and visit her anytime.

Then she said. “ besides I know your cousin Neff - me and him is going to be cool so the outcome is you fucking me again.”

He spent the night over Suszy and was back at Neff’s at 6 - o’clock. Neff was woke he said he was just pissing. He was about to go to sleep, he had a piss boner.

He was feeling like fuck the city GA.
I mid as well move to Las Vegas this was his third day here. And this was his most action packed day.

Neff and Marco went on a mission for Cardex the dude who fucked over Neff. They was searching for him then when they found him creeping to his four door caddy.

They crept in there and was telling, what it was gone be - Why you fucking with me and my cousin, we know the scope and you just playing them games and I can tell that you were the one trying to fuck me.” Said Marco.

Neff said. “ I bet you thought it would’ve never happened and you was thinking. That I was going to be there for you - you got me fucked up.” Said Neff.

They had already hit the nigga multiple times and they was also about to shoot up the nigga. They gave that nigga the taser treatment several times. Then they beat his head over and over with a bat.

Then they left that bitch muthafucka- stanky – yanky-lanking.

Afther that Marco spent his last two days in Las Vegas and then went back to Georgia. Marco was now back in Atlanta Georgia.

He was done with that whole Las Vegas thing he was going to try his hardest to forget about that nigga - him and his cousin killed. He was asking for it. Making Marco travel from Atlanta to Las Vegas.
He was jeopardizing his self simplicity. He was going into that hesent phase of being impious.
So the culprit game was seaming spirited.

All Clemons wanted was a way to escape his past. Now that the Endeavour was on the superialistic factors of the game. They would find out if all the sin was sagacious enough, the latent of the pompous ass.

Tameka called column on the phone and said. “ What’s up” column said. “ Who is this.” she said. “ It’s that nice looking bitch that you met from McDonalds.

Column was like. “ oh Tameka, damn girl. I didn’t even think you was gone call. He was like. “ so what’s the business.” Tameka said. “ I wanna like get together and kick it, so you and me can get to know each other better.”
Column was like. “ That’s what I’ve been wanting, from you every since I seen you.

When can I come through.” Tameka said. “ I want that to be tonight at about eight.” column was like. “ Damn girl what’s this like the midnight redez - fucking – vous.”

She Said I guess so you just bring that big dick on over.” Said Tameka. Column said. “ Alright. Tameka gave column her address and shit and told him to do what it was that was pertained.

So ebony called sin and was asking him like are you ready to handle the shit column on his way - at about eight.

He’s going over to Ebony's and the shit gone be fair. Said Sin. “ you know I’m gone be ready.

We gone come through there first, then me, Trinidad and Carmex is going to go get Zeff and fuck up they spot. Then they gone have to pay the piper.”
Marco was sitting in his car in front of the Minnesota bank when Evan popped open his passenger door and pointed a gun at Marco and said. “ Happy new years muthucka!”

Then he told Marco to drive somewhere.

When they got to the destination Evan said.

“ I like the way you took sin from me but, shited only if you could’ve took the sin out of my muthafucking body too.”

“Now looking At you.” Said Evan. “Look man it don’t even have to be like this.” Said Marco.
“ Yes ugh the fuck it do.” Said Evans.

Then he shot Marco in the head. Marco was murdered and that was that.

Sometime later Sin was calling Marco’s phone to see if he was ready to go fuck over Zeff and nem. Little did sin know that he was about to be hitting another funeral, because his old boyfriend just murdered fucking Marco his new boyfriend.

Oh shit they really fucking murdered Marco!

But any way Sin didn’t know.

It seemed like every sense Steve changed his name too Sin everything was really going bad.

So they were around the way about to make something happened they would soon find out what the reality was.

But that injunction would soon be the reason why innocent people were harmed and aggravated. But that was not in the minds of normal people in society.

All I could see was the light coining me so seriously. That light was the next game.

Come to find out before eight o-clock that Macro had been killed.

The cops found his car somewhere secluded and they let him go.

Then he was mad - the ways of the world was indigent - they was real salty.

Sin and nem went ahead with the murder of Zeff and Column regardless of what had happened.

They died and other muthfuckas kept living on a serious note.

Amber was making a new video for the local television station. A video about modeling and exercising. She was about to be making a new success for the areas of here life. They was all in the next prerogative. They was doing something.

The fiends would come in and out of Sins spot and they’d get the shit they needed and dipped.

The cops was not worry about that nigga Sin.
Neff decided to move to the GA.

to hold down that city afther his cousin Marco died. He got his on shit and kept it cool with Marco. He was not on the bull shit, trying to figure out who his family really was or why they was not coming through.

He was realer.

Trinidad asked sin. “ So how do you feel now that you, call yourself staying out of trouble.

Sin said. “ My name is still Sin ain’t much, I could see into - that’s going to harm me.
but these muthafuckas just can’t make and bend me to be something I’m not. It’s just the ways of my nature really needs more than the envelope, that has punctured my wounds.”

Trinidad said. “ damn it’s always cop sirens going on in this hood its always something hot.”
Now that the world was brighter for that muthafucka named Marco because he was dead. But Sin still kept it cool with his mom he just tries to keep her out of trouble felt Trinidad.

All I gotta do is respect the ways of the world and now that I can see into the best. Now That I could find the right shoe that fits. Sin quit his job a long time ago when he came into them big stacks.

Now it was three years later and Sin had settled down with this girl named Trisha and they had a three year old daughter named Quaya together.

But he was still creeping to the bathroom sometimes playing with his ass hole. They say once a fag always a fag. I think not at-least to getting treating like a bitch ass nigga and other gay shit.

They had great morals and stability the muthafucka was out too suffice the next plutonic breath. All he wanted when Marco died was revenge but he still could not understand who killed Marco. Neff was on the sentrlity of belief, he was only in the wounds of what would really happened. Amber and Evet

Marco could still see the tension in his deaf. He was not in the order of care but he was the next destruction.The captilization would soon be the reason why sin wanted to call off the wedding. ( The End of Part one)

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